To – You Know Who Ch. 01

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I watch him enter his office, and his eyes immediately catch mine in the darkness. I know I’ m in a relationship, but fuck I can’t stop the thought that floods my mind-I wonder what his cock would feel like inside me. I can’t seem to shake the thought and my pussy tightens in reflex.

We break eye contact as he sits down, and my eyes dart along the empty room, searching for something to talk about. I feel my pussy throbbing, and as I shift in my seat I feel how soaked I’ve become. I need a distraction, but all I can think about is all the different ways I want him to fuck me.

Lost in my own head, his question surprises me. “Have you ever masturbated at work?”

“At this job? No, not yet.” But as I shift again in my seat, I wonder if today’s the day. How am I so wet just thinking about him?

“Have you?” My question makes him smile, and when my eyes drop down to his pants I notice he looks to be semi hard already, the outline sex izle visible through his pants. I’m surprised to feel my body respond intensely, and my nipples harden against my bra. Can he tell?

“I want you, Aubrey.” He avoids my question but I let him. I want to let him to a lot of things to me. He stands up and his erection is obvious. He gets closer to me, and his voice drops softer. I hold my breath as I hear him talk, and I wonder what it will take for him to enter me right here, right now.

“You were so kind to pop my back yesterday. Why don’t you let me return the favor?”

I know it’s not a good idea. But I want it. I want it so bad I wonder if he’ll notice my pussy throbbing when he sits on me. I say yes and go to lay down when his hands grabs me and I see his eyes darken. “No Aubrey. Yes, what?” I know exactly what he wants from me, and I want to give it to him.

“Yes, sir.” He nods, smirks and calls me alt yazılı porno a good girl. I continue to lay down as he did yesterday, and wait to feel him on top of me. He sits on my ass, and if I could see his erection before, I can definitely feel it now. He puts his hands on my back and his hips grind lightly into my ass. My hips rock against his slightly in rhythm, and I hear him laugh softly above me.

“You like this? I didn’t think I’d say this today, but Aubrey you like being a slut for me, don’t you? I can tell. You want this just as bad as I do.”

I don’t deny it because he’s right. I’ve thought about this so many times now. I want to fuck him.

His hips gain in speed above me, and I bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. He tells me to turn around and I do without the slightest hesitation. His cock is pressed against my pussy now, and I feel him throbbing against me in unison. We make altyazılı sex izle eye contact, and I feel his hand slide under my shirt along my bare skin. It continues upwards until he’s found my erect nipples and when he squeezes, my hips buck so hard against him he’s surprised before he recovers and grinds himself against me harder.

“Let me see you, Aubrey. Lift up your shirt for me.”

And I do. I lift up my shirt and his eyes take in my boobs hungrily. I didn’t wear a bra today, and I’m so glad. He reaches out to touch me, but stops himself with an unreadable look on his face. “Tell me how much you want this. Tell me how your body needs me. You’ve been so wet lately thinking about me, haven’t you?”

And the truth is, I do want him. I’ve had fantasies of this over and over and now he’s right. My pussy is begging to be used by him, and I want this just as bad as he does. “Yes sir. Please touch me. I want you so bad.”

Right as he moves his hands once again, we hear a noise in the room next to us. Someone is close. He freezes on top of me, and then I feel him rise off of me. Disappointment fills me, but I hear his next whisper and it fills me with anticipation. “To be continued.”

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