Uncle Henry Ch. 02

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There was some blood on the bed, so Henry pulled the sheets off and carried them to the washer. Mindy started to help him, but found she was still bleeding. She went into the bathroom and stayed there for twenty minutes. He heard her talking on her cell phone but couldn’t make out the words. He hoped she wasn’t bragging about her experience to anyone he knew. His sister Marcy would never look at him the same way again if she found out.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, the bed was made again and Henry was microwaving dinner. He offered her some of the meatloaf. To his surprise, she accepted.

“It was so different from the way I heard about it,” Mindy said, pulling out a chair and seating herself at the kitchen table. “My friends all say that boys just put it in and do it, you know, and then pull it out and it’s over. Some of them don’t even get it all the way in before they finish.”

Henry nodded. He had been one of those boys once.

“But you took your time and we actually talked while we were doing it.” Mindy was turning out to be quite the talker herself now that the deed was done and the pressure was off. “I guess you really are experienced, huh? It shows.”

Henry served her a plate of meatloaf and some vegetables and sat down across from her. “I didn’t do anything all that spectacular. Just your everyday missionary position. It’s probably the best way to lose your virginity, but there are lots of other ways to do it that you’ll be able to explore türkçe altyazılı porno with your new boyfriend.”

Her fork paused half way to her mouth. “I’m sorry I didn’t suck you. Diane says I should learn how to do that too.”

Henry imagined those supple young lips going down on his cock and sighed. “You better finish your dinner. It’s getting dark outside. I’ll give you a ride home.”

“You don’t want me to –“

“It’s not that. It’s already been a big day for you. You must be sore. Maybe it’s best if you rest a little bit. Besides, your parents must be wondering where you are.”

She swallowed the meat loaf. “You’re very considerate. Most boys wouldn’t care about that.”

He shrugged. “Like you said. I’m not a boy.”

“I was going to take the bus…”

Henry tried to recall who had the evening shift along Oakland tonight, but the schedule changed too much for him keep it all in his head. He didn’t want her on the same bus with anyone he knew. Probably it didn’t make any difference; she didn’t seem the type to blab and certainly not to a strange bus driver. But there was nothing wrong with being careful. “No, don’t worry. I’ll take you.”

“That’s very nice of you,” she said. “I knew from the moment I saw you at Diane’s party that you were a nice guy.”

Mindy did most of the talking as they drove north up I-95 toward Boca Raton. Henry calculated she would have had to change busses twice to arrive at xnxx her destination. That was too much to ask of a young woman at this time of night. She broke off from her monologue about her college plans as they approached her address.

“Pull over here,” she said.

They were still a few blocks away, but Henry figured she didn’t want to risk her parents or neighbors seeing her get out of a stranger’s car. He pulled over where she directed, next to a fenced playing field that was part of a city park. The field was empty and the lights were turned off. He wondered if she was going to try to kiss him good night.

“Could you turn off the lights and the engine?”

“Sure.” Henry hit the light switch and bowed his head to turn the key back in the ignition. When he looked up again, her face was close to his, brown eyes staring at him out of two puddles of shadow. Starlight illuminated her cheeks, two small half moons that wavered before him. She ran her tongue softly over her lips, then opened her mouth and took a big sigh. Her breasts pressed against her dress, heaving with the motion of her inhalation, dropping when she exhaled.

“I’m ready to do it now,” she said.

“Do what?”

She slid a hand over his thigh. The smooth gesture was full of confidence, with none of the clumsiness she had displayed earlier that evening. He felt his dick grow at her touch.

“Oh. That.” Henry might have chosen a different place for this lesson but on the other porno izle hand the car was probably as good a place as any to prepare her for her future dates. He remembered when his old Chevy was the only privacy available to him, and he was damned glad to have had it.

She grappled with his belt buckle, unfastened his pants, and dove into his underwear with one probing hand. She came up with an excited, hard, and throbbing piece of manhood. “How am I doing, teacher?” Her lips quirked in a way he was beginning to recognize as mischievous. Henry reflected that just as it sometimes took several repetitions of a song for the music to grow on you, it sometimes took several sexual acts before you could really appreciate the person you were with.

“You’re doing fi–” He could not finish his sentence. Her tongue on the underside of his shaft sent a warm electrical flow all throughout his body. She looked up at him and smiled, then closed her mouth around him.

Henry’s dick became his whole world, an internal wave of desire that smothered sensory input from anywhere else in his body. He grasped the back of her neck as she bobbed her head up and down, making little slurping noises as she twisted and turned experimentally. Henry’s buttocks tensed as Mindy got into a rhythm, and he found himself thrusting into her mouth.

He exploded. His body spasmed with the release of his ecstasy. He throbbed again and again, and lay there, gasping, as she pulled away.

“How did I do?” she asked.

“How do you think?” Still gasping, he handed her a paper towel from the roll he kept in the car. “You were great!”

She took the silk cloth from Henry’s hand and wiped her mouth with it. “Now I’ve had it in both ends.” She smiled. “I really am a woman today.”

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