Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 21

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We were awakened by a knock on the door announcing that breakfast would be ready in half an hour at eight. I recognized Rachel’s voice and jumped up to open the door. She was about to walk away to knock on another door when I called to her, “Rachel, come here please.” She turned and came back. “Knocking on our door is not the proper way to awaken us.”

“I’m sorry. It’s how we usually do it. How would you like to be awakened?”

“Like this.” I took her hand and put it on my shoulder then put my hand on her waist and pulled her to me and kissed her. I pulled back and said, “Now, isn’t that better?”

“I can’t just walk into your room and kiss you.”

“Sure you can. And you can bring a cup of coffee with you too.”

“What about the others? Am I supposed to kiss them awake too?”

“You can’t show favoritism now can you?”

“What do you think this is, the love boat?”

“If it isn’t, we’ll soon turn it into one. Now you go ahead and practice on the next room.”

She walked up to the next room and stood there.

“Go ahead, go in and wake them with a kiss, just like in the stories.”

She put her hand on the door lever and opened it. She left it open as she walked up to the side of the bed. Jean, Angelika and Genevieve were in this room so she leaned over and kissed Jean on the mouth. “Good morning. Breakfast in thirty minutes.”

“Bonjour Rachel. Merci.”

She giggled and turned to leave. When she came out she was smiling.

“There, now isn’t that better than knocking.”

“I guess I’ll get used to it. You people sure know how to have fun.”

“Just wait Rachel. You haven’t seen us really have fun yet. Did you sleep well last night?”

“I slept very well thank you. How could I not after such a wonderful massage?”

“Let us know when you’re ready for another one. By the way, why aren’t you naked?”

“I’m on duty.”

“I’ll speak to Peter and see what I can do about that.”

“I’ve got to go help with breakfast.” She turned and left to go back to the dining salon.

Breakfast was lots of juicy tropical fruits and melons along with some croissants and muffins accompanied by delicious coffee. Peter asked us how much of a hurry we were in to get to Antigua. He said if we wanted to go there right away we could make it by the day after tomorrow if we kept sailing all night but he thought we might like to see some other places along the way where we could have meditations like last night and do some snorkeling. These were places you could only go by boat and they were really beautiful.

We told him we could wait a couple of days to get to Antigua, as we could be flexible about how long we would stay there. We all were having a great time on the boat and liked the idea of seeing some more islands. He said in that case we would head east to Anguilla and Gustavia then south to St. Kitts and Nevis before turning east again to go to Antigua.

“Peter, one of your crew has expressed a desire to join us in being naked on the cruise and I wondered if you had any objection to allowing this person to go without clothes while on duty.”

“If all of you are going to run around naked I don’t have a problem with us doing it too. I declare this cruise to be clothing optional until we get to Antigua.”

I looked over at Rachel and winked at her. “Well Rachel, any more excuses?”

She blushed then began taking off her clothes. As she removed each piece she folded it neatly and placed it on the counter until she was down to only an ankle bracelet. “No more excuses Prem.”

“If any of you want to go for a swim this morning I’ll give you about thirty minutes. Otherwise we’ll pull up anchor and get underway.”

We all opted for another chance to jump in that lovely warm water and splash around where it was shallow so we returned to the rooms to put our robes away then headed for the platform on the back of the boat. There were masks and snorkels for all of us and we used them to float around and look at the sea floor for most of the time we were in the water. It had been a long time since I had done this and Suvarna had never done it. She was having a great time and I loved seeing her naked body floating on the surface bobbing up and down in the gentle waves. We got to a spot where we could stand on the bottom and put our masks on top of our heads so we could talk.

“Oh Prem I’m having so much fun here. Thank you for suggesting we take this trip and come on this boat. I feel like a little girl again. How much more can I possibly love you?”

“I’ll keep trying to find new ways. Watching you do this makes me almost explode with joy. I’ve never been happier in my life.” I held her close to me and kissed her. We heard a blast from an air horn to signal it was time to return to the boat. When we were all back on board we headed for our rooms to shower and get the salt water off of us. We couldn’t take a lot of time in the shower, as fresh water was a precious commodity on board a sailboat, even one this size.

While we had been playing esenyurt ucuz escort in the water Debby and Rachel were cleaning up from breakfast and making up our rooms. “So Rachel, I see you’ve decided to join in at least one part of the group activities. What made you decide to bare it all?”

“Three of them gave me the most fabulous massage I’ve ever had last night and I felt very comfortable and natural being naked with them. Since we’ve all seen each other naked before I figured why not join them.”

“What was so great about the massage?”

“The way they got me to relax first. The one called Mitra had me sit cross-legged in front of her and look in her eyes. In a couple of minutes I felt like I had known her for a very long time. Then she had me sit on her lap with my arms and legs wrapped around her and she hugged me like nobody has ever hugged me before. I’ve never felt so safe and loved in my life.

Then I just laid back on Suvarna and they started rubbing me. I might have been half asleep by the time she asked me if I liked to be kissed. The next thing I knew both she and Prem were kissing me like we were honeymooners. It felt incredible. Their kisses made me tingle wherever they touched me. I don’t remember much after that until I had an orgasm.”

“They made you cum by massaging you? And you don’t remember how they did it?”

“I didn’t really care Debby. I trusted them and let them do whatever they wanted to me. Everything they did felt fabulous.”

“You didn’t get fucked did you?”

“No, I think I would have remembered that. Besides, they aren’t the kind of people who would do that to somebody unless you wanted them to. I mean it’s not like they don’t have enough pussy in that group already. However, if they’re half as good at fucking as they are at massage, I wouldn’t say no if the opportunity presents itself.”

“You keep letting them massage you and I’m pretty sure you’ll get your chance. Do you think they would give me one of those massages?”

“They told me they do it to each other every day and if I wanted another one all I had to do was ask. If you decide to do it, be sure you get Mitra to be part of it. I get the feeling she’s sort of the leader of this group. At the very least you should just sit with her and look into her eyes. You won’t believe what you see.”

After our shower we went up on deck to watch Peter pull up anchor and get us underway again. You could tell he really loved sailing and he loved this boat. He knew her as well as I knew Suvarna. He never stopped looking at things to make sure everything was as it should be. I could tell Suvarna could see how attentive he was to making sure we all had a good and safe time while we were aboard.

She flirted unabashedly with him asking him to show her how to sail and letting him put his arms around her to help her do some of the things that needed to be done or bending over provocatively to show him her bald pussy when she needed to pick up a line or work the cranks that tightened them. He didn’t stand a chance. When she looks at you with all the love she’s capable of it’s just as irresistible as being looked at by Mitra.

I was delighted that she was doing this. She and I knew we had gone past jealousy a long time ago. I was enjoying seeing her play with him. Her confidence was so rock solid you could tell she knew exactly what she was doing with every movement and look. This behavior told me she was living and not thinking about dying and it made me feel wonderful. Just as she had no concerns about me playing with Rachel she knew I’d have no qualms about her and Peter. We were in a tacit conspiracy to seduce the entire crew and we both knew it.

While I was sitting in the back of the cockpit watching Suvarna’s performance Alysse and Vitesha came along and asked me if I wanted some company. I only had to look at them to answer that question. Alysse had found a wide brimmed hat in an olive green color with an ivory colored scarf tied around it as a headband. She was also wearing a pretty gold necklace with little rubies interspersed with the gold. The bench in the cockpit was nice and wide so I told them to lie next to me on either side. They both kissed me when they were comfortably seated and I complimented Alysse on her ensemble. She giggled and told me she was glad I liked it.

We watched Suvarna begin her playful but sincere seduction of our captain. She enticed Peter with her every action and we smiled at what a good job she was doing. Whenever she would stand to hold the wheel and steer the boat she would spread her feet wide to give all of us an unobstructed view of her crotch.

Peter would stand very close behind her when he would come back from doing something out on deck. I was sure Suvarna was pressing her gorgeous ass back against him at every opportunity. The wind had picked up a little and we were going through swells that were about three to five feet so we had a rocking motion as we moved more rapidly across the water. Suvarna felt Peter shift from esenyurt üniversiteli escort side to side to steady himself as he stood behind her when we would pitch up and down.

She took one hand off the wheel and reached down to grab his hand then brought it up and put it on her breast. “Why don’t you hold on to that so you don’t fall down?” When he didn’t move his hand she reached for his other hand and put it on her other breast. He pulled her tightly against him as the up and down motion of the boat caused his cock to rub against her ass crack. She laid her head back on his shoulder then turned it toward him and said, “Don’t you think this would be the perfect time to kiss me?”

He turned his head and lowered it down to put his mouth on hers. His was a hungry kiss full of lust and passion. She met it with softness and a disarming receptiveness that told him he could have her but he didn’t need to take her. She would meet him as an equal partner. “Treat me as you do Lorelei; with loving kindness and I will respond as she does and do what you want me to do. I know her now and we both will give you everything we have but only if you show us love and respect. Prove to me that you are aware of how great a privilege it is to put your hands on us.”

“I’ve never met a woman like you. You are like Lorelei; expensive, powerful, sleek and beautiful. You demand to be handled correctly and with loving admiration by someone who knows your capabilities and can help you realize what you were made to be. You’re strong but you exhibit your strength with grace and elegance and force your lover to temper his passion with restraint and intelligence. You are both unique. Tell me what you want, I am yours to command.”

She reached for his right hand and moved it from her breast down to her pussy and placed it between her legs. “Feel me. Close your eyes and feel the heat that our play has already engendered. Feel me get wet and ready for you to unfurl my sail and fill me with the wind of desire. Put your hard cock inside me and stand behind me while we both hold the wheel and Lorelei takes us across this beautiful sea on this glorious day so we can know that we are alive and free and there will never be another day like this one.”

His hand moved from her breast to unbutton his shorts and let them fall to the deck. He wore no underwear and his cock was hard and ready from what they had already started. He pulled her back a little and she bent over and spread her legs to push her ass out behind her. His hand wrapped around his cock and directed the head to her opening. He pushed forward and entered her.

“Unnnnhhhh.” Her sharp intake of breath signaled his cock’s entombment in her pink channel. “Ohhh Yessss Peter just like that. Fill me as the wind fills Lorelei’s sails. Stretch me to my limit and feel my pussy strain to contain your power as it propels me into sexual bliss. Push tight against me and stand behind me with your cock buried in my cunt and your hands over mine on the wheel so we can guide Lorelei while we are joined together. Let her joyful bouncing across the waves do our fucking for us so she can feel it to. Allow us both our freedom and we will do your bidding.”

Watching them standing there joined in love while they sailed the boat was incredibly arousing and had affected all three of us. Vitesha asked, “OK Prem, which one of us do you want to sit on your face while the other one sucks your cock?”

I laid back on the bench and said, “Alysse come put that sweet pussy on my mouth and face my feet so you can make sure Vitesha’s doing a good job of sucking me.”

“Prem have you ever known Vitesha to do a less than stellar job of sucking your cock?”

“You’ve got a good point Alysse but if you sit this way I’ll lick your ass for you too.”

Her leg swung over my head as soon as I finished the sentence. She spread her legs until her soft sweet labia brushed against my mouth. I pursed my lips to kiss them and she began to slowly move the pink folds across my mouth gently sliding her slit to and fro. She made sure to move far enough forward to get her puckered asshole directly over my mouth and when she did, my tongue reached out to probe the wrinkled aperture.

Her hands cupped her breasts and she began to softly moan as I continued to lick her while she slid back so I could flick her clit then move forward again to pause while my tongue penetrated her anus. Her juices began to seep out onto my chin and mouth with each pass she made.

While my mouth was having fun with Alysse’s crotch, Vitesha was sliding her lips up and down my hard cock and massaging my balls with her hand. In my preoccupation with Janelle’s unparalleled expertise at manually and orally stimulating my genitals I had forgotten how good Vitesha was at doing it. She could completely engulf my entire length and still use her tongue to tickle the base while she held my cock in her warm wet mouth.

The combined effects of licking Alysse’s pussy and Vitesha sucking me were pushing etiler escort me toward a climax that I was sure would come soon. The rocking of the boat contributed to the sensations that were spurring me toward orgasm as well. As if that weren’t enough I soon heard Suvarna grunting as Peter had begun to augment Lorelei’s movements with his own and was driving his cock firmly in and out of her slippery pussy with a steady rhythm.

“Oh Peter yes, yes fuck me. Fuck me hard. Let me feel your cock deep inside me.”

Suvarna’s hand left the wheel and moved to her clit as she began to rub the little nub frantically. “Ooooohhhhhh Peter yesssss. You’re making me cum. Ohhhhh God yes, cum with me Peter. Fill my pussy with your hot cum. Do it Peter. Do it NOWWW! Oh God, Oh God, I feel it spurting into me. Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

Her vocal expression of their orgasms triggered Alysse’s as she rubbed her clit and pressed her pussy hard against my mouth. Feeling her juices fill my mouth and Vitesha squeeze my balls sent me over the top as well and I erupted cum into her like a fountain. Her warm mouth milked me like a hungry calf as her hand urged my balls to release more each time my prostate yielded it’s pearly cream to her incessant sucking.

While the heated activity in the cockpit was taking place Debby had been in the room that was the electronic control center of the boat. She was watching one of the large flat screen monitors that was filled with the image of one of ten high-definition cameras placed strategically around the boat to allow everything to be checked out even when nobody was on deck. This particular camera was mounted so you could see everything that was happening in the cockpit.

She had been watching Peter and Suvarna’s flirtatious activities for several minutes and was becoming a little aroused by it. Rachel opened the door and saw her sitting there. “Oh, here you are. I wondered where you had gotten off to.”

“Rachel! Come here. You have to see this.”

Rachel moved behind the chair Debby was sitting in and looked at the monitor. “Wow, I never thought I’d see Peter do this with a guest. God knows he’s had every opportunity since some of our trips have been all men and beautiful hookers for them to play with. I’m sure some of them came on to him during those cruises.”

Debby reached over and turned up the volume on the directional microphone each camera was supplied with then zoomed in for a closer look. “Oh My God Rachel, look at them. Aren’t they magnificent? Isn’t she amazing? How do you get to be that free and comfortable with your sexuality to stand up for everybody to see you and still manage to sail a boat?”

“Ask her. She’ll tell you. Better than that, she’ll show you. She was the one who held me last night while I was being massaged. She kissed me with more tenderness and love that I’ve ever felt before.”

“Rachel! You kissed a girl?”

“It was more like I let her kiss me but they were the best kisses I’ve ever had. The guy in the back of the cockpit with the two women took turns kissing me with her. He’s a great kisser too. And not just on the lips. He kissed my boobs and not long after that I had my orgasm.”

“Holy shit. First you get massaged then you go nudie then Peter’s fucking in the cockpit. This is turning into a floating free love convention. Even I’m starting to get turned on by what we’re watching. If you weren’t here my hand would be in my shorts rubbing my clit.”

“Don’t let me stop you. Go ahead, I’ll do it with you.” She walked around the chair and stood next to it then spread her legs and moved her hand to her pussy. “You’ll enjoy it more if you take your clothes off.”

“Jesus Rachel, I don’t believe this is happening. I’ve never done anything with another girl before. I don’t think I’m wired that way.”

Rachel rubbed her pussy and pulled the hood of her clitoris back to expose it. “Then why are you looking at me and Suvarna like that?”

Debbie stood up and without moving her eyes from the monitor reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them. She stepped out of them when they fell to the floor. Her hands moved to the waistband of her panties and she pushed down until they too fell to the floor. She sat back down and spread her legs then brought the fingers of her right hand to her clit and began to slowly rub it. “I don’t fucking believe I’m doing this.”

Rachel watched Debby rubbing her swollen clit while they both listened to the sounds coming from Peter and Suvarna in the cockpit. Debby kept shifting her gaze from Rachel to the monitor and back as she became more and more aroused. Her breathing was fast and she was making little moaning sounds. When Suvarna gave voice to her orgasm and Peter joined her, both Rachel and Debby began to have one too. “OH MY GOD Rachel, I’m cumming. Unnnnnhhhhh OH GOD YESSSSS.”

Rachel’s orgasm was intense but silent as she watched Debby have hers. This was a first for her too. She turned her head to see Suvarna’s face as her ecstasy transformed it into an image of pure beauty and knew who had caused this change in all of them. She realized that a real Lorelei had come aboard and they were succumbing to her call. She knew the German legend of the beautiful maiden who had thrown herself into the Rhine in despair over a faithless lover and was transformed into a siren whose song led sailors to their death on the rock that she inhabited.

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