Ultimate Resort: The Medical Ch. 01

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Chapter One: The Medical

I cannot be the only man who feels that one of life’s great joys is to watch a beautiful woman kneel before me, take my rampant cock in her mouth and proceed to worship it as her personal totem pole. God, if only all medicals were like that.

The way Nurse Patterson kissed my pride was disarmingly tender: not at all the clinical detachment I had expected. The way her soft lips enveloped it was a thing of pure bliss, stroking the whole length of my shaft as her head bobbed up and down on me, now slow, now urgent. The way that her teeth occasionally gripped me, threatening or teasing, brought me repeatedly to heart-stopping attention. And all the while her tongue, that wonderful, sweet rasp, worked its magic.

The pleasure of a blow job is as much psychological as physical; and it certainly helped that she was still wearing her nurse’s uniform, the half-open blouse giving me an enticing view of her breasts even as I watched my cock sliding in and out of that lovely mouth. Her long, blonde hair was tied up with the same sleek efficiency that had so misled me when we first met; and for a moment I toyed with the idea of freeing it, so that it would tumble down around her face and brush against my cock. But I decided against, not least because it gave me an uninterrupted view of something that was surely going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

As she rocked back on her heels to adjust her angle of attack, the white uniform skirt rode high up her long, toned legs, sending another surge of lust through my loins. Almost as if this had knocked her off balance, she rested one hand against my hip to steady herself and then pulled my cock down to forty-five degrees with the other. In that position she could get at me from every angle: and she certainly made full use of the opportunity.

In the glorious panoply of all the girls who’ve ever sucked me off, Nurse Patterson easily joins the Greats. The things that girl could do with her tongue were extraordinary: and when I cupped my hands around the back of her head and pressed her to take me deeper, she complied with the utmost professionalism. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so far down a woman’s throat without her being horizontal.

“I’m coming”, I cried at last, pulling back as fast as I could without scraping against her teeth.

She was on top of the situation in an instant, picking up the specimen jar and positioning my cock even as she continued to work the shaft one-handed.

“No,” I managed to gasp, “On your face first… and then in your mouth.”

In the circumstances it was rather an unreasonable demand but she nodded and put her lips back around my cock, sucking and swirling until I began to explode, whereupon she pulled her head back so that the first burst sprayed spectacularly across her face. She barely blinked, but promptly got the specimen jar in place over the end of my now spurting cock, milking me with her hand. Having collected enough, she displayed an exemplary grasp of her duty by returning at once to servicing her patient’s needs, neatly taking my cock back in her mouth even while putting the lid back on the jar. What impressed me most was the way that she screwed the lid tight whilst simultaneously taking the rest of my load down her throat, just as I had asked.

I’ve left out the sounds. I was bellowing like a bull, for it was the biggest download I’d had in weeks and it seemed to go on forever. Even Nurse Patterson seemed to be impressed: and she was clearly a woman who’d sampled a lot of spunk in her time.

Until then she had smiled only twice since I arrived for the medical that was obligatory for anyone entering the resort. Her greeting had been coolly professional at first, with just the merest hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth. It was a wide mouth, I noticed, set in a broad, open, Nordic face that was rendered stunning by high cheekbones and the bluest eyes.

She had in fact conducted the first tests with clinical detachment, although she seemed to brush up against me more often than strictly necessary; and once I’d undressed I thought I caught her stealing a couple of glances at me that were not altogether professional. When she explained the need for a semen sample and the way that she was going to obtain it, she did so in such an everyday tone that I scarcely grasped what was going to happen. Even when she unbuttoned her blouse and sank to her knees before me, it was all rather matter-of-fact. But when my cock sprang to its full length under her ministrations, she did finally pay me the compliment of bursting into a spontaneous smile and exclaiming, “Oh, my!”

The smile was still there when she put her lips around the head of my burgeoning member: and to my surprise she looked up at me and winked as she began to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. It was the first time I’d seen a girl wink at me as she did that and it’s not something that I’m likely to forget.

She was smiling again now. In fact she was licking anal yapan gaziantep escort the last of my cum from her lips, before opening her mouth to show me. “There!” she said, “All gone. And that was really a lot! Do you always cum so much?”

I particularly appreciated the fact that she still had a long pearl of cum in her hair. She didn’t seem to be aware of it and I saw no reason to point it out, so I grinned back and said, “No, well, I mean yes I guess so – but that was something else. I thought I was just coming in for a medical: I never dreamed I’d be getting a blow job from a gorgeous nurse, let alone one with skills like yours.”

“All part of the service, Mr Gordon. Now, I have to get this to the lab and fetch the results of your other tests. Will you be OK? Do you need anything? I’ll just be a couple of minutes.”

“No thanks, I’m absolutely fine. I just need to sit down for a bit.”

She skipped out the door with a flounce that confirmed one of my earlier suspicions: beneath her short uniform dress she was wearing white suspenders but no knickers. The discovery made me acutely conscious that far from going down, my cock was still half at attention. I knew exactly what further service I needed from Nurse Patterson when she returned.

To my surprise, when she came back it was with a colleague in tow. This girl was clearly from the Indian subcontinent and barely came up to Nurse Patterson’s shoulders: but there was nothing inferior about her face or figure. I knew a moment’s embarrassment at being naked and erect but they were both all business.

“You’re all clear, Mr Gordon. We’ve still got your semen sample to analyse but you don’t need that to enter the resort and we’ve got the OK on the bloods and urine.” As she said it, she nodded to her companion. “This is Nurse Shah. She’ll be taking care of you for the final set of tests. Don’t worry, she’s one of our most experienced nurses. Muna is an expert at handling our fittest patients, aren’t you, Muna?”

The dusky brunette gave a knowing smile, running her eyes up and down me from head to toe, pausing mid-way before commenting to her colleague, “Nice six-pack and abs… and looks like he won’t need much prepping.” Then she returned her gaze to eye level and said, in a pleasantly lilting voice, “We are needing to measure your fitness now Sir, especially your heart rate and blood pressure when you’re working out at full throttle, if you are knowing what I am meaning?”

“Well, I…”

Nurse Shah looked down at her clipboard, then cut me off before I could continue. “From what it is saying on your application form Sir, and from the fine shape you are in, you are probably going to be having a lot of girls while you are at the resort. The most important thing now is for us to check that your vital signs are not going too high while you’re in the saddle and that they are returning to a normal level quickly afterwards. We also want to get an idea of your stamina, so that we can help you not to hold back unnecessarily but also not to be overdoing it. And I am sure you will find it helpful if we know how quickly you can get it up again, so you can be fulfilling your absolute peak potential.”

“Wow. How are you going to do all that?”

“Our normal procedure, Sir, is to put you through your paces with two girls, one after the other in quite a quick succession. Specifically, we are aiming to be doing this until you can’t cum anymore. You’ll be wearing monitors the whole time but don’t worry, they are designed not to get in the way and we are used to working with them. Plus we will be stopping periodically to run some checks and give you time to recover. I hope you are finding all that OK, Sir?”

“OK? God, yes. Absolutely. But you said, two girls?”

“Yes, Sir. Just having sex with one girl would probably not be sufficient to push your limits. We are usually finding that it is more efficient to tag-team with you? That way we can make sure that you are getting the maximum stimulation. It is also making it easier for one of us to record your vital signs while the other one is having sex with you.”

I’m not often rendered speechless but that did it. For a moment I stood there dumbly, taking in the extraordinary sight of these two stunning young nurses, the one tall and blonde and athletic, the other dark and sultry and voluptuous. When I did manage to speak, what came out was barely coherent.

“You mean, I have to shag you both?”

For a moment Nurse Shah showed a flicker of doubt. “Yes, Sir, I have been assigned on our rota to have sex with you first and then Nurse Patterson will join us later. But I am hoping that is alright? We do have other nurses on duty, if you’d rather have sex with someone else.”

“Oh, no, that’s absolutely fine. In fact it’s absolutely wonderful. You’re both gorgeous. But, um…”


“I don’t mean to be rude… but is there any reason I can’t go with Nurse Patterson first? anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan I mean, you’re stunning, I absolutely want to do it with you… but look, you can see how turned on she’s got me and I was really hoping to carry on from where we left off.”

To my relief they both laughed.

“Don’t worry, Mr Gordon,” my preferred partner reassured me. “It’s just that I have to take care of another guest first, you see?” She flashed a clipboard in front of me, giving me just enough time to see her name and mine, followed by a string of abbreviations. Then she gave a kind of sigh and concluded, “I’m on BJs today.”

“Anna is the BJ Queen,” Nurse Shah interjected. “We are all giving good head but she is the star – as I am thinking you have already noticed.”

“God yes, that she is. But how many other men are you… taking care of today?”

Nurse Patterson brightened visibly. “Only six today and you’re the fourth. But I don’t have to shag anyone today, just take their samples. And if I don’t fancy them I can probably get away with just a hand job. I should be finished in an hour, so by the time you’ve given Muna a good seeing to, I’ll be ready to join you.”

“Busy girl.”

“I know: but I do like it. Especially when they taste as nice as you.” In case I was in any doubt about that, she bent down and planted a surprise kiss on the end of my cock, which turned into a tongue-swirling, bobbing up-and-down that brought me right back to raging hardness.

“There. All ready for Nurse Shah. Now, let’s get you fixed up with the monitors and you can get stuck right in.”

It took about five minutes of fiddling to get the sensors in place, each one attached with a suction pad and trailing a wire that struck me as highly inconvenient. But the girls obviously knew exactly what they were doing and I put myself willingly in their capable hands. I did, however, use the time to express the astonishment that had been mounting in me ever since the statuesque blonde girl had politely asked my permission to suck me off.

“I never realised the medical was going to involve anything like this. I thought it was just going to be a test for STDs.”

“Most of our guests think that,” agreed Nurse Patterson, reaching across my shoulder to attach another monitor. Just the scent of her was enough to keep me rock hard. “But besides making sure that you’re not carrying any infections, we have to make sure that you’re not going to keel over on us, don’t we?”

“Yes, I guess that would give the resort a bit of a bad reputation. It doesn’t entirely explain that amazing blow job, though. Not that I’m complaining.”

She paused, straightening up and almost absently reaching out with her hand to give my cock an affectionate stroke. “It’s sort of a perk. All the girls employed at the resort are under contract to provide certain services: but the extras are up to us.”

“So that wasn’t strictly necessary?”

For answer, Nurse Patterson gave my cock a playful tweak and said, “Everyone likes to play doctors and nurses, don’t they?”

“Wow, thank you, I’m seriously flattered. But this next bit really is about making sure everyone’s fit to enter the resort, right?”

“Oh yes: and although it’s part of both our job descriptions, we rotate our duties every day. Nurse Shah is our lead jockey today, I’m just helping out with the ones who need to be taken for a full gallop.”

“There, all done.” Nurse Shah had no sooner got the last sensor in place than she turned to me and said, “So, excuse me, Sir: but would you like me in my uniform or in the buff?”

“What are you wearing underneath?”

“Today I am wearing only a thong and a push up bra that is undoing at the front.”

“Then I’d like you to lose the thong and let me take off your bra when I’m ready. But can you please undo your uniform to the waist and leave your shoes on for now?”

She did as bid, wiggling her bottom as she slipped the thong down and then kicking it off into a corner. Her companion laughed and said, “I’ll leave you to it, then. Have a great time, Mr Gordon. I’ll see you later.”

It’s a measure of how gorgeous Nurse Shah was that I could barely tear my eyes away to say goodbye to Nurse Patterson, who I’d been bursting to shag just moments before. As the door closed, my dusky companion gestured to the examination couch and said, “How would you like to be having me, Sir? We can do it any way you like but I will be needing you to shag me really hard at some point, for as long as you can, so that we can get a good set of measurements.”

“Oh don’t worry: we’re going off the scale.”

And we did.

But we started nice and slow.

I think I must have kissed, licked and nibbled just about every millimetre of Nurse Shah before I got down to the last few centimetres between her thighs; and by the time I reached them they were hot and wet as a tropical storm. I loved everything about her: escort gaziantep anal yapan the pneumatic softness of those luscious breasts; the velvet texture of her skin, the way her big dark nipples rose and stiffened as I held them between my teeth and flicked them with my tongue; the pleasing little sighs she gave as I caressed her; and above all the delicious spicy smell of her that filled my nostrils even before I buried my nose in the tight black curls above her pussy. She wasn’t just Pakistani, she actually smelt like a hot, sweet curry.

When I finally raked my tongue along the length of her pussy lips and started on her clitoris she groaned and then cried out, “Oh Sir, yes, please, I am liking that very much. Please be doing it just like that. Oh shit, yes… oh, fuck!”

Either she was really enjoying it or she was really good at pretending and I have to admit that I didn’t much care which. Judging by the way she wrapped her legs tight around me, clutched my hair with her fingers and kept up a steady stream of profanity as I licked and nibbled, I’d say it was probably the former. That seemed to be confirmed when she suddenly shouted, “Oh Sir, please, for fuck’s sake fuck me!”

I was only too ready to oblige. Pulling her legs up over my shoulders, I quickly positioned my cock at the entrance to paradise, leaned forwards and let my weight drive me straight into her. There was a moment of exquisite resistance as the head of my cock forced her passage but it was more a welcoming caress than an obstruction and in one continuous movement I thrust into her so deep and fast that my balls bounced against her arse. We both gasped and I saw her eyes actually bulge as she absorbed that first, uncompromising charge.

For a moment I hung there, my weight resting on her thighs and my cock deep inside her, staring at each other in a kind of dazed delight. As we did so I became conscious that the monitor to one side of the couch was making a rapid pinging sound and I realised that it was measuring my heart rate. Glancing over, I could even see my vital signs going up and down on a graphic display. It was so incongruous that I almost laughed.

“You want me to really make that thing hum, right?”

“Yes, please, Sir.”

“Well before I get started, allow me to say that you have the softest, most welcoming pussy and that I am going to give you one of the hardest poundings you’ve ever had in your life.”

“Thank you, Sir. I think that I will be liking that very much.”

She grinned as she said it but I soon put a very different kind of enjoyment on her face: and my lovely little Pakistani nurse totally repaid the service. She had one of those pussies that moulds itself to your cock so perfectly that it feels as if Venus herself must have measured and made it just for you. She was soft and wet but not too soft or too wet, giving just enough friction to excite but not so much as to send me prematurely over the edge. I thanked God that Nurse Patterson had already relieved me of my first load, because I stayed close to ecstasy for a long time.

The monitors got very active and I actually laughed even as I was fucking her, a thing I very rarely do. I loved the way her beautiful big breasts bounced and the way her abdomen rose and pushed back at me even as I was pounding into her. The gasps and moans coming out of her mouth were something to hear and all the while those monitors reflected our frantic tempo. There was a clock on the wall and by the time it showed me that twenty minutes had passed I was soaked in sweat and my vision was starting to blur. Then at last the orgasm racked through me, causing me to cry out in glorious release as I came into her like it was the end of all things.

“Oh fuck,” was all I could blurt out as I collapsed on top of her, heart close to bursting, chest heaving, utterly spent. Her body welcomed me with infinite softness, warm and damp and fragrant. I lay on her with no sense of the passage of time, until the monitor confirmed that my vital signs were back to normal.

At some point after that Nurse Shah stopped stroking my hair and instead tapped my shoulder to indicate that I should let her up.

“That was very impressive, Sir,” she said with apparent sincerity. “You managed to keep going flat out for twenty minutes and your vitals never even went into the red. And look, they are almost back down to normal already.”

I confess to feeling a bit deflated that she seemed more impressed with my fitness than with how well I’d fucked her: but the disappointment was only fleeting because I’d loved every minute of it. Still, I wanted the same reassurance that everyone does after sex with a stranger.

“I’m sorry I didn’t make you come. I guess I was too focused on hammering away like you asked.”

“Oh, please don’t worry about that, Sir. I really enjoyed it: you have a lovely big cock and I am very much liking being fucked hard and fast like that. Besides, there is plenty of time for me to reach an orgasm when we do it again. Also we can go slower next time, if it pleases you?”

“That a relief. I’m not sure I could go all-out like that again. Not for awhile at least.” I paused, taking my time to appreciate the beauty that I had enjoyed so wantonly. “I really want to love you tenderly and make sure that you have all the pleasure you deserve. You have such a lovely body and I want to take the time for us both to enjoy each other completely.”

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