Trick and Treat

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Halloween is always our favorite holiday. My wife and I met days before Halloween and it was our first real date. Now all these years later it is still special to us. This year there were a few more tricks and treats.

My wife Angie, recently tricked me into having sex with a former coworker of mine from my teenaged years. But that story has already been told. This story is my reaction to that.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, we finalize our costumes and prepare our props. This year we had decided to dress up in steampunk attire. Her costume consisted of an uplifting brown leather sexy corset, detailed with buckles down the front bodice. Her ample tits barely fit inside this tight fitting garment. But they looked AMAZING. The bottom edge of the corset hovered above the top of her brown leather mini skirt wrap. Under this she wore a black leather garter belt that featured a practical pouch on her left thigh and a holster on her right thigh. This held in place her stockings which were laced in the back. The lacings directed your gaze right up to her barely covered ass. She wore a pair of 4″ knee high steampunk boots with laces and buckles. Her hat was a faux leather tophat with steampunk goggles attached.

When she tried this costume on in its entirety, I began to worry that my leather pants would not fit right, since my erection was raging. My costume was considered sexy but masculine. I was to wear a woolen black overcoat, with a vintage goth steampunk vest, with black and red silk. My trousers were leather with a built in holster at my right hip and a small coccyx holster to hold a derringer style pistol. My boots were black leather with buckles rather than laces. My hat was a black embossed leather tophat. My costume also included a steampunk inspired gas mask that obscured most of vision, but looked cool as hell.

We had three parties to attend during that weekend. The first party was at my employers house, which required her to wear a small coat and a ruffled blouse to cover up her cleavage for my very conservative boss, actually for his uptight wife. I am pretty sure my boss would have loved to see my Angie’s amazing cleavage.

The second party was at a local club, which has an extensive outdoor area including an outdoor stage for the band. I estimate that there were at least 500 costumed people at this party. We met several other friends there and had the time of my life. Thankfully it was outside and cool that night because the costume I was wearing was hot. Angie said that she smelled the cologne that a friend of mine was wearing and asked me to go into the men’s room and see if the attendant had any on the counter. He did and I wore it out for her. She commented that I smelled so good that she wanted to take my cock into her mouth and reward me. I have never turned down one of her blowjobs and I wasn’t planning to start that night. We made our way to a dark area of the patio and she slid down to her knees and expertly pulled my cock free of their leather prison. She told me to look like I was watching the dance floor and keep cool as she leaned in and slid her ruby red colored lips over my shaft. She reached her left hand around my waist and pulled my cock into her firmly. I always love good head and she always provides.

As I was standing there enjoying the pleasures down below a friend of mine from the neighborhood, Steve, walked sikiş izle over to me. He hadn’t seen Angie due to the dark corner and her dark clothes. He asked me why I was hiding back here and I pointed down. It took him about 10 seconds to realize what was happening to me and he just stared at her head move back and forth on my dick. As I was about to ask him to walk away so I could cum in her mouth without his audience, Angie pulled away and looked up to him to say hello. She asked him to tell his wife that she will find her when she was done here and they can share a shot. Then as he was nodding his head in agreement she reached up and grabbed my cock in her hand and guided back into her mouth. He stood there and watched as I pumped her mouth and throat full of cum. She swallowed most of it and as she stood up she looked into Steve’s eyes. He continued to stare at her and to my surprise she leaned in and kissed him open mouthed. I buttoned up my pants and was wondering “what the hell?” After a few seconds, she stepped away and asked Steve how he liked the taste of my cum? Then she went off to find Steve’s lovely wife to have that shot.

I laughed at the fact that Steve had some of my cum transferred to his mouth and he just slowly shook his head. The rest of that party was mostly uneventful. Although it was pretty awkward when he decided to not bring his kids to our door when they went trick or treating the next day. I chased after them and told the kids that I had a treat for them. He wouldn’t look at me.

The last party we went to was at house in our old neighborhood. I had been waiting all month for this last and best party. Jim and Melanie were our best friends from that neighborhood. Our kids grew up together and our wives took an annual trip to vegas together, to have girls time. They had gone at the end of summer and Jim and I had gotten the kids together during their absence. After we had sat by his pool drinking beer all day, he had admitted that he found Angie to be one of the sexiest women he knew. We ended up sharing stories about we had each fantasized about the others wife. I had seen Melanie in her bikini hundreds of times and I was always amazed that two children had come out of her. Her waist was small and tight. Her tits were high and firm and her ass begged me to fuck it with every step I had watched her walk away over the years.

We sat there and came up with a plan to trade wives on the night of his Halloween party. My disguise was chosen to cover my face as was his. He had gone with a superhero costume that had a full mask that covered the entire head. Luckily we were of similar build and size.

The day of his party I told Angie that I had to go into the office for a while and that I would meet her at the party. I let her know that I was going to pick up that cologne she liked and would be wearing it at the party for her. I met Jim at our club. We switched costumes and got ready. I sprayed him a couple times with the new cologne and we left for his house.

As per the plan, each of our voices would be muffled by our costumes. My original costume included a drinking straw that led into the mask. Jim’s costume had a small hole in the mouth area that allowed for a straw also. I had at least 2 rum and cokes before Angie came in. The top of her tits were on full display as she walked through the door. Her diamond belly button pendent brazzers swung across her flat tummy as Jim approached her and embraced her as I would have done. She undoubtedly commented on how much she liked the scent, as she nuzzled into his neck and left a red lip print near his ear. Luckily for me Melanie had been totally preoccupied so far ensuring all of her guests were happy. Melanie had dressed up like Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard, and I loved how small her shorts were and how close they were to exposing her bare pussy. Her tits are not as big as Angies, but they are perfectly formed and the cleavage she was sporting caused a visible bulge in my lycra superhero costume. Melanie saw it and smiled, she told me to “put that thing away and that she would take care of it after the guests had left”.

Throughout the night I played Jim and he played me very well. As things were coming to an end, I suggested that we allow Angie and Rob to stay the night since it was far for them to travel and it was so late. She agreed and the second part of the plan was in play. I convinced her to lets get their room set up and let them get to bed, and that we could clean up in the morning. I could tell that Jim was ready as hell to get into the bedroom with my Angie. As the door closed behind them I felt a tinge of remorse for the trick we were playing on our unsuspecting wives. But it went away as soon as Melanie grabbed my cock through the lycra and said she was “ready to take care of it.”

We entered the master bedroom and we walked over to the king sized bed. Melanie stood on the bed and performed a little striptease for me. It didn’t take more than a few seconds until her titties were free. Her nipples were long and hard, The darker skin around them was perfectly round. As she squeezed her tits together She asked me to remove my mask. I slowly shook my head and told her to keep going. She slowly removed the shorts and I saw for the first time her exquisitely manicured pussy. Her short hair was perfectly shaped like an arrow pointing down to her vagina. She lay down and spread her legs just enough for me to see her shiny slit. The point of the arrow directed my eyes to her swollen clit. She used her left hand to squeeze her nipples and her right hand to spread her lips and slide a finger along the wet surface. She again told me to remove the mask because she wanted my tongue inside her pussy. I ripped the face mask apart at the straw hole and leaned into taste her perfect pussy.

Her moans were ecstatic. Her thighs were powerful as she alternately squeezed my head with them and lifted her ass off the bed with them. I am an ass man and when she lifted her ass up I quickly slid my tongue along her other hole. She came in my mouth with a rush of her juices. My face was wet her bed was wet and she grabbed my mask with both hands. I was terrified that she was going to pull it off of me and realize one of her oldest friends was devouring her pussy.

I tore another hole in the costume and freed my cock. She spun around on the bed and let her head hang over the edge. I slid my rock hard cock into her mouth. I loved how good it felt as she reached up and was pumping my dick into her mouth. I could feel my balls against her forehead and I wanted more. Pulled out of her mouth and stepped forward more so that my balls were over her mouth. I was tea-bagging fake taxi porno my wife’s best friend and I was loving it. I reached down and grabbed both tits in my hands. I am sure she was sore the next day because I was rough. I pinched her hard nipples and I squeezed her titties with both hands. I wanted to cum in her mouth but I didn’t want it to end. I manipulated her body so that I was positioned behind her as she leaned over the bed. I slid my cock up and down from her wet pussy to her pouting asshole. As I said before I am an ass man. I slid my right thumb easily into her sopping wet pussy and thumb fucked her for a couple minutes. I had to let my urge to cum subside so I couldn’t allow any stimulation to my cock for a few minutes.

Once she screamed out with another orgasm, I slid my thumb all the way into her waiting ass. Melanie, it turns out, was an anal virgin. Nothing had ever been in her ass before and I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass. I pushed my body into hers to keep her from wriggling away from me. I guided my thick cock into her pussy as I continued to thumb fuck her asshole. She cried out as she pressed her face into the mattress. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would before her cries turned into moans and other sounds of pleasure. I lifted my weight up off her a little and she began to thrust her ass backwards towards me. She told me that she was ready to try it. She apologized for never allowing anal sex before, but that she was finally ready. I pulled my thumb out and she reached back to spread her cheeks for me. I pulled my very wet and very had dick out of her amazing pussy and I gently slid it into her wanting ass. Once the head was in she yelled out that she was wrong and to stop. I reached around her face and slid two fingers into her mouth and told her to hush and accept that this was finally happening.

After just a few minutes I had my cock buried to the balls in her very tight ass. I grabbed both of her hips and used them as leverage as I slammed into her. The plan that Jim and I had included after 30 minutes of play, we would each excuse ourselves from the room for bathroom use and switch back to our own wives to finish the night and not get caught. I had no idea how long we had been fucking, but there was no way I was going to walk out of this room.

As I continued to butt fuck Melanie I was finding it hard to get enough of a breath with the mask still on. I reached up and tore it from my head. I knew there was no way to get out of that room without her knowing it was me, but a man has to breathe as he fucks an old friend in the ass for the first time. Right?

Melanie was bucking and fucking me with an energy I was unaccustomed to. Clearly she loved getting fucked up the ass and she screamed out again with an enormous orgasm. I could not hold back any longer. I came with such force and I yelled out my beautiful wife’s name, I LOVE YOU ANGIE.

Melanie spun her head around and saw my “cumming face” as I continued to shoot long strings of sperm into her asshole. She screamed a blood curdling scream as I finished up. Within seconds Angie and Jim rushed through the door to see what happened. Angie was mostly naked and I could see fresh cum on her face and tits. Melanie was fighting to get out from my embrace as my softening dick slid out of her. I could see that she was very distraught and then I noticed that Jim had not been wearing the mask when they entered the room. It occurred to Melanie and myself at probably the same instant that at the end, she was the only one left in the dark. I’ll let Angie describe her story from that night herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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