Two Nights with My Daddy Ch. 03

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All characters depicted are eighteen or above.

Like myself, Carla had left school to pursue a career as a whore. She and her mother, Lydia, provided a much appreciated service, for an elite clientele.

They were both stunning, both incredibly sexy, and above all, filthy.

They could afford to be selective. Their client base consisted of attractive single men and women, though mainly, married couples.

Not long after she had had her first paid fuck, Carla’s mother would organise a gathering. Carla would be introduced to a mixed group of extremely rich, and privileged people. They weren’t just rich, they were super rich. They were also very attractive. Lydia vetted all her customers. Her research was very thorough. Photographs were sent, along with proof of identity. Videos were exchanged between her, and her potential clients, prior to their first visit.

She would assert the rules of the house, they in return, would accept her conditions.

This ensured mutual trust. She was totally discreet, and never talked about her customers. She ran a straight business, and paid her taxes.

She didn’t give a fuck about what the neighbours thought.

The rules were simple. Phones had to be handed in on arrival. Absolutely no violence, except corporal punishment. There was no bondage, there were no whips, or any other instruments of pain. Apart from that, anything was permissible.

Lydia and Carla lived in an affluent neighbourhood. Lydia had done very well with her divorce settlement, and had since, made a small fortune, selling her services.

Carla was now taking twenty five percent, she was more than happy. Before the gathering, she would be expected to hone her skills.

Lydia put Carla through a “training period.”

It soon became well known among their client base that her eighteen year old karataş escort daughter had become part of the package. Everyone wanted to try out the new girl.

Three nights after her initiation, Carla’s mother said she would be visited in her room, by a husband and wife. She was to pretend she had no idea why they were there, but obviously do as she was asked.

That evening Carla had laid on her bed. As always, she was wearing her mother’s frilly underwear. It was a black pair. She had watched her mother being fucked in them two nights before. They smelled of wet pussy, in fact, her whole room did. She had left her bedroom door open. She heard the couple coming up the stairs. They entered the room, and looked at her. The gorgeous brunette licked her lips.

“Hello,” said Carla.

“Are you looking for the bathroom?”

“We’ve found what we’re looking for,” said the woman.

She had a beautiful floral dress on, and red heels. Everything about her said “spoiled bitch.” Carla was already horny, she wanted so much, to be used.

“My husband is here to fuck you, and I’m here to make sure you do a good job.”

“Does Mummy know you’re here?”

“You’re mother told us you were a whore, and we could do whatever we wanted to you. She’s having a glass of Champagne, and will be joining us shortly.”

“My mummy likes me to be naughty. Do you want me to be naughty?”

“We want you to be very naughty.”

“Can I say dirty things?”

“Of course dear.”

“Would you like to smell my cunt?”

The woman smiled.

“We can smell it from here, can’t we Darling?”

Her husband moved towards Carla and nuzzled his face against her black panties, as she opened her legs.

Carla stroked the back of his head, as his wife looked on.

He licked her karataş escort bayan thighs, savoring the aroma. After a minute the woman spoke.

“Now, you may kiss me.”

Carla stood up, walked towards her, and began a long, wet kiss.

She gasped as the beautiful lady slid two fingers into her.

“She’s got such a tight cunt, Darling. You’re going to love fucking her.”

Carla was loving being finger fucked.

“Would you like me to do it to you?” she whispered.

The woman took Carla’s hand and pulled it up her beautiful dress.

They locked into an almost frenzied kiss, as Carla too, slid her fingers in.

The man watched as his forty three year old wife, and the eighteen year old girl, fingered each other to orgasm. They both came at almost the same time.

They pulled away, breathlessly.

“Now. Lie on the bed.”

Carla climbed on the bed, and laid back.

“You are now going to suck my husbands cock.”

By now, the man was naked. His hard cock was over Carla’s mouth. He rubbed it in her face, and hair. She pulled it gently to her mouth, and began licking the shaft, and the tip.

His wife knelt on the bed, pulled off Carla’s panties, and began licking her drenched pussy. She raised her head. Her face was glistening with warm juice.

“Fuck the whore’s mouth Darling.”

Her husband did just that, while she brought Carla to another squirting orgasm.

It was at this point, that her mother entered the room.

She lifted the woman’s dress, and pulled her panties to her knees. She slid her finger into her pussy, and licked her arse. The woman gasped. Lydia then watched as her daughter was being licked, and mouth fucked, moving her finger in and out of the woman’s cunt. The wife came. Lydia withdrew her fingers and escort karataş pushed them gently, into the woman’s mouth. She greedily sucked Lydia’s soaking fingers.

“It’s time to fuck the slut, Darling.”

Her husband pulled his stiff cock out of Carla’s mouth.

“Oh Mummy! Is he going to stick it in my pussy?”

“Yes Darling. You must do exactly what the nice lady and gentleman say.”

She stepped back and allowed the wife to climb off the bed. They locked in a dirty kiss as the husband moved over Carla, and rammed his cock, hard into her.

The ladies stood over the bed. Lydia was behind the wife. She began, once again, finger fucking her, as they both watched her husband fucking her daughter.

“Oh Mummy! His cock’s so big. He’s hurting me!”

She was loving it.

“Just be a good girl, and let the man enjoy himself.”

They were both, clearly, enjoying it. So was his wife.

She was close to another orgasm, as Lydia moved her fingers, in and out, of her. She shouted breathlessly,

“Go on Darling! Fuck the dirty whore!”

Carla came, the husband was very close.

“Come all over her Darling!”

He grunted, and spurted his cum all over Carla. He was breathless. After a while he stood up, and pushed his cock into her mouth. She licked him clean, whilst his wife licked the sperm off her tits, and belly. Lydia had kept her fingers moving. The wife came, then she, and Lydia, swapped her husband’s cum, in a filthy, wet kiss.

The wife pulled up her panties, and left the room. The husband dressed. Carla was still lying on the bed, wearing only her frilly bra and heels. Her legs were slightly apart. Her pussy was gleaming.

The man leaned towards her, and whispered something in her ear. Carla smiled and whispered something back. The man left the room.

Lydia looked down on her freshly fucked daughter.

“You did well, Darling. What did you two whisper about?”

Carla smiled.

“He said that next time, he wanted to fuck my arse.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told him I’d have the oil ready.”

Lydia liked that.

“I think this is going to work out very well, don’t you?”

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