The Virgin Neighbor Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

The next morning I woke up hard as a rock. I had a night filled with raunchy dreams of my wife getting fucked by not only Gabe’s cock, but other men one after another until it was at last my turn to make a deposit into my wife’s well used pussy and reclaim her. Jenn was already gone for the day at work so I contemplated on throwing up some hot-wife porn and stroking one off to start my day, or to save it for whatever the day may bring. After a little browsing on my phone I decided to save it for later and I hopped out of bed and began getting ready for the day.

While I was showering I began thinking about how I was going to approach Gabe on the subject of the night before and how to work it into seeing if he’d like a more in-person experience. I didn’t feel telling him outside of his parents’ home was a real viable option and figured I may try to “run into him” at his place of work and maybe discuss meeting up sometime later for more of a personal one on one chat. That seemed like a more likely scenario as long as it was subtle.

With nothing planned for the day off and Jenn at work, I thought, what the hell. His car wasn’t in the drive at their house so he might possibly be working. Lets give it a shot and see if Gabe was working.

Last we knew, he worked at a local hardware store in town that we would go into every once in a while. We’d see him there and wave but that was all before the events of the last two weeks. Curiously, I wondered how he’d react seeing me now, let alone if Jenn came in alone. The possibilities made me kind of chuckle inside.

I made the drive into town and looked in the parking lot and found his car. Luck was on my side, he appears to be here, I thought to myself. I made my way in and was browsing around the store looking up from time to time to see if he was nearby. Nothing yet.

I made my way over to the seasonal section and was looking at some wood pellets for my grill and looked up just as Gabe walked passed the aisle. I peeked out from the aisle and quietly called to him, “Gabe!”

He stopped suddenly and looked around.

“Gabe, down here.”

He turned around and saw me and immediately turned red in the face. I waved him over and with a look that showed a mixture of fear and reluctance, he slowly made his way back towards me.

“Hey, Mr. P. Wh-What can I do for you?” he asked nervously.

“Hey bud, I’m going to be grilling out later this week. Some pork ribs probably. What do you suggest on what flavor of pellets to use?” I asked him just reeling him in casually. I knew what pellets I was going to buy, but I wanted him to relax some before I asked him to stop by the house.

“Well, I guess I’d use the applewood? They sell pretty good.”

“That’s a good choice. They do go well with pork and chicken.”

“Sure. Is there anything esle I can help you with?”

“Yeah, there is actually,” I added. You could see the blood drain from his face in fear of what I may ask next. It was almost torturous but slightly funny. “Relax, Gabe. You’re alright,” I chuckled.

“What time are getting off of work today?”

“Ummm… 2 o’clock,” he answered in a confused tone. “Why?” Gabe asked concerned.

“Well, I just had some questions for ya that I can’t really ask you around here. Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble,” I had to add real quick before the kid decided to dart away.

“What kind of questions?” he asked.

“Look, relax. I’m not mad, you’re not in any trouble, but its about last night.” His face turned white and his eyes got big. “Look, we’re good, ok? I just wanted to talk to you about it some,” I reassured him.

He just blankly looked at me for a minute, uncertain of what to do.

“Trust me, it might work out in your benefit,” I told him nodding slightly.

“You guys saw me, huh?” he asked.

“Hey, listen, we can discuss this at our place, outside even if you’d like, but not here in public, ok?”

“Yeah, umm. Sure. I guess I can stop by after work,” he said still slightly uncertain.

“Ok, sounds good. If your dad asks, just tell him I had some questions about the grill or something. But I’ll be home all day, so just knock on the door if you choose to talk about it. Sound good?” I asked him.

“Sure. I’ll knock when I get there Mr. P.” he said with a nervous grin.

Good, I thought. The grin was a sign of some hope anyways. “Sounds good, bud. Again, we’re all good. There’s nothing to worry about. Now, get back to work. I don’t want you in trouble with your manager.”

“Thanks, Mr. P. Umm, have a good day,” he stammered as he quickly walked away.

“You, too, Gabe,” I slightly chuckled at his rather quick exit.

I grabbed a couple bags of the Applewood pellets and made for the cashiers and on back home. The whole drive back was filled with thoughts of what could be. If he was up to the task of letting Jenn play with him or if he’d chicken out. If he just preferred a peep show or if he really wanted to see what Jenn could do to him with that mouth and pussy of hers. And whether or gaziantep jigolo not he was a virgin or not also stuck in my mind. I was really hoping he was willing to give it a shot and let Jenn mess up his world. The thoughts were making me hard and I had to resist the urge to pull out my cock while driving home.

I got back successfully without letting my cock free, but none-the-less was still solid making a noticeable bulge in my jeans. Ironically, Gabe’s mother was outside watering their plants when I got back and she noticed me pulling in and waved once I got out of the car. Great, I thought. There’s no way she doesn’t notice this. Slightly embarrassed, I waved back with a grimmacing grin as my erection was fairly evident, even in my constricting jeans. She stared a little longer than usual, but eventually went back to her task, even though I caught her doing a double take on my way inside. She wasn’t a bad looking woman, but they seemed very conservative in nature as a family and I felt the lingering looks were a little out of character.

Which was another worry of mine when it came to Gabe. A concern that maybe he was from a family that was just too repressed that he wouldn’t brave the opportunity and just keep utilizing the chance to view Jenn from afar. But, I was willing to find out whether or not that was the case.

The hours passed and 2 o’clock approached. I sat anxious on the couch, just waiting for the knock that felt like it would never come. I had to piss suddenly and was afraid I’d miss his visit and opted to go relieve myself quickly. I left all the doors open so I could hear him if he arrived. Still semi-hard, I pulled out my thick rod and relieved myself as I relaxed my head back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation.

*Knock knock knock*

Oh shit, I thought. “Just a second!” I yelled out as I hurriedly put my member back in my jeans and flushed. I quickly walked to the door and opened it and there was Gabe’s mother at the door.

“Hey Mrs. Thorn,” I greeted in shock, “What can I do for you?” I asked her in surprise as we normally never got neighborly visits from them.

She just stared and blushed a little covering her mouth with her hand, then pointed down at my crotch. In my haste to get to the door I forgot to zip up my jeans, and as I usually go commando, Mrs. Thorn got a good eyeful of my not-so-flaccid cock. Embarrassed, I quickly zipped it up and appologized.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I just went to the restroom and forgot to zip it up in my rush to get to the door. I’m really embarrassed,” I blundered growing red in the face.

“Its umm, its quite alright,” she smiled. “Its not like I’ve never seen one before,” she said trying to lighten the mood and make it apparent that I wasn’t having an affect on her. “Anyways,” she managed to get out still blushing. “No need for formality. You can call me Sarah.”

“Oh, sure,” I managed to blubber out, still greatly embarrassed.

“We got some of your mail by accident today and I wanted to bring it to you personally,” Sarah said.

“Oh, thank you. That’s real kind of you,” I stated still red in the face myself. “We really appreciate it.”

“Its no problem, really. You’d do the same for us,” she smiled.

“I would, that’s for sure,” I admitted.

“Well, then,” she lingered a moment gazing quickly at my fly, “Have a good day,” she said awkwardly turning to walk away.

“You too, Mrs. Thorn, I mean, Sarah,” I said as she turned and took another subtle gaze down at my bulge and waved with a wide smile.

I chuckled nervously and was about to shut the door when I saw Gabe’s car coming down the drive as his mom was leaving. She had a confused look on her face when she noticed him turning into our drive and not theirs. Gabe stopped to talk to her for a minute and then pulled up to our garage door as Mrs. Thorn made her way back to their house.

Gabe got out of his car and I waved at him. “Hey Gabe, give me a second so I can finally wash my hands,” I told him, still needing to wash after my bathroom fiasco.

Gabe stood at the door waiting, crossing his arms nervously, seeming uncertain of what was to come. I came outside and greeted him properly.

“Thanks for coming, Gabe,” I said holding out my hand for a hand-shake. He took mine in his and I noticed he had a nice firm grip despite the situation he felt he was in. “Lets walk out to the back patio and have a seat at the table. Make yourself comfortable,” I offered. “Would you like a drink or anything?”

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied.

“OK, then. Let’s head out back.”

We walked around back and sat down at the outdoor table. “So, how did you like what you saw last night?” I blatantly asked the kid.

“Ummm, you mean your wife in the window, right?” Gabe asked, unsure of himself.

“Yes. Again, Gabe, you’re not in any trouble. I’m not upset or mad. I actually enjoy other men looking at my wife,” I informed him.

The look of shock was plain as day on his face. “You jigolo gaziantep like other men looking at your wife?” he asked confused.

“Yeah. They do it all the time. People are always looking at other people, and in sexual ways at that. It doesn’t bother me, in fact, I find it a compliment that they find my wife so attractive,” I told him. “You find Jenn attractive, don’t you?”

“Well. Yeah,” he admitted.

“And you enjoyed lastnight, obviously,” I hinted to him.

“Yeah, I didn’t know you guys were watching me, though,” he stammered.

“You could see us, we could see you,” I grinned at him.

“So… you saw me…” Gabe trailed off.

“Yes, we saw you jerking off to Jenn. Jenn saw you in the window and that’s why she put on a show for you.”

“She did?!” he asked surprised.

“Yeah. That was all for you. She wanted you to get off to her.”

“I thought she was looking at her reflection,” Gabe said honestly.

“Nope. She was watching you stroke your cock and that got her all kinds of horny and turned on. She was a fiend for your attention at that point.”

“Huh,” he added staring blankly, processing what just blew his mind. He looked up at me sincerely and asked, “And that didn’t make you mad, or jealous?”

“No, Gabe. I also, get off on things like that. Hell, after you turned the lights off, I jerked off on my wife to other thoughts,” I laid the bait.

Confused, he asked me, “What other thoughts?”

I grinned wickedly in his direction. Got him, I thought.

“Gabe, what experience do you have with women or girls?” I asked him.

“What do you mean?”

“Other than last night, have you ever seen another girl naked? Have you ever done anything with girls?”

“Well, I mean, I’ve seen one girlfriend’s tits before, and she rubbed my cock some,” he admitted. “But I was like, sixteen when that happened.”

“Did she make you cum?” I asked

“This is kind of weird to talk about, Mr. P,” Gabe began to waver.

“You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to, Gabe. I’m just being curious is all.”

“Well,” he paused and thought about it. “No, I’ve only ever made myself cum by watching porn. Until lastnight. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, watching Jenn in the window,” he confessed. I couldn’t disagree with him.

“Yeah?” I asked with a gentle grin.

“Yeah. I did enjoy watching her,” he said turning red. “A lot.”

“From what we could tell, that was a pretty good load you blasted off.”

“You could see it?” he asked concerned.

“Yeah, we could see you, just from a distance. Jenn really wished it was on her instead of your floor,” I laughed.

That blew his young mind. He just looked at me in realization, smiling nervously. “Jenn wanted my cum on her?”

“Yes,” I replied. “You know, Jenn would like to play with you sometime, if you’d like that,” I boldly put it out there.

Stunned, he clearly didn’t know what to say. This was not what Gabe was expecting, I knew. But if I was going to take my shot, this was it.

“I like watching Jenn play with others. We’ve done it before, but never with someone as young as you, let alone a neighbor. Jenn will be very excited if you’d like the opportunity,” I tried to sweeten the conversation.

“So,” Gabe paused. “You like watching other guys, play around with Jenn?” he asked stupified. “Like, sexually?”

“Yeah. I mean, I get to play too at some point but,” I paused thinking a moment. “Its kind of like having your own personal porn star and being able to direct them to do what you want them to do. Then you get to join in when and however you want.”

“Huh,” he pondered what I had explained to him.

“And there’s just something primal about watching a woman who not only can pleasure multiple men, but gets really into it as well,” I added.

“So what do you think, Gabe?”

“Its an odd situation, but I’m not going to lie. I really want play with your wife,” Gabe said coming to terms with the situation. “Your wife’s hot. I’ve jerked off to her a lot in my head,” he chuckled.

“I figured you had. I was eighteen once too,” I joked. “Speaking of being eighteen, you said you’d had some experience with girls, but have you ever gone all the way, so to speak?”

Gabe began blushing again and answered, “No. Is that bad?” He worried suddenly. “Will she not want to do anything if I haven’t?”

“No, no, not at all. In fact Jenn rather liked the idea. She would enjoy being your first.”

Silence enveloped the table for a minute as Gabe was thinking about the situation that was handed to him. The mere thought of fucking for the first time clearly had him excited. “So you really would let Jenn to play with me? You’re not messing with me, right?”

“Yeah, if you’re willing, Jenn would enjoy it. And no, this is seriously an opportunity.”

“Like, her touching my dick?”

“Yes. This would go as far as you’d like to take it. She’d really like to fuck you, honestly. Especially gaziantep escort after lastnight.”

“I’d like that,” he perked up excitedly. “Would you be there, too?”

“I would be. I’d like to play with her too, but only if you’re comfortable with that. I can just hang back until you guys are done or join in and give her more cock to enjoy. I’m easy going and I know if we just take turns, Jenn will be just as eager for me when you’re done with her,” I said deviously.

“When?” Gabe asked suddenly.

“You mean, when do we do this?” I asked to clarify.

“Yeah. I really want to do this, now,” Gabe exclaimed energetically.

“Well, we’d have to plan something sometime. Preferrably soonish. I don’t know if I could keep Jenn off of you once she hears you’re willing,” I joked. “She’s dying to feel your cock inside of her. And she love sex, like, a lot.”

Gabe moved uncomfortably in his seat. I chuckled to myself, knowing these thoughts were stirring an arousal in his pants, curious if he could contain himself just from the talk of it.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said excitedly. “But, wait. If you got involved, how would that work? You’re not into guys are you?”

“No, I’m not into guys. I like watching Jenn play with cock and the sight of another naked man near me doesn’t bother me, but I have no interest in playing with another guy. Attention would solely be on Jenn or I would watch, but probably with my cock in my hand. I couldn’t stand by idly watching without jerking myself in the process. Its too fucking hot to watch and my cock would burst out of my pants anyways.”

“Oh, okay. I was worried for a second. I think I’d be ok with that. I mean, I watch porn with other dicks and it doesn’t bother me. In fact I get hard watching it, so, its pretty similar, I guess,” Gabe thought aloud.

“Yeah, true. Its a little different being around another cock than watching one on film, but I promise you, I won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. At most, she may suck our cocks side by side but i won’t be grabbing for yours or anything like that.”

“Sucking us off side by side? At the same time?” Gabe asked.

“Yeah, going back and forth until we both cum, or decide to fuck her instead,” I chuckled.

“That actually sounds pretty hot,” he admitted.

“It is. Its thrilling watching a woman who can please multiple men at once. I think so, anyways.”

“How many men has she done at the same time?” Gabe asked.

“Just two, me and another guy simultaneously. I’d like to try more with her someday,” I winked at him.

“Man, you have a pretty cool wife. And you’re pretty cool too Mr. P for letting her do things like this. I hope I find a girl like her someday!” Gabe said.

“Thanks, Gabe. I am a pretty lucky guy to have Jenn in my life,” I smiled. “Now don’t you feel better, now that we’ve talked?”

“Kind of,” he chuckled. “Now I’m just really horny. Are you sure we can’t just play right now? Is Jenn home?”

“She’s not home bud,” I laughed. “Tonight, go watch some porn where two guys are dicking down one chick. That’s some-what similar to what it will be like when we do manage to play.”

“Nice, yeah, I will. But I’m not going to lie. I’m going to jerk off thinking about your wife.”

“I knew you would, from the first day I caught you looking at her,” I smiled warmly.

“You did?” he asked curiously.

“Absolutely. Remember, I was eighteen once too, ya know. I undressed lots of women with my eyes and jerked off to plenty of them I met along the way in my head.”

“Damn, I can’t wait. Think she’ll teach me some things?”

“You bet your ass she will. Jenn is the best cock-sucker I’ve ever met, and she’s got a silky smooth pussy that’s going to melt your brain, too,” I laughed.

“Hehe, I hope I don’t cum too fast,” he worried with a smile. “I want her to enjoy it, too.”

“Oh, you will,” I laughed. “But you’re young enough you’ll still be hard and ready right after you do. So you just keep on going until you can’t last any longer. Or, we’ll take turns, keep Jenn full of dick whether its mine or yours, until she can’t go any more.”

“What about condoms? Will I need any?”

“That’s kind of up to you. Jenn can’t get pregnant and honestly, the thought of you cumming inside of her makes her super wet, and I like that idea too.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, fucking her pussy full of cum is a whole other experience. And just knowing that her pussy has been used by another guy’s cock gets me hard and primal.”

“Huh. So I could try it too? I mean, if you cum inside her, can I try that feeling too?”

“Sure. If you like that idea. Like I said, we can take turns fucking her and filling her up with cum. Or we can cover her with it too. Just whatever you want to experience, kid.”

“Fuck, this is getting intense. I’m gonna have to go. I’m getting really hard thinking about it and,” he paused looking embarrased, “You probably didn’t need to know that.” he said awkwardly.

I laughed. “You’re fine. Like I said, it doesn’t bother me. At some point you’re going to see my hard cock too. And its not like we haven’t seen yours already, huh? At least at a distance.”

“True, but I do need to get home before my mom and dad start to wonder.”

“Sounds good, Gabe. I’ll get a hold of you at work sometime and we’ll plan something soon.”

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