A cruise to remember – rewritten

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Double Dong

—– Chapter One —–

I was 24 at the time and my husband is one year my senior. We had booked a seven day cruise that island hopped around the Caribbean. We were to visit five different islands during the week long trip. We were looking forward to getting away from the snow and cold and enjoy the sunny warm weather of the Caribbean.

First, I must tell you a little about my husband and myself. If you have read any of my previous stories, you know that we have a very open relationship when it comes to sex. We have, on several occasions, participated in orgies. We love our sex in any way we can get it. We like to keep our sex lives spicy by always trying new things with new people. We like our sex and we like it often. I am bi and Jake (my husband) says he is straight but I have seen him suck cock and have seen him get sucked by other men. I don’t know why he doesn’t admit he is also bi.

Although we like our sex with other people, we weren’t expecting anything special on this trip. It was the first cruise either one of us had taken. We were going to be perfectly satisfied with enjoying the ship, the islands, the warm weather and some good sex with each other in our ship cabin.

We flew to San Juan Puerto Rico and got a ride to the dock and embarked onto the ship. We spent the first night getting acquainted with the massive ship and took in some entertainment. For any of you that have not been on a cruise, I would highly recommend it. The ship was absolutely breathtaking. There is so much to see and do on the ship. The ship is so large and has so many places to see. We spent a week on the ship and don’t think we saw all of it.

The ship left port at 10:00 pm. After taking in some entertainment, we retired to our cabin for the night around 1:00 am. Jake and I had our first episode of fantastic sex for the week. I could tell that it was going to be one hell of a week. The sex seemed to be better than usual. Both of us were extremely horny. I think the fact that we were both so relaxed from being away from our normal life pressures; we were able to enjoy sex so much more.

—– Chapter Two —–

The next day, the first full day, was spent entirely at sea. There were plenty of activities taking place on the ship. In the afternoon, we were on the top deck of the ship, taking part in one of the activities next to one of the several pools. We struck up a conversation with an extremely nice couple, Larry and Joann. They seemed to be a little older than us but a very nice looking and pleasant couple. Joann was very slender with very large and perky breasts, I guessed about 34D. Larry was rather tall; I guessed about 6’4” and well built. We learned later that Joann was an aerobics instructor and Larry worked out a lot at a gym. We also learned that they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. I was shocked that they had been married that long. I asked if they married when they were 15. We were told that they were both 38 years old. Damn, they looked good for being that old.

Throughout the remainder of the day, we took part in other activities that were taking place throughout the ship. We also enjoyed ourselves at a relaxing dinner in one of the many grand dining rooms. The food on these cruise ships is absolutely fabulous; you never have an excuse for going hungry. We also ran into Joann and Larry a couple more times.

That night brought another erotic fucking session in our cabin between me and Jake before we turned in for the night.

—– Chapter Three —–

The next day we docked at our first island. We debarked from the ship and took a tour of the island. For you that have not been to the Caribbean, when you get off the ship, you are greeted by dozens of taxi driving shouting for your business. For a very reasonable price, they will take you wherever you want around the island. You can tour the island, go shopping, go to a beach or whatever you want.

We returned to the ship mid afternoon, got cleaned up, had another great fucking session and got ready to get an early dinner.

At dinner, we met up with Joann and Larry again. We hit it off very well; we seemed to have so much to talk about. They told us they were from Michigan. We are also from the Midwest. We also found out that their cabin was on the same deck as ours. We had an inside cabin towards the middle of the ship while they had an outside balcony cabin towards the rear of the ship.

After dinner, we went to a show with them and then later to a comedian act in the lounge. If you have never been on a cruise ship, they have many places that you can go for entertainment. There is a big theater where you can see Broadway shows, singing and dancing acts and much more. There is a large lounge that has many acts such as comedians, magicians, musicians, etc. There are also many smaller places that you can see anything from piano players to rock-n-roll bands.

After the show we made arrangements to meet Joann and Larry in the morning for breakfast and to tour the next island together. We then retired back to the cabin for, you guessed it, some more incredible loving making.

—– Chapter Four —–

We met Joann and Larry for breakfast as planned. Together we decided to take a short tour of the island and then have the taxi driver take us to a beach in the afternoon. The driver was a wonderful tour guide. After lunch, he took us to a very nice beach. It was a typical Caribbean beach, nice white sand, clear blue water and a nice little bar serving your favorite Caribbean drinks.

We soon realized that we were at a nude beach. Not many of the people were naked, probably only ten percent, but enough to get our attention. We found a place that wasn’t very crowded and laid our towels out on the sand. We went back to the beach house to change into our swimming suits. I like to show off my body with a very revealing bikini, but my bikini wasn’t anything compared to Joann’s. Her bikini didn’t leave anything for the imagination, only a couple small triangles over her nipples and another over her crouch and ass. It was a new bikini she got specifically for the cruise. I don’t think she was used to wearing such a revealing suit. She seemed to be a little embarrassed but I assured her it showed her off very well, she looked great in it. You should have seen Jake’s eyes when he first saw her; I thought his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. Her husband, Larry, even seemed to be a little excited to see her in her new illuminating attire.

The guys went to get us some drinks while Joann and I went back to our spot on the beach. Joann and I got the suntan lotion out and helped each other spread it over our bodies. I was getting turned on looking at her gorgeous body in that tantalizing bikini. I complimented her on her looked and on her bikini. She thanked me for the comment and said that she is proud of her body and likes to show it off. She also complimented me on my body but compared to her, I felt inferior. As do I, I could tell that Joann tans naked in the tanning booths since there were no tan lines.

The guys returned with the drinks and we helped them with their suntan lotion as well. I could tell that Jake couldn’t take his eyes off of Joann. I also sensed that Larry was looking me over with his eyes, which also turned me on.

We sat on our towels and just talked for awhile and did some people watching. We watched as the nude people would walk by and would comment on each. Some were very nice but some of them should not be out there without clothes, in fact some of them shouldn’t even by in a swimming suit at all (if you know what I mean).

After awhile, Joann turned to Larry and said that she wanted to sunbath nude too. She said she always wanted to try it and since there was no one there that they knew, she wanted to try it. I had been thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say anything, not knowing what Joann and Larry would say. I quickly chimed in and said I would do it if she would. Larry acted to be a little timid and hesitated about going nude. I coaxed Larry by saying that if he did it, Jake would also do it. Jake looked at me with this disgusting angry look on his face but I knew that he wanted to just as bad as I did. After a little more coaxing, we convinced the guys to join us. Joann and I removed our bikinis and the guys soon followed.

I felt so good having the warm sun and the warm ocean breezing blowing over our naked bodies. For 38 years old, both Joann and Larry looked incredible. Joann’s breasts were very firm. Larry had a very nice six pack. Both Larry’s and Jake’s cocks were half hard. They both tried to conceal it by lying down on their stomachs. After putting more suntan lotion on our private parts, we laid down on the towels and felt the warm sun radiate our bodies.

After sunbathing for quite awhile, Joann and I decided to take a dip in the ocean. We got up and walked into the warm water, feeling the waves crash up against our bodies. If felt so incredible being naked in the salt ocean waters. We saw the guys get up to go get some more drinks.

After our dip in the ocean, Joann and I went back to our towels and started to apply suntan lotion to each other. Joann first spread lotion all over my front side. It seemed like she took extra time and attention around my tits and my pussy. I returned the favor and made sure she had ample amount of lotion. When I was applying lotion around her pussy, she spread her legs slightly and told me to make sure to get that area nice and good; she said (in a seductive voice) she wouldn’t want to get that area burned.

After some more sunbathing and finishing our drinks, we got dressed and headed back to the ship before our departure for the next island.

When we got back onto the ship, Jake and I couldn’t wait to fuck each other in our cabin. We couldn’t even wait until after we showered; we had an incredible fuck right in the shower. I think the happenings of the day had turned us both on. We then cleaned up and met Joann and Larry for dinner.

After dinner we went to a Broadway show in the big theater and then caught a late show in the lounge. After the late show, Joann and Larry invited us up to their cabin for some wine. We eagerly agreed and headed up to their cabin.

We didn’t mind having an inside cabin since we were not spending much time there but Joann and Larry’s outside balcony cabin was very nice. We went out on the balcony and looked across the massive body of water. It was a very clear night. Many stars and the moon lit up the sky. The reflections of the stars bounced off the water and the warm gentle breeze made it so romantic. The combination of the beautiful ocean view and the fact that I had consumed abundance of alcohol was really turning me on. I couldn’t wait to get back to our cabin and fuck Jake brains out.

There were only two chairs on the balcony along with a small table. Jake sat down in a chair and I sat down on his lap, my back towards him. Larry and Joann opened a bottle of wine from a case they had bought the day before and poured us all a glass. They joined us on the balcony. Larry sat in the other chair and Joann sat across his lap with her arms around his neck. We talked for awhile, reminiscing about what we had done that day. It wasn’t long until I saw Joann start to kiss Larry. Not just a little kiss on the lips but a nice big juicy tongue French kiss. I cleared my throat to get their attention and then asked if they wanted us to go. They said no and asked if they were making us uncomfortable. We said absolutely not, especially if they don’t mind if we did the same. They said they would be offended if we didn’t. It was such a nice romantic night and we should take advantage of it.

I turned across Jakes lap, wrapped my hands around his neck and started to make out. Jake had his arms wrapped around my waist. After several minutes of passionate kissing, I looked over and Joann and Larry and could see that Larry had his hands slid under Joann’s skirt and apparently was pleasing her pussy.

I ran a hand down and started to rub Jake’s chest through his shirt. He took my lead and started to rub his hands up and down my legs and thighs. I slide my skirt up a little to encourage him to explore me like Larry was exploring Joann. Soon I felt his fingers sliding over my pussy lips. I spread my legs to let him have better access.

We continued gaziantep escort this for awhile, making out and taking sips of wine between kisses. Joann said she needed some more wine and got up to get the bottle from the room. I also got up and said I needed to go use the restroom. Inside the room, I asked Joann if they had ever swinged with other couples. She looked at me and just smiled. I got the answer I was looking for. I told her we also did and I wanted to fuck her husband. Again she just smiled at me as to say, he is all yours.

I helped her pour another glass of wine for us all and followed her out to the balcony. Joann went over by Jake as I sat down on Larry’s lap. Larry was a little shocked but quickly figured out what was going on as I planted a big kiss on his lips. I opened my mouth and started to explore his mouth with my tongue. I then spread my legs wide, letting my skirt hike up my hips to expose my bare pussy (I hadn’t put any panties on at all that week). It didn’t take long until Larry was exploring my pussy with his hands. My pussy was so wet by this time. I could feel Larry’s cock start to get hard under my ass. I slide my ass off his hardening cock and placed a hand on it.

I smiled at Larry and said I think someone is getting a little excited. I then got down on my knees in front of Larry, unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. His cock wasn’t quite as big as Jake’s (Jake has an 8-9 inch cock) but he had a very pretty cock. I like a pretty cock, one that has a nice shaped head and a smooth shaft. It was also very thick, which I think is actually more important than having a long cock.

I started to run my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock while playing with his balls with my hands. I then slide it into my mouth and started sucking on it. I love sucking on some good cock. Larry started to moan with approval. I took time out to slide his pants and underwear all the way off and threw them down on the deck of the balcony. He removed his shirt and placed it on the rest of his clothes.

I went back to sucking on his cock, trying to get as much in my mouth as possible. I heard his moans get deeper and louder. After several minutes, I sensed he was about to cum. I didn’t want him to spout just yet so I got up and sat down on his lap. I was facing him with our crotches touching. I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a big kiss on him, again exploring his mouth with my tongue.

I pulled up my skirt, moved my pussy up and started to grind it against his cock. I was so wet; I was covering his cock with my pussy juices. I looked over at Joann and Jake and saw Jake with his face buried in Joann’s pussy. She looked like she was really enjoying herself.

Larry helped me remove my top and skirt. I now could press my naked body against his. I ran my pussy over his cock and then up his body over his stomach and chest. I lowered myself again and he took one of by breasts into his mouth. I could feel his tongue circle my nipples and then felt him nibble and suck on them. I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached down and pulled up his cock and lowed myself onto it. I felt his massive member slip easily into my waiting pussy.

I started to raise and lower myself, allowing his hard cock to slide in and out of me. We started slowly at first but quickly picked up the pace. Soon his cock was pumping in and out of me in a furious rate, God it felt so good.

It wasn’t long until I was screaming as my orgasm overtook me. I’m sure someone had to hear me but I didn’t really care at that moment. It was an incredible orgasm. Sometime in the middle of my orgasm, Larry started to shoot his load inside me. Feeling his cum shoot inside me only extended my own orgasm.

It wasn’t long after I composed myself that I heard some laud moans coming from Jake and Joann. We looked over just as they both came together, both bodies shaking in what seemed to be as good of an orgasm as I just had.

It was very late so we decided to finish off our glasses of wine and head back to our cabin. We all agreed that we had a lot of time to have a lot more fun the rest of the week. We arranged to meet Joann and Larry for breakfast and again tour the next island together.

—– Chapter Five —–

The next day was pretty much the same. We toured another island with Joann and Larry. Back on the ship we had dinner again with Joann and Larry and took in some more entertainment. Afterwards, Jake and Larry wanted to spend some time in the casino. Gambling doesn’t do anything for me and Joann so we decided to go off on our own. We explored some other less populated bars on the ship and got to know each other even better. I couldn’t believe how well we were getting along for only knowing each other for a couple days.

We ended up ordering one last drink and headed back to their cabin. Once back in their room, Joann immediately started to seduce me, running her hands over my body and giving me a very passionate kiss. We fell on the bed where we proceeded to remove each other’s clothes. I love fucking guys but there is something so special about making love to a women. It makes me feel so comfortable and sexy. Joann started to lick my entire body. Starting at my neck and working her way down to my pussy, paying extra attention to my tits and nipples. She had me so turned on. I then felt her tongue spread my pussy lips and circle my clit. Her fingers plunged deep into my pussy, hitting my G-spot. I could tell she was very experienced at satisfying women. Only after a couple minutes, I felt myself getting very close to an incredible orgasm. I shouted out to her that I was cumming. My body started to shake, my eyes rolled back into their sockets as my orgasm overtook my body. It seemed to last forever.

After I was able to compose myself, I returned the favor to Joann. I started by sucking and licking her nice firm breasts. I circled my tongue around her very hard nipples while I massaged her breasts. Her boobs were so large and so firm. I hope my boobs are like this when I’m 38. I continued by licking and kissing my way down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy. I shot my stiff tongue as far into her pussy as I could. I could tell by her moans that I was hitting her just right. I started to rub and pinch her clit with my fingers. She was so wet. I then easily slide a couple fingers into her love hole, then three and then four. I continued to fuck her with my fingers as I started to nibble on her clit with my mouth. I flicked and circled her clit with my tongue. After several minutes, her body started to quiver and she started to cum. I soon realized that she was a squirter as her cum started to squirt all over my face. It startled me at first but I quickly composed myself to take as much in my mouth as I could.

After her orgasm subsided, she pulled me up and gave me a very passionate kiss. We lay next to each other for quite awhile, it felt so good to have a naked female body nestled against me.

Suddenly we heard the key card open the cabin door. Larry and Jake walked through the door and saw Joann and I holding each other’s naked body. We didn’t move but simply smiled up to our husbands. Larry said “See, I told you we could find them back here”. Jake asked if we were having fun. I said, with a big smile on my face, “More fun than you can imagine”. Joann responded by saying ”but we could have much more fun”, as she motioned the guys to join us. It didn’t take the guys long to remove their clothes and join us on the bed.

Just then Joann got up off the bed and said that she was a little tired and needed a little time to recover. She looked at me as to say “follow my lead and come over here”. I also got out of bed and stood next to her. She told the guys that we had just had a very exhausting love making session and Cindy and I needed to relax a little. Both guys started to complain and informed us (as if we didn’t already know) that they both were very horny and needed some good fucking to relieve them. Joann said “go right ahead, don’t let us stop you, we will just sit here and watch”. We both sat down in the chairs next to the bed.

Joann had told me earlier that Larry liked sex with guys but I knew Jake says he doesn’t like it. I have seen him do it several times and he seems to have a good time with it. I don’t know why he just doesn’t admit he likes it. I started to persuade Jake to let Larry suck his cock. Larry looked at Jake to see if he would allow him to do it. Jake didn’t give much resistance so Larry leaned down and started to lightly rub his hand over Jakes cock. His cock wasn’t hard but it seemed to jump when Larry first touched it. We watched as his cock grew and got hard right in front of our eyes. In just a couple minutes, Larry had Jake’s cock as hard as I had ever seen it.

Larry then took Jake’s cock into his mouth and started to suck on it. Jake’s cock is rather large, I can never get it all the way into my mouth and neither could Larry. While sucking his cock head, Larry slide his hand up and down Jake’s shaft. Joann and I just sat back and watched the show. I could tell by the look on Jake’s face and by his moans, he was really enjoying it. I asked Jake how it felt. He simply responded by giving me a big grin and shaking his head in approval.

I could tell that Jake was just about ready to cum when he pulled away. He moved down and let Larry lay down on the bed so they could switch places. Larry’s cock was already hard, although not quite as big as Jake’s

Jake took Larry’s cock into his mouth and started sucking it furiously, sucking it as he massaged his balls and ran his hand up and down the shaft. After several minutes Larry got up and moved around so that they were in a 69 position. Both took each others cock in their mouth and continued to please each other. Joann and I were getting so turned on just watching them. Both of us were running our hands over our pussies.

It wasn’t long until I think they came together. Both took the others cum into their mouth. Joann and I applauded seeing each of them take each others cum in their mouth without spilling a drop.

After the guys collected themselves, they asked us girls if we were satisfied. I said “we are greatly satisfied but I don’t think we are as satisfied as you two”.

To let the guys recoup, Joann went and opened another bottle of wine. I helped her pour four glasses. We sat around talking for awhile. We asked how much money they had lost in the casino. They wouldn’t tell us.

After about 15-20 minutes of conversation, Larry looked at me and motioned for me to come over by him on the bed. I gladly got up and joined him. Jake proceeded to go over to Joann and attend to her. Larry was sitting on the edge of the bed. I sat down on his lap facing him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I started to kiss him and rub my fingers over his head and through his hair. Together we ran our hands over each others body.

For some reason I started to talk very dirty to Larry. I said something like “do you think you can fuck me with that fag cock of yours?” He replied by saying “this cock can fuck the shit out of any pussy around.” Jake and Joann started to laugh at our verbal comments and started in with their own dirty remarks. Before you knew it, all four of us were voicing comments like “come on you fucking whore, I’m going to fuck your hot pussy for all its worth.” I think it was a contest who could say the most disgusting things.

I started to rub my very wet pussy over Larry’s shaft. “The fucking slut has a soaking wet pussy, bet she wants a big fat cock in it” Larry said as he rotated his hips to let his cock slip right in. I immediately rammed my pelvis down hard on him so that his cock would dig deep inside me.

I pushed Larry back onto the bed and leaned over him so we could fuck hard and furious. We continued our verbal assault as we pounded ourselves at each other, my pussy sliding up and down and his hard cock. “Give it to me you big stud, ram that hard fat cock deep inside me, fuck my hot cunt baby”.

We were fucking like there was no tomorrow when I felt a hand start to rub my pussy from behind. It then parted my ass checks and started to probe at my ass hole. Jake was lubricating my ass from my pussy juices. I knew exactly what he was going to do. He knows how much I like to be double fucked. Sure enough, I soon felt his cock start to enter my ass. It took him a little time but he soon had it jammed in as far as he could. I just love having a cock fucking my ass at the same time as one is fucking my pussy. Jake and Larry got into a rhythm, both shooting their love tools in and out of me at the same time.

After we all got in a steady rhythm, Joann came over. I motioned for her to move up so I could lick her pussy. She shoved her cunt right into my face, allowing me to slide my tongue between her pussy lips and over her clit. Her clit was so hard and big. My fingers soon found her hot pussy, digging deep inside. The guys helped me out by rubbing and pinching at Joann’s tits and nipples.

We continued our four-way fuck for some time until I was the first to explode into another incredible orgasm. Joann soon followed, shooting her hot cum over my face again. A couple minutes later Jake and Larry shot both their loads deep inside my ass and pussy at the same time. We all four fell totally exhausted in a pile on the bed. It had been an unbelievable night of enjoyable fucking.

After we caught our breath, Jake and I made our way back to our cabin. It was very late and we needed to get some sleep before we met again the next morning to explore the next island.

—– Chapter Six —–

The next day we had a very exciting time on the island. The island that we were visiting was a very beautiful mountainous island. It is known for its beautiful mountain streams and waterfalls. The four of us decided to get a taxi cab and take a tour up into the mountains. The tour guide (taxi driver) first took us to a mountain cave and then to a gorgeous waterfall. At the base of the waterfall was a nice little pool that looked very enticing for a nice swim. It was a very popular waterfall and the crowds were quite large, so we didn’t feel like swimming in front of everyone. We asked the guide if there were any waterfalls that were not as crowded. He said there was two not too far away. One was a five mile hike into the rain forest. The other was 1 mile hike. We thought five miles was too far but 1 mile sounded good.

He drove us to the end of the 1 mile trail and pointed us into the direction of the waterfall. He said he would wait there until we get back. On our hike back to the falls, we met one group but other than that, we didn’t see anyone. As we got closer to the falls, we could hear the roar of the water falling over the mountain cliff. It was absolutely gorgeous. A small waterfall appearing out of the side of the mountain, tumbling about 40 feet to a small little pool of water nestled in the rocks surrounded by the lush foliage of the rainforest. Although not as large as the first waterfall, it was definitely just as stunning.

The best thing was, we were the only ones there. We had brought our swimming suits with us but since no one was there, we decided to take a little skinny dip. We all stripped down and jumped in. Oh what a refreshing feeling. The water was magnificent. I soon felt a pair of hand wrap around me from behind. It was Larry. He immediately started to massage my breasts from behind me. I felt him push himself against my backside. I reached my hand behind me and felt that he was already hard, mmmmm. I pressed my ass back pressing against his hard member. We were standing in water just deep enough that we could stand on the bottom and have our heads above water.

I looked over at Jake and he was busy with Joann. Jake and I had fucked many times in water. It is something we enjoy doing because you are much lighter in water so you can move and pick up your partner more easily.

I turned around to face Larry. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to kiss him very fervently. I then jumped up and wrapped my legs around this waist, pressing my crouch against his. Larry started to slide his hard cock up and down over my pussy; damn I was so wet and horny. I spread my legs slightly to invite him to enter me. He slid right in. I started to bounce up and down in the water, allowing his cock to slide in and out of my hot pussy. I looked over at Jake and Joann and they were doing the same.

After a couple minutes, we started to hear voices approaching from down the path, oh shit! All four of us separated. We realized that because the water was so clear, anyone looking down at us could see that we didn’t have any clothes on. We then got the idea to move closer to the waterfall so that the bubbles that formed on the water from the falls splashing down on the surface of the pool would hide the fact that we were naked.

A group of elderly tourists came into view. We just hoped to God that they wouldn’t stay too long. The water depth was over our heads where we were and we didn’t know how long we could tread water. Besides, we had much better things to do.

Thank goodness they didn’t stay very long. As soon as they turned to leave, we quickly moved back to shallower waters and were back fucking our partners as before. It wasn’t long until Larry was cumming inside me.

Larry then floated me over to a large rock on the edge of the pool. This rock was just below the surface of the water. He placed me on the rock face up. My head was above water but my pussy was just at the surface of the water. He spread my legs and placed his face against my cum-filled pussy. I felt his tongue swirling around my clit. The small waves of the water were splashing against my pussy as his tongue started to explore inside my cunt hole. God, it felt so good.

After several minutes of Larry eating my pussy and rubbing my clit, I heard Joann start to scream. I had totally forgotten about Jake and Joann. I looked over towards them and saw Jake doing the same to Joann as Larry was to me. It was obvious that Jake had sent Joann into a gigantic orgasm. They were probably 30 feet from us but I still could see Joann’s body shaking in a massive orgasm. Seeing this sent me into my own climatic orgasm as well. Larry was doing such a fantastic job of satisfying me.

Just as Joann and I were catching our breath, we heard more voices coming from down the path. We all again quickly swam over under our canopy of bubbles near the waterfall. This time two couples come up to the edge of the pool and started talking to us. I guess they were about 30 years old. They asked us how the water was. We said very refreshing.

They looked around the area and saw our clothes over on some rocks where we had left them. They had their swimming suits and towels in their hands. They asked us were we had changed into our swimming suits. We didn’t know what to say. We didn’t want to make up some story so decided to tell them the truth and told them we hadn’t changed into our swimming suits. It took them awhile to catch on to what we were saying but it finally hit them that we were all naked. You should have seen the embarrassing grins they all got on their faces when they finally realized this. Us four had floated from the cover of the bubbles and I’m sure they could tell that we were truly naked. Jake and Larry then spoke up and told them that they were more than welcome to join us if they wish. After a little discussion, the four of them decided to get naked and join our skinny dip party.

We watched as the four of them stripped their clothes and entered the water. I think Larry, Joann, Jake and I all wanted to have a big orgy. We talked for awhile but it was obvious to us that these two couples were not into that. We decided that we should just leave. Besides, I’m sure our guide was wondering where we were, we had been gone for over an hour.

We got out of the water, dried off, got dressed and said goodbye to our new acquaintances. After getting back to the taxi, we had the driver take us back to the ship.

Back on the ship we went to our cabins and got cleaned up. Jake and I had another good fuck in the shower before we met Joann and Larry for dinner. We then went to the early show in the theatre.

After the show, the guys and us girls split up again and went our separate ways. Joann and I went and visited a piano bar where a piano player was entertaining anyone that would listen. There weren’t many people there so Joann and I sat down at the piano right next to the piano player and ordered some drinks.

The piano player was a gorgeous looking guy about 30 years old. He had nice blonde hair and blue eyes; a very masculine guy, not your typical pianist. He was a great singer and entertainer. We started to flirt with him and he flirted back. He took several requests from us and sang to us as if we were his lovers. He really knew how to earn his tips (if you know what I mean).

After several drinks and feeling very horny, Joann and I went back to our cabin this time. We were both feeling a little frisky from all the drinks and being serenaded by the nice looking pianist for the past couple hours. It didn’t take us long until we had each other’s clothes off and was making out to relieve our sexual tension that had been building up in us.

We were right in the heat of the moment when we heard the key card slide open the cabin door. Our two guys had returned. Joann and I were so into each other that we totally ignored they guys when the entered. They tried to talk to us but again we ignored them.

Joann and I were in a 69 position on the bed. I was fingering your pussy as licking her clit as she was doing the same to me. We were in total ecstasy as we pleased each other.

We continued in a 69 position for quite awhile, totally oblivious to Larry and Jake. I did look up once to see that they had both gotten naked; Jake was sitting in the chair while Larry was sucking his cock. I motioned to Joann to look; she simply smiled and returned to pleasuring my pussy. After what seemed to be hours, Joann finally came in a very intense orgasm. Shortly afterwards, I followed with my own huge orgasm.

After we collected ourselves, we looked over and saw Larry ramming Jake’s asshole with his hard cock from behind. I couldn’t believe he actually let Larry do that without anyone coaxing him. It didn’t take Larry very long until he shot his load into Jake’s ass. It was a big turn on for Joann and me to watch the two guys go at it. After Larry was done, they asked if we wanted them to join us on the bed but we told them that they were doing just fine without us and that they should continue.

Larry switched positions with Jake so that Jake could fuck him in the ass. Joann and I had a great view as we watch Jake’s cock slide in and out of Larry’s ass. If I wasn’t so exhausted I would have joined them. Instead we were completely satisfied with just watching our two ladyboys going at it with each other.

After Jake filled Larry’s ass with his sperm, we decided to turn in for the night. But this time Jake and Joann went back to Larry and Joann’s cabin together while Larry stayed with me in our cabin.

Larry and I had some very passionate love making while I’m sure Joann and Jake did also back in their cabin. I love my husband very much and love fucking him but the time Larry and I had together alone was very special. Most of the fucking we had been doing that week was very erotic and fast paced. Larry was very slow and soothing which was very nice for a change. It was a little strange going to sleep next to another guy other than my husband. But I did sleep very well before we woke to tackle another day and another island.

—– Chapter Seven —–

The next day brought another beautiful island. The four of us enjoyed a day at a beach and took in some snorkeling. Unfortunately this island did not have nude beaches, but it was a very enjoyable day. We really took pleasure in basking in the sun and drinking the local Caribbean drinks, not to mention the nice tan we got.

Back on the ship we cleaned up and had diner as usual. We weren’t too fond of the entertainment in the theater that night so decided to spend the evening in the big lounge. Two shows were on the schedule for the evening. First a hypnotist during the early evening and later a comedy show at late night.

The seating in the big lounge were mostly big half circle booths that faced a big stage where all the shows took place. The booths had very high backs. They were very comfortable and very private since you could only see in them from the stage side. We purposely arrived early to get a good booth up close to the stage. Joann and I were seated between Larry and Jake around the half circle table, I next to Larry and Joann next to Jake. We ordered our first round of drinks and sat back and had some good conversation while we waited for the first show to start.

The hypnotist was very good; he had us all laughing in stitches. After the show, we had about an hour before the comedy show would begin. We ordered more drinks and sat back for the second show to begin. While deep in conversation with Joann, I felt a hand start to run over my thigh and up under my skirt. Larry first startled me but then I started to get turned on. I half-heartedly told him to stop since someone would see us. He said that no one was going to see in, if someone would walk in front of the booth, the table hid anything that he was doing.

He slowly ran his hand up my thigh and parted my legs. He ran his fingers over my panty-less crotch. I felt him start to rub my clit and pinch it with his fingers. I spread my legs to give him better access. I looked over at Joann and saw Jake was doing the same to her. I couldn’t believe that I was having my pussy rubbed in the middle of a crowded lounge.

I felt Larry’s fingers part my pussy lips and run them up and down my slit. Soon I felt him slide his finger into my pussy. I was so wet that he was able to quickly and easily slide in. I tried to keep a straight face in case someone did pass in front of our booth. It is very difficult to keep a straight face when you have someone fingering you pussy. Larry and Jake were carrying on a normal conversation so no one would get suspicious. They continued to rub our clits and probe their fingers into our pussies for the next five or ten minutes. Joann’s and my breathing were getting very deep and loud. I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw my head back against the back to the booth and closed my eyes taking in the full affect of their actions. It wasn’t long until I couldn’t hold back any longer and was thrown into an incredible orgasm. I think I actually passed out for a couple seconds, probably also had something to do with the fact I had been drinking alcohol all night long.

After I composed myself, I looked over at Joann and I could tell she had cum as well. She looked as exhausted as I. We just looked at each other and started to laugh. It was so absurd that we both had just had an incredible orgasm with all these people around us.

I then pulled my skirt back down and reached over and felt Larry’s cock through his pants. He was already hard. I whispered to him that I better do something about this. He just smiled back at me. I rubbed up and down his cock for a little while. After several minutes I unzipped his pants and managed to pull his cock out. This time Larry and Jake was having a hard time keeping composed as Joann and I carried on a casual conversation.

We continued stroking their hard cocks for quite awhile, changing from slow easy strokes, when someone walked by, to fast furious strokes when no one was in view. It seemed that we were stroking their cocks for a long time when a voice come over the sound system announcing the show was going to start in about 10 minutes. Shortly after that I felt Larry’s cock start to convulse. I knew he was about to cum. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and then quickly ducked under the table to catch his cum in my mouth. I wasn’t able to get all of it but I did get the majority of it. I quickly came back up licking my lips as if nothing had happened. Joann and Jake had watched me take his cum, they started to laugh when I returned above the table. I couple minutes later Joann did the same to catch my husband’s cum while he had his orgasm.

The comedy show was also a very good show. We laughed so hard and so long that night, our guts were hurting from so much laughing.

After the show we sat around drinking our last drink and talking. I don’t think we wanted to go back to our cabins because we knew that this was our last night on the ship and we didn’t want it to end.

We eventually decided to go back to Joann and Larry’s cabin for one last good time. On our way back, we decided to take a detour and go up to the top deck to take in the warm Caribbean air one last time. It was late, about 2:00 am, and very few people were up on top at that time of night. We walked around for a little while, looking out over the romantic ocean waters. The stars and moon again lit up the dark skies.

We walked past a set of stairs that lead up and had a sign that said you must be 18 to enter. We heard rumors that there was a place on the ship that you could sunbath nude but never did find out where it was or even if the rumors were actually true. We put two and two together and concluded that these stairs must lead up to that place.

Obviously we couldn’t sunbath nude that night but curiosity took us upstairs to check it out. On top there was simply a small area that had nothing but a bunch of deck chairs. This area was actually the roof of one of the bars on the top deck. On the far side of this area we saw a couple what appeared to be making out. After realizing what they were doing, we quickly apologized for interrupting and turned to leave. The guy spoke up and said we didn’t have to apologize. He said we could stay if we wanted.

We were curious to look around so slowly started to approach them. As we got closer, we realized they were doing more than making out. They were half naked and were obviously fucking each other before we rudely interrupted. Both of them had their shorts off but still had their shirts on. They didn’t seem to try to hide their private parts as we approached them. The guy still had a very hard cock and you could see her pussy juices reflecting off it in the moonlight. We also noticed that they were very young, I would have guessed teenagers. We asked them how old they were and they said they were both 21 years old, I never did believe them. They said their names were Jason and Brianna. They said they were on their honeymoon.

We sarcastically asked if they were enjoying themselves. Brianna responded and said they were. I couldn’t believe when she then invited us to join them. I think they had been drinking as much as we had been and were acting differently than they normally would. It appeared that they were feeling no pain. They didn’t have to twist our arms too much; we immediately decided to take her up on her offer.

Jason was a rather short guy, but seemed to have a nice looking body. Brianna was very petite had a very cut face and also a nice looking body.

Larry and I sat down on a deck chair that was next to them while Joann and Jake sat down on a chair on the other side. We started to rub each other’s crotches as we started some small talk such as where they were from and what they had been doing on their honeymoon. We found out they were from California. They also told us that they had been coming up to this area each night to fuck each other. A couple nights they even slept up here all night.

As we talked, I noticed Jason’s cock started to go soft. I got up and sat down next to him, on the other side from Brianna. I made some remark to Jason that we needed to get him back up again. As I said that, Joann got up and kneeled in front of him. We both reached out and started to stroke Jason. At the same time, Jake and Larry held out their hands for Brianna to guide her over to another chair where they were going to work on her. You should have seen the look on Jason and Brianna’s face. I don’t think they had ever done anything like this before. A look of nervousness and fear came over their faces. But we eventually turned those faces into lust and excitement.

Joann lowered her head onto Jason’s cock and started to lick up and down its shaft. I leaned over and started to French kiss him, darting my tongue in and out of his mouth. Jason would periodically look over at Brianna but I would wrap my hands around his head and pull him back as to say “forget about her for now, we are going to take care of you”. I then pushed Jason down on the deck chair so his head was towards Brianna, this way he could not see her or pay any attention to her. I started to lick and rub my way down to his chest, past his stomach and finally to his now-very-hard cock. Joann let me share his cock with her. She would suck on his balls as I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked it for awhile and then we would trade placed.

We sucked and licked his cock for quite awhile until Joann got up and stood over him, preparing to lower her eager pussy onto his hard manhood. She slowly lowered herself as I held his cock to guide it into her wet cunt. It easily slipped right over it. I reached one hand around Joann and played with Jason’s balls as she moved up and down on his stiff rod. I used my other hand to rub against Joann’s rigid clit.

After several minutes I looked over at Jake and Larry and saw that Jake was ramming Brianna’s pussy as Larry had his cock in her mouth. I got up and decided to copy Larry and straddled Jason’s head. I lowered my dripping wet pussy right over his face. Jason immediately stuck out his tongue reaching for my willing love hole. I felt his tongue stick right into my pussy. I raised and lowered myself so that I was fucking his little stubby tongue. As I fucked his tongue, I continued to watch Jake and Larry give it to Brianna. I’m not sure who came first but it seemed like one started to scream in ecstasy and then another would start. After just a little while we had all come.

We then all switched positions and paired up with other non-spouses and continued our fucking festivities. We continued fucking all night long in every imaginable position, with every partner. We three girls had all three cocks in every hole at sometime during the next several hours. The one that got me the hardest orgasm was when Jason was fucking my pussy, Larry poked his cock into my ass and my husband fucked me in my mouth. I don’t know how loud I screamed, but I hope no one heard me.

After several hours, it was obvious that the guys were spent and couldn’t go on. It seemed like things were starting to wind down and we needed to get back to our cabins. I wasn’t quite done yet. I looked over at Joann with a seductive smile and then looked over at Brianna. Joann got the hint and we both went over by Brianna and started to fondle her tits. She got a look of terror on her face. When we reached down and started to rub her legs and torso, she said that she had never made love to another girl before. Both Joann and I said that was ok, we would show her everything she needs to know. We told her just to relax and enjoy. You could tell she wasn’t so sure about this but that didn’t stop us. Joann leaned over and started to lick Brianna tits as I reached down and spread her legs and reached towards her pussy. I quickly slipped a couple fingers into her cum filled cunt. I rubbed my thumb over her clit. It was still very hard and very large.

The three guys just sat back and watched intensively as we put on a show for them. Jason’s eyes were as big as quarters; you could tell he had never seen his new wife in any situation like this before. Occasionally one of them would shout out some rude remark like “suck that sloppy pussy, bitch”.

Joann and I licked and sucked all over Brianna until we got her to explode with her final orgasm of the night. Then Joann and I turned to each other, determined to get one more orgasm before the night (and week) was over. Brianna joined right in, digging deep into our pussies and licking and sucking on our clits. For never doing this before, it didn’t take her very long to catch on. We three girls pleased each other for another 10 to 15 minutes until we climaxed one last time.

All six of us lay exhausted on the deck chairs and the ship deck. It was starting to get a little light. The sun would be coming up soon. We could see some lights far off in the horizon. We were coming into San Juan, our final destination. We were all sad that the week was coming to an end but was very happy that we had the week that we did together.

Eventually we got ourselves to go back to our cabins, get packed and get ready for the debarkation process. Before we did debark, we said our goodbyes to Joann and Larry, exchanged phone numbers and addressed and promised to keep in touch. And if either of us were to ever go on anther cruise, we would invite the others. I can’t wait to have another week like this one.

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