Wife’s Strays

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I work at home and several weeks ago on a Tuesday I was up at the unusual time of 9:00 am when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and it was a friend of my wife’s, Nancy.

“Hi Nancy”, I said, wondering why she was stopping by.

“Hi Nick, is Susan home?” she asked.

“No, but come on in” I replied.

Let me tell you a little about Nancy. She was a neighbor of my wife’s when she was growing up. Not necessarily a girl friend but more like one of the “strays” that I refer to when my big hearted wife befriends someone who needs it. Nancy is a nice girl, not exactly good looking and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier either.

As Nancy walked in, I wondered to my self, Why did you ask her in? Susan won’t be home for hours and this girl is a ditz. …..To late now!

As she walked into the den I noticed something that I had never noticed before. Nancy had a nice body. She works as a waitress and had on a uniform that was somewhat tight and came to just above her knees.

As she sat down, I offered her a cup of coffee and noticed that her dress had ridden up to show some very nice thigh. She said coffee would be nice and attempted to pull the hem of her uniform down toward her knee. I got her a cup, a refill for myself and sat down on the couch next to her.

“What brings you by on such a nice sunny morning” I asked trying to be friendly as well as find out what DID bring her by at nine in the morning, when my wife would not be back until early evening.

“Oh, Susan and I were going to go to a movie and then go shopping, we made these plans weeks ago” she answered.

“I knew she was going out with someone but I thought it was this Wednesday” I said.

There was a long pause and I thought that maybe she was sipping her coffee but when I looked up she was staring at me with that “Oh Shit” look people get when they think they may have screwed up.

“What day is it today” Nancy asked weakly.

“Tuesday” I answered, thinking this women is a moron.

“Oh no!” she said “I’ve been working nights and my days are all mixed up, I’m so sorry”

As she said this she raised her hands to the top of her forehead causing her hem to rise up on her thighs again. It also stretched the top of her uniform across her breasts. She really has a nice body I think to myself. I wonder why I’ve never noticed before?

“Hey don’t worry about it, you’re not bothering me and everybody gets their days mixed up from time to time” I said glancing down at her legs again.

She noticed me looking at her legs and blushing, pulled the hem down toward her knees again.

“I had better get going then, Susan’s going to think I’m an idiot for showing up a day early” she said.

“I won’t say anything about you even being here, so don’t worry about it”

“Really” She asked hopefully.

“Really” I said “Only one condition, you have to stay here, relax and finish your coffee”

“That’s really nice of you” she said as she sat back and again tugged her hem down.

“I just thought of another condition” I said, “You have really nice legs, so stop pulling your dress down” I said and I reached over and pushed the hem way up on her thigh.

“Oh Gosh” She giggled, but made no attempt to pull her dress down. “This thing is always riding up on me. It’s a good thing I’m standing up work so I don’t have to worry about it.”

“Maybe if you sat down and let it ride up, you’d make more tips” I joked.

Nancy blushed and said I sounded like her boyfriend Bill.

Oh yea, Bill, I remember Bill. We spent three days with him one night! Bill, with the room temperature I.Q. who spent most of the night hitting on my wife. I would have been upset if his attempts weren’t so pathetic.

“So how is Bill” I asked not really caring.

“Good” She said “He’s always trying to get my skirt up higher too”

I didn’t really like being compared to him so I said “Nancy, I was really only trying to get you to feel more comfortable, not look at your legs”

“Oh” she said with unconcealed disappointment.

I felt kind of bad so I added “Even though they are nice.” This time looking at her tits.

“Thanks” She said, “Bills always trying to get me to wear mini skirts and see thru blouses!”

Picturing her dressed like that made my cock lurch a bit in my sweatpants. On a whim I stretched my legs out in front of me forcing my cock to make a tent in my sweats. I didn’t look at her and pretended that I was just stretching. I heard a sharp intake of breath and risked a quick look. Her eyes were focused on my cock and her mouth was hanging open.

“How about some more coffee” I said, standing up in front of her and holding my hand out for her cup.

“Thanks, that would be nice” She whispered still looking at the front of my sweats.

I went into the kitchen and leaned against the counter wondering what in the world I was trying to do here? She’s not really that good looking, granted she has a great body but she’s a little slow, so it would be like taking advantage. All throughout this mental debate bursa escort my cock is still tenting my pants. I ran around the kitchen doing stupid things until I’m able to walk back into the den.

When I get in there Nancy is looking at some pictures that I taken, printed and framed. I walk up behind her and give her the coffee while staring at her ass.

“Where did you get these pictures?” She asked.

“I took them with my camera and then printed them” I explained.

She looked at my blankly and I started to explain the digital camera. “Oh you have a Polaroid camera?” She asked.

“No, not a Polaroid, a digital camera” I tried to explain but I could see she wasn’t catching on. “Come on upstairs and I show it to you”

She started to follow me up and I stopped and said “After you” pointing to the top of the stairs. She started to walk up and I held back a few steps so I could see more of her legs as she went up. Damn! I need a longer stairway! I did see enough to tell she was wearing pantyhose. Oh well there goes one fantasy.

When we reached the top I pointed her into my office and asked to have a seat while I got the camera.

“That little tiny thing took those pictures” She asked.

“Yup, I’ll show you” I said. “Sit in that chair and smile.”

She did as I asked and I shot 3 or 4 pictures, dumped them on the pc and brought them up on the screen.

“Those are really cool” she said. “Can I try it?”

I gave her the camera and she shot up a bunch and laughed at each one as it was displayed.

“You’re very photogenic Nancy” I said “Why don’t you let me take some more of you?

She sat in the chair again and this time I asked her to pull her hem up and cross her legs. She did, and I took some shots but told her that with her legs she could afford to show a lot more. She seemed a little hesitant so I went up to her and slid my hands up her thighs pushing her dress almost to where I could see her panties.

“There, now that’s a good picture” I said showing her the results. Before she could react I asked her to stand up and pose.

“I’d love to take some shots of you wearing that mini and see thru blouse.” I said to her.

She didn’t seem to know what to do so I suggested that she pull her dress up to where her mini skirt would be.

She thought about it for a second then began to slid her hem up higher on her leg. I noticed as she was sliding it up that she was wearing a slip under it, this gave me another perverse ideas.

“Hey, I know, is you slip a full one or one of those half slips? I asked.

“It’s a full one.” She replied.

“Is it shear??

“Yes, its about as see thru as my blouse.”

“Here’s my ideas then, why don’t you take off your dress, slide your slip up to where your mini skirt would be and it will be almost like wearing that skirt with the see thru blouse” I asked in a matter of fact tone.

“I can’t do THAT!” she replied.

“Why not, nobody is going to see these pictures except you and then I’ll delete them from the computer.” I lied.

“Here, I’ll leave the room and you can fix yourself up then call me when you’re ready” I said and left the office.
Standing outside the room I didn’t hear any movement and thought “Oh well good try” then I heard the sound of a zipper and some rustling of clothes and I knew I had her where I wanted. After another minute she called and I walked back in the room.

“Wow, that looks perfect” I said as I picked up the camera again. She had pulled her slip up at the waist so it hung down unbunched to just below her crotch. It was definitely a shear slip and I could clearly see every stitch on her bra. Her bra wasn’t shear but I could see a hint of nipple thru it and the top of her slip.

“Wow” I said again and began taking pictures as she stood there.

“Turn around and do some posing for me” I asked.

She hesitated and then struck a couple of amateurish poses. I took a few more pictures before I said “Those pantyhose are screwing up the pictures….They would be alright if they were shear all the way but it just doesn’t look good with them where the darker top shows”

“What do you want me to do?” Nancy asked.

“Want to take them off? I asked in return.

“Oh, I don’t know” She wavered.

“Look” I said “Nobody will see these pictures unless you want to take them and keep them yourself, so lets see what we can do about taking some sort of sexy pics”

“You don’t think pantyhose are sexy?” She quipped.

“Pantyhose did nothing but set the sexual revolution back 15 years” I retorted.

“You’re a sexist” She said.

“And your sexy” I replied. “Besides, you’re wearing panties, right?”

With that she turned around reached under her slip and wiggled out of the panty hose.
She turned around and stood in front of me with a “now what” look on her face. I figured I’d better keep pressing before she lost her nerve.

“That’s how short is your mini skirt” I asked.

“Yes” she said.

“Geez, with a skirt that short how do you girls sit down bursa escort bayan without you pussy showing?”

I heard her gasp when I said that but she didn’t say anything.

“Do you want to see the pictures of your beautiful legs?” I asked. She nodded and walked over to the monitor. I brought up the images that I had taken so far and showed her how to click on the thumbs to see the full size, then I stood behind her while she looked thru them.

Her slip was still pulled up high on her legs and she was bending over slightly to use the mouse. I moved up close and put my hands on the outside of her legs. She inhaled sharply but didn’t say anything so I push my ever hardening cock against her ass and said “You really do have a beautiful body” while I began to slide her slip up higher.

“Oh, please don’t do that, what if Susan comes home” she said softly.

“She would probably want to join us” I said as I slid her slip up over her hips and slid one hand up and cupped her tit.

I pulled my cock out of my sweats and said to her “Don’t move, I want to take another picture” I took the camera pointed it down at my cock and took the picture, put the camera back in the download cradle and brought he image up.

She looked at the picture of my cock pointed at her panty covered ass and brought her hands up to her mouth. “Oh my gosh you’re huge… You’re a lot bigger than Bill” she said as if talking to herself.

“Yea, and what do you like to do with Bill’s little dick” I asked as I slipped my cock between her legs so it rubbed her pussy from below and stuck out in front where she could see it.

“I didn’t think it was little until I saw yours” she said as she noticed it sticking out.

“That’s not what I asked you was it?” I persisted.

“I don’t know, mostly he sticks it in me until he cums then watches tv.”

“That’s it!!??” I asked.

“Well once he wanted me to put it in my mouth but he shot his stuff all over me as soon as I touched it.” She said.

“Well then let me ask a different question” I said as I pinched her nipple through the slip and bra. “What would you like to do with Nicks big cock?”

She just stared down between her legs at my dick while I kept pinching her nipple. I brought me hands up the straps of her slip and slid them off her shoulders along with her bra straps. Her slip fell to her waist and I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I lucked out because it usually takes me 3 or 4 tries before I can unhook those damn things. As her bra fell away I leaned over a kissed her neck.

“OH” she exclaimed and reached up and held my head with both hands.
I brought both my hands up and cupped her tits. Her nipples were rubbery and stuck out about ¾ inch as soon as I touched them.

Holding my head with one hand she reached down with the other and grabbed my cock.

“Oh it’s so big and it feels hard and soft at the same time. Your thing is really a lot bigger than Bills.”

“OK” I said, “enough comparing my to Bill and enough calling it a thing!”

“What do you want me to call it?” She asked.

“You’re not real experienced but your not a little girl either, I know you’ve heard it called other things so say what you want….. use it in a damn sentence! “ I barked at her.

She looked startled then looked down. “ I like the way your……c..c..cock feel in my hand.” She managed to get out.

“That’s better, keep going, tell me what you’d like to do with my cock” I persisted as I pulled it back out from between her legs and out of her hand. Reached up under her slip and pulled her panties down to her knees. Then I push my cock back where it was.

Nancy almost collapsed when she felt it rubbing on her bare pussy.

I held her up. “You were saying” I asked.

She hesitated a second then began.

“I want to hold and rub it and feel it get really big then I want to feel it inside me”

”Talk to me Nancy” I said softly

“I want to feel it inside me” She continued “ I want to feel it in my pussy…. I want to bend over and have you put your big cock in my pussy…. I want you to fuck my pussy with you big cock”

She was getting warmed up now and I slipped you hand down and started rubbing her pussy. “Where else would you like it” I asked.

She continued on in a dreamlike state “Will you put it in my mouth??”

Like she had to ask!

“Will you FUCK my mouth with you cock….?”

I slowly turn her around and kissed her deeply. She responded with a lot of tongue and then I started pushing slightly down on her shoulders. She sank down to her knees with my dick pointing right at her mouth.

“I’ve never done this before” she said as she kissed the head of my cock. “Will you help me?”

“No, actually I have to go rearrange my sock drawer right now, can you come back later?” I quipped then yelped as she gave the head of my dick a little bite.

“You’re funny” she said as she slipped the head in her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around.

“And you’re either lying about knowing görükle escort bayan what to do or a natural at it” I gasped as she slid her mouth farther down until it was pushing at the back of her throat.

I gently took her head a began moving it back and forth on my cock. I told her to use her hand to make up for what she couldn’t get in her mouth. She looked up at me as if to say “I don’t need my hand” and proceeded to push my cock farther down her throat little by little until her nose was pressed up against my hair.

I just looked down at her in awe. I didn’t think I was all that big but I knew my dick was big around and to see her mouth stretched around it was fantastic. She slowly began to pull back until just the tip was in her mouth and then start to slide it all the way down her throat again.

She increased the pace of her head until I felt the cum start to swell up in my balls. I was in such amazement that this small women could get my whole dick in her mouth that I didn’t even think about warning her that I was about to cum. OK maybe I didn’t want to warn her but in any case I let loose a torrent of cum and she began to choke. She let my cock slip out of her mouth and a blast of cum hit her just below the eye.

She gasped some air and attempted to get my cock back in her mouth. She took it in and I grabbed her by the head and held her still while I fucked her face. I could also control how far down she was taking it this way, because I swear that she was trying to take it all the way back down her throat again.

“Hold still Baby, let me just fuck your sweet face with my cock” I whispered to her. Her mouth was full of cum and she had not attempted to swallow so each thrust of my cock in her mouth would force some out from the corners of her mouth. I watched as drop after drop of cum would roll down her chin and on to her tits.

Her nipples were twice as long as they were when I was playing with them and both of them had cum dripping from them.

I reached over and picked up the camera and shot a couple of pictures looking straight down as she sucked me as well as some with the cum all over her face and tits.

Finally, with wobbly legs I managed to step back at sit in my office chair.

“Did I do alright?” She asked wiping some of the cum from her eye.

“God Nancy, that was one of the best, if not the best, blow job I’ve ever had”

“That really is the first time I’ve done that, Bill would have cum before I ever got it in my mouth” she said.

I replied “You should drop that geek like a toilet seat and find someone who would appreciate what you can do for him”

“All the good ones are taken” She said as she looked up at me.

“That’s not true, you really are selling yourself short because you really are a pretty girl” I said looking at her and realizing that she really was pretty. She was one of those girls seems to go out of their way to make themselves NOT look good. Kneeling on the floor with her panties around her knees her slip bunched around her waist and her breasts fully exposed she looked absolutely beautiful and I told her so.

She smiled and kissed my cock again, got up and started to get her clothes.

“Where are you going? “ I asked while I started stroking my cock again.

“Aren’t you tired, Bill usually falls asleep right after he cums” she looked at me then looked down at my growing cock.

“I told you to quit comparing me to that little twit. Doesn’t he ever do any thing for you?”
I asked her.

“No, like what?”

I couldn’t believe this. “You have had an orgasm before haven’t you? I asked.

“Well……yes, but I’ve had to do it myself.” She said with an embarrassed look.

“You mean you have never had a man, or boy in Bill’s case, make you cum?” I asked incredulously.


“Well, your luck is about to change” I said as I went over, picked her up and carried her across the hall to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and knelt down beside her head and began playing with her nipples. My cock was pretty much recovered and was just a few inches from her mouth. She leaned her head toward my cock and started to take me in her mouth again.

“No” I said moving away. “You first this time.” And I moved around until I was between her legs. I pulled her panties the rest of the way off and held them to my face. Nancy gasped and her nipples grew even longer.

I began to run my hands along the inside of her thighs back an forth, each time getting closer and closer to her pussy. She began moaning each time I would come close until I finally pushed her legs wide apart slid my hands all the way up and brushed my thumbs back and forth across her pussy lips.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how good this feels” she gasped.

“You ain’t felt nothing yet” I said as I lowered my mouth down and clamped it over her sopping slit. As I started licking her she started bucking her hips up and within 30 seconds she was cuming all over my face. I kept licking away and she had at least 3 more orgasms before she finally begged me to stop.

“Oh please, I can’t take any more….I’ve never cum more than once” She pleaded.

This poor girl didn’t even know that women could have multiple orgasms. I felt like finding Billy boy and kicking the shit out of him. There was however something else I needed to do more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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