Turn the Tables Ch. 03

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My name is Katherine, Kat for short. I am the star and CEO of one of the most popular pay-for-view porn websites on the internet. My husband Jimmy started it without my knowledge. That story is told in Chapter 1. I took it over 9 months ago and made many changes. I employ a full time film crew and have used 6 different actors in our videos. We update the site about once a week with either pictures or videos. My assistant Carla really runs the show and I couldn’t have done this without her. I have let my husband Jimmy hang around. He actually does a pretty good job in recruiting talent. He is the one that found Steve, who has become my main partner on screen and is a very important part of my life.

It’s a Monday morning and I am in my office doing some work. I am doing some research on the requests of members of my site and thinking about expansion plans. When I run the numbers on the most popular requests I sigh and realize I need to get Jimmy in here to discuss this. I call him on his cell and tell him I want him here within the hour.

Soon there is a knock at my office door and Jimmy comes in. I tell him to close the door and to sit down. I can tell he’s a little nervous. Since I busted him for filming me illegally I have kept him on edge.

I start by saying, “Jimmy, first off I want to tell you that you have done a really good job in finding the right kind of people for my site. You found me Steve and I imagine you know how much I enjoy fucking him and how much he means to me. I have been doing some research into membership requests. I think I am going add a new feature to the site. A Gold Level membership, kind of a VIP area. There will be an additional charge of course, but Gold Level Members will be able to have their requests for plot lines given priority treatment. They will get to view them first before they are posted to the general site.”

He said, “I think that’s a great idea Kat.”

I said, “Well that’s were you come in Jimmy. The number one request, so far, and I am sure it will be the same on the Gold Level is for me to have sex with a black guy. I want to film this soon and I need you to find me the right one. I think by now you know what I am looking for. If you find me the right one and we make a quality video I might let you fulfill the second highest request from the membership.”

He had a slightly confused look on his face and said, “What would that request be?”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly and explained. “Jimmy, when you first started this site it appears many of our long time subscribers became fans of yours. Apparently they are asking where have you been. They miss the old times. The second highest request is for me to let you fuck me again.”

I let that sink in for a moment. I waited for him to say something but he didn’t.

I said finally, “I want you to understand that if I allow this to happen there are strict conditions. First, this will be a business decision, there will be nothing personal or emotional about it. Second, this is contingent on you finding me a black stud that will make a great film. Third, I will have Carla write a script for us and you must follow it precisely or else. Do you understand this and can you adhere to these conditions?”

I think I stunned him. He sat there with a far off look, but finally said, “Yes Kat, I’ll do whatever you ask.”

I said, “Good, you better. Now go on and get to work.”

When he left I turned my chair around and stared out the window. I knew both of these decisions might change my relationship with Steve. What was that relationship? How would he react to me having sex on screen with a black guy and then my husband too. I decided to talk to him about it and I called him, inviting him over for dinner tonight. I then called Carla and told her of my discussion with Jimmy and my ideas for the plot lines. She didn’t question me and said she would get right on it.

Steve came over for a nice leisurely dinner. It was just the two of us. After dinner we went out on the pool deck. It was a beautiful evening. It was cool so he lit a fire in the firepit. We sat next to each other on the divan. I tried to think of a way to start the conversation. I turned to him and started by telling him how much he meant to me. He smiled and said he felt the same way. I told him it was because of that I felt I needed to explain my plans on fulfilling the members requests. I explained in detail what they wanted.

When I was done I said, “Steve, honey, if you don’t want me to do either one of these I won’t. I don’t want to lose you over something like this.”

He smiled and said, “Kat I am the luckiest guy in the world to have met someone like you. I care about you very much and don’t worry you won’t lose me. I know the difference between business and pleasure. I’ll be fine, I think these are wise business decisions. You have a lot of people depending on you and this company. You have done some much for all of us.”

He hugged me close and I felt gerçek porno so safe in his arms. Later I went inside and got a big blanket. We got naked under it and made love on the pool deck under the stars in front of the fire.

A couple of days later Carla and I were in my office when Jimmy called and said he was bringing a prospect over. Soon there was a knock on my office door and Jimmy came in and introduced us to Troy. Troy was a young handsome black guy. He was about 6′ 2″ and looked very fit. His skin was very dark and he was clean shaven, even his head. I thanked Jimmy and told him that we would take things from here. I came around my desk to introduce myself to Troy.

I extended my hand and said, “Hi Troy I’m Kat and this is Carla.”

His hands were large and powerful but he shook my small hand gently. I asked him to sit down and I moved back behind my desk. I confirmed with him that Jimmy had told him what we did here and what we were looking for. He was 28 and single. He had played college football and many thought he would be a star in the NFL. He was a running back and during his senior year after a hard hit, it was discovered that he had cracked a vertebra in his neck. It heal up fine but doctors felt another hit could paralyze him so his career was over. He was, unlike a lot of college players, a good student. He graduated with honors with a degree in Construction Management. He was working with a local contractor as a site manager. He felt he was under paid and that’s why he was interested in this for the extra money. I told him how much he could make per shoot with a bonus for increasing membership and he smiled.

I asked, “Troy what kind of women do you date? Do you date white women often?”

He said, “I have, but most of them either get scared or say they can’t take it.”

“Take what?” I asked.

“My cock,” he said. “It’s on the large size”

I turned and looked at Carla and she looked at me and smiled.

I said, “Tell you what Troy why don’t you stand up and get undressed for us.”

He smiled and stood up. He removed his shirt first. He had large biceps and wide shoulders. His chest was well defined as were his tight abs. He still had the small waist of an athlete. His dark skin made it easy to see his well defined muscles. I swallowed hard as he started to unbutton his pants. He let them fall to the floor and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Before me was one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. Without saying a word I got up from behind my desk and stood in front of him.

I reached out for it but asked, “Can I touch it please?”

He said, “Sure, be my guest.”

It was semi hard and I wrapped my hand around it just behind the bulbous head. From how far my hand reached around it I could tell he was about the same thickness or slightly thicker then Steve so I knew I could take it. He was longer though, about as long as Alex. That might be an issue but I thought to myself I could deal with that. I hefted the weight of it for a moment longer then reluctantly let it go.

“Thank you Troy you can get dressed now.” I said smiling at him.

I moved back around behind my desk as he got dressed and sat back down.

I said, “Troy I think we can use your talents. Would you have any problem having sex with me on camera?”

“No” he said. “I would really enjoy that.”

I turned to Carla and said, “Parcel Delivery Guy Script.”

She nodded smiling and made some notes. She looked up at Troy and said, “Is tomorrow afternoon OK with you Troy?”

He said, “Sure”.

Carla said, “Be here around noon to sign the contracts and have a walk through. We will start filming around 2 PM.”

He thanked us and said he would see us tomorrow. When he left Carla and I worked out the details of the script. After dinner that night I had a couple of glasses of wine to help me sleep. I was a little nervous about tomorrow. It was my first time to have sex with a black guy. His cock was a monster but I really thought I could take it. I was also worried about Steve even though he said he was cool with it. I finally fell asleep around midnight.

I slept late because I knew I would probably need my energy. I took a shower and laid out what I was going to wear. It was a warm sunny day so the plan was for Troy to be dressed as a parcel delivery guy, you know in one of those cute brown uniforms with shorts. I was going to be laying out by the pool in a bikini. When I hear the door bell I will answer it and after Troy sees my hot bod he will come inside and we will progress from there.

I put on a black string bikini and wrapped my big robe around me. I didn’t want Troy to see me until he opened the door in the first scene. I went downstairs and everyone was there. Sally was measuring Troy for his uniform and Jimmy was giving him some last minute instructions. He did have a lot invested in Troy’s success. Carla was running the show as always and she gave me a hug as I got gay porno a protein shake out of the refrigerator. It was Friday afternoon and Steve was in class. I thought it would be best if he wasn’t here. We were going to use 2 cameras for this shoot. One was positioned out on the pool deck where I would start and the other was near the front door and would move into the den with us. Carla reviewed the scene details and dialog with Troy and I and we walked through the script.

While Troy was changing into his uniform I went out on the pool deck with Carla. Looking around I decide to make a change in the script. I whispered this to Carla and she agreed. We were just about ready and Carla asked for everyone to take their places. Sally announced that Troy was in position on the porch at the front door. I dropped my robe and instead of laying down in my bikini, I took it off. I decided to sunbath in the nude. I would apply a generous amount of oil to my body and lay out like that. I oiled up my front with the sweet smelling coconut oil while Carla did my back and butt. I laid down on the pool lounge with my only my sunglasses on. Carla called for quiet on the set and then said “Action.”

The cameraman panned down my naked body glistening in the warm sun. I hadn’t had much time lately to tan so my skin was a very light color. It would be a dramatic contrast to Troy’s deep dark black skin. I had been working out a lot lately with my personal trainer. I had really tightened up my abs and my legs were becoming more defined and muscular from running and the stairclimber. Of course my big tits were my best feature. When I was on my back they would roll to the sides like normal ones do instead of sticking straight up like the fake ones. After a couple of minutes of showcasing my body I heard the doorbell ring.

I got up off the lounge and wrapped a towel around me tucking it in at my cleavage. It barely covered my ass. I walked through the house and the camera near the door picked me up. I opened the door and there stood Troy in his cute uniform. He was holding a fake package and a clipboard.

I smiled at him and said, “Yes?”

He responded, “Delivery for you Ma’am, can you please sign here?”

As he handed me the clipboard and the pen I dropped the pen on purpose. I bent down to pick it up and when I stood back up the towel I was wearing came un-tucked from my cleavage and fell off. Troy’s eyes got wide and his mouth dropped open. His eyes roamed over my naked body taking it all in. I could see the large bulge in his shorts start to grow.

Staring at it I said, “Why don’t you bring that package of yours inside.”

We set the stuff down on a table in the entryway. I closed the front door and led Troy into the den where the main shoot would take place. As his big hands started to explore my naked white body I un-tucked and removed his uniform shirt. He was massaging and squeezing my big breasts as I unbuckled his shorts. He kicked off his shoes and I let his shorts drop to the floor. Again he wasn’t wearing underwear and his big cock was instantly exposed. Exposed and very erect. I heard a couple of faint gasps from the crew. I had only seen it semi erect yesterday and now it seemed a lot larger. Maybe I had misjudged my ability to take it. He pulled me close and my oily body rubbed up against his. The oil made his dark skin glisten and shine. He was kissing me exploring my mouth with his tongue. Squeezing my ass and pressing my pussy against his erection. I was really getting worked up and I made the decision to go forward.

I broke our kiss and moved over to the big round ottoman. I climbed up on it on my hands and knees with my ass facing him. We were going to get right to the fucking. He walked up behind me and put one large black hand on my white ass. He used the other to guide his monster cockhead to my entrance. I was leaking juice as he was leaking precum too. He rubbed his glans across my entrance a few time as Fritz moved the camera in. He pressed forward and started to split my lips apart. I thought I was going to split in two it was so big. He worked it around some lubing it up. I changed the angle of my hips trying to help.

As I pressed back into him I groaned out, “Oh fuck, it’s so big.”

Time was money in this business so I was determined to get it in. He held it against me and I pushed back on it. I slowly opened up and the head went in. I stopped to catch my breath then gritted my teeth and pushed some more inserting about 4 inches more. I couldn’t believe I was almost worn out and he wasn’t halfway in yet. He grabbed my hips with both his hands and tightening his ass muscles pushed forward. More and more of it kept sliding in until he hit bottom, pressed firmly up against my cervix. His cock was touching every square inch of my pussy and still had 2 inches left to go.

Luckily he was giving me time to adjust before he started stroking. He had to hold onto my hips because when he started to pull evli porno out my pussy didn’t want to let go of his cock. He started with short strokes maybe an inch back and forth. I was breathing hard and sweating. I had my eyes closed concentrating on loosing up. The contrast between his dark black skin and my whiteness must have been very erotic to see. I was making progress in adapting to his size. I could see why some women would say they couldn’t take his cock. He was withdrawing about half his length on each stroke now and would press all the way in mashing my cervix each time. It was such a tight fit but it was becoming easier to take his size. I knew the friction of my cunt walls on his cock must be driving him crazy.

Carla was timing things and I knew she was worried about me. She let us go to the 10 minute mark in this position and then yelled “Cut”. He slowly withdrew his cock from me and stepped back. I collapsed forward on the ottoman.

“Oh my God your cock is amazing Troy. I wasn’t sure it would fit or that I could take it. Someone please give me some water.”

Sally gave us both some and we drank it down. As we took a breather Sally helped stroke Troy’s cock to keep it hard.

Carla came over to me and asked, “Are you OK? We can stop now if you need to?”

“Hell no” I said. “I’m going to see this to the finish.

Carla said, “OK spread your legs for me I have something that will help.”

I did as she asked she squeezed some lube on her fingers and shoved two of them up inside my pussy. This shocked me a little as she moved them around inside spreading the lube. She pulled them out and then bent down and kissed me right on the lips and said, “Be careful.”

I just nodded unsure of what all that meant.

We were ready to resume the shoot as Carla gave her reset instructions. “Kat get back up on your hands and knees. Troy get back inside her and stroke a few times. I want you then to pull out and flip her over on her back and go to position two. Kat have you decided where you want him to cum yet?”

I shook my head and said, “No, I will see how things go. Troy if you fell like your going to cum please let us know OK.”

He nodded and Sally let go of his still very erect cock. I got up on my hands and knees and he moved back behind me. He pressed his glans against my entrance and pressed forward. I guess Carla’s lube helped because he was slowly able to slide it in until he bottomed out. He still had two inched of cock that couldn’t get in.

Carla called for quiet and said, “Action”

Troy pumped about four full strokes in me then pulled it back out. He used both his strong hands to flip me over without hardly any effort. He pulled me close to the edge by grabbing the top of my thighs and lined up for re-entry. He inserted his big cock back into me in one smooth tight stoke. This new angle felt very different then the doggie style fuck. The curve of his penis matched the curve of my vagina better like this and he was able to get another inch in me leaving just a little bit outside. He leaned forward placing his knees against the ottoman for better leverage and started a slow pump of my pussy. Nice long strokes with just the head left in and then all of it pushed in until he bottomed out.

Each time he bumped my cervix my whole body would feel the shock. My big breasts were undulating like waves on the ocean. I tried to lay an arm across them to calm them down but I wasn’t having much luck. He threw the rest of my legs over his wide shoulders. He was alternating now between a fast machine gun like short stroke cycle and the long slow full stroke one. I moved my wet hair off my sweating face and looked at this Black Adonis who was pounding me. I don’t know how close he was but I felt a strange pressure building in my loins. The pressure seemed to be concentrated in a spot on top of my vagina, just inside me. It continued to build and I felt almost like I had to pee only different.

He was an athlete with great stamina and he was pounding the shit out of me. All of his huge monster cock was going in now. I had stretched enough to finally take it all. I wasn’t going to last much longer the pressure in me had a mind of it’s own. Finally it was upon me, spasms ripped through me. I needed release but something was wrong. Something was preventing it.


I guess he thought he had hurt me because he quickly yanked in out of me. As soon as the head cleared my opening it happened. Everything from my vagina through my lower abdomen went into spasm, clamping down. A strong stream of fluid shot out of me about 3 feet and hosed Troy down. A second spasm, and another stronger stream came out and sprayed the camera lens that had gotten too close. It wasn’t coming out of my vagina, it was coming out of my pee hole. It was clear fluid and kind of slick. It didn’t smell like pee. I didn’t know what it was. A couple of smaller spurts came out as my cramped up muscles finally started to relax.

Troy was standing there covered in this fluid of mine with his still erect cock. I was finally able to catch my breath and realized he hadn’t cum yet. I looked up at him and I took my hand and squeezed my breasts together.

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