Yes sir.._(2)

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“Ok let’s do this. Names Sarah Jones andddd I’m 18. senior yearrrr ^-^. I’m not even sure where to begin but I’ll try my best lol. So umm about myself I got a tan from my summer break in Mexico and I curled my hair and dyed it light brown it was blonde originally. But anyway let me tell you how I ended up being a sex slave to my science teacher. It’s a funny story actually……

“Sarah Jones!” Mr.Wildo yelled across the room. I jumped up looking surprised,”Y..Yes Mr.Wildo?” “Would you like to share with the class what you’re looking at on your phone?” He asked but sounded demanding. “No not really.” I replied as the class filled with a quick group laugh then just as quickly grew silent. “Either you share with the class or you’ll be spending the afternoon with me in detention.” He said strongly glaring at me. “Well I guess we’ll be seeing each other after school.” I chuckled stuffing my phone in my pocket as the bell rung to go to next period. As I packed my stuff and threw it in my bag I swore I could hear Mr. Wildo mumble under his breath,”one of these days I’m gonna teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” But I paid it no mind and ran off to the bathroom to finish watching the porn vid.

I hurried inside locking the bathroom door behind me. I watched this girl being pounded raw in her ass for the first time by her master, she kept screaming,”I love it master! More please!” Begging for more as you could clearly see blood leaking from her ass. It kinda excited me that someone can find pleasure out of being hurt physically or mentally by someone else and call them their master liked they owned them. I started grabbing and playing with my breast listening to the girl cry in pain. For some reason playing with my tits wasn’t satisfying this urge I had, “maybe…” Before I finished my thought I heard the door knob jiggle and then keys. “Uhh…someone’s in here!” I shouted but the person came in anyway. “Yeah I know.” The voice said I quickly recognized it as Mr. Wildo’s voice. He closed and locked the door behind him. “Uhh what are you doing??” I said trying to run by him to get to the door but he grabbed me with one hand and untying his tie with the other. “About to teach you a lesson.” He growled. He tied my hands together and threw me to the floor. “Scream and it’ll be worse for you.” He growled laying on top of me and unbuttoning my shirt. “Wow I chose a good day to NOT wear a bra -.-” I thought to myself. “what a slut you aren’t even wearing a bra.” He chuckled as he bit down on my nipple. I gasped as i felt my clit twitch a little, “what the fuck?” I whispered quietly. He bit harder on my right nipple and twisted and pulled the left. I felt my clit get harder and started to tingle more and more as I get wetter. “I’m gonna have fun punishing you. You dirty whore.” He said turning my over and lifting my skirt. “Cute black lace thong.” He laughed pulling it down with his teeth. “N…no please!” I cried. “It’s a little too late for that now is it…” He said coldly I felt a sting on my ass and then teeth sink in my right butt cheek. “Ouch!” I cried as tears ran down my face. He spread my butt cheeks apart and spit on my butt hole.

I quickly realized what he was planning and I started to beg,”OMG please not that hole please rape anywhere else but there please sir!” “Hmm…suck it first and I’ll consider it.” He laughed picking me up and putting me on my knees. “Bite me and I’ll beat the shit out of you.” He hissed. I licked his balls first taking them in my mouth sucking softly, I could hear him moan softly. “Mmm I found a slut that likes balls interesting…” He grinned as he patted my head like a reward. I felt my heart skip a beat from that little pat on the head, I felt myself getting wet and I started licking and kissing the base of his dick then working my way up kissing every beautiful inch he had. “Getting excited huh?” He laughed. I sucked and licked the head before I took him into my mouth. I pushed his dick down till it hit the back of my throat. “Take all of me” gaziantep escort bayan he breathed pushing my hair back as I took him all the way down my throat. I started moving my head up and down slowly getting into a rhythm. Before I could go any faster he stopped me. “Trying to suck me dry so I wouldn’t fuck you?” He laughed throwing me to the ground again. He flipped me on my stomach and lifted my ass spreading my cheeks again. “No! Please!” I begged and begged. He spit in the hole then put his fingers inside. “Omg please it hurts” I pleaded as tears ran down my face. He kept fingering my butt hole with two fingers then shoved one in my pussy. “Mmm they’re both so tight. You’re 100% virgin.” He chuckled fingering me harder. “Mmmmm….master..” I moaned then suddenly shocked at what I said. He stopped completely pulling his fingers out. “What did you call me?” He growled. “N…nothing…” I stuttered. “Yes you did! Say it again!” He shouted smacking my ass hard over and over again. I felt myself get dripping wet as tears ran down my face. “Master! Master! Master!” I cried between each slap. He grabbed both cheeks roughly pushing the head of his cock inside my ass. “No no no no please no!” I cried and begged to no avail he shoved his entire dick inside with no warning. I started crying and shaking from the pain. “P…p…please master take it out please!” I cried harder but all he did was laugh and started pounding my ass. “Ow!” I cried as the pain started to consume me then I felt a tiny spark of pleasure.

My cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure, “omg it feels so good..” I groaned biting my lip. “Ha! I found a slutty masochist.” He laughed slapping my ass harder and harder. I groaned and cried from the combination of pain and pleasure. He pulled his dick out and slapped it on my ass then I felt a warm liquid crawl down my butt. I shivered at the feeling. He flipped me on my back and started fingering my pussy. “You’re soaked!” He said grinning. “You are a rare find.” He whispered bringing his tongue to my clit and licking it up and down making my moan like crazy. “You already took my ass virginity, take this one too!” I shouted. He stopped and looked up at me, “I was gonna be nice and let you cum too but now I have to punish you again.” He said coldly sending a chill down my spine. He slapped my sides hard then bit down on every part of my breast. I cried and whimpered, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry master please forgive me.” He didn’t stop he kept hitting and biting inch of my body. Then came back to my pussy, I started trembling and started crying. “Please don’t bite there sir please..” I cried tear after tear streaming down my face. He shoves his tongue in my pussy tongue fucking me hard. My body was aching too much to enjoy all I felt was every hit and bite he gave me and it was exciting. I was about to cum from it all when he suddenly stopped. “No sir please finish!” I begged. “No.” He said turning me over and untying my hands. “And don’t even think about finishing.” He growled as he fixed his tie. “M….master…” I looked down as tears fell from my face my makeup was running. Mr.Wildo pulled me up by my hair and kissed me roughly sitting my on the windowsill. His tongue was pure fire going through my mouth. He break the kiss then looked at me with a cold stare,”such a slutty slave.” He growled biting my neck and shoving two fingers in my pussy fingering me hard and fast. I moaned loud as I felt my myself about to cum. Then suddenly he stopped, pulled out a piece of paper from his front shirt pocket and walked out the bathroom without another word. The note read: “Meet me in my room after school for your “Detention”.”
I grabbed my phone checked the time. “2:30…i got an half an hour to not look like crap when i leave here.” I whispered. I looked into the mirror my make up was smudged and lipstick dragged across my face. I quickly grabbed my bag and used makeup remover to take off the mess, I reapplied all my makeup looking like a complete whore. I fixed my clothes amazing they gaziantep escort bayan ilanları looked like nothing happened. I cleaned up the mess fast and hurried to my locker i only had 10 minutes left.
After stopping at my locker I ran to Mr.Wildo’s room and saw him sitting at his desk looking at something. I slowly walked in knocking on the side of the door, “You wanted to see me sir?” I quietly said walking up to his desk. “Ah..yes. Miss Jones follow me please.” He smirked grabbing his briefcase and walking out the door without looking back. I followed behind him like a little puppy wagging my pretend tail.

*cracking sound of a whip* “who owns you!” He grunted as he hit me with the whip again. “You sir!” I whimpered as tears fell down my face. “What’s my name!” Breathed in my ear then started licking the tears from my face as he dug his nails into the spots he whipped. “Master” I cried softly trying not to groan in pain. “Does master have to punish his slut again?” I heard him chuckle. “N…no sir. I’ll be good from now on” I whimpered holding back tears. “I don’t believe you.” He said sharply. I could feel his cock teasing my asshole I started to tremble with pleasure. “My little slut likes being fucking in the ass?” He said playfully. I nodded. “I asked you question! Speak!” He yelled putting his hand around my neck and squeezing just enough to let me speak. “Yes master I love being fucked in my ass please fuck me please.” I cried grasping for little air. “I should let you pass out but I wanna hear your screams” he said letting go on my neck and slapped my ass hard. I bit my lip holding back my tears I quietly said,”Master please fuck me…your slutty pet wants you. Please take me till you’re satisfied master please use me as much as you want…” I didn’t hear anything after that all I felt was pure pain enter my ass that quickly became pleasure. “Such a slutty pet begging for master’s cock like that you really are a whore aren’t you?” He grunted slamming into my ass harder and faster. Grabbed as much of the bed sheets as I could with my hands tied together. I moaned loud as I started to drool .

My entire body trembling in pleasure. “Master I can’t take it anymore!” I cried. “You want master to stop?” He laughed slapping my ass as hard as he could . “No sir. Please give me more pain….please.” He flipped me on my back ripping my shirt off exposing my breast. He slammed his cock deep inside not taking it out and started squeezing and biting my nipples hard. “Oh my god” I gasped. I grinded on his cock slowly riding him. “Such a slutty bitch.” He chuckled. He pulled his dick out and laid on his back. “Ride it.” He demanded. I straddled him trying to put the head in my pussy. “Master your too big it won’t fit…” I whispered. “You’re still a virgin there right?” I nodded. He smiled at me evilly and grabbed my hips hard. I looked shocked, “master please no….” It was too late he shoved his cock in without warned a striking pain entered my body and I cried in pain. He flipped me on my back pounding me harder and harder. “Master it hurts!” I cried tears running down my face. “So tight….” He grunted louder pounding me harder and faster. The pain was too much to bare but I wanted more I wanted to please him so much. I moaned loud locking my legs and putting my tied hands around his neck. “M…master….” I moaned as I felt a wonderful feeling deep inside me. “Such a good pet for master.” He said starting to breathe heavy. “I….I’m….c…umming.” He grunted again pounding me harder than before pinning my hips down so I wouldn’t move. “Master!” I cried as I felt the boiling hot sensation course through my body as he pushed his dick deeper and deeper inside, I felt his cock twitch inside me and felt something hotter enter me. “Mmmmmm….” He moaned pulling his dick out it was covered in tiny droplets of blood and smeared with cum. “Clean it” he ordered. I sat up and started licking him clean. “Suck it now” he ordered without hesitation gaziantep escort bayan reklamları I took him completely down my throat moving my head up and down. “Mmm…” He groaned “so good at this pet” he moaned pushing my head down holding it down he started thrusting his hips making my deep throat his cock completely. He held my head as he came again. He let go and threw me down to the floor. He took a pair a scissors off the night stand and cut the rope off my hands. “Now go get yourself cleaned up.” He whispered kissing me passionately. “Yes Mr.Wildo.” I said slowly standing up and limping to the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and went to run the water for a nice bubble bath. As I waited for the hot water and bath salts to settle I sat on the edge of the tub fingering my sore pussy thinking about Mr.Wildo’s dick inside me again. I shoved 3 fingers in as I bit my lip holding back the moans. “Mmmmm…..Darin.” I moaned closing my eyes tightly. I didn’t notice the door open or anyone I just wanted to cum again and again. I felt something tug and twist my nipple I tried to open my eyes but the voice said, “shush just relax.” As he pushed my hand away and I felt something warm and wet enter my hole. I trembled in pleasure putting my hands on his head. “M…..M…Master” I moaned as I felt his tongue go deeper and deeper inside licking my G-spot. He lifted my legs and pushed his head in more rubbing his nose on my clit. “OMG!” I screamed holding on to the edge of the tub thrusting my hips into his tongue. Master picked me up and sat me on the toilet. He stood up and admired the lustful look I had as I spread my legs completely letting him watch all his spit and our cum that was still inside me from the previous round seep out of my lustful slutty cunt. He started stroking his dick as he watched me pant and drool for his dick. He walked over and put the head inside moving it around my hole poking it in and out teasing me. “Beg for it” he growled. “Master fuck my slutty dripping wet cunt please I want you inside me I want to feel my master inside me.” I begged as I tried to finger my cut to make myself cum but he grabbed my arm and squeezed it. He started teasing me hole more,”I’m not convinced try again slut.” He growled. “Please fuck me master I’m a slutty pet who needs to be taught a lesson please breed me till I cry.” I begged and begged. He slammed his cock into me, pounding me hard without any warning. “Fuck fuck fuck” I chanted moaning with pleasure. Master then slapped and grabbed my breast making me cry out. “Such a slutty bitch fingering herself when I told her to clean herself.” He grunted slamming into me harder.

He suddenly stopped and jerked off till he came on my face. “Now get in that tub and clean up.” He said walking out the bathroom and slamming the door. I climbed in the tub sitting in the still steaming hot water. “Oh god I need to cum..” I thought to myself as I started fingering myself again hard and fast I didn’t care if I’d get punished again I wanted to let Master know how much I wanted him. I started moaning loud, “Master I want your cock again. I wanna suck you dry please!” I heard foot steps to the bathroom. “What slutty horny pet you don’t listen do you? Fine I’ll give you what you want.” He said taking off his clothes I knew he just put on and climbed in the tub with me. He climbed on top of me and pulled my hand away. Slamming his dick in my cunt again pounding and pounding away as water got on the bathroom floor. “Yes! Yes! Yes” is all I could say as I felt myself about to cum hard. ” Masterrrrrr!!” I cried as I shook my head side to side accepting the pleasure feeling wave after wave of built up tension leave my body and I went limp in the tub. “Are you satisfied now you whore?” He said looking down at me in disgust as he climbed out the tub. “Y…..y..yes fuck yes.” I groaned climbing out of the tub drying off. “Good now go get dressed and go to bed.” He grunted as he got dressed and looking for the mop as I left the bathroom to go to the bedroom.
As I got dressed I smiled to myself and thought,”huh? Being my science teacher personal sex slave isn’t going to be that bad after all.” I climbed into bed and started to drifted to sleep until….”oh yeah Sarah?” Darin called. “Yeah?” I said sleepily. “You got a science test tomorrow.” He said. I suddenly sat straight up and said,”oh shit…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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