Up Shit Creek

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My friend Zachary and I have known each other since high school, and even ended up working in the same theatre instead of going to college. Rehearsals had been grueling; our latest play was a real doozy. “A Chorus Line” was not something we wanted to think about for a while. One day while on break, we accidentally sowed the seeds to a great adventure while commiserating.

“Damn, Breanne . This is insane. One more day of this kick-kick-turn shit and I might lose my mind.” he lamented. I agreed wholeheartedly. The routines were grueling, the director was cruel, and the choreographer was brainless as well as heartless. In the beginning, the director told us we would “sell our souls” to this production, and she didn’t lie!

“Too true. But just think: Friday it will all be over. Saturday we will officially be the owners of our souls again. We’ll be able to do whatever we want – whenever we want!”

“So what do you have planned for Saturday? Recovering at the pub?”

I wasn’t really sure, but it had been a while since I’d gotten laid…yeah, that would’ve been a good idea.

“I dunno, Zach.” I said indifferently. “What have you got in mind?”

“Well,” he had that devilish smirk on, for which Zach was famous for, “I’ve never been camping before.”

“Camping? With dirt and wolves and bears that try to eat you?”

“You’re probably more afraid of the dirt than being eaten by wolves and bears, you clean-freak.”

For this, I threw a nearby costume accessory at him. I was delighted to see it was a ballerina dress.

He threw it back at me with a mock-scowl.

“Seriously, we should try it. What have we got to lose? A few days without hot water? There are worse things. Who knows, we might even have fun. Besides, I could do with getting away from anything that is reminiscent of a theater for a while.”

I thought about it. It was true – how bad could it be? And besides, there are few people I’d rather spend a weekend with than Zach.

“Okay, Zach. Sure. But if I get eaten there will be hell to pay.”

Before I knew it, opening night turned into closing night and we were officially off the hook. Neither of us had ever been camping before, so we agreed to try it on our first day off. His family had a goat and sheep farm on some land that had a nice, big creek running through it. This surprised me because Zach is perhaps the least nature-y person I’ve ever met. I have to admit the idea of spending a few days in “away from it all” became more and more appealing the closer the date came. Finally it came and we sped down the dirt roads all the way there. This was new – we were true Urbanites, having grown up and been nurtured on concrete and asphalt. The only water we’d ever swam in was saturated with chlorine. But this? This was the way our ancestors lived, on algae-rich water and trees (and evidently, houses made out of whatever they could find). I tried not to think of the fact that most people who lived that way rarely lived past 20. The farm was quite small, having a couple pens and sheep grazing everywhere. There was a tiny shed tucked in the back of the property. This was where he was taking me.

“Zach? Is this shed going to be our house?”

“Well, yeah. Would you rather sleep under the stars or trees or whatever?”

“It’s small. And dirty.”

Yes, it was evident that this might be a little difficult.

Upon opening the tool shed on his farm, the first thing I noticed was the lack of light bulbs. That was rectified by coffee cans full of paper. The next was the lack of any sort of cot or futon or anything remotely close to a bed. We ended up covering the floor with several sheets and an armload of pillows. There was another interesting thing. I had never been this close to Zach before. I mean, we’d been backstage in dressing areas together, but this was different. We’d be practically sleeping on top of each other, it was so small in there. We unpacked the rest of our gear, which was a bottle of rum and a couple skillets and some matches. We could get everything else ourselves, right?

Once the shed was inhabitable, we set off on a short hike to the creek itself. The scenery on the way was beautiful, trees, sun, a couple of birds chirping, and plenty of nature to look at. Summer hadn’t killed all the trees and flowers yet. It was quite beautiful, really. Beautiful…speaking of beautiful…

I found myself actually staring at Zach. I hadn’t really noticed until now, but he really was a good-looking guy. Dark, nearly black hair cut off for this hot weather, sun-ripened skin…lean. Brown eyes, too. I never noticed those before. I felt the neglected space between my thighs burn just a little, but I didn’t want to do anything about it. No, not yet.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” He brought me out of my thoughts, and for good cause. In front of us was a little wooden sign bearing the words “Shit Creek”. The name was sex izle deceptive, this was quite possibly the most gorgeous place I’d ever seen. There was a waterfall, clear blue water, and several huge rocks dotting the surface. God, it was like heaven.

He dropped his bag on the shore and in one swift movement, swung off his shirt and left it there as well. I was a little bit stunned, he was looking better and better. The muscles in his back just begged to be touched. “Come on, ” he laughed. “It’s cool in there!” Nervously I started unbuttoning my shirt. I had a bikini on underneath, but still! It was completely different, it felt like undressing in front of a stranger.

A very handsome stranger who threw a fish at me.

He was right, the water was cool. I waded in until I couldn’t touch the bottom anymore, then released the stupid fish that had been launched in my general direction. I laid on my back, letting myself float a little. I only closed my eyes for a second, and he was gone. He resurfaced by the fall, letting it cascade over him and completely drench him. Shortly after, we sat on the bank and put together makeshift rods to catch a fish or with. I wasn’t about to go back to the shed on an empty stomach.

“So what do you think of it?” he asked, just making conversation. He’d done this before, as he already had his stick in the water waiting on another fish.

“It’s beautiful, ” I couldn’t get the worm on a hook to save my life, it kept rolling off. He reached over to pick it up off of me, and his hand brushed against my small breast. Right about then, I looked down and noticed that my nipples were hard as rocks and very visible, as one had popped out of my top. I blushed hard, and attempted to put it back covertly.

“I wondered when you were going to figure that out, ” he laughed a little, but I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not.

“You bastard! Why didn’t you tell me?” I pretended to be furious, but inside I was a tiny bit horny.

“Let’s just say I enjoyed the view.” He had that annoying, shit-eating grin again. Ooh, I wanted to hurt him.

He set my rod on the bank and poked my nose. No one gets away with that!

“Oh, it’s on, you asshole!” I pounced on him and shoved his head right into a puddle of sandy mud and gook. A struggle ensued. At one point, the motherfucker managed to unhook my top and threw it in the creek! He pinned my hands over my head and let me suffer like that.

“Oh God, I’m sorry,” I whimpered, trying to think of a way to cover myself. “Zach, pleeeeease let me go?”

“No, I think I like you here.” He had pushed me right into a giant hole full of mud and leaves, and that jerk was enjoying it.

“Pleeease? Please let me go?”

“Alright, fine. We need food for tonight anyway.” He smiled and released my hands. Before he got up, he stopped to pluck a chuck of grass from under my tit. Punk.

I didn’t catch jack shit in the way of fish, but I did find a pretty big crawfish and I managed to find my top again. The sun would be setting soon, so we figured it was time to head back to the house. I took another long glance at him: positively filthy, we both were. Sandy mud, grit, dirt, leaves, and something that smelled suspiciously like spoiled milk. I felt compulsed to point this out. No WAY was I going to sleep with that.

“Hey, uh, maybe we ought to wash up before we go home? We are a little pingy.”

“Oh yeah? Where the hell are we gonna get soap?” he did have a point.

But I had a better one.

“I brought some. It’s in your bag.”

It was true, I brought a couple bars of hotel soap with me. Some things just can’t be left to Mother Nature.

“You are the single most anal person I have ever met,” he joked.

I stood up and started stripping. Yes, I was on to him now. Two can play this game, I thought to myself. I faced away from him, peeling off layers until I had none left. I waded back out into the water, dunking my head in it and picking out the leaves. Strangely, he was still on the shore. “What’s the hold-up? Scared?” He looked a little distant. “No, just marveling,” he tossed the soap at me. While I was digging for it in the creek, he sneakily undressed and got in as well. “Damn, I didn’t see a thing,” I tried to sound humorous. And failed.

“Looking for this?” He held up the white bar triumphantly.

“Fucker,” I groaned.

He surprised me just then, he turned me around and eased my head back into the water.

“What the hell are you doing?” I trusted him, bit this was a little weird.

“Relax, Bree. Your hair’s filthy. I’m just doing you a favour.”

He raked his fingers through the nasty, matted mess on my head. The grime loosened out, and he leaned me back into the creek again. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant. After all, he was touching me and I was a sucker for anyone that would play with my hair. I always have been. When he alt yazılı porno was done, you could actually tell it was blonde.

“Thanks, Zach,” I could sort of see where this could be going…

“Now lean all the way back,” he set the soap down on a nearby rock and reached his lathered hands around me, spreading his palms out on my chest.

Right about then I lost the power to breathe correctly.

He gently rubbed away the grit and grime from me, stopping once in a while to mercilessly tease me by letting a thumb slide over my nipple or letting his hand drift a little low under the water. It was incredibly erotic, let me tell you. The scenery was perfect, and for the first time ever, I really felt like maybe he was perfect too. It really felt like we ventured back into the Garden of Eden. I let both the water and his hands flow over me without resistance. For the moment it was as if nothing existed beyond me, him and that river – nothing except our little watery universe of bliss. After minutes that seemed like lifetimes, my skin was finally as clean as it was back in civilization – except with the addition of that oh-so-pleasant warm flush creeping into every part of my body (every part of my body). Zach allowed me to get up, which was a lot harder with my legs feeling as weak as they were and that faint feeling that made me feel like I was spinning, and I noticed for the first time that Zach was embarrassed. He didn’t have that bravado demeanor anymore and that “I’m just teasing” attitude, I could tell that he was affected by what just happened as much as I was, although for him the outward signs were perhaps a little more obvious.

“Um…Bree…uh…” It was adorable. How he suddenly balked with his speech. Zach ALWAYS had something to say.

“It’s okay, Zach, really, there’s nothing wrong.” God yes, there was nothing wrong. Hell, everything felt right at this moment.

He looked a little relieved – and pleased?

Hesitantly I looked at him and I saw that same look I would have seen in my own eyes. That look that said, “I can’t believe I never realized how beautiful (he, I thought)/(she, he must of thought) is.”

The silence stretched on for a moment with just that look in our eyes repeating its speech over and over. I had to break the silence.

“Hey. It’s your turn, you know.”

The look of utter confusion on his face was almost comical – he had been a thousand light years away. Heck, it WAS comical. I laughed a little bit, which made him flush a little. God, I had never seen him so…shy? Lord, I never thought I would use THAT word to describe him!

That little laugh of mine brought him snapping back to the here and now in a second’s time. Realization dawned on him in good time and he nodded while handing the bar of soap to me.

Suddenly I realized the momentous task at hand – he was quite filthy. Covered with mud and grime and dirt and all manner of nasty things, but he still looked so beautiful. Damn him, how does he do that?

His hair was tangled mess of pine-straw and black hair – not to mention the occasional one of those damn seeds that always latch on to your clothes and take forever to find until you sit the wrong way and it stabs you right in the ass. Still, it felt good running my fingers through it and from the look of serenity upon Zach’s face I could guess he was enjoying it too. He mumbled something too soft for me to hear but I could tell by his tone said that he found this as sensual as I did, both when he was doing it to me and now as I was doing it for him. Finally his hair had returned to a semblance of cleanliness and I very hesitantly withdrew my hands from it. I laid a hand on his chest and could feel the tenseness rise up and then slowly ebb away as I began rubbing away at the dirt with soap and water.

I felt like I was being drawn in by him and I really did notice that I was slowly letting myself drift closer and closer to him. My hands moved like they had a mind of their own, running over his chest in a rhythm that matched both the beat of my heart and the sweet ache I felt between my legs.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a harpist I once saw at a fancy restaurant one opening night when we went out together, flowing her hands over the instrument until it seemed like she was summoning the music from nowhere and everywhere. It was so right. No other word for it. There are a hundred times in your life when you think this but every time it happens you think “THIS is what my life was meant for!” and you would swear it then and there.

I realized I was now right next to him and fell his arms wrapped around me. I buried my head in his chest and I ran my hands down his back, letting that soap fall to whatever fate awaited it downstream. It didn’t matter, nothing mattered outside of our new universe – our even smaller universe, our even more blissful altyazılı sex izle universe that only existed between our bodies.

I looked up at him and I saw those three words form in his eyes even before he spoke.

I love you, they said.

“I love you.” He said.

He lifted me up out of the water and kissed me. Oh God, how he kissed me! My mind and my body blazed with promises of pleasure and I screamed along with it in the demand for touch – I felt him. I felt him with my tongue, with my fingers, with my breasts and my teeth and my stomach and every fiber of my being.

We drifted, it seemed, to the water’s edge and I couldn’t tell whether he was pushing me down or I was pulling him down on top of me. Our lips embraced again in one those time-defying kisses and felt his hand drift down towards that blazing warmth. The very touch of his hand on my flesh sent shivers throughout my body and as he came closer and closer to that sweet ache my lips parted in a wordless moan of pleasure.

My eyes, closed in their bliss, widened as his fingers entered me. It felt wonderful, like a part of me I never knew was empty was being fulfilled to the brim and more. And when he found that sweet spot – that little purse of flesh, my insides raged in manic pleasure and savage lust. I thrust myself onto him, sending his hand deeper into myself yet still wanting him to never leave that little piece of heaven he had struck. His lips broke contact with mine and I felt that painful loss again. Thankfully I had not lost those lips for too long – they just found a new place that was just as sweet. My nipples, painfully hard, tingled sinfully as his tongue traced over them with deliberate slowness. All words had failed me a long time ago and I could only croon with delight as he did these wonderful things to me.

I couldn’t take it anymore, my body rocked with my desire and I couldn’t contain it any longer. I screamed – and as I screamed by body shook like a tremor as the orgasm gripped my entire body. For a moment everything went dim – even sound went low, nothing but my racing heart beating in my ears, and then everything slowly came back into focus. Again, I was gripped with the need to feel him, even beyond the sheer pleasure that was still coursing through me from his hand on that amazing little spot within me.

My nails dug into his back, my legs wrapped even tighter around him and my teeth sunk into his neck – all that mattered was the closeness – that I was as close to him as humanly possible. No one could hear us scream. Nothing was there but the trees and the waterfall. It didn’t bother him one bit, he was far more concentrated on something else than the scenery. He removed his hand from me and slid a finger to my lips. I tentatively nipped at it, still dizzy and slightly incoherent. He kneeled between my legs and hefted me up onto his thighs…and I saw it.

His cock was gorgeous. Not the most volumous in length, but abundant in girth, which was fine enough for me. At that point, though, I was unable to articulate just my level of need. “N-n-NOW!” Was about all I was able to string together, and I hoped he would understand that it meant more than just my immediate and forceful urge to achieve ecstasy. He didn’t hesitate, but plunged deep into me, and I couldn’t contain a sharp gasp. He held fast to my hips and steadily shoved into me and almost completely out, leaving me teetering on the edge more than once. It was more than I had ever felt for anyone before. I realized for the first time that this man is my best friend in the world and quite possibly the best lover I could hope for.

The world spun out of focus after a while. I felt him slide in deep and hard one last time, and completely release. He collapsed to the side of me, and I was quite sorry to have lost the warmth and fulfillment. Never mind that we were completely filthy again, covered with bits of sand and leaves…I crawled on top of him and rested against his chest. We laid there for what felt like forever, basking in the afterglow and watching a breeze whip through the trees.

“You’re unbelievable,” he breathed, flicking a leaf from my hair.

“So are you.”

“I think I love you,” he confided, sitting up and taking me with him.

“I’m pretty sure I love you too.” I wasn’t afraid to say it at all.

We rinsed off in the creek one more time, although it wasn’t nearly as awkward this time. I let him touch me and was well beyond pleased with our current situation. We redressed on the bank and collected our things, and headed back to the shed on the farm. Upon our return, we lit a fire and sat around it, watching the sun go down on the horizon and the fish (and the lone crawfish) sizzle on the fire.

For a whole two days, we didn’t leave the magical never-land of Shit Creek. It was a world of our own, away from the busy, stressful duty of A Chorus Line, away from the rent and away from everything that wasn’t important. Our bathe in the creek changed our whole relationship, and definitely changed our sex lives for the better. We must have made love over a dozen times that weekend, and I can safely say I’ll never forget it.

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