A bull’s experiences with cuckolding.

Double Penetration

A bull’s experiences with cuckolding.In 2012 I answered an ad on craigslist by a married woman looking for something on the side. I’ll call her Ginger. She was in her mid-40s and I was 27 at this point. I love older women so the age difference was an immediate turn-on for me (I love being the young stud who satisfies the older established woman with a lacking sex life; it’s a very hot dynamic to me). We exchange a couple of short emails before I’m given a phone number. Turns out that it was actually her husband who posted the ad. He works a lot, doesn’t have much time for her, and can’t please her in bed: after 25 years of marriage, she’s not attracted to him anymore and they have more of a “roommate” relationship. A fairly common and understandable situation—-I think it’s hard to keep things passionate, fresh, and exciting for so long. Additionally, she has some sexual interests that he’s never been able to indulge. She loves being submissive and he’s not experienced enough with being dominant to give that to her. It’s causing tension and problems in their marriage, and has been for years; she’s a very sexual woman and has been adulterous in the past. Her husband knows that it’s only a matter of time before she strays again, but still wants the marriage. So he’s generously searching for a bull to give his wife to.After he explained the situation, I was on board. He gave me Ginger’s number and I started texting her. We hit it off and before long we had arranged a meeting at my house. The first night we sat at the table, drank a couple of beers to loosen up, and got to know each other better. She was dressed as I had instructed her: in a short skirt with a thong underneath, a tight black top with lots of cleavage (she’s a large C, almost D cup), and heels. I love telling a submissive what to wear for me; it shows that she’s devoted to pleasing me and I love being able to see her in exactly what turns me on. She’s a sexy light redhead who takes care of herself and fits the MILF label very well, so I was very much looking forward to having her. When I felt she was comfortable I stood up, took her hand, and said that we should go to the bedroom. While I lead her there, I couldn’t help but think of how her husband must have felt watching his wife dressed in a revealing outfit, heading out the door to see another man and almost certainly getting fucked. It was a turn-on for me, as it was for her husband: I didn’t know it at the time, but he has a cuckolding fetish so the arrangement worked out for everyone.I didn’t introduce anything too kinky our first time together; it was more about getting comfortable with each other. D/s play requires a lot of mutual trust and respect, and that takes time to build up. Still, our first time was intense, passionate, and aggressive, and I came inside her. Again, it was a huge turn on for me that she was meeting another man for the Kolej Escort first time, dressing as his slut, sleeping with him, and taking his cum. I knew immediately that she was completely uninhibited in terms of going outside her marriage for the pleasure she wanted; sure, her husband was essentially giving her to me, but once we had that first great night together, and knowing that she had strayed in the past, I knew I would have her either way. Although our meeting had her husband’s consent, it was clear that she didn’t quite respect him or their marriage. Again, a turn-on for me. As time went on and I learned about her husband’s cuckolding fetish, any guilt that I would have felt completely faded. This was also the catalyst that made me realize my intense fondness for humiliating cuckolds.We continued to see each other every week and I dialed up the intensity of the D/s aspects. I bent her over the bed and spanked her hard, then put her on her knees and made her apologize by sucking me while looking up and saying she was sorry for being such a bad girl and soaking her panties while thinking of me at work. I introduced her to bondage, first handcuffing her hands behind her back while I relaxed in a chair and she serviced me, later tying her feet together and whipping her with a crop. She learned to call me Sir at all times–very quickly, because she knew that if she forgot, the strikes on her bottom would leave bruises that she would feel for the next few days. If I was in a particularly aggressive mood, I’d bend her over the bed, pull her thong to the side (she always, always wears thongs, which excited me as it seemed to represent her strong sexuality and promiscuity despite being a mother of two in a sexless 25 year marriage), and fuck her deep and hard with a handful of her hair, telling her that I loved owning her married pussy. After a few moments I’d haul her to her knees and push my cock into her mouth so she could taste herself, and I’d make her look up at me and say that she loves cheating on her husband.I cum inside her pussy every time I see her without fail, and our meetings number in the hundreds now. She learned through my instruction that I love when she looks up at me while I’m fucking her and says with a wry smile, “Dom owns my pussy.” It would be hard to argue that I don’t own it, given that my cum has been inside it nearly every week for the past few years. (The only times I haven’t cum in her pussy were when she was on her period. On those weeks, I would still have her come over and give me a long, deep, worshipful blowjob. She learned exactly how I like it: slow, wet, and sensual, a chance for her to really show her appreciation for me and my cock, which she says is the best she’s ever had. She always happily swallows my cum on these occasions. We came to call this “blowjob week.”)Ginger’s Rus Escort husband was not completely in the dark through all this. I gave him occasional updates on our meetings, though I never went into too much detail. Ginger told her husband when she was coming to see me, but when he asked about our meetings, she’d always reply that our relationship and our bedroom activities are none of his business, which I found a bit deliciously cruel.I took quite a bit of pleasure in owning her pussy this way even from the start of our relationship, and as it has continued, the “owning” aspects have intensified. Only a few months after I started seeing her, I made her promise never to fuck her husband again, or even touch him in a sexual way. Since she had started seeing me, she had only given him a handjob at some point, and only because he begged her, so it wasn’t a difficult change for her. On a few occasions since then, he has attempted to get sexual with her; I think he does it more to see if she’s really devoted to me than out of sexual frustration. And she has rebuffed him every time, telling him that she wants to be loyal to me as my sub and that she made a promise to never be intimate with him again. She’s reiterated to him several times that they’re together as platonic friends for the sake of the marriage and for their families and that she is not attracted to him and never will be. She has encouraged him to find someone of his own but he’s never gone outside of the marriage himself. I know he has a cuckolding fetish but I think he enjoys it more than he lets on, and loves the fact that his wife is out having a very passionate, intensely sexual relationship with another man while he’s stuck at home or working.Soon after we started seeing each other, I told her to stop wearing her wedding band when she came to see me. (Side note to any potential cuckolds: if your wife is going on a date, consider having her leave the ring at home. In my experience with several hotwives, leaving the ring at home for a date can be psychologically freeing for her, and removing the symbol of her marriage allows her to forget about it for a little while and enjoy the excitement of being courted by a new man. I would have sworn I was on a date with a single woman, and her husband seemed to be the farthest thing from her mind.)After a few months, I told her to stop wearing her ring completely. I bought her a simple band, and she now wears that instead. The replacement of her wedding band with my own ring was a huge symbolic change for her husband, who now must have known that his wife was completely owned by a new man and there was no going back. More recently I bought her a small silver anklet, which I find very sexy and which seems to be a common piece of hotwife jewellery. She wears it at all times and I find it very erotic to Yenimahalle Escort see it on her ankle when her legs are high in the air and I’m making love to her.As our relationship progresses, Ginger has become less and less open to her husband about her relationship with me. I know this because he and I talk over text message occasionally. She always expected him to give us privacy, but over time she has even stopped telling him when she’s coming to see me; if we have a meeting, she just sends him a text that she’ll be home late, with no explanation. I know she does this partly because she wants to keep our relationship between us, but I think she also enjoys the humiliation and cuckold aspects herself, given that he was never able to satisfy her, she never seems to respect him when she talks about him, and she has become more and more enthusiastic over time when I tell her to say things during sex like “I love cheating on my husband” and “I need a real man to take me.” I think keeping it somewhat secretive makes it feel more like an affair for her, which again is desirable for everyone involved; her husband also has a history of being insecure and honestly somewhat annoying throughout the history of their marriage, and I think she derives some satisfaction from cuckolding him.In fact, a couple of years ago their marriage hit an extra rough patch and they were fighting often. They saw a marriage counselor, and in the process her past infidelity and her relationship with me came out. Their counselor had her agree to try staying faithful to their marriage in hopes of working things out. That only lasted a couple of weeks and she began secretly seeing me again; shortly after, she opened up about it to her husband, and he advised her to do what makes her happy. There hasn’t been a break in our meetings since.On occasion Ginger has agreed to film our meetings and send them to her husband. He greatly enjoys them, but we don’t do it often; and when we do film it, we don’t tell him anything about it until I send him a link to see the video. So he gets a text from Ginger saying that she’ll be home late the night before, and the next morning he receives an email with a video of her being fucked. I think it’s a very erotic situation. He’s told me that he especially enjoys the way she and I continue kissing and holding each other for several minutes after I cum and when I’m still inside her; although we have no illusions about a traditional relationship, I think she and I have shared so many very close and intimate moments that it would be hard not to have feelings for each other, and we both look forward to the time we spend together from both a sexual and a romantic standpoint.As for the marriage, it’s better than ever. The tension that existed because of Ginger’s unsatisfied sexual and emotional needs is gone. Free to focus on their marriage as a partnership rather than a romantic relationship, their fights are much more infrequent. Ginger is approaching 50 now and her sexuality shows no signs of slowing down; I like to think I’ve played a part in awakening an even more intense interest in submission and passionate sex in her, and I intend to keep that interest satisfied for many years yet.

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