What She Wants

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She was bulimic for one reason only: she wanted to have anal sex, and keep her ass clean for the guys. When she did take a shit (which was rarely once a week) she would spend over an hour wiping her ass with toilet paper and baby wipes. She would wrap baby wipes around her finger and bury it deep in her colon to get as much shit crust as she possibly could.

In truth, she’d never actually had anal sex before, and when she cleaned herself, she got nothing sexual out of it, because she was always at the end of her nerves with worry. She didn’t know if she would enjoy burying a cock in her pink asshole or not, but she had heard that sex in general was good, and she didn’t want to spoil her cherry. Hell, she’d never even seen a penis before except from sex ed textbooks and very few ‘R’ rated movies.

She wanted to have sex so bad and yet remain pure. She knew her cunt was beautiful, so she didn’t want anyone to spoil it. She figured anal would feel great, even though her anal nerves were rubbed raw from her constant wiping.

I met her at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. She was freshman, and it was her first day there. Being new, she wanted to make friends as soon as possible, so when she saw an empty chair next to me she invited herself into my circle of friends. We hit it off immediately, but I think it was because she was desperate and because I found her very attractive. It was odd that I thought she was hot because she was pretty damn skinny and all of my girlfriends and one-night stands were somewhat chunky girls. But hell, I guess I wanted to try something a little different.

I had to split after lunch to go to my first class, and when I got back to my room she was right there waiting at the door. She told me that she had looked up my info and found out where I lived. She really wanted to hang out with me, so I let her in.

As we were talking she had really opened up, telling me all of the details of her condition and how she would really love it if I fucked her ass.

My father once said to me “Son, you gotta give a girl everything she wants, whether she likes it or not.” Taking his words of wisdom, I agreed that I’d fuck her, but I knew we couldn’t do it now. I was living in a suite with five other people at the time, and I had already eskort gaziantep learned from a year in college that you don’t lock a door without giving your roommate 24 hours’ notice.

Where could we go that was private, where nobody would bother us?


The Catholic church on campus gave two sermons a day: one in the morning and one at night. While it was always open for private prayer, no one ever bothered. I’d actually fucked a number of girls in the pews during my first year. The church was actually believed to be haunted because of me; or more correctly, the girls I brought in with me. Some were moaners, and some were screamers, but when shit was goin’ down, people stayed away. I figured maybe one day I’d perform the ultimate sacrilege and hold an orgy in the church sometime, but for now I was happy giving girls some one-on-one time.

I ushered her into the church, making sure no one saw us. As soon as the door was closed she jumped all over me, kissing my whole face, sticking her tongue places it shouldn’t go. I mean, it was fine when we were playing tonsil hockey, but soon she was licking my face and cleaning my ears and nostrils. I didn’t realize such a clean girl could get so dirty.

She threw off her dress, revealing her entire naked body. I could see her ribs under her tiny tits. I’d give her an ‘F’ on tits, but on pussy, I’d give her an ‘A’! She did have the sweetest pussy I’d ever seen. It looked like it belonged to a ten year old. It was just a simple slit between her legs which ended at a tiny patch of trimmed cream soda colored pubes. Nothing else extra.

I figured her asshole would probably be looser than that twat.

She dashed to the pulpit and bent over it spreading her legs wide. Her entire crack was pink, rubbed raw I had assumed. Her anus, too, was a thing of beauty. Her ass may have been pretty flat, but I’d never seen a girl’s butthole so perfectly pink.

I took off my pants in hurry, with a rod all set to go. I grabbed a condom from my wallet, but she stopped me from using it.

“I don’t want it,” she said.

“Trust me, you want it,” I replied. “It’s lubricated. It’ll make it easier for you.”

“No,” she said forcefully.

Hey, who am I to argue? “Okay,” gaziantep esmer escort I said, and dropped the condom where I was. I marched up to her and spread out her ass cheeks. She hissed with pain at the touch, and I understood why she hadn’t been wearing any panties under her dress.

That didn’t stop me from going in, however. She said she wanted it, and she was gonna get it whether she liked it or not, just like my dad said.

“Just don’t cum in me,” she said with a caught voice. It was really hurting her just to have her cheeks spread. I won’t if I remember not to, I thought to myself, but said nothing.

I pushed the tip of my cock against her asshole, and she inhaled again. Her arms gave way and she collapsed over the dais.

“Ow, ow, stop!” she cried, but I wasn’t about to do that. She told me she wanted it, so she was going to get it, and I didn’t care how much it hurt her. I pushed my dick hard, but at first all that I succeeded in doing was push her into the altar completely.

She started crying, begging me to stop, but I continued to push.

A moment later I felt her o-ring give way, and my purple-helmeted warrior broke through the defenses. This was, without a doubt, the driest ass I’d ever fucked. It was nearly painful for *me* to continue, but I managed, very slowly shoving my cock deep into her colon, until my balls were against her. She screamed and cried, stretching her upper body over the pulpit, trying to get away from the pain.

When I could give it a go, I slid back and forth, loosening her ass. I grabbed her around the waist, and started sliding my fingers up and down her cunt. This she would not stand for, and tried her hardest to jump over the altar to get away.

My grasp over her became tighter as her ass became looser, and soon I was pumping at a good pace. I thought about how I might cream. I figured since she was bulimic I might make her swallow my cum, just to piss her off. But soon I stopped thinking of that, and got lost in the present.

My balls slapped against her cunt with each successive and powerful slam. Her asshole was no longer a starburst, but a gaping hole, and I could fuck her as easily as I wanted, no matter how dry it was.

The gaziantep eve gelen escort best part about having sex in a church is that you can confess the crime as it is taking place. I always take some time to let God forgive me for my sins as I commit them.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned!” I shouted, “I’ve raped a girl in a holy building!” I bent over her like an animal, pushing her abdomen flat onto the pulpit. “But it’s okay, ’cause she’s still a virgin!” I shouted in a deeper, God-sounding type of voice. “Thanks, God!” I shouted back in my normal voice. “And if you don’t mind, I’d like to cum in a few moments!” “Go right ahead!” my God-voice said cheerfully.

“No!” the girl screamed, trying to wriggle away.

Keeping one hand tightly around her neck to keep her face down, I took my other hand and slapped her asscheeks numerous times, trying to match the hue to that of her crack. With each echoing slap she burst out another scream.

I stopped pumping and tensed up. As she squirmed I ejaculated, sending my baby-making juice deep inside her colon. At the end of my orgasm, I slid my dick out of her bright red and pink ass to reveal just how big of a chasm I had made.

I sat down in the front pew, letting my cock slowly fall. I watched her just stay there, slumped over the altar like a puppet. I could hear her faintly sobbing. In terror, she moved one of her hands behind her and felt how large her asshole had become. My spunk was just now reaching back to her anus, and she caught some of it drip out of her. She brought her hand back around to her face to look at my juice, and she let out a groan that I can only describe as usually coming from someone who has received an injury so harsh they believe they are about to die.

She felt her ass again, tracing a finger around the inside of hole, catching a little more of my cum.

“I can’t feel my ass!” she cried.

“Don’t worry, that’s supposed to happen,” I comforted. To be perfectly honest, no girl had ever told me that before, so I didn’t really know if it was normal or not.

“I’ll never get it all out,” she whined hoarsely.

“Just shove a hose up your ass. It shouldn’t be hard if you do it right now.”

“I can’t move.”

That comment gave me an idea. When I was flaccid, I put my clothes back on and headed out the door, leaving her there. I went around to every one of my meathead friends and told them out the girl in the church letting anyone fuck her ass.

When I came back there was a line zigzagging through every pew, and moans and screams coming from the dais.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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