A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 05


Author notes: I want to thank you all for reading the previous chapters of my story. I appreciate the comments I’ve received, both good and bad. Some of them have been helpful pointing out some obvious mistakes which I strive not to repeat. As for those who don’t like the story, well I say they have an equal right as those who like it, thank you any way for reading it.


They all rested for a while and had a glass of wine sitting on the couch while they watched what Robert had filmed so far. When Vanessa appeared on the screen masturbating, she just stared at herself and began fondling Robert’s cock almost involuntary. She was surprised to see herself on the screen masturbating and later on sucking her husband in front of the camera. If someone had told her a week or two ago that she would be doing this she would have said it was impossible. She would never do such a thing. But here she was, she had done it, not only in front of a camera but in front of their friends too! The turmoil in her mind began again but she shut it down as she saw herself on the screen cumming. She began to get wet and excited again. How could this be? to feel shame and excitement at the same time.

When the tapes ended, they all took their positions and Robert resumed filming.

Edward asked Pamela to lie down on the couch, one hand over the back of it and the other hanging from the side. He got on top of her, kissing her face and mouth, nibbling down her neck, making goose pimples appear all over her body. He sucked her nipples ’til they were hard as pencil erasers and went further down, licking her belly on the way down to her vulva.

Robert caught some great shots as he licked Pamela’s outer lips and parted them with his tongue, sticking it inside her. He had to get real close to Pamela to get those shots and his cock was just inches away from her face. Pamela obviously enjoyed Edward’s ministrations as she moaned continuously, arching her back while she fondled her breasts, raising her hips to give him better access. She opened her eyes and saw the head of Robert’s hard cock pointing straight at her face, a clear drop of precum on the tip. She felt an urge to take Robert’s cock into her mouth but she had to hold back. She was sure Robert wouldn’t mind, he probably wanted her to do it, but she didn’t want to rush things and hurt Vanessa.

Robert panned the camera up from Pamela’s crotch, across her breasts and up to her face. That when he saw that her stare was fixed on his cock, he resisted the urge to move a few inches forward and push the head of his penis into her mouth. He moved further away and moved the camera down again to where Edward was still avidly sucking his wife’s pussy.

A flush began to appear on Pamela’s belly and quickly rose to her breasts, neck, and face as she came. Robert panned the camera up again, following the blush and captured her rapt expression as she climaxed. She was sill moaning softly and trembling slightly when Edward began rubbing his cock head along her inner lips before he penetrated her.

Vanessa was watching all this and she didn’t miss when Pamela opened her eyes and saw Robert’s cock inches away. An image came to Vanessa’s mind where Pamela was moving her head to take her husband’s cock into her mouth. This should have shocked her but instead it excited her. She lowered her hand and began moving her fingers along her slit as her heat built up.

Edward sunk his cock all the way in the first thrust and Pamela gasped. He fucked her slowly for a long time, bending down and kissing her nipples every now and then. He gradually moved faster and faster until his ass tensed as he plunged deep into her and came again. Pamela had a couple of orgasms during the slow fuck and now she wrapped her stocking clad legs around his lower back as she came again.

They görükle escort exchanged a long tender kiss and finally Edward pulled back. His cock had softened and Robert made a last pan, traveling from his flaccid cock to Pamela’s pussy and up her body to her face, which now had a placid expression. Edward took the camera from me and pointed it at Vanessa. She was caressing her body slowly and tenderly. Robert’s cock was still hard; he went over to Vanessa and kissed her on the mouth, fondling her breasts as he pulled her up. They went on kissing, her hand seeking out his cock, stroking it. He moved his hand between her legs and found her totally soaked.

Robert got down on his back on the floor and Vanessa straddled him, guiding his cock into her and sinking down on it in one motion. They fucked in this position while Edward moved around, filming them. Pamela watched from the sofa. Vanessa would bend down from time to time so Robert could suck her nipples, then straighten back to watch his cock sliding in and out of her.

She looked around and saw Pamela looking at them and then she turned her head further back and saw Edward kneeling behind them the camera pointed at her bottom. He was making a close up of Robert’s cock as it slid in and out of her. But by now Vanessa didn’t care anymore. She would have gone on fucking her husband even if they were in the middle of a crowd.

She began moving faster and Robert grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pressing her clit with his other thumb at the same time. She started cumming, moaning loudly, and a few moments later Robert shot his load into her.

* * *

They rested for a while and then Robert and Vanessa dressed and bid their farewells, agreeing to meet the following morning to edit the video. Pamela and Edward saw us them the door, still naked. Before opening the door, Pamela embraced them and gave them both a quick kiss on the lips.

“I love you guys,” she said. “This was quite a beautiful experience for me.”

Edward also kissed Vanessa on the lips, lingering for a moment longer than was necessary and then they got on their car and headed home. They didn’t speak most of the way home, lost in their own thoughts. But as they were getting close to home, Vanessa said, “I don’t really know what got into me. I never thought I could do something like this.”

“But you did enjoy it, right?” I asked her.

“Of course I did,” she answered. “Just as Pamela said, it was a beautiful experience, but I don’t know… Do you think I’m a slut? Because I enjoyed seeing them fucking, and I enjoyed even more having them seeing us fucking?”

“No, of course not,” I said. “I was really turned on by the whole thing.”

“Do you still love me?” she asked as we were pulling into our driveway.

“Of course I do,” I replied, pulling her head to me and kissing her.

“Then let’s go inside so you can fuck me again. I’m so horny.”

As soon as they were inside the house Vanessa headed for the kitchen, “I’m so thirsty. Want a glass of wine?” she asked Robert.

“Sure.” He answered and the last thing he saw before he turned to lock the door was his wife walking down the hallway toward the kitchen, her dress falling of her body.

Robert hurriedly locked the door and turned of the outside lights heading for the kitchen. Vanessa was leaning against the kitchen table, her legs slightly apart, sipping a glass of wine. She presented quite a beautiful an erotic image and Robert wished he had his camera with him. He just stood there for a few moments admiring his wife’s splendid nude body as if he was seeing it for the first time.

Vanessa’s comment brought him back to the present, “Are you just going to stand there all night? Take off your clothes and come here.”

Robert bursa sınırsız escort bayan pulled his shirt over his head and as he was unbuckling his belt he said, “Play with yourself for me.” The words just came out of his mouth before he knew it. He wasn’t used to make these spontaneous and brazen comments to his wife and for a moment he was afraid of her reaction.

Vanessa was surprised too, but she complied, still holding the glass of wine close to her face, she placed her other hand on her breasts and played with her nipples for a few moments before she lowered it between her legs. She rubbed her fingers along her slit a couple of times before parting her lips and letting her finger go deeper. A moan escaped from her throat as the tip of her finger touched her clit. She moved the glass of wine toward her lips and emptied what was remaining.

Robert had kicked of his shoes and let his pants drop to the floor. He lowered his shorts and his cock sprang up as if it was spring loaded, hitting his belly with a loud smack.

Vanessa sat on the table. One of her hands still buried in her pussy. She took the other glass of wine which still was full and offered it to Robert. “Want some?”

Robert had come a bit closer to the table and was staring between Vanessa’s wide open legs as her finger went inside her. He began stroking his own cock.

On an impulse Vanessa tilted the glass of wine and spilled some over her pubic hair. She felt the cool liquid bathing her pubis and running down the inside of her thighs around her outer lips. Another moan escaped from her throat when a trickle of wine went down the center of her vulva and bathed her clit.

She held the glass tilted above her pussy and said, “Here, lover. Come drink some wine.”

Robert went to the table and pulled a chair to sit between his wife’s legs. He ran his hands up and down her things and felt Vanessa shiver. “Show me more,” he said in a hoarse voice.

Vanessa parted her lips as much as she could with the fingers of one hand and let another trickle of wine spill between them, aiming for her clit. She didn’t miss the mark and as the cool liquid touched her button she moaned again.

Robert couldn’t wait any longer and still stroking his cock he licked the wine from Vanessa’s labia. When he had licked all there was he looked up at her and said, “Give me more wine.”

He pulled Vanessa’s lips apart, gazing at her gaping vagina, already glistening with her juices and he stuck the tip of his tongue in it. Vanessa poured some more wine over his tongue and Robert tried to hold it there as he stuck his tongue inside her. The combination of the wine with her juices and the remnants of his earlier ejaculation tasted marvelous and he swirled his tongue inside a couple of times before pulling it back and saying, “More wine.”

They kept this up while the wine lasted. By now Vanessa was moaning incessantly. She let the last of the wine spill right over her clit and Robert licked it avidly sending shivers all through her body. Robert sucked her clit into his mouth and inserted two fingers into her sopping cunt at the same time. When he bit her clit lightly, Vanessa clasped her legs tightly around his head; with her thighs trembling she pulled pressed his head harder against her as she exploded in a mind shattering orgasm.

Robert felt his fingers getting drenched with her juices and he replaced his fingers with his tongue, sticking it as far as he could into her, savoring her juices flowing freely all around his tongue, some of them flowing out of her.

Vanessa kept trashing wildly on the table as wave after wave of pleasure traveled through her body. She pressed her hands on her lower belly as her orgasm continued. She was moaning, gasping bursa otele gelen escort bayan and mumbling incoherent words as she nearly blacked out from the power of her orgasm.

When she finally loosened the grip around Robert’s head, he pulled his head back and took a deep breath. He could see Vanessa’s gaping pussy right in front of his eyes. Her lips were puffed and swollen, a deep red color. He stood up and pressed his cock against the entrance to her vaginas and sunk it as far as he could in one thrust.

Vanessa gasped and she let out a short scream as she felt another orgasm building inside her. Robert paused, thinking he had hut her but Vanessa just wrapped her les behind his back, her heels over his buttocks and still panting she said, “Fuck me, honey, fuck me hard.”

As Robert began pounding into her, a series of small orgasms shook Vanessa, they were more like a continuous ecstasy, ebbing and flowing from deep inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure traveled from her center to her breasts, hardening her nipples and spreading a warm glow all over her body.

Robert kept pounding her pussy, feeling the continuous flow of her juices surrounding his cock. Her inner muscles pulsated all around it. Robert was getting close to cumming, and as he pounded her his breath came in short gasps. Vanessa sensed his was near the edge and reluctantly pushed him away, “Don’t cum yet. Hold it a bit longer. I want you in my mouth.”

Robert pulled out, his cock throbbing in the verge of orgasm. Vanessa twisted her body on the table until her face was inches away from the pulsing head. He saw his cock glistening with her juices and tasted them when she wrapped its head with her lips. Robert’s hips pushed his cock into her mouth until it reached her throat and made her gag. She pulled back abruptly and wrapped her fingers around the shaft pumping it. She reached for the wine bottle and poured some over Roberts cock before taking his cock back in her mouth. Then she slid her mouth back and placed her tongue under his cock, licking the sensitive fold of flesh under the ridge. She poured more wine on the head and swallowed what landed on her tongue.

“Aahh,” Robert gasped felling the cool wine over his cock and then the warmth of Vanessa’s mouth as she slid her lips over the head again. “I can’t hold back any longer.” He said.

Vanessa pulled back again until her tongue was under the head again and before pouring the remains of the wine over it she said hoarsely, “Yes, cum in my mouth. Fill it with your cum.”

Vanessa could still feel her pussy pulsating, her juices still flowing. She reached under her and inserted a finger into her dripping pussy her palm pressed her clit. Just then Robert shot his first load, Pam felt it mixing with the wine she had just finished pouring on its head and her tongue and swallowed the sweet mixture. A second burst filled her mouth. Robert was lost in his pleasure and he gave a mighty shove forward sinking his cock in his wife’s mouth. Vanessa was caught by surprise and she tried to gasp as she felt the head of his cock hit her throat again. But this only served to open her throat and Robert’s cock, lubricated by the wine and his own semen slid past it and went all the way into her throat.

Vanessa tried to pull back but Robert was holding her head as her nose hit his belly. She felt another gush of Robert’s cum gushing out of his cock, the head pulsating deep in her throat. She felt she was going to choke but then her throat muscles relaxed. Then she came again as her fingers slid in and out of her cunt. This time it was a small orgasm, but she still enjoyed it.

For the first time Robert realized that he was buried to the hilt in his wife’s throat as the last spurt of semen flowed from his cock. He let go of her head and pulled back.

“I’m sorry…” he said, “I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t worry honey.” Vanessa replied, her breath still coming in short gasps. “I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw Pam doing it to Ed.”

Robert bent forward and kissed his wife on the mouth, tasting his sperm mixed with the wine and a faint taste of her.

To be continued…

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