Young, Free and Single

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It was a very boring Saturday night. We would usually be out partying, but the lack of funds had meant that we were instead upstairs in Hanna’s room. She is my best friend and we have known each other for pretty much all of our lives. Even though it was only half 8 in the evening we were both ready for bed which consisted of a mid-thigh length t-shirt and some bikini style panties. For me anyway, I assume she had some sort of underwear on. Neither of us was wearing a bra as was obvious when our t-shirts pulled tight as we moved and adjusted our position.

We were on her bed on top of the duvet listening to music with the TV on quiet with a rerun of Friends showing on it. We were just chatting about the things teenagers chat about. Make-up, clothes, boys, sex. The usual. We are both 18 years old and neither of us are virgins. Neither of us are currently in a relationship and for me anyway, the lack of sex was actually fairly annoying. My last boyfriend had introduced me to the experience of oral sex and it was AWESOME. It was also the only thing that I couldn’t simulate myself. He had fingers, I have fingers. He had a cock, I have a dildo or three. He had a tongue, I have a tongue, but mine isn’t three feet long to get where it would be required. As I think about that I am not actually sure if I would want to lick myself out even if I could. Behind closed doors though and with no witnesses, fuck yes I would.

By extension, he also introduced me to having a penis in my mouth for longer than a few seconds. You have to give to receive as they say, but I would argue girls get the raw end of that deal as when I cum I don’t fire salty gloop into his mouth. I make that sound like it is bad, it isn’t actually too bad and the taste isn’t okay, but it also isn’t horrible. I even learned how to swallow and not gag in a very unsexy way. The worst part of it is the surprise, for me anyway, even with a decent warning on his behalf it is making me choke. I guess I will learn how to counter that with practice, but we agreed to mutually end our relationship. Well, he did, I thought that was a terrible idea, but it takes two to tango, and in a relationship of two when one of the pair fucks off you kinda have to mutually agree to the idea to save any sort of face.

It has been a month since we split up and I am over it. I miss the sex, but I don’t particularly miss him any more. That makes me sound a bit slutty but meh, who cares, us girls have needs too. “Do you wanna drink?” Hanna asked as she swung her legs off the bed and stood up. She did have panties on, she was wearing white ones, luckily or that would have been an eye full and a half.

“Sure,” I said as I handed her my glass.

She went downstairs and came back a few minutes later with a freshly topped-up glass of vodka and diet coke. The ratio of vodka to coke was likely to be a glass of vodka with a splash of coke, but I had no plans tomorrow and so nursing a hangover wouldn’t be too bad. She put the drinks on the side and got back onto the bed. We continued chatting and indeed it was a very strong drink she had poured.

The lack of other things to do meant that we finished them quickly and a she got the last ones it was my turn to go and get the next ones. “Same again?” I asked.

“Yep,” she said, “You might wanna borrow my dressing gown as my bro and his mate were downstairs when I went,” she added.

“Oh, okay, ta,” I said as I slipped her dressing gown on before going downstairs. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen and so I made the drinks and went back upstairs. “All clear,” I said as I closed her door behind me.

“Lucky you.” she said with a smile, “Almost gave Chris a heart attack I think.”

“Ha, yeah, I bet,” I said smiling at her. Chris was her brother’s best mate and was fairly geeky. Both of them had been awkward around girls while they were growing up, neither of them ever having the confidence to approach or talk to them without a lot of alcohol. That had changed since they started College and although they were both still awkward and nerdy they were both fairly cute with it now. A sort of unassured confidence that made me more than a little curious. Even so, seeing Hanna walk passed him wearing a t-shirt and clearly not a lot else probably made his eyes pop out of his head. “I bet you will be his next wank image,” I said sticking my tongue out at her playfully.

“Eww, fuck off,” she said giggling, “But yeah, probably. Eww eww eww.”

“Into his cum sock,” I added still smiling at her, “It will be able to stand up on its own by the end of next week.”

“Wrong…” she said, “Just sooooo wrong.”

“True though,” I shrugged.

“Still wrong,” she said shaking her head.

I had always assumed the sock that guys use in the teen movies that you watch were an urban myth type thing, but I walked in on my brother a few months back mid-stroke, for want of a better phrase, and he was actually using a sock. Practical I guess, but eww. We have a rota for laundry chores and I dread to think how many of his cummy socks I have loaded into the washing machine. I guess kaçak iddaa it is a practical solution, but just use tissues and flush them or whatever. For the record, he didn’t actually go that mental that I had just walked in on his masturbating. I think he was more traumatized that I had actually caught him, than him being mad at me for not knocking. I learned my lesson though. I knock now, without fail, even if it is mid-afternoon.

“What were they wearing?” I asked and instantly realized how pervy that sounded. I meant it as were they dressed to go out as I was sure that had been the plan originally, but Hanna took it the pervy way.

“They were both just wearing t-shirts, it was quite the sight. Sexy hairy legs and I am fairly sure I could just about see a hairy bollock that wasn’t quite tucked away,” she said grinning at me.

“Who’s bollock?” I asked.

“Would you be fussy?” she asked. I have previously admitted my attraction to her brother. It is nothing more than a fantasy crush as he is a few years older than us, plus it would be weird dating my best mate’s brother.

“No, probably not,” I admitted with a shrug. As weird as it would be to be in a relationship with her brother if he offered a serious option for a one-night stand I would be fairly tempted.

Hanna shook her head. “How horny are you?” she asked with a giggle.

“Like a dog on heat,” I replied smiling at her.

“You always were a bit of a bitch,” she replied, “Spit roast between the pair of them?” she asked.

I was a little surprised by her bluntness when talking about her own brother. She had been a fair while without sex though, so if anything like me she was probably hungry for it as well. If you cant get it, talk about it. “I’d give it a go,” I shrugged.

“Ha, dirty bitch,” she said laughing, “Just one condition…”

“And that is?” I asked.

“Not a fun spit roast, a proper one,” she grinned. “Mouth and bum.”

That comment actually made me hot. A tingle pulsed around my body before focusing between my legs. I wasn’t a fan of anal. I have done it and it doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I had expected, but it was more the fall out of it. Definitely, an exit and shouldn’t be an entrance. I have never given a guy full control in there either. I have only ever done it on my side with him behind me so I can control depth and speed by reaching my hand behind myself. A spit roast would likely be doggy style and no matter what way you look at it, that would be one hell of an ass fucking. “Yeah sure,” I shrugged in reply.

“Wow, you really are horny,” she said giggling again, “Who where? Chris… front or back?”

I grinned at her. This was a childish game we played sometimes with random strangers and celebrities. Basically in a threesome where you were the meat in the sandwich, one in your mouth, and one up your bum, who was where? It was usually based on attractiveness and assumed personal hygiene. To be blunt and grim, you don’t want a sweaty cock in your mouth while sweaty balls slap against your chin, much rather he be at the other end. Of course, presumed size also comes into the equation. David Tennant, sometimes referred to as David Ten-Inch is not someone you would want balls deep up your ass if his nickname was anything more than half true. “Whoever was smaller in the back,” I replied.

She grinned at me and took a sip of her drink. “And if they are both the same size?” she asked, “Who gets your pretty little butt?”

“Probably Chris,” I said, “He seems less likely to be aggressive and forceful,” I reasoned.

“Good reasoning,” she giggled as she finished her drink.

“Same question to you,” I said grinning at her.

“Er… no, one of them is my brother,” she replied.

“Your life depends on it,” I said.

“I will die,” she said.

“Your Mum’s life depends on it,” I said.

“Sorry Mum,” she said with a shrug.

“Dad?” I asked to which she just shook her head, “Me?”

“I can make a new best friend,” she grinned at me.

“No one as awesome as me,” I grinned back at her. “Okay. You have to be spit roasted by Chris and Steve and if you don’t your dog dies.”

“Fuck off, never bring the dog into it,” she said. We are the people who check that website that tells you if a dog dies before watching a film. If it does, we don’t watch it.

“I just did,” I said grinning at her.

“Dirty trick,” she said muttering to herself.

“Well, I am dirty, you said so yourself.” I shrugged, “Go on, it isn’t real. Chris, front or back?”

She paused for a few seconds before answering. “Front,” she said.

“Steve anal?” I confirmed.

“Yeah,” she said nodding her head. “It would be super super super SUPER weird being able to see him while I sucked him off.”

“Yeah, good point,” I giggled “What if Steve was massive?”

“Then it would really hurt,” she replied.

“Is he massive?” I asked.

“How would I know?” she asked.

“Oh, I bet you have seen,” I said.

“Well yeah, but I haven’t looked,” she said defensively, “You need to get laid,” she added changing kaçak bahis the subject.

“Yes I do,” I agreed.

A few minutes went past until Hanna picked up her empty glass and finished the very last bits of drink left in it. “Yes please,” I said handing her my drink. She again got up giving me an eye full. “Nice undies by the way,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said lifting her t-shirt and flashing her white bikini brief style panties. She lifted it high enough to show her flat tummy and some of her lower ribs, but nowhere near high enough to flash her boobs. She was cute, she was slim with a well-toned stomach and legs. We regularly went to the gym and watched what we ate so had bodies that reflected the effort. Annoyingly she had awesome breasts as well. 36C and perfectly apple-sized and round. Even with no bra on, they held against gravity easily. I was pretty much flat-chested. 32A was my bra size, but I rarely bothered with one. I didn’t need one, so I didn’t tend to wear one.

“I dare you to get the drinks like that,” I said grinning at her.

“How about no…” she said, “You can next round,” she added and before I could react she grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it upwards. Slowed down by alcohol my brain felt like it was in treacle and before my arms started to move to protect myself I felt the cool air lick against my bare tummy.

“No!” I said urgently, but my protest had no effect on her and I felt my t-shirt slip over my head. The only thing that stopped her from removing it entirely was partially that I was laying on it which created a bit of resistance and also that the neck caught on my chin. Other than that I would have been on my back with no t-shirt on at all. “Bitch,” I said as I started to shuffle the t-shirt back down again.

My arms were tangled in the t-shirt for a few seconds as I regained my composure and I glared at her as I recovered my decency. “No, if I was a bitch I would have done this,” she said. I saw what she was doing and went to block her, but the t-shirt got in the way and I was defenceless for a couple of seconds and that was all it took.

“Don’t you dare,” I warned as I felt her fingers wrap around the elastic of my panties, “DON’T!” I said loudly as I twisted to try and escape her. She ignored me and I felt my panties slip down to my thighs. I heard her laughing as she pantsed me. My underwear continuing to slide further down and beyond my ankles as she finished the job and fully removed them. I would love to claim that I was restricted by the t-shirt that was up around my shoulders to explain away my slow and shit reactions, but the truth was I had drunk more than a few vodkas and I was just drunk and slow. As a quick fix, I just rolled onto my front to hide my boobs and pussy.

“Same again?” she asked as she slapped my bare bum hard enough to echo a *crack* around the room.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” I said as I pulled my t-shirt down and over myself before rolling to face her again.

“Never bring the dog into it,” she said grinning at me. “Same again?”

“Please,” I said.

“Cute pussy by the way,” she grinned as she threw my panties at me that she had been holding. I lit up bright red as she left the room. She has seen me naked loads of times. We share cubicles at the gym and also when we go swimming so it wasn’t the fact she just saw my boobs and pussy, it was the way she commented on my nudity. There was a difference between her seeing me naked and her passing comment. It made it more real and implied that she was actually looking.

She came back upstairs and sat back on the bed. “Truce?” she asked smiling at me. She knew that there would be retribution for practically stripping me naked and that it would be administered with interest.

“Fuck no,” I grinned at her, “But for now we can have a temporary truce.”

“Fair enough,” she said. “Wanna go and watch James Bond?” she asked.

“Er… sure,” I said, “Why”

“Because there is feck all else on and it at least means I can hit on Chris,” she said with a smile.

“Slag,” I grinned at her, “Sure. As long as I can hit on Steve,” I said.

“If you must,” she said smiling at me.

We argued for a while as to which of us was getting the dressing gown until we eventually came to the conclusion that if we were hitting on them then no dressing gown was the much better option. The alternative would be for me to get dressed back into my skirt and t-shirt and the t-shirt that I am currently wearing to sleep in isn’t much shorter than my skirt. Plus it looks way cuter. Who doesn’t like a girl wearing just a t-shirt? Yes, I have underwear on, but he won’t know that.

We went downstairs and they were each sat on a two-seater sofa each leaving us the option of both squeezing onto the single sofa, or imposing ourselves. I imposed myself on Steve and Hanna sat next to Chris. It was a fairly good deal as they took turns refilling our drinks, even though after the second refill we both switched to coffee. We had both had enough alcohol and I knew my limits. Being sick at someone else’s house illegal bahis is somehow worse than doing it at your own house. Neither is ideal, but at least you are at home when you are at home.

The film was okay. It had Daniel Craig, car chases, and explosions. What wasn’t there to like? Just for the record here, Daniel Craig would definitely be front. Wanna be able to see that super cute body while his cock is down my throat. I bet he is well-trimmed and presented. Definitely my type and he has been the star in a fair few fantasies of mine.

In my mind, I added Steve to my sordid fantasy and imagined them in the Eiffel Tower position, me in the middle, Daniels cock down my throat, and Steve buried up my ass. I did wonder why I didn’t fantasize about him being in the other hole so I would enjoy it way more. Instead of editing the existing fantasy though I added Chris into the equation and the three of them made me airtight. Mouth, ass, and pussy all at the same time. I have no idea about the logistics of it, but that isn’t my problem. Luckily the film was James Bond and very much followed the usual plot line so it was easy to keep track of. Although James Bond hadn’t fucked the girl in a speedboat yet, there was time though. Bringing the focus back onto me though I was wet. Like proper creaming myself as I daydreamed about getting gang banged. Is four a gang bang or is it a foursome? I assume a foursome thinking about it. Dunno, either way. Horny as fuck.

“Drink?” Steve asked as he got up.

“Yeah, please, coffee again,” I said.

“Same,” Hanna said handing him her cup.

“Beer. Cheers,” Chris said.

“Milk? Sugar?” he asked me.

“Milk, no sugar,” I said, “Sweet enough,” I added with a cheeky grin.

He just smiled back at me and came back a few minutes later with the drinks. He put them down on the table nearest each of us and sat back down again. I smiled to myself as he sat closer to me than he needed to. It was a fairly wide two-seater sofa and me being tiny meant that there would be space for another person between us if he had wanted. He didn’t though and sat more towards the middle than the side. I sat with my feet tucked up underneath myself leaning on the arm of the sofa. I stretched my bare feet out slightly so they were resting on the side of his leg. He glanced down at them and smiled before gently resting his hand on my ankle.

I excused myself for the bathroom and went upstairs. I didn’t actually need it, but I went anyway. I just wanted an excuse to get up and reposition without it looking ridiculously obvious. I was stupidly horny and was going to pretty much offer it on a plate. I have no idea if he was interested, but if he rejected me I would just play it off as a joke anyway and save face. I went back downstairs and topped up the drinks. Hanna and I switched to water while Chris and Steve both stayed on the beers.

“Shift up,” I said to Steve and gestured to the side. He did, shuffling across so he was against the arm of the sofa. I sat as close next to him as I could, tucked my feet up onto the sofa, and looked at him. He took the hint very quickly and moved his arm so I could lean on his shoulder. I settled onto him and cuddled into his shoulder. “You don’t mind do you?” I asked.

“Not at all,” he said smiling at me as I looked up at him.

“Sweet, what did I miss?” I asked.

“Not a lot,” he replied.

“Has he fucked her in the speedboat yet?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he replied with a smile.

“There is time though,” Hanna added and I twisted my head to look at her. She had manoeuvred herself into a similar position with Chris.

I settled down and watched the film. I could feel Steve hesitate a few times. He moved his hand a few times, but each time he rested it back on my shoulder again. On the third occasion, I twisted my head to look at him. I didn’t say anything, I just gave a very subtle nod and a smile. He watched my reaction as he gently moved his hand across the front of my shoulder and down towards my left breast. I bit my lip so he could see as he neared it, but twisted my head back around so I was watching the TV again.

He stroked his fingers across my breast and quickly found the nipple which wasn’t all that difficult as it was currently doing an impression of a glass cutter under my shirt. He teased it for a few seconds and then gently rubbed it between his thumb and index finger a few times. I moaned as softly as I could in approval so Hanna or Chris didn’t hear. Although she was in a similar sort of position by the looks of it. The sun had fully set now and the only light was what was being emitted by the TV.

He continued stroking, teasing, and toying with my left breast and nipple. I could feel the tingle radiating out from my nipple and breast as he played with me. It felt so nice and I could feel how wet I was getting. He stopped and I was about to look at him in protest when I felt his hand rest on the small of my back and edge down slightly. He stopped just shy of my panty line and I looked up at him. I wriggled my hips in approval and his hand slipped a little lower. He used his fingers to ride up my t-shirt and then he stroked my bare bum and flicked at the elastic of my thong. “Aww,” he said in a whisper as he gently plucked at the thong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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