What Are “Friends” For Ch. 03

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“Oh where am I.” Rob groaned, waking in a strange bed he was a bit confused but then quickly recalled the fantastic evening of sex that had occurred. WOW he thought, was that all true? He was in bed alone, where was his wife? And Jim and Sue? Looking around for his clothes he found none, so naked he went looking for the others.

Smelling fresh coffee he followed his nose to the kitchen. Sue was at the stove wearing only an apron, her cute, bare ass on display. Jim, sitting on a chair with June perched on his lap, her back to him with his cock rooting deep in her pussy and a big smile on her face.

“Good morn darling, sleep well?” June asked him, still riding the cock that was giving her so much pleasure. “We woke early and hungry so decided to have breakfast. While Sue cooked Jim and I had time for a good morning fuck would you like to join us?”

Rob’s cock rose to greet her words and aiming it to her mouth moved close. June opened her mouth and took in her hubby’s stiff cock. Getting cock two ways at once is fun she thought as she sucked her husbands nice cock while Jim’s cock filled her hungry pussy.

“Hey you guys, stop for a bit, the food is ready. Let’s eat so we can all fuck later.” Sue called as she set the table. ” I want to get some too.” She took of her apron and they all sat around the table naked for breakfast.

“Now this is the way to start the day. A good fuck and good food.” Jim said. “Now, who want to swim? The pool is open and no suits allowed. We skinny dip here.”

The four naked people ran laughing out to the pool in the back yard. It was surrounded by a high privacy fence to keep out prying eyes. Jim said that he and Sue often made love out here and it was nice swimming with out suits. “Naked is the only way to swim as you will soon see.”

After a few moments in the water Rob agreed with him, saying. “Even better when there are two naked women with you. Right.”

“Right on, especially when they fuck so well, as these two do.” Jim exclaimed. ” I want to fuck one of them. Girls! Who wants my cock?”

“My turn.” Said Sue. “June had you already today, now it’s my turn.” As she went to her husband and grabbed his cock under the water. Would you mind fucking your wife?”

“You are still my favorite fuck honey. Let’s start here.” He picked her up so she could wrap her legs around him and lowered her pussy to his waiting stiff prick and with a little difficulty pushed his cock into her. Fucking bayan arkadaş in the water is easy once you get started. Sue wrapped her arms around his neck and let her pussy work on Jim’s cock.

Rob and June were watching the action from across the pool.

June asked. “Lets do that too, I’ve never been fucked in a pool.” She boosted herself in his arms and guided his cock toward her pussy. “Fuck me.”

The water was making it difficult, it washed away the lubrication. Finally he entered, her pussy clasped hot around his cock. Slowly fucking they worked their way over near Sue and Jim. Side by side they pleasured their wives.

“This is fun but I think we should get out and continue on the grass.” Said Rob.

Moving out to the plush yard they laid out together, arranging in a circle. Rob started eating Sue, while she sucked on Jim, as he ate June and June sucked her hubby’s cock. A group suck. After a short time enjoying oral sex this way they separated to have the girls on their knees while the guys fucked them doggy style. Rob’s cock was deep in Sue’s slippery pussy, Jim fucking June. Side by side.

“Let’s switch.” Said Rob.

Pulling out, each man went to the other woman and resumed their fucking. After a bit they switched again. Then again. Nobody cared whose cocks were where, as long as somebody was getting fucked good. Both of the girls climaxed several times. Finally after filling both pussys with their creamy cum, Rob and Jim rolled over totally spent.

“That was nice.” Said June. “You guys sure know how to make a woman happy. Right Sue?”

“Sure do, the only thing better than sex is more sex.” Quipped Sue. “And I like more.”

“Hay, I think I hear the phone?” Rob told Sue.

Coming back in a few minuets later Sue said that they were going to have company in a short while. That Mike and Jean Robertson were dropping over for a swim. “I told them that you two were here and we were having some sexy “fun”, they wanted to know if they could join in so I told them to come on over. OK?”

“Mike and Jean? We all know them. Are they the ones you had sex with before?” June asked.

“Yes, I said you knew who we partied with but didn’t tell you their names until now. Would you mind if they joined our little party?”

“I never would have suspected them of something like this.” June replied. “She’s cute and I think he’s sexy, I would love to have them here and don’t think bayan partner Rob would mind, not at all, he’s always flirting with her.”

About twenty minutes later Sue went to answer the door bell. A few moments after that she returned with Mike and Jean. They must have undressed while cuming through the house because they were now naked.

“Hi everyone, company’s here.” Sue called.

Mike was tall, about 6′ 3″, Broad shoulders, Dark hair and mustache, a good looking guy. June saw that his cock was a decent size, about five inches soft.

Jean, 5′ 5″, nice figure, 32-c tits, brown short hair. Looking very sexy standing there totally naked for all to admire. Rob noticed that she was partially shaved, no pussy hair except a short strip pointing to her slit.

“May we join the party?” Jean asked. “Are we properly undressed?”

“Welcome.” called Jim. “Cum on in, the party can now continue with you here.”

Rob and June approached the newcomers slowly, not sure of how to greet them. They had known them for several years but never like this. Seeing them naked and knowing that they were swingers and might soon be having sex with them.

Mike pulled June close and kissed her. A hard sexy kiss, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She responded by kissing back with enthusiasm. Pulling back, they looked each other in the eye and kissed again. This time with much more passion.

June reached down between them and took hold of Mikes now stiff cock, wrapping her hand around it and marveling at the strength of it. His prick throbbed in her hand. The second new cock in two days and she was ready for it. “Wanna fuck?” She asked.

“Looks like they are glad to see each other.” said Jean. “Come here Rob and kiss me like that. Aren’t you glad to see me too?”

“I’ve never seen this much of you before and I am very glad to see you, you can tell by this.” Rob said as he held his hard cock out toward her. “My cock is very happy to see you too.”

June knelt in front of Mike, taking his cock in her mouth. “Let’s get this prick ready for some action. I want it in me, I need it in my pussy.” Getting that lovely cock harder she laid back, opening her legs and spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. “Fuck me.” She said.

Mike, very happy to comply took hold of his cock and slid easily into June. Her pussy was very wet, it still had the remains of her last fuck with Rob and Jim. Pushing deep with his bdsm escort first thrust then slowly pulling part way out, then deep again. Her hungry pussy delighted his cock. He was enjoying his first fuck with her.

“What should I do with that?” Jean asked Rob. “Do you want me to suck it or fuck it?”

“You tell me which you want first.” Rob replied. “Do you like to fuck more, or suck?”

Jean, laying down, held out her arms to Rob. “Come and show me how good you are eating pussy first.”

Rob quickly laid in front of her and started licking the sweet folds of her pussy. Parting the lips with his talented tongue, he licked at the pink flesh. Licking the tasty morsel as her fluids started to flow to his lips. The more he licked the more she flowed. Relishing the flavor of her cunt he continued till Jean had several climaxes. Then moved up her body as she grabbed his cock and guided his eager member to her hot pussy. “Is this what you want? A hard cock in you?” He asked as his stiff cock entered her.

Jim and Sue decided to join in the fun. Jim went to where Mike was happily fucking June and kneeling down near her head offered his cock to her mouth. Eagerly she opened wide and sucked him in. Again she was having two cocks at once. She could get very used to that.

Sue approached Rob and Jean, who had rolled over and now Jean was on top, riding his cock. Rob was gripping her ass cheeks holding her in place on his shaft. Squatting over his head facing Jean she offered her dripping pussy to his mouth. Rob started licking as soon as her pussy lips were lowered to him. He noticed the taste, then remembered that either he or Jim had just cum in her. It didn’t make any difference, it tasted good and it wasn’t the first time he cleaned cum out of a pussy and probably wouldn’t be the last.

With Jim’s cock in her mouth and Mike fuckin her sloppy pussy June was in heaven. She was so happy that Sue had introduced them to swapping. Her and Rob’s sex life had always been good but this was even better. Swinging is just as much fun as she had heard it was. Hoped that Rob was having as much fun and wanted more.

The orgy continued several hours more with a couple breaks for food and drinks. Finally they decided enough for today. Save a little bit for tomorrow.

As they were getting dressed Mike asked Rob if he and June would like to come to a gathering at their house next weekend. “There will about five or six other couples there. Most are swingers like us, two couples aren’t. We are going to seduce the ones that aren’t. Wanna help?”

“Sure, June and I have been converted. She will be thrilled to help convert somebody else. We’ll see you then, meanwhile enjoy. Bye for now.

The six friends split for home.

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