Wild Times at ASU Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Money makes the pussy wet

Iliki means cardamom in the Swahili language. The name was chosen by her mother. Her father certainly would never have thought of it. Her father is a rich American. He made his money by managing money. How do you manage money? Everyone who has money can save their money or spend their money and those who work, earn their money. The arcane skill of money management is helping people make more money with their money. For the most part, only rich people have a money manager. The super-rich, have multiple money managers. David was one of those people.

Iliki’s father, David, was able to tell the future. In previous times, that skill was called a fortune-teller or a soothsayer. An oracle was a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the Gods in classical antiquity. Think the Matrix. The oracle was able to tell Neo if he was the “one”. David has the uncanny ability to tell the future of financial markets. He knows which company or industry will do well in the future and which will not. He has made a lot of money. So much that kings, princes, companies and countries pay for his advice.

Making money on advice is chump change so he does not charge for that. He gets paid when Kings, Princes, companies and countries invest their money with his firm. He makes 2% off of all assets he manages, plus 20% of the gain on an annual basis. For example, in January of 2008, he was managing $11.6 billion. The funds he managed grew to $20.532 billion. A gain of $8.932 billion. So, he made 2% of the total, or slightly more than $410 million, plus 20% of the gain or about $1.786 billion, for a total of $2.196 billion that year alone! No wonder Kings, Princes, companies and countries wanted to invest with him. Plus, the fact that he made a huge profit for his investors in a year that the S&P 500 was down 38.94%, made him a superstar.

David’s wife had died after a long bout with cancer. They met in Los Angeles. He was in business school at USC, and she was a grad student in computer science at UCLA. When they met, she told him she was a cancer survivor already, at 25. How difficult that must have been for her, David thought. They married and succeeded very well in the Reagan economy. He started investing her inheritance in tech stocks, among others, and made a killing! She helped develop the very first protocols that allowed computers to communicate quickly. That highly successful project made millions for her and David. She was in and out of the hospital most of the time, with many rounds of chemotherapy. She wanted to give up often but had been blessed with two fine sons. On top of that, they adopted the children of a friend who had also died of cancer at a very young age. Those four children drove her to remain in therapy.

David was a “red-blooded” American male, with a much higher than average sex drive. As his business grew in profit and fame, he acquired many high profile celebrity clients including Academy award winning actresses. On numerous occasions, he was tempted to have a tryst with one of them. Sure, he had offers. It would have been very easy. He was average-looking. However, when you are a billionaire, the women don’t care that you are not in great physical shape or are losing your hair. He also acquired clients who were professional athletes and other high-profile tycoons.

On more than one occasion, he was socializing with one of them and the subject came up of his wife’s illness. As crass as it sounds, boys will be boys. “David why keep it all bottled up?” they would ask him. Numerous waitresses or bartenders would be the subjects of his friends’ carnal suggestions. “David, live a little,” they would say. “That brunette is fuckin’ hot. No one would blame you for getting your dick wet. A mouth or a pussy will do you good.” Still, he never once got involved with anyone else. He fantasized constantly. But he had sons. What kind of example would he set if he cheated on their mother? Their sick mother! He could not live with himself. Instead, he ran for hours at a time on the beaches in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Venice.

In November of 1999, Bella died. By that time, he had been featured three times in the Wall Street Journal, regularly in the Los Angeles Times and was demetevler escort ranked consistently among the top hedge fund managers in the country. Among his clients were Arab Sheiks, Princes, Kings and a few sovereign wealth funds and nineteen people in the Forbes 400. He was famous and in great demand. After all, he did predict the Internet crash by shorting the NASDAQ (and other technology issues) and the real estate crash by shorting the CDO market, making his clients millions of dollars.

One of his smaller clients was French Polynesia. While Tahiti is an overseas collective of France, the island had acquired some independence in its financial affairs. David’s fund managed about $30 million of the island’s long term investment funds. When he accepted Tahiti as a client, he waived the usual minimum investment of $10 million. They could only put up about $9 million with East-West Advisory. David did so because he hoped that having a relationship with Tahiti would enable him to make quick trips, if one considers eight hours in the air a quick trip. He wanted to take Bella on secret getaways and purchased a G5 so he could do so. Unfortunately, Bella was always too sick, or one of the kids had something important, or other business intervened and he never took his wife on the romantic getaway to Tahiti that he dreamed of.

Still, David was a celebrity on the island. He made business trips there twice per year to review their accounts and refresh his relationship with the leaders and bureaucrats who managed the island’s finances. Whenever he was there the red carpet was rolled out. While he only wanted to stay long enough to solidify the account, he was always invited to remain for feasts and entertainment. That brings us to his trip to Tahiti where the story begins.

The trip had been a major success. The account was renewed. Why not? The fund had enjoyed an average return, net of fees, of 18.8%. When he met with the Governor General and his team of financial managers, he was seated in a beautiful room overlooking the azure sea. As difficult as it was to concentrate due to the sweet flowers, the cool air and the dancing sea, another distraction, more powerful and painful than the surroundings, appeared.

One of the clerical assistants arrived with reports. He was stunned. If he had been talking he would have stammered incoherently. She wore a double breasted, ivory suit, perfectly tailored to her body. Long legs, killer smile, slit partially up her left knee. He always tried to be nonchalant around women who inwardly drove him crazy, but he was taking a mental picture and concentrating in order to burn her figure, her hair and her smile into his mind. While he had a well-developed intellect and could control himself under most circumstances, he just kept staring, with his mouth embarrassingly open.

It must have been obvious to the Governor General and his chief of staff. When Noelani left the room, he was able to breathe again and his face was flushed red. “Mr. Munter, are you OK?” “Mr. Munter…” When he regained his composure he realized the others in the room (all men, eight of them) were staring at him. He remained still. Any movement would embarrass him. “Her name is Noelani and she is my assistant,” said the chief of staff. “She is brilliant, went to USC, maybe you recognize her.”

David could not remember anything about the girls at USC, except that they drove him absolutely crazy. There were three kinds of boys at USC. First there were those who had wives or girlfriends and could avail themselves of a woman. They were on the lookout but did not have to bottle up their pain. There were those who couldn’t handle it all and beat off every night thinking of the girl in chemistry class or the one talking with the group near the bike rack. Finally there were the gay ones but even they stared.

David stopped day dreaming long enough to hear the next statement from the chief of staff, “I will make sure she gets invited to the dinner tonight.” David did not even understand that but to mask his embarrassment he smiled and focused again at the report that was just delivered.

The usual dinner feast that the team organized, when the day-long meeting ended, was wonderful as usual. David had something to eat. He knew, dikmen escort however, that his flight crew had meals prepared for his flight that evening so he only nibbled. Noelani approached him as he forked a small bit of salmon. “The Governor General says that you attended USC…” David did not remember the rest of the conversation. His face was flushed and he could not swallow. His crew had planned departure, if he left Friday night at 9:00 pm, he could be home in time to play ball with the boys by 10:00 am Saturday morning.

That was the plan and David was packing when there was a knock at the door. He felt safe but he looked through the peep hole. It was Noelani. What the…? He opened the door. “You left before I could say goodbye,” she said.

“What can I do for you?” he stammered.

“The Governor General told me where to find you.” She closed the door. His heart was beating so hard he thought his head would explode. She stepped forward. He didn’t move. She put her right hand on his left shoulder. He had fantasized a hundred times about something like this happening. He knew that he was not prepared. But he also knew he was starving. His pants got tight. He leaned in. Their tongues were the first to meet. Her tongue slid easily past his lips. David loved to kiss. While he needed it all, he decided to enjoy the moment. That moment turned into minutes. She made the first move, which pleased him greatly. He did consider his professional relationship with the island, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Her first move was to pull up his t-shirt. He pulled it off. He also had to slow it all down. He wanted it to last forever, or at least as long as possible. He was preparing to check out within the hour—he turned her to face the wall and nibbled her neck and shoulder, pulled off her coat and tossed it on the bed.

Facing the wall he saw her silken blouse. Awesome, he thought. She was wearing a blouse with buttons in the back. He unbuttoned the three buttons and kept nibbling on her shoulder. He pulled the blouse out of the skirt and gently lifted it over her head. She tried to help him but he wanted to maintain control, so he placed her hands again on the wall. He lowered the right strap of her bra. He could never get a woman’s bra off if they were facing each other. Now the clips were at his finger tips. He pulled them apart and pushed the bra off. It dropped to the ground.

He kept nibbling. Now he cupped her breasts, both, right hand to right breast, left hand to left breast. He elicited a sigh from her when he squeezed her nipples. She tried to turn around again, but he put her hands back on the wall. He found the zipper to her skirt in the back, and undid it. The skirt was too tight to just drop so he pushed down while she wiggled. She was wiggling and pushing back against him. His cock was tenting his pants. He turned her around, looked again into those wonderful brown eyes. They continued their super sensual kiss. She reached down to find his cock and squeezed him through his pants.

He had not felt the touch of a woman for years. She sat on the bed and pulled down his pants and then his briefs. She was hungry too, for she took it all in. She gulped it deeply, not wasting any time. She was obviously eager but he wanted it to last. She gulped and stroked. He was in heaven but knew he would lose control so he stepped away. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?”

God! How do you respond to that? Great lips, lips he had been fantasizing about all day, some kind of shade of red lipstick or lip gloss. “I…I…I like to give head too,” was all that he could say.

He pulled her up and sat her again on the bed but pushed her shoulders down, lifting her legs up. She was wearing the prettiest panties he had ever seen. Pink with a darker pink bow at the elastic top. He pulled them off and scooted her up on the bed, placing a knee on the bed, he parted her legs. Most men would have dived right in, and he wanted to… He really wanted to! She had a nice bush and thick lips surrounding a wide flap of skin on her clit. He kissed her knees, her thighs, and her pubic mound. David did not love the taste of pussy the first time. Not the second, third or fourth time either. But eventually, he started enjoying the smell and taste ankara escort of a woman, it made him excited.

He ran his tongue up and down her slit. She let out a groan, “Ugghhh.” As he did, her juices ran over his tongue and down his chin. He licked upward to find her clit fully engorged. He sucked softly at first then faster and stronger. Mixing his saliva with her juices. She grunted and squealed. After about ten minutes she pushed his head away. Before he could say anything, she said, “I don’t want to come this way.” He was out of his mind.

He stood up and noticed his cock was twitching and pre-come was oozing down his shaft. Oh, oh. That can only mean one thing so he pulled away again, against his own desires. She grabbed the cock again. David was angry with himself. He knew he would lose it as she brought her mouth again to the head of his cock. That was it. He knew he was done. She sucked up and down as he came in strong spasms, putting his hand into her thick brown hair, pressing is palm against her shoulder and instinctively banging his head backwards so it hit the wall a few times.

When Noelani had gulped down the last spurt, he looked down and she had a thick wad of semen on her face, dripping down and falling onto the floor. “I am so sorry,” was all he could say.

He didn’t need to say anything but he was deeply embarrassed. “I haven’t…with anyone…you are gorgeous…I am so sorry.”

“It was great,” as she stood up grabbing a handful of tissue from the bed stand. She wiped her face and looked into his eyes, tossed the wet tissues on the floor and started kissing him again, pressing against him and noticing that his cock had begun to go limp. That kiss lasted for many minutes, five or six. He loved it. She loved it. His hands will all over her. Her nice breasts, her nice ass. She looked down and his cock was springing back to life. She smiled, the smile of the cat that ate the canary. “I guess you are ready for more.” He could never do that before. At 40, he could not believe it himself. Since he had not beat off for a long time he had more energy than ever.

He pushed the pillows up against the headboard. “I don’t have a condom, we can’t.”

In her French accent she said, “Yes we can, I am on ze pill.” He sat with his head back against the headboard. This was against David’s better judgment, but how can one be rational at a time like this. She sucked him more, enough so that he was stiff again. She got up from there and straddled him. They kissed and he cupped her incredible butt cheeks. He would be happy to remain in this position, as he was in a perfect position to lick her breasts, taste her skin and feel her warmth. She moaned as he found her left nipple, but she could not wait. She used her right hand to guide him into her. She sat down. He knew again what he could only remember from days – no years – no ages, past.

It had probably been three or four years since he had felt the warm, wet, tight grip of a vagina. Was it a loving grip or an animal grip? God. Sex, again after so long! So much desire. His entire being was absorbed by the pure pleasure. She bucked softly as he sat motionless. David was not an overly religious person but the feeling of slick pussy was proof of God. She rode him for ten minutes or so and began to perspire. He could see a few sexy beads of sweat between her perfect breasts. All if a sudden, she stopped bucking to kiss him. “David, I thought of you for a long time.” She needed to feel filled up, stretched. “Will you fuck me doggie style?”

“Sure.” She got off of him and kneeled on the bed. He got behind her. It was easy to find her wet hole again. His cock was not large, nor particularly thick, but it was satisfying for her. He humped for about seven or eight more minutes and could feel and hear her fingers pulling at her clit.

“Harder! Deeper!” He could not get any deeper, but he surely wanted to. At this point, he wanted to climb right into her and live there. He could go harder, though. It wasn’t long before he felt his orgasm coming on. He used all of his strength to squeeze his muscles and extend their pleasure.

He pulled out. “I am about to come,” she said. “I can’t hold on for much longer.” “Fuck me now.” He reentered her and she started moaning. He lost it, again. The feeling of exploding in woman is the greatest physical satisfaction a man can have. He came and bucked four more times before his frame went limp and he let out a final whine and passed out on the foot of the bed.

“You are on the pill, right?”

“Yes, I said so.” Famous last words.

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