A Cousins Love


I was 17 and it was the middle of summer and very hot. I was out side in my back yard since no one was home i was tanning my 36c tits. After a wile a cool wind blew across my chest and made my nipples hard. Felling a little horny i started playing with my tits and stuck two of my fingers into my moist cunt. I was very sexually active and always slept naked. I fucked my cousin last summer and i was imagining him fucking my pussy. I have a boy friend name Kyle who fucked me on the fifth date he was 19 had short hair was athletic and had a 7inch dick and was bi. I had a threesome with him and his brother before. I got tired of finger fucking myself so i got up and went to get my 7 inch dildo my cousin bought me. I sat on my bed and took off my black thong and inserted it into my cunt and moved it slowly in and out of my cunt imagining the time my 15 year old cousin fucked me.
It was last summer and my cousin Brad his sister and his parents came and visited my family in South Carolina. I knew he was sexually attracted to me because we were at a concert and he was standing behind me in the mosh pit and the people in the mosh pit moved forward and pushed my cousin into me and i felt his hard dick press against my ass. Also when i visited him in Pennsylvania my panties had cum in them when i left. I knew that i was sexy and every guy would want to fuck me being 5’5 135 lbs with long black hair having 36c tits and a very nice ass. Brad was 5’4 117lbs has red hair and was athletic and had a 7inch dick. I soon found out that my relation ship with my cousin would change forever.

Me, Brad and his sister just finished watching TV. Me and Brad were on my futon and his sister was sleeping on the top bunk. Brad having nowhere to sleep shared my futon with me. I was wearing a tank top that showed a lot of cleavage a g-string and shorts. He was wearing a t-shirt boxers and shorts. Me and him started talking about our lives and then the subject turned to sex. I told him that i caught him looking at porn on my computer and i told him about the concert and about the cum in my panties he froze. He started pleading that i wouldn’t tell anyone about him looking at porn, what happened a the concert and about his cum in my panties. I told him i wouldn’t but he’d have to do something for me. He said he do anything so i told him he’d have to be my slave for the night and he gave me a weird look and said ok.

First i want you to massage my back and shoulders. I laid on my stomach and told him to start on my shoulders. He put his knees on each side of me and started massaging my shoulders and moved down my back. I lifted up my shirt to my breasts so it would be easer for him to massage my back. After a wile he started to massage my sides and started Sex hikayeleri to rub my stomach. Every time he’d touch my stomach his hands would move closer to my tits. I felt his dick harden against my ass and sent a shiver down my spine to my cunt making it wet. I moved my ass against his dick and he started humping my ass and made the bed creak. I heard his sister stir above us and told him we would have to finish later where we would be alone. I leaned over and kissed him passionately and told him goodnight. Then we went to sleep.

The next morning we were all sitting eating breakfast and i glanced over at Brad and saw him looking at my tits and gave him a smile. Today we were going swimming at the local pool. I went to my room and left the door slightly open and put my black bikini bottoms on and looked at my tits in the mirror imagining my cousin sucking them. I put my bikini top on and opened my door and saw my cousin standing there and i saw he was hard. I walked past him and ran my hand over his dick then i went down stairs and sat on my recliner. Brad came down wearing his trunks and a t-shirt. Then his sister came down and we started walked across the street to the pool. We got in and the water was nice and warm. After about 15 mins later Brad’s sister went to go to the bathroom. I took advantage of this moment to stroke my cousin’s dick because there were no lifeguards or other people around. We went into the deep end so his sister wouldn’t see us. We started making out and rubbed each others bodies. He put his hand on my ass and pulled me into him pressing my cunt into his dick. Then he stuck a finger into my asshole and one into my cunt after a wile i checked if his sister was coming i didn’t see her but i did see a person watching us wile he was rubbing his dick.

It was my boyfriend Kyle. Brad immediately took his fingers out of my ass and cunt and pretended like nothing happened. Kyle came over and said he was enjoying the show and jumped in the pool. He swam over to me and kissed me and turned to my cousin and asked if he liked my ass and cunt. He said yes and Kyle swam up to him and grabbed his dick and said we can share her but i must get your dick in return. Kyle leaned forward and kissed Brad and with his free arm pulled my cousin into him and then broke the kiss. My cousin then put his arms around Kyle and returned the kiss seeing this made me very horny and i started rubbing my cunt. I glanced over and saw my cousin crossing the street and told Kyle and Brad that she was coming. They broke their embrace and gave each other one last kiss and they swam away from each other. My cousin greeted Kyle and got in. Both Kyle and Brad kept touching my ass and cunt when Brad’s sister wasn’t looking. Kyle, Brad and me made plans to meet later that night. Kyle kissed me goodbye and Sikiş hikayeleri got in his car and went home. Me and my cousins walked back to my house and took our showers. Wile Brads sister was taking hers me and Brad started making out for about a minute and then i asked him to pick something out for me to ware tonight.

He walked over to my dresser and opened it and picked out a white tank top and a pair of loose jeans for me to ware. He then asked me where i kept my panties. There in the bottom shelf under my sweatpants i replied. He bent down opened the dresser and took out 6pairs of sweatpants. He started looking through my thongs and picked up my dildo strap and asked if i would be needing it tonight i replied yes. Then went over and got it and put it over my bikini bottoms and told him Kyle has the dildo for this and that i would call and tell him to bring it. He took a minute looking through my thongs and decided on a white semi-see through thong and matching bra. He took my thong and pressed it up to his nose and smelled my aroma. Then he put everything back and came over and sat by me and rubbed my cunt. Then he asked me about Kyle’s sexuality. I told him that he was bi and he liked sucking cock and pussy but he doesn’t like it up the ass or fucking other men’s asses. He told me that it was great because he didn’t want Kyle to fuck him and wouldn’t want to fuck Kyle’s ass and added that my ass would be the only one he fucked. I leaned in and kissed him for adding the part about me. We herd the shower turn off and turned on the TV acting like we watched it the hole time. Then i called Kyle and told him to bring the dildo tonight.

Kyle agreed to meet me and Brad at 2:30am in the shed in my backyard. I made sure my cousin was asleep and me and Brad snuck out the back door. We went into the shed and looked in and Kyle wasn’t there so me and Brad went and sat in my hammock and waited for Kyle. About 2:37 Kyle walked into my backyard and told us he was late because he had to sneak his car out. Me and Brad got out of the hammock and went with Kyle into the shed. The shed is about 9 feet long and 8 feet wide with sporting equipment hanging up.

Once we were in Kyle was the first to strip only leaving his boxers on then Brad striped down to his boxers. I only took off my tank top and pulled my thong up so it was sticking out of my pants. I watched Kyle go up to Brad and then they started making out and rubbing each others bodies. Kyle took off his boxers exposing his 7inch dick and inserting it into Brad’s mouth. Brad sucked on it running his tongue up and down his shaft. Kyle put his hand on Brads head and stuck his dick down his throat which made him gag but managed to overcome his gag reflex then Kyle told me he was a good cock sucker like me. I smiled and told Kyle that Brad Erotik hikaye would probably like you to suck his cock. Kyle pulled his dick out of Brad’s mouth and asked him if he’d like to have his cock sucked. Brad said yes and got up took off his boxers and started making out with Kyle. I got so horny watching their dicks grind against each other i took off my pants and thong and got Kyle’s dildo and stuck it into my cunt. I moved it in and out of my cunt as i watched them kiss. Kyle broke the kiss and bent down and stuck Brad’s dick into his mouth. Brad grabbed Kyle’s head and stuck his dick down his throat. I got up and took my bra off and took the dildo and put in Brads mouth to suck on. I took it out of his mouth and inserted it into my cunt and then kissed him. He broke the kiss and told me to stick the dildo in Kyle’s mouth. Kyle had to open wide so two dick would fit in his mouth. After a wile Brad took his dick out of Kyle’s mouth so he could suck the dildo. Brad got up behind me and stuck his dick into my asshole. I took the dildo out of Kyle’s mouth to let him suck my cunt. It felt sooooooo good having my pussy sucked and a dick up my ass. Then Brad grabbed my breasts and squeezed and twisted them which caused me to moan very loudly. Kyle got up and inserted his dick into my wet cunt. He told Brad to help him pick me up so they could fuck me faster. They held me up in the air for about a minute and then put me back down to switch positions. The both pulled out so i could turn around and face Brad. Kyle stuck his dick far up my ass and almost lifted me off the floor. Brad inserted his dick into my pussy and started fucking my brains out wile he was doing that Kyle put an arm around Brad’s ass to keep his dick from coming out of my ass and with the other hand he rubbed my right breast wile Brad was kissing me and playing with my other breast. I told them i was about to cum and they said they were also close to Cumming. Then we all had a three way kiss as Brad cumed in my cunt. Then Kyle cumed in my ass and finally i cumed all over Brads dick. We all sat down exhausted from the fuck and started to clean each other. Kyle cleaned my cunt wile brad cleaned my ass and they switched positions. After i was clean Kyle laid down and started making out with brad wile i cleaned their dicks. They broke their kiss and i laid in-between them and we shared another three way kiss then we laid there getting our strength back each of us occasionally rubbing one another’s bodies. Kyle got up and checked his watch it was 4:57 he put his clothes on kissed us each good bye on our mouths Brads dick and my cunt. As Kyle left he turned around and said next time we fuck at my place. We watched him leave then Brad went down and sucked my cunt licked it licked my hole body and sucked my tits. We got up and dressed each other not bothering to put my thong or bra on and his boxers. Then we snuck back into the house and went to sleep.

I will write the next part about Kyle’s place and about his brother only if i get comments.

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