Vignette Ch. 01

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Note: Dear readers, the following is the first product of a writing exercise that my friend jessijessi34 and I have concocted. The idea was to take what we call mental snapshots of scenes that we might fantasize about and expand them into a full sexual scene. The plan is to later link these scenes together with other material to link them into a coherent story. Since writing the sex scenes is, at least for me, the most difficult part of the erotica writing process, we’re getting the hard part done first. Please remember as you read this that it is intentionally written without any character development or scene set-up. That will come later if we so chose to continue with this project. Jessi and I will be writing other scenes that we intend to pull together into a story that will be in a she said / she said format. In the meantime, I intend to at least post these vignettes, as a series. I hope you enjoy them, and as always I encourage your feed back. Feedback is the lifeblood that we authors thrive on. A reference is made in the story to a sex toy called a Nexus. Unfortunately Lit does not allow URL in the the stories but I’m sure most reader can find more info about this interesting toy if they are so incline.

I turn towards the bed and see you lying there, wearing my new Nexus strap-on. My heart pounds when I look at the beautiful creature spread out before me on the bed. I feel my pussy begin to moisten at the sight of the dildo strapped to your groin as the realization of what we are about to do hits me. Our eyes meet and I see the hunger and passion in your eyes and I hope you see the same mirrored in my own eyes.

I slide onto the bed and you roll onto your side to meet me. I feel the softness and the warmth of your body as we mold ourselves together. The smooth softness of your body is sharply contrasted by the insistent hardness of the dildo as it presses against my mound.

Our mouths meet in a hot, passionate, and lingering kiss. My tongue explores the far reaches of your sweet mouth and ends up dueling with you own tongue. Our mutual lust, need, and passion are telegraphed by the urgency of our kiss. I break the kiss, breathless, only when my lungs are seemingly about to explode, in need of air.

I roll over on top of you and my mouth moves, as if of its own accord, to your neck. My mouth begins to deliver a series of roving kisses and licks to the expanse of your elegant neck. I feel, as well as hear, your soft moans and coos as I continue. I feel our breasts pressed tightly together, your turgid nipples digging into the soft flesh of my breasts. Likewise, I feel the embrace of your soft breasts, swallowing the hardness of my own nipples.

My hips begin to thrust against the hardness of your dildo, almost as if they have a will of their own. I feel my engorged labia separate and straddle the dildo and I automatically alter my motion to allow the dildo to begin to slide between them. The abundant moisture that is flowing from my aroused, dripping pussy coats the length of the dildo and negates any need for further lubrication. As I pull away from your mouth to gasp a quick breath of air, I can smell the sweet, musky scent of our aroused pussies filling the air.

Meanwhile, our hands are busy. I feel the sweet sensation of your hands sliding across my neck, my back, my shoulders, stroking me, and adding to growing state of my arousal. Your hands move onwards to cup my ass cheeks, grasping their firmness, and driving me onwards as I continue to grind on the dildo. My fingers are buried in your luxuriant mane of brown hair, repeatedly guiding your lips to meet mine in a series of increasingly passionate kisses.

My clit is hard and extended outwards past the protection of its hood. The head of the dildo repeatedly bumps against my clit and I gasp into your mouth as I feel the resulting electric jolts flowing through my body. Your moans meet mine in our joined mouths. Somehow, through the haze of my pleasure shrouded brain, I realize that I am moving your side of the Nexus against your vulva, and in your pussy, as I grind myself on top of you.

I finally feel the overwhelming need to be filled and rock my hips forward and the head of the dildo slides to the open mouth of my pussy. I thrust my hips back and I feel the dildo slowly slide into the sheath of my sex. I feel the walls of my pussy stretch to accommodate its girth. The sound of my groan bayan escort of satisfaction flows from deep within me.

“Ohhh god, yesss, so good,” I groan, my voice heavy with lust.

“That’s it baby, fuck yourself on my cock, move it around inside me. It feels so good inside my pussy,” you respond to my exclamation.

My hips take on a life of their own, picking up speed as I fuck myself on the dildo. I slide forward slightly so that the length of the dildo rubs against my engorged, throbbing clitoris as I fuck myself. I contract my pussy muscles and grasp and release the dildo buried deep in my pussy. I can feel the head of the curved dildo rubbing against my G-spot and the sensation adds to the cornucopia of feelings that I am experiencing. Your hands continue to grasp my ass, pulling and pushing, assisting my motions in fucking the cock that we share.

You break our kiss and look to your right. I follow your gaze and see Gary sitting there, stroking his hard and impressive cock. I had become so enraptured by the pleasure that I felt with you that I had completely forgotten that he was there with us. He has been patiently watching and waiting for us to let him know when we were ready for him to join in. You give him a slight nod and he stands and joins us on the bed. I feel the bed shift behind me and I go back to concentrating on fucking the hard cock that we share.

My single minded concentration on the feelings flooding my pleasure wracked body is interrupted by a cold sensation on my ass. I float back towards reality, become aware of my surroundings, and realize that Gary is spreading lube on my ass. I feel Gary’s finger as it probes my asshole, slowly stretching it. I slow my hips and allow Gary to finish preparing my ass for the experience that I know is to come. I await Gary, my body trembling with anticipation on top of yours. We kiss once again and I feel your hand grabbing my ass once again, spreading my cheeks for Gary. I gasp into your mouth as I feel Gary’s lubed finger slowly slide through my sphincter into the depths of my ass.

I feel a second finger begin probing, attempting to join the first. I consciously will my ass to relax to allow it to enter. I groan as his thick finger slides into my ass, stretching me. I rock my hips back onto his fingers, driving them deeper until they are fully embedded. Gary twists his fingers, further stretching me as I concentrate on relaxing my sphincter. My hips begin to synchronize with the movement of his fingers in my ass. Once again the nexus is moving in my pussy.

I am once again lost in the sensations that surround and envelope me. The fingers filling my ass, the dildo moving in my pussy, driven by the insistent movement of our hips, the feel of your body against mine, our breasts pressed together, the sound of moans, the taste of your mouth against mine, and the smell of our arousal. My pleasure shrouds me once again and I allow myself to descend into its sweet embrace.

My immersion into pleasure is once again interrupted. I feel Gary’s fingers being slowly withdrawn from my ass. I feel him moving behind me and then the sensation of his spongy cock head against the ring of my anus. I once again am forced to concentrate on relaxing my ass, knowing that the thick girth of his cock will stretch me like his fingers are not able. I feel your hands once again spreading my ass for Gary. My heart beats wildly and my excited thoughts are filled with what is to come.

I will my anus to relax and push my hips back onto Gary’s cock. My ass expands around the bulge of the plum shaped cock head and it pops through the right ring of my anus. My ass is overwhelmed by the sweet mixture of pain and pleasure that always accompanies the return of Gary’s cock to my ass. I stop for a moment and let my ass adjust to the intrusion of his cock. Then with practiced ease we move together, my hips moving back, Gary’s moving forward. The girth of his cock slowly slides into the depths of my ass, filling me to the point where I don’t think I can take any more. We stop once again, allowing my ass to adjust to being filled. I’m overwhelmed by the sensations of having my ass stuffed and the dildo in my pussy. As always, I am amazed at my ability to take Gary’s thick cock in my ass. The combination of his cock and the dildo is even more amazing.

I have been so focused on escort bayan the Gary’s cock that I have almost forgotten about you. My eyes open and meet your own. Your smile meets my gaze.

“Nice and full?” you ask.

“Ohhh, you have no idea… so full. But now I need to be fucked,” I respond, my voice deep and lusty, almost a moan.

“I think we might be able to help you out there. What do you think Gary?”

“Now that sounds like a great idea,” Gary says, the first time he has spoken since we began.

“Yea, I think so too, besides this dildo is making me pretty hot and I need to do something about that,” you say, the lust evident in your own voice.

I begin to slowly thrust back on Gary’s cock buried in my ass while rocking my hips on the dildo in my pussy. I feel your hands slide off my ass, quickly replaced by Gary’s hand on my hips. He begins to gently pull back on my hips, allowing me to set the pace while still encouraging me to take his cock. The length of the strokes slowly increases as I become more accustomed to his cock in my ass. Your hands are not idle for long and I feel them embrace my breasts, your fingers spread out, massaging their full globes. The wicked sensation of your hands is enough for me to quickly slip back into the torpor of my semi-conscious passion trance.

Gary’s cock takes on a new life as he begins to take over the thrusting into my ass. The pace and length of his thrusts begin to build. Your hips quickly match their movements to my own and soon we find a mutually pleasurable synchronicity that is in harmony with Gary’s thrusts. As my pleasure mounts I find myself slipping into an altered state where I am no longer capable of conscious thought. My body simply reacts to the stimuli that are beginning to overwhelm me.

The pounding, persistent rhythm of Gary’s cock in my ass; the slight jiggle of my ass cheeks as his hips collide with them on his in-stroke; the more subtle movements of the nexus in my pussy as it spreads my labia and the tip massages my G-spot; the sensation of the nexus and Gary’s cock rubbing together, separated only by the thin later of tissue between my tunnels; the pressure of the dildo occasionally grazing its length across my engorged clit; the feel of my perspiration coated belly against you; and the feel of your fingers as they begin to pinch and pull on my nipples all blend into one giant ball of sensation. I absorb it all and allow it build inside me. I resist the almost primal pull towards a quick, less satisfying orgasm, preferring to rather allow the pleasure to build towards an explosion of ecstasy. All of these sensations are supplemented by the total eroticism of being sandwiched between my two ultimate lovers.

The start and stop nature of the early stages of our love making has teased me, allowed my pleasure to wax and wane. I am beyond that now and fully ready for this delicious experience to reach it final, all-consuming conclusion. A hunger, a need, has overtaken me. What little conscious thought that I am capable of is entirely focused on the fulfillment of that need. You and Gary still exist, and I am still concerned with your own pleasure, but I am also cognizant of the fact that that pleasure is channeled through my own. I act as a conduit for the two of you. I am serving as a pipeline of pleasure and its inevitable ecstatic release for both of you. Somehow my body serves to connect the three of us in a way that denies rational explanation. It is as if we three have joined into a single entity that is committed to reaching the same goal.

I somehow recognize the building keen of my own moans, groans, and cries. Mixed with my own sweet sounds of lust, I pick out your own. They too are building towards a crescendo and in a brief moment of clarity I realize that your own peak is approaching. The sound of Gary’s hips slapping against my ass and the wet slurping sound of the nexus sliding in and out of both of our pussies adds to the symphonic mixture. They act as a back drop, an overlay, a bass line to the sexual concerto that is being performed by our trio.

I once again am aware of the smell of our aroused pussies pervading the air, and something else, the musky odor of something so essentially male. Gary’s aroma mixes with our own and creates a heady mixture that is so purely sexual. A mixture that is so tangible that I feel escort bayanlar that I can almost taste it on my tongue. My eyes open and I see the look on your face, the look of passion, of lust, of driving need, of unfulfilled hunger.

All of these sights, sounds, smells, and sensations swirl together in my brain. I am unable to separate one from the other. They become a mélange of the senses. They fuel my passion like gasoline on a fire. The primal hunger for orgasm becomes a driving force, yet I am still able to hold it back, keep it restrained, controlled by pure force of will until I chose to set it free. It lurks hidden from view, just out of reach, like a crouching tiger in his lair, waiting to spring forth and erupt with seemingly unimaginable violence and intensity.

Of course I am not able to be so analytical about these observations at the time. My whole being is like one giant sponge that is simply filtering and absorbing this hodgepodge of sensations. My body is in motion and reacting to everything around it as if on autopilot.

Suddenly, through the haze of my passion filled reverie comes the shock of Gary’s hand striking my ass. His hands quickly set up a steady tattoo of slaps. The white heat and pleasure/pain of the spanking mixes with all the other sensations that overload my body. My concentration is broken and the control that I once had in keeping myself on the very precipice of orgasmic release is instantly shattered. I react by clenching down on Gary’s cock in my ass. My ass becomes a tight glove squeezing and massaging him. The rest of my body quivers as it goes through the beginning stages of my climax. You add to the cascade of sensations I am experiencing by tightly pinching my nipples. You know how that always adds to the intensity of my cums.

White hot bolts of pleasure explode through my body. I cry out, screaming my release. My words, if they are in fact words, are totally unintelligible, simply expressions of the joy and pleasure that is ripping through me. Seconds before my mind completely shuts down, I feel Gary’s cock swelling even further, quivering in my ass and I recognize that he is himself very close to filling my ass with his seed. I also feel your body shuddering beneath me, frantically driving the dildo deep into my pussy as well as your own. The familiar sounds of Gary’s climactic groans and your shrill cries of release peak with my own to form a crescendo. I feel the throbbing of Gary’s cock buried deep in my tightly clenched ass and then the first scalding hot blast of his cum.

That’s it, that’s all that I am able to absorb. My mind totally shuts down and succumbs to the streaks of fire that run wild through my brain. I ride the wave of my orgasm as it seemingly grows and grows, never breaking, never diminishing. I’m not sure whether it is the mother of all orgasms or a string of orgasms. I am totally incapable of any sort of recognition of anything except the pure red hot glow of the enormity of my climax.

At some point I think I may have passed out for a few seconds. When I regain consciousness my body is still quivering through a series of mini-orgasms, the aftershocks of the huge earthquake that had enveloped me. My loud cries of release is now replaced by mere whimpers and sighs as the clouds begin to clear inside my mind and I begin to once again become aware of my surroundings.

My body is aglow with that wonderful post-orgasmic aura. I open my eyes and am rewarded by your own contented smile. I also can hear your satisfied sighs and the heavier breathing of Gary behind me. I looked back over my shoulder and meet his eyes for the first time since this all began. He has that sweet smile on his face that is so typical of him after he has reached a large cum. I squeeze down on his wilting cock, trying to hold it inside for as long as possible. I feel the heat of our combined juices covering my pussy and thighs and I suddenly realize that I must have squirted heavily during my orgasm.

Finally Gary slides his cock from my ass and I feel the sudden emptiness that is so characteristic of the aftermath of anal sex. He rolls over beside us and his hands lightly caress us both. Moving slowly, I dismount the wonderful dildo that has served us both so well. As I settle in next to you on the bed I recognize the sensations in my body I know the tenderness I now feel will be replaced by soreness tomorrow. It was well worth it I think, a fitting reminder of the wonderful experience I have just shared with two wonderful people.

The End (for now)

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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