The ups and downs of paying for rape

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“What are you doing?” said Lisa as I pulled the car over to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere between my parents house and our friends house in town where we had just left a rocking party. There was a van with blacked out windows pulled over, and a man stood by the open hood looking perplexed. I told Lisa I just wanted to see if they needed any help. I took the keys out of the car and got out. As I approached the man behind the hood the side door of the van slid open and two black men emerged. One of the men got uncomfortably close to me as the other walked intently toward the passenger seat of my car. When he ripped open the door and pulled Lisa out, the man next to me grabbed my arm, covered my mouth and pulled me into the van. Lisa and I were screaming now, both our voices muffled by the hands of the muscular men that had grabbed us. The person looking under the hood must have gotten behind the wheel at this point as the van started moving. The two men that held us used tape to restrain our arms behind our backs, Lisa fighting back much vehemently. Then the men held us down against the carpet for a moment until she calmed down. They then removed our underwear. I was wearing a skirt which they left on but Lisa was wearing jeans so they pulled them off entirely. Once they had our underwear they balled them up and stuck them in our mouths, using tape around the back of our heads to secure it in place.

We were then put on the floor against the back of the van and I got a moment to take it all in. The van was reasonably well-lit considering the windows didn’t seem to be actual windows, and the back of the van was separated entirely from the driver so noone would see in from the front either. I saw two athletic looking black men smiling and laughing as they looked at us sitting there and I thought to myself: “They look just as described.” One was taller than the other, who had a thick unkempt beard. I could see at least two cameras from where I was sitting but I knew there were more. The guy I talked to when I placed the order had said four angles. The two men grabbed Lisa’s legs and spread them wide to have a closer look. I could see her crying and tearing at the restraints on her arms at this point. Then they rolled up my skirt and spread me open as well. All the while they were stroking their cocks through their sweatpants. I was very excited, and scared, at the size their cocks as they strained against the fabric of their pants. They must have liked what they saw as the pulled me toward them and turned me over so I was on my stomach, then they turned me to face them and stood me up on my knees. The taller man then man pulled his sweatpants down and let me see his throbbing member in all it’s glory. My eyes widened at the size of the thing, and I could feel my pussy and ass tightening up immediately. I had done anal before with a few of my boyfriends, so even though I knew I would have to give it up for this experience I thought of it as worthwile for the pleasure of seeing Lisa receive her very first sodomization. None of my boyfriends had been close to this size however, so I was starting to question my decision.

The man tore the tape from my head and I spit out my panties on the dirty floor of the van. “Please, let us…” was all I could say before he was sticking his cock down in my mouth, working it back and forth. I was opening as wide as I could to fit him in my mouth. My jaw hurt when his cock shoved it just a little wider as he pushed in. With a firm grip on my hair and head he started going harder. I gagged as he dove into my throat the first time, and he pulled out just enough that I started taking a deep breath before he went in again. This time he used short hard thrusts to get further and further down my throat, until I had almost all of his cock in me. By then I was panicking for lack of oxygen, straining the tape that held my arms and I would have fallen over as I kicked my legs out if it weren’t for the fact that he was holding my head so tight. Finally he released me and I fell backwards, landing on my back gasping as I sucked in all the air I could. The man what had been in my throat fixed his eye on Lisa moved toward her with his majestic cock swaying as he did, my saliva dripping from it.

It was Lisa that had inspired all of this. When she told me the story of how she had been raped at a party when she was 18 by a man she had just met had really gotten me going. I have fantisized about rape since I was somewhere around 16, and her story triggered something gaziantep escort sitesi primal in me. I wanted to be there. To see her struggle. So when I came in contact with an organization called R4H, rape for hire, through a message board I used to frequent, I already had an idea of what I wanted. After corresponding back and forth through the PMs on the message board we settled on a scenario and price. Two black men with cocks bigger than I could imagine would rape me and my friend, and I would get it all on video afterwards. All I had to do to set things in motion was stop the car.

Lisa was the perfect companion for this experience in more than one way. She was a nice country girl, thin, short, a natural blonde and with C-cup breasts that looked big on her frame. She was gorgeous, outgoing, and just my type although I’m not a lesbian. Bi-sexual? Maybe. I myself had not dyed my brown hair at the time, and I was carrying around a couple of pounds I would have liked to be rid of. I wasn’t anywhere near obese but it was enough to give me a pretty poor self image. My face had been covered in acne when I was younger and it too left something to be desired, but at least I could cover that in makeup. My friends would tell me I was bitchy, and that this attitude is why I had trouble finding a steady boyfriend. My natural double D breasts did help in getting some initial interest but my relationships rarely lasted more than a couple of weeks.

Back in the van, the shorter, bearded man grabbed me and put me on my stomach again, holding me by my hair, pulling it back until I arched my back so that my tits no longer touched the floor. I could feel him sitting down so his legs were on mine, preventing them from moving. His erect cock rested against my ass and I could feel his full length as he stroked it back and forth against my cheeks. It felt like his cock might be even longer than the last guy, but possibly not as wide. I wanted to turn around to see if he could really be as big as he felt, but it was impossible to turn my head from the way he held my hair. “Please, go easy, take it easy” I whimpered as I was getting genuinely scared of what their cocks might do to me.

When the man first put his huge dick in me, I knew he wasn’t listening to my pleas. With the first thrust he must have been five inches in to my then dry pussy. Unfortunately for me that was not close to his full size. I cried out at his thrusts but he kept going harder. After violently ramming in about three quarters of his thick cock he turned me to face Lisa. She was on her knees, suspended by her blonde hair held tight in her rapists fist. She was crying and screaming into her panties, still taped in her mouth. The man behind her smiled at me as he pushed in and out of her vagina, faster and faster. This is what I paid to see, I thought to myself, as I was getting really aroused by the display.

When the man behind me started thrusting in to me again I was so aroused I could almost enjoy it, except my scalp was in pain from him pulling my hair, and when he carelessly bottomed out in my pussy it fucking hurt. The taller man suddenly released Lisa’s hair as he thrust and she was so surprised she fell face first to the floor of the van. It looked like it really hurt when she smacked her face hard on the floor, after which the man behind her grabbed her hair again and used it to slam her face against the floor a few more times. I was fully wet now and really getting in to it and I started moaning so everyone could hear. When the man released his grip on Lisa’s head again she looked at me through the tears, but I couldn’t stop moaning, even as the man fucking me started slapping my face from behind me. Then Lisa went in to a full blown panic, standing up on her knees and trying to run across the van. The man behind her had put his cock against her ass, and now she was going crazy. The bearded man turned me over to lay me on my back, and he pressed into me again, down to the balls in one thrust. He grabbed my legs and held them spread high and I could now look up to see his cock relentlessly smashing my pussy. As he pulled his cock all the way out and shoved it all the way in again I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; how big it was. Upon seeing this I went a bit berzerk; bucking against him and moaning wildly. The taller man with the thick cock who had been fucking Lisa got over to me and stuck his balls in my mouth for a minute as he waited for Lisa to calm down. I sucked gaziantep escort forum them and licked them clean for him, and he moved on.

He grabbed Lisa who was now spent of most of her energy and forcibly turned her to face wall. Her head was jammed in the corner between the left hand side of the van and the drivers compartment, so she couldn’t move. The man used tape once again to bind her thighs together tightly, leaving her ass and pussy completely exposed behind her. God I enjoyed the sight of her like that. Then, with Lisa on her knees facing the corner of the van, he once again put his massive cock against her ass. Her muscles spasmed and I could hear her whining but there was nothing more for her to do. He entered her about two inches and her muscles were spasming even more trying to push him out, but he was resolute. Her crying was very loud, even through her panties, until she had to focus entirely on breathing through her nose. The man pushed in inch by inch, fucking it like the shorter man was now fucking my wet pussy. “Fucking give it to her”, I wanted to shout, but I held it in and let out a moan instead. When the man was all the way inside her, stroking in and out, moving her whole body as he did, she seemed to have given up. I could hear her breathing and see her eyes moving but there was no resistance anymore. That’s when I came. Bucking my hips and screaming out my orgasm I came on my rapists dick while he held me down by my breasts. I tried to get the man out of me for a moment while I recovered but I could not. He kept slamming me, and instead he actually slapped me a couple of times across the face. I was shocked, as I had explicitly said before hand that I did not want to be slapped, but of course I couldn’t say anything about it.

Finally the moment I had dreaded came about, and the man pulled completely out of my pussy, and intended on putting his cock up my ass. “Please no, I don’t think I can take it”, I said, sincerely concerned now, but he did not care. Without lube, saliva or so much as a finger to loosen me up he shoved his cock right in, and I screamed. As loud as I possibly could I screamed “no”. The man fucking Lisa pulled out of her and got my panties once again to put in my mouth. “Please” I screamed again, before he shoved them in. He taped me up and moved back toward Lisa. She hadn’t moved a muscle. I looked over at her and saw her gaping ass in the same position it had been when he was fucking her. The man slid right back in her ass all the way in one effortless stroke. Meanwhile, my screams muffled by my panties, I was still being fucked in my ass by this huge black man. He was actually going harder and faster than he ever fucked my pussy, and the pain was unbearable. No comparison could be made to my previous anal experiences at all, this was so much worse. He slapped me across the face again until my ears rang, and he slapped my tits until they were fucking red, but I couldn’t feel any of it. His cock in my ass was overwhelming. When he was almost all the way in, he pulled out all the way again, watching my ass contract and getting tighter for him, then he forced himself in again.

Just when I thought my ass was getting numb, the pain lessening, the men decided to switch places, and the thicker cock started to stretch my ass once again. I saw the bearded man take a moment to look through my purse. He pulled out my money, my phone, and the dildo I usually keep at the bottom. The money was the guys five thousand dollar payment. The man put it with their pants which they had discarded in an unused corner of the van. Then the man walked over to Lisa with the dildo. It was a reasonably sized dildo, thin, and about eight inches long. The man laughed and had me look as he pushed it in to Lisa with a single finger, her ass not clamping down on it even as it got all the way down to the artificial balls. I was now being fucked in the ass at full speed, and I couldn’t care. I had given up and was as catatonic as Lisa. The man fucking me would throw punches at my arms, my thighs and my abdomen to make me come back to reality for a moment, which I did. Then I watched helplessly as the bearded man used my phone to record a Vine, showing Lisa looking back with a glazed look as the dildo was being slid in and out of her ass. He made sure I was looking before he published it from my account. The dildo was then replaced with a cock, and Lisa was getting fucked again. I thought to myself that it will soon be over now, escort gaziantep as soon as they finish in our assholes.

Then my rapist abruptly pulled out of me, and grabbed the dildo. I didn’t understand what was going on but I could feel tremendous relief as the pain in my ass was reduced, although it did not go away. The man shoved the dildo in my cunt with a decisive push. I was spaced out and didn’t notice at all. Besides, that was no worse than I would do to myself when masturbating. But then the man surprised me yet again by forcing his dick in alongside the dildo. When I noticed what he was doing, I jerked up toward him as he was holding my legs spread out and I tried my best to say “please, no” through the panties. Once again my plea fell on deaf ears as he pushed in further and I fell back, hitting my head harder on the floor than I had anticipated. I was knocked out for a minute and when I came to again, he was all the way in my cunt with both the dildo and his cock. His cock being the biggest thing I had ever fit in there less than an hour ago, this was not a comfortable fit. Another vine was made, and published. This time it was me with the completely filled out pussy that was on display.

Meanwhile, Lisa had been turned around, and the man with the longer cock was fucking her face. It already looked a bit puffy from when it had been smashed on the floor and this was not helping. Yet she was not making any resistance. She would choke and gag, but never move a muscle to try and stop him, it would have been impossible anyway. Then the man used one hand to pull her down on his cock, resting his balls on her chin, and with the other hand he closed her nose so she could not breathe. She stayed calm for a while until she woke up out of her stupor in a panic, struggling to get air. She twisted her little body every way she could but he did not let go. He would let up an inch and pound it in again, just to taunt her. Finally she could not take it anymore and she passed out. Her body went limp and he held her up by her head. He started to fuck her again, pulling out a couple of inches, but not enough for her to breath again, and slamming back in pounding her abused face harder than before. By the time he had smashed her unconscious face to his satisfaction he threw her on the ground and moved menacingly toward me. The tall man lifted me up to let the other guy in under me. I was put down, my back to his stomach and he slipped his huge cock in my ass once again. Like this they pumped away with me once again screaming into my panties, and my friend passed out next to us. Then with my tears depleted, they both came in my pussy and my ass. As they slowed down their thrusts after climax, the van stopped. One of the men slid the door open and looked out into the night outside. There were no cars so he grabbed Lisa and carried her out. The man who had been fucking my ass put me down on my stomach. He fetched my car keys and jingled them in front of me so I could see what they were. Then he pushed them up my gaping ass, and used the dildo I had in my cunt to push the keys in. Without giving us our purses back, or any of our clothes, the men put us back in my car. Lisa was in the back, still unconscious, and I was put in the drivers seat with the keys up my ass along with the dildo. One of the men used a knife to cut the tape holding my arms and then they both jumped in the van and sped off.


A week later I was still bedridden as I was recovering from the incident. At least I was probably doing better than Lisa, who I had not seen or spoke to since I dropped off at her apartment when she came to. About noon that friday I received an e-mail on my phone from a familiar address and I knew what it was even before opening it. It was the link to a free porn site where the video of our rape had been uploaded and readily available to anyone, just like we had agreed upon. I cried as the shame and pain of it all came back to me. And when I had been crying face down on my bed for over an hour, I finally got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Moving slowly I managed to take a shower, do my hair and put on my trashiest makeup like I was going out to get fucked. I made my way back to the bedroom wrapped in a towel and carefully sat down by my desktop computer. My webcam pointing at me from the top of the monitor, showing my whole body, I started recording. I checked my email for the link and started playing the video. The dildo they had used on me was stood prominently on my desk. I took it in my hand and introduced myself to the camera. It was time to fulfill the last part of my deal with R4H: Uploading a video of me masturbating while commentating the recording of my rape. God, I hope Lisa never sees this.

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