A Bisexual Haitian Couple


Most women I know of say that they will think twice about dating a man who’s also into men. I think that’s ridiculous. A bisexual man is no more likely to cheat on his significant other than a heterosexual man or woman are likely to cheat on theirs. It’s not a matter of gender or sexual orientation. It’s a matter of human nature. I’m sure you’ve heard or read somewhere that the flesh is weak. This is true of both men and women. All of us make mistakes and there’s very little we can do about that. But sometimes, a little is enough.

First things first, though. My name is Anne Marie. Who am I? A somewhat quirky, five-foot-ten, brown-skinned, emerald-eyed Haitian American female. I am Vice President of Human Resources at Citizens Bank. I am also a writer. I am sitting here, typing these phrases away on my computer. I live in a townhouse in the Back Bay of Boston. It’s a nice, quiet neighborhood. A wonderful place to live. I like it. It’s a place I share with someone I love. Currently, he is far away. He works as a Detective Sergeant for the Boston Police Department. I am talking of course about my husband, Albert Anthony. How we met is a story I would very much like to share with you.

I met Albert when I was a freshman at the University of Massachusetts. Back then, I was only eighteen years old and had recently graduated from Fitchburg high school. I was new to the city of Lowell. I grew up in a small town where everybody basically knew everybody. Albert was one of those people whom you simply couldn’t help but notice. He was a tall, somewhat large but handsome young Black man. We had a Psychology class together. He was a brilliant student but he was also quiet and reserved. Nearly all the young men on campus were boisterous and wildly outgoing. Albert was different and that’s the reason why I noticed him.

When I came to the Lowell campus, I was still nursing wounds from a previous relationship. I had broken up with my girlfriend Carmen. Carmen was this girl whom I had known forever. A tall, beautiful young woman with light brown skin, pale bronze eyes and short, spiky black hair. She was of mixed descent, half Black and half Peruvian. A truly beautiful young woman. We were friends for years and there was a time when I was in love with her. Carmen was unbelievably sexy. At our old high school, nearly every boy wanted her. Carmen was not only pretty but also athletic and brilliant. She was the star of the varsity girl’s basketball team. At the end of our senior year, she won an athletic scholarship to Mount Ida College. Carmen and I had our secret affair. She was one of those girls who liked both men and women. Yes, the lovely Carmen was bisexual. She didn’t hide it from anyone either, though I kept my business to myself.

Carmen and I had a relationship which was wonderful, at first. She was so wild and sexy, also loud and outgoing. She wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything. I was in love with her. They say that betrayal is worst when it is done to you by someone you love. That’s so true. Carmen betrayed me. She left me for another woman. The woman she left me for was Paula Amarillo, a Hispanic woman who worked for the Fitchburg police department. Paula Amarillo had been stationed at Fitchburg high school the whole time I went there. She was a tall, attractive Latina in her early thirties. I had no idea that she was a dyke. Apparently, she was. She had stolen Carmen away from me. I was angry and hurt. Betrayal is a bitch but I got over it.

So, here I was, starting school at the University of Massachusetts. I was a young Haitian woman who was also a closeted bisexual. My parents had no idea that I swung both ways. I hadn’t had a boyfriend since Alan Robert, my first love. Alan was a tall, good-looking guy at school. He was a member of the men’s wrestling team. I fell in love with him. He was dating Michelle Ambrose at the time. Michelle Ambrose was a tall, large brunette. She was also the captain of the school’s new all-female wrestling team. I guess Alan had a thing for tomboys. He left Michelle to be with me, though. We had some glorious years together. Then he moved to Georgia.

In Lowell, I wanted a fresh start. There were so many boys and girls at the school. I saw so many sexy people. I liked looking at all of them. I liked tall, strongly built Black men. I also liked Hispanic men and on occasion, white men as well. I checked out the women as well. I liked petite white girls sometimes. I also checked out the big beautiful women. A lot of big beautiful women are very passionate in bed. What you’ve got to do is make them feel good about themselves and loosen them up. Once you get them going, they’re going to fuck and suck like there’s no tomorrow. My brother Louis has a thing for big girls. He once told me that his girlfriend, a big Irish girl named Brenda was very passionate. He confided in me that Brenda was the first girl who let him fuck her in the ass. Big girls are passionate and they try harder in bed. Need I say rokettube more?

There were so many beautiful people of both sexes on campus. How was I to choose? I decided to have myself some fun. I met this guy named Paul Sanchez. He was a tall, good-looking Latin stud. Paul was on the men’s volleyball team. He was so pretty and so popular. I wanted him. And what I wanted, I got. I went after him. I ended up meeting him at a dorm party and hooking up with him right there. Paul took me to his dorm room. The place was small but nice. I didn’t really pay attention. I hadn’t been with a man in years. I wanted some dick. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

We got right down to business. Paul sat on the bed, shirtless and stroked himself while watching me strip. I love stripping in front of a man. They’re really appreciate of my fine body. I touched my breasts and fingered my pussy through my panties while undulating in front of him. I could tell that he was all revved up and ready to go. I teased him a little bit by shaking my bubble butt in his face. He reached and touched it. I grinned. He smacked my booty. I gasped. Normally, I wouldn’t allow this but I really wanted some so I didn’t say anything. When I turned around, Paul was naked. I gasped when I saw his dick. The Latin stud had a big one!

I really wanted some of that. I kissed Paul, then went straight for the dick. I looked at that dick of his. An eight-inch uncircumcised Latin cock. I love uncircumcised men. I think they’re the way men should be. Natural and beautiful. Unaltered by society. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it. I licked his balls and sucked on his nuts. He groaned in pleasure. Yes, I knew how to work it. I licked his dick head and continued to suck on his balls. I flicked my tongue over the length of his prick. He grimaced. Yeah, that stuff felt good. I continued what I was doing, sucking and licking while pumping his manhood with my agile hands. After a short while, he came. I drank his cum. I liked the taste of it. Every man tastes different. Paul tasted good. He looked at me. I smiled. Guys always look at me funny when I’ve blown them away in the most pleasurable way possible. I pumped his cock back to life. I wanted him to take me for a ride on his stiff pole.

Paul didn’t need to be told. He put on a condom and then threw me on the bed. I smiled at that. I like Latin men. They’re so energetic. Some women don’t like it rough. They feel disrespected. I don’t. When at work, I need my respect. In the bedroom, I want to get fucked. Get the picture? Paul had positioned me on all fours and came up behind me. I felt his cock press against my pussy. I backed up against him. He entered me with one firm thrust. I grimaced. The dude had a big dick. He grabbed me by the hips and slammed his cock into my pussy. I groaned as he fucked me. He fucked me harder and faster. I screamed. He plunged his cock deeper and deeper. I ended up screaming as he fucked my brains out. It was one of the best fucks I’d ever had.

When I went back to my dorm the next day, I was a very happy camper. I hadn’t had sex with a man since Alan moved to Georgia. I’d been with Carmen since. I missed sex with men. Sex with men is so primal and rough sometimes. They have an intensity that most of my female lovers lacked. I lay in my bed, and didn’t even hear my roommate come in. My roommate was this girl named Sarah Peterson. Sarah was a tall, slender white girl with curly dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. The girl had some curves and she was kind of pretty. I thought she was nice-looking but a bit too mousy. She originally came from Brockton and was a transfer from Massasoit Community College. I didn’t know much about her, but I suspected that she might be bisexual. Today, I would find out for sure.

Sarah came back into the dorm. She was not alone. There was someone else there with her. A tall, good-looking guy named Stanley Mendes. Stan was a brown-skinned brother from Cape Verde. He was on the school’s baseball team. When I saw the two of them, I smiled. Both of them looked at me. I could tell that they were feeling very frisky and were surprised to find me here. Apparently, Sarah wanted to get laid and I was in the way. Well, I had another solution in mind. I looked them both in the eye and asked them if they had ever had a threesome. When I said this, Sarah turned red and Stan’s eyes lit up. Yes, the brown-skinned stud had fantasized about doing it with two women at the same time. He was all for it. I asked Sarah what she thought. She looked at Stan, then smiled at me before nodding. I grinned. Let the fun begin.

All three of us got naked. I looked at Sarah’s slim but sexy body. She had good-sized breasts and a cute butt. She was clean-shaven where it counted, too. I licked my lips and looked at Stan. The nude stud from Cape Verde looked sexy as hell. His well-built, muscular body was a marvel to look at. He was also hard as hell. His long, thick cock was uncircumcised. asyalı porno Just the way I liked them. We got down to business. I knelt before Stan and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. Meanwhile, Sarah watched and fingered herself. I could tell that she was getting off.

I continued to suck on Stan’s member. I sucked those delicious balls of his. He moaned in pleasure. Sarah decided to join in on the action. She began to finger my pussy. I lay on the floor, flat on my back. Stan was crouched over me, his cock in my mouth. Sarah was between my legs, eating out my pussy and fingering me. I could tell that she knew what she was doing. I was right. Sarah was definitely bisexual. A lot of people, both men and women, are actually bisexual though they don’t know it. So many bisexual men and bisexual women lead straight lives. We continued with our fun.

I got Stan off and he blew his load all over my face. Next, I was licking Sarah’s pussy while she lay on the floor and Stan put on a condom and was taking me from behind. He slid his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me. Like many Island men I’ve met, he was passionate. The dude definitely knew how to work it. He fucked my pussy hard and fast, just the way I liked it. I ate Sarah’s pussy furiously as her boyfriend’s cock thrust into me. We fucked and sucked like this for a long time. Next, it was Sarah’s turn to get fucked.

I watched as Stan lay flat on the floor with his cock sticking out. Sarah lowered herself onto him until she had impaled herself on his member. Stan held Sarah by the hips and thrust into her. I watched them go at it while fingering my pussy. Stan had a really big dick and knew how to work it. He fucked Sarah’s pussy. I could tell that she liked it. Next, they did something that was unexpected. Stan slid his cock into Sarah’s asshole. I watched as he started pounding her tight asshole with that big cock of his. I gasped. I have done a lot of things sexually but I’ve never been fucked in the ass. It’s not something I ever want to do. Sarah appeared to be liking it, though. He was slamming his cock into her butt and she was clearly loving every minute of it. The white chick was screaming her lungs out. A while later, Stan came and pulled out of her. He took off the condom and Sarah drank his cum. I came a few minutes later, I got so turned on by watching them.

Since that day, we became a triad. It was fun. Still, there were some issues that had to be worked out. Sarah was in love with Stan. He loved her too. Neither of them minded a fuck on the side, though. I wasn’t interested in romance so I was down with them. I wasn’t interested in stealing Sarah’s man away from her. All I wanted was some of his dick. They were into some weird stuff, man. One day, Sarah came home with Stan. She had a plastic bag in her hand. In the bag was a strap on dildo. I was surprised. What in hell did she have planned? I hoped she wasn’t going to use it on me. The thing was huge!

I watched as Stan got down on all fours and Sarah began to lubricate his asshole with some Vaseline. She then lubed up the dildo before fastening the strap on around her waist. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I had heard of things like this. Some women fucked their men with a dildo. I’d seen it in porn videos. Still, I had never seen anything like this before. Not in front of me. Sarah came up behind Stan and spread his ass cheeks wide open. She took the dildo and slid it into his asshole. Stan gasped but did not scream. Sarah began to fuck him. She held him by the hips and thrust into him. Sarah looked really sexy while fucking Stan with the dildo. I decided to join in. I got underneath Stan and sucked his cock while he got fucked by Sarah’s dildo. He seemed rather thankful and later rewarded me with a thick load of cum. A few minutes later, Sarah pulled out of Stan. She looked at her man lovingly and gave him a kiss. I smiled. This wasn’t some nasty female domination game where some woman humiliated her man. This was just a kinky game between willing partners. No degradation. Sarah happily got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I watched as Stan worked his stiff cock into his girlfriend’s asshole. He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock deep into her stinker. He was slamming it real good into her tight hole. I watched and fingered myself. They went at it like this for some time before he came in her ass. Sarah screamed in pleasure. Stan pulled out of her. They lay side by side, panting.

I had never met a pair as kinky as Stan and Sarah. Both of them were sexy. For months we hung out together and had fun. One day, Sarah confided something in me. She told me that her boyfriend, the hunky Stanley Mendes was bisexual. I was surprised. Oh, I knew plenty of Black and Hispanic people were bisexual but I didn’t many bisexual men who were in romantic relationships with bisexual women. Looks like birds of a feather really did fly azeri porno together. Our next experiment was to bring home a guy for Stanley to experiment with. They told me that they had spent months online talking to a young Black stud who was bisexual and willing to experiment. Sarah and Stanley were going to meet this stud in Copley Mall.

I wasn’t to be privy of this but I didn’t care. I stayed home and watched some porn videos. Yes, I am a female who likes watching porn. What’s going to surprise you is that some of us females like watching gay porn. We like watching men doing it with other men. I had rented myself a video featuring hunky Black men having sex with men of other races. I got really hot watching it. Gay porn has always been a secret fetish of mine. Male homosexuality has a primal quality in it that’s lacking in heterosexual and lesbian pairings. I have always thought that guys who liked other guys were hot. I didn’t tell people. I regretted not telling that to Stan and Sarah. I thought Stan was straight but he was really bisexual. Maybe if I had told him I’d get to meet the hot Black stud they went to see in Boston.

I was about to go to sleep when I heard some noise. They were back, with someone else. I watched as they entered. Sarah and Stan introduced me to someone I sort of already knew. This guy was also went to Lowell. The same guy I had noticed around campus. Albert Anthony, a young Haitian man from Ponca City. I looked at the newcomer. He was tall and good-looking. His skin was caramel-colored. He was very pretty. He looked at me and smiled. We recognized each other. He grinned and shook his head, saying something about the world being small. I grinned. I silently thanked the gods. I’d been wanting to talk to this guy for months but never had the nerve. Now, he was in my room!

I looked at Albert, and wondered if he liked girls more than he liked boys. I could tell that he liked Stan and judging by the way Stan was looking at him, the feeling was mutual. Sarah told me that she wanted to watch the two of them go at it. Sarah and I sat on the bed and watched Stan and Albert do their thing. First, they undressed. Even though I like women, I will always gasp when I see a good-looking man of any race getting naked. Primal male sexuality does that to a woman.

Albert was sexy as hell and had an athlete’s build. He looked hot. When he got naked, I saw his dick. He had a big one. A really big one. Stan got naked too. Sarah and I feasted our eyes on the bodies of those two handsome Nubian studs. There’s something very appealing about a handsome, naked Black male. They didn’t look like men. They looked like ebony gods right out of the pages of mythology. I was wet already from watching them.

Albert and Stan kissed, and began rubbing their bodies together. I noticed that Stan touched Albert with a passion he rarely showed to either me or Sarah. I watched as Stan licked Albert from head to toe and stopped at his dick. He looked at Albert’s big dick and then took him into his mouth. He sucked on Albert’s cock and balls. Albert groaned as Stan sucked him off. Stan stroked his own cock while sucking on the Black stud’s cock. He sucked that big boy like there was no tomorrow. I watched them. I read somewhere that gay men always outperform women when it comes to giving oral sex to a man. I watched Stan’s technique, hoping to learn a trick or two.

Stan sucked Albert off until the young Black stud came. I watched, excited. Sarah was breathing heavily. I could tell she was excited too. She started to finger herself. I decided to give her a hand. Without taking my eyes off Stan and Albert, I fingered Sarah. I tasted her pussy. She was wet and tasted wonderful. She looked at me, and I knew what she wanted. Sarah was so turned on by the men that she wanted something in her right now. I grabbed her strap on dildo and decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. Sarah obediently got on all fours, shaking her ass at me while watching Stan and Albert.

Right now, Albert and Stan were really going at it. Albert had Stan on all fours and had spread the Cape Verde stud’s ass wide open. Albert slipped a condom on his own and then dropped some lube on Stan’s asshole. He grabbed Stan by the hips and thrust his cock into the stud’s ass. I watched them go at it. Albert was slamming his cock deep into Stan’s asshole and Stan was stroking himself while getting fucked. He was obviously loving every minute of it. Albert was pounding his cock into Stan’s bottom like there was no tomorrow. I licked my lips and decided to do the same to Sarah.

I slid the dildo carefully into Sarah’s well-lubricated anal cavity. She grimaced. I pushed the dildo deeper. She pushed back against me. I grinned. I could tell that she liked it. I began to fuck Sarah in the ass, thrusting the dildo deep inside her. Sarah moaned and fingered her pussy while getting fucked. I kept fucking her while watching the men go at it. Albert was now lying on the floor with his cock sticking upward. Stan was impaled on it and bouncing up and down. Apparently, Sarah’s macho boyfriend loved getting fucked in the ass by a man. Amazing. I looked at Albert and winked at him. He saw me fucking Sarah and smiled.

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