When the Roomie Is Away…



This is my first story. Its pretty much a true story. I’ve never been much of a writer but I hope you enjoy this. Its a bit of a teaser of whats to come…

I’m sitting in my shared room at University becoming increasingly hot and bothered by reading a story about an inexperienced submissive. In this particular story which is turning me on so much, a girl sat naked on the floor with a blindfold over her eyes, her hands tied to her ankles which were spread far apart. Unable to move or see, she was incredibly turned on when a slight breeze chilled her skin, caused by His presence in the room. She heard His footsteps but could not work out where they came from. She heard His breathing and could tell that He was excited, but did not know where He was until she felt His lips briefly on her neck. Drawing away, He teased her. She could feel her juices running down her legs.

Yes, my roommate is in the room.

No, she can’t see my computer screen.

Yes, I can smell my own arousal and I know that she probably can too.

No, I don’t think I am leaving any wet marks on my chair. Yet.

The curtains are open and the sky is clear. I can’t see them, but I know all the facts about satellites and I know that if they were watching, they would see the words I was reading. They would find out about my fantasies.

Yes!! My roommate has a lecture, she will be leaving in five minutes and I will have a whole hour to myself. A whole hour to explore more stories, and to re-read my favourites. An hour to spend just listening in on the Chat Lounge. I never say anything in there, I just watch. Watch, learn, and fantasise.

My musings are interrupted. “You’re looking very red, Emily” observes my Roomie.

“I know, Its so hot in here!” I remark, quickly removing my jumper to back-up my statement. That wasn’t the best choice of response considering its wet and cold outside. Needless to say, I make a joke of it and I count down the minutes until she leaves.

As soon as the door has closed I jump up and take off the latch. Don’t want someone walking in right now! The Roomie has a key but hopefully she won’t be back early. Flicking the screen back to the story, I continue to read about the hot wax being dripped on the submissive girl. The pain, the heat is driving me to insanity, and I feel my skin instantly flush again. I pop open the buttons Bayan Eskort on my top and feel the cooler air force my nipples into my bra. I pinch myself where the wax is falling on the girl. Gasps escape my lips when I’m too fierce. Red marks begin to appear, but I’m not looking at them. I’m looking at the screen, my hands occasionally leaving my body to scroll down the page.

Crap! I curse myself for forgetting to put something between me and the chair. I grab a used towel and sit on it, regretting not doing so earlier. The growing wet patch will undoubtedly stain white. Damn! I had managed so well all term, I only had a few weeks left to make sure the chair came away clean. That’s another sign I hope my Roomie doesn’t pick up on.

The flapping of my blouse is driving me nuts, so I take it of and dump it on the floor next to me. The story switches to some light spanking around the girls clit. Good, I can do that! Sliding my hand up my skirt I rub myself through my panties and spread the wetness round. Sniffing my fingers sends a fresh wave of juice dribbling down my arse crack. It feels so dirty, doing this. I rub myself a few more times and then ‘Ouch!’ pinch my ‘Ouch!’ clit really ‘Ouch!’ hard.

The girl in the story has just had an orgasm from being spanked. I’m nowhere near there yet, and the story is moving too fast for me now. I select a story that seems to be about orgasm denial. I like these ones, I like challenging myself to see who wins. Who can keep from cumming longer? Me, or the girl in the story?

My nipples really need some attention, they’re getting bored. I put a paperweight under the towel so there is a nice lump that I begin to grind my pussy on. That really turns me on, how erotic it is to use everyday items to bring such pleasure. The thought sends a flush of heat through my pussy and I know the towel is getting soaked. Lordy, I haven’t been this worked up for a long time! I snap off my bra and my small but nicely shaped breasts hang freely, bouncing slightly with the movements I’m making against the lump grinding my clit.

Grapping my breasts, I lean and flick the nipples with my tongue. Sucking and biting until they stand rock hard and swollen. I take two clothes pegs from my desk and slowly close one around my left nipple. My back arches and I throw my head back, breathing heavily to help me cope with the sudden but wonderful pain. Before the pain lessens I snap the second clothes peg onto the right nipple. “Aaahaaaaarr!” a moan accidentally escapes my lips, brought about by the sensations of the breeze from the open window chilling my skin, the sharp and awful pain from the pegs, and the fact that arching my back had forced my clit right against the lump in the towel and the sudden heat in my pussy sent a squirt of juice to the front of the chair where it began to drip onto the floor.

I pause for a moment, letting my brain take in the smell and sound of my juice dripping off the chair onto the floor. My nipples are getting number from the pegs, but I don’t notice. I turn back to the story, where a submissive is taking her Masters cock into her mouth and sucking it. I close my eyes, imagining a time when I had someone’s cock to suck. God, how I love to suck cock. The taste, the whole feel of such an amazing thing in my own mouth, the joy of making him moan and thrust at me, the feeling of something so warm and alive in my own mouth. I own no dildos, as I am never sure if my Roommate will find them, so as a substitute I begin licking and sucking three fingers as though it were a cock. It left a lot to be desired, being a lot smaller and much less juicy than the real thing, so I returned to the story.

The story was really getting hot now. The Master had just put nipple clamps on the girl (ha, beat you to it), and was teasing her by stroking her pussy lips with his rock solid cock in doggy style. She was almost hyperventilating with need, and bucking back against his cock every time he got near her entrance. He reached round and pulled sharply on her nipple clamps. I reach up and tug painfully at mine, the tears welling up in my eyes making the story hard to read. I need another prop. Getting up, I take out the paperweight from under the towel and sniff the towel. It smells so good! Forgetting the story, I lick the towel and think about how dirty it was, to be licking my own cum and enjoying the taste, and I remember that the windows were still open. If the satellites weren’t watching, they sure were missing a show!

Walking round the room makes my breasts bounce, and makes the pegs pull harder. Rubbing my legs together reminds me how wet I am and I realise I am breathing very heavily. I put my hand on the side to steady myself as I grab a carrot. I slide a condom over the carrot and lick it. Mmm, tastes of plastic. I return to the computer and sit back in the chair, resting me feet on the desk. The sub has been tied up now, but I don’t have the kit for that.

I tease myself with the carrot, rubbing it along the length of my lips to lube it up and smacking it against my clit to create a few more spasms of pleasure. Then, as I close my eyes and bite my own lip as if I was being kissed, I shove the carrot as far up my cunt it will go. I press my thumb against my clit and wiggle it as with my other hand I begin to pump the carrot in and out of my feverishly hot, dripping pussy. The sound it makes is delightful, a squishy soft noise that contrasts with the noise of my juices dripping off the chair, and the heavy breathing and moans that I had been unconsciously making. The stimulation on my clit draws much more of my attention than the carrot, so I stop pumping it in and out of my cunt and bring it to my mouth. I slowly lick all the juices off the carrot, just as the girl in the story is licking her own juices off her Masters cock. I shower the carrot in kisses, and begin to make love to the carrot with my mouth.

I can barely feel the pain in my nipples now, so I wiggle the pegs and allow the blood to flow back. The sensation it creates is so sharp, and such an addition to the constant rubbing of my clit that I tighten suddenly, and it suddenly and very unexpectedly brings me close to orgasm. No Emily, I remind myself. Not yet. The sub hasn’t been given permission yet, so neither have you. It is very hard to draw my fingers away from my clit so instead I use them to give increased pleasure to my carrot.

I’m training myself to deep-throat, and as I push the carrot further and further into my mouth I feel the gagging but force the carrot through. It hurts, but I want to be able to pleasure my next Master in this way and I begin to pump the carrot in and out of my mouth, taking almost its full length. I imagine it is a cock, a big juicy cock, and that the owner of such a fine tool is ravaging my face with it. We make eye contact as I flick my tongue over the sensitive underside and He moans, His balls being drawn closer to His body as He gets close and closer to the edge.

My pussy finds His toe and I being rubbing myself on it, frantically bringing back the tingling sensation in my legs and I know I’m about to orgasm. I reluctantly bring myself back from the fantasy and put the carrot on the side, as I scroll down and continue with the story.

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