The Third Wheel

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Disclaimer: All characters and events in my stories are purely fictional and all characters are of legal age of consent. Any resemblance to real persons or events is entirely coincidental.

Kara’s heart was pounding as she got in the car with her boyfriend. She and Kevin had been discussing sexual exploration for a long time, and had actually ended up having a threesome with a female friend of his a few months earlier. It might have been that experience, finally crossing the line and bringing another person into bed with them, that sparked the decision they had made last week.

They were going to have another threesome.

Their friends James and Sarah had been dating for quite a while, and despite the ups and downs in their friends’ relationship, neither Kevin nor Kara had expected the two to break up. Likewise, knowing what a jealous and straight girl Sarah was, neither of them expected to be involving either one of the couple in their sexual escapades.

But that had all changed last week.

Sarah, finally admitting to herself that she didn’t want to be with James for the rest of her life, broke it off. James was pretty crushed, but also saw it as a huge opportunity to move forward with his life.

Kara saw it as an opportunity to experiment with James, which was something she had fantasized about for a long time.

“Are you sure you won’t be jealous?” she asked Kevin as they drove along toward James’s apartment.

He thought about it, despite how obvious the answer was. For the entire duration of James and Sarah’s relationship, she would constantly bring up how big his dick was. She never gave them an actual measurement, but said it was definitely bigger than her ex’s, and he was measured at eight inches of length and over five inches in girth. As if that wasn’t enough reason to be jealous, James was a rather muscular man with the chocolate brown skin of his African American heritage and a thick head of curly dark brown hair. If he weren’t a couple inches shorter than Kevin, he’d be more stereotypically attractive in just about every way.

“Of course I will, a little” he commented. “But I’m sure you were jealous of Allison.”

She thought back to their threesome with his friend, Allison. It was true that she was jealous, as much as it also really turned her on to see Kevin having sex with another girl.

As they pulled into a parking spot and got out of the car, Kara couldn’t help but feel anxious about the whole thing.

“You’re sure this is a good idea, right?” she asked.

Kevin shrugged.

“I figure if anyone’s ever sure, then they’re not being realistic.”

He always had a way of calming down her fears.

It was dark out, but the air was cool and comfortable. It was one of the spring nights that everyone wishes were more common. About a block away, they spotted the soft glow of lights in James’s apartment and the flickering warmth of candles in his bedroom.

“Wow, he’s really pulling out all the stops for this” Kevin commented.

The two walked to the front door and knocked, Kara’s heels clicking on the pavement of the sidewalk the whole way. In fairness, she had put quite a lot into the night herself.

When James opened the door, both guests immediately noticed the light scent of a spicy cologne. He was dressed nicely but not formally, with an off-white dress shirt and black pants.

“Hey guys” he said, leaning out and hugging Kara.

There was a moment of awkwardness after, as he considered whether or not to give Kevin a hug as well. Instead, he reached out and clumsily offered his friend a handshake. The two shook, and James gestured them in.

“Can I get you two something to drink?” he asked.

“Definitely” Kara replied. “Do you have any wine?”

James smiled back at her as he hurried past them and moved into the kitchen.

“I picked up a bottle just for tonight” he informed them. “Plop your coats wherever you want.”

The two of them took off their shoes in the entranceway and tossed their light jackets on the chair by the door. Moving in, they passed through the open-concept apartment and found their way to the couch.

Once armed with wine glasses and the bottle, James carried everything over and carefully served the three of them on the coffee table, sitting across from the two.

“Cheers” he said, holding up a glass.

The other two each grabbed a glass and lifted them, clinking their glasses all together with their host.

“To new experiences” he said appropriately.

A few minutes of drinking and conversation later, James stood up from his chair and refilled their wine glasses with the last from the bottle. Taking the bottle away, he quickly returned with a selection of liqueurs ankara escort and spirits on a tray.

“I hope you don’t mind, but that’s all the wine I have” he confessed. “If you want, I do have some excellent brandy and a single-malt scotch that I think you two would enjoy.”

“Sure” Kara agreed. “And why don’t you two switch places?”

James and Kevin looked at each other, then switched places, James serving his guests from the couch beside Kara. Somehow, the implications of that tiny shift resonated with all three. Both James and Kevin felt their dicks swelling, and Kara could feel herself getting wet.

“I noticed on Facebook that you had Amy over the other night” Kara commented. Kara and Kevin both knew about James’s fling with Amy, whom they had all met in school together.

“Mhm” he answered. “I haven’t seen her in years, because Sarah was so jealous that I slept with her. It was nice catching up with her.”

“Catching up?” Kara asked in a sarcastic tone. “Is that what kids are calling it these days?”

James laughed.

“No, you’re thinking of what happened AFTER we were all caught up.”

Kevin and Kara both felt a twinge of jealousy, imagining James pounding Amy.

“I hope you used protection” Kara pried.

James shook his head no, much to their surprise.

“She’s clean, and on the pill” he informed them. “Besides, her favourite thing about sleeping with me was always how much I came in her.”

Kara’s heart pounded, and her pussy tingled. Sarah had also mentioned how much he came, and how hot it was whenever she’d let him give her a creampie.

In spite of her better judgement, Kara felt her growing arousal and temptation getting the better of her.

“That’s why I’m on the pill” she lied. “I guess it’s a big thing for us girls.”

Kara caught Kevin’s eye for a second, then quickly looked away. He knew she was lying, because they constantly had to take note of her cycle and take precautions when she was fertile.

“For guys, too” James suggested. “Wouldn’t you agree, Kevin?”

Kevin nodded.

“Yeah, guys would do just about anything not to use a condom.”

Kara took another sip of her drink. She could feel the warmth of the alcohol in her body.

“So… Kara” James began awkwardly. “I feel like I have to ask. Do you remember what we talked about on Monday?”

She nodded.

“Were you drunk?”

She shook her head.

“And Kevin. You’re okay with that?”

Kevin nodded, though Kara’s lie was bothering him.

“Are you okay with it?” Kara said, drifting her hand onto his thigh and caressing the hard shaft that was bulging in his pant leg. She could feel it swelling and throbbing, growing even bigger.

James reached his arm around her and leaned over, moving his body toward hers. When their faces met, his lips pressed against hers and they began kissing passionately. Kevin could feel his cock straining at his jeans.

While Kara stroked James’s growing dick, his left hand slipped down between her thighs and began rubbing gently up and down her pussy.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned into his mouth. Kevin’s envy made his bulge twitch and strain.

Before even Kara knew what she herself was doing, she was spinning and sliding off the couch. Pulling away from James’s tongue made her mouth long for his, but she was about to give it something even better.

“You’re so beautiful” he complimented, watching her hands grip at his belt and pop it open with a single precise motion. She smiled up at him while she pulled down his zipper.

“I’m sure you say that to all the girls who are about to suck your cock.”

When she finally reached into James’s pants and pulled his dick from its dark prison, everyone fell silent. Kevin’s sudden sense of jealousy matched Kara’s sense of desire, both staring at his erection. It was absolutely massive, filling both of her hands and then some. With a slow motion, she gently moved her hands down, pulling the foreskin up over the bulging head.

“Mmm” was Kara’s only comment, as she tilted her head to the right and began licking the side of its shaft with her tongue. Kevin’s heart pounded, watching the erotic display as he now withdrew his own cock and began to stroke it slowly. Seeing Kara lick and suckle on the sides of another man was even more arousing than he thought it would be.

“You have such a nice cock” Kara mewled, rubbing its length with her hands and moving her mouth to its tip. “Let’s see how much I can get in my mouth.”

With that, she plunged her head forward, spreading her lips around James’s bulbous head. An inch or so onto the shaft, her mouth stopped.

James winced, drawing in a sharp breath. “Teeth” he blurted ankara escort bayan as Kara pulled her mouth back off of him. Her saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

“Sorry” she apologized. “It’s hard for me when it’s so big.”

James smiled at that. It was hot to see her suck him, but he didn’t really mind if she wasn’t able. After all, it wasn’t what he was really looking forward to.

“You don’t have to give me a blowjob” he assured her.

Kara looked back at Kevin, and was pleasantly surprised when she saw him rubbing himself on the chair. She was worried that he would feel left out and hurt, but he seemed to be getting into it.

“Why don’t we go to the bedroom?” James suggested. The three all looked at each other, not noting any objections.

As they made their way over, James unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open. He couldn’t wait to get naked with Kara and finally get his cock inside of her, after all these years of fantasizing. He suspected deep down that she had wanted to sleep with him when they had all been single, even though it had never actually happened.

Sure enough, he was right. She had wanted to, dreamt about it, masturbated to it, and would have done it if they’d had the chance.

Kara bounded onto the bed and flipped onto her back, still fully clothed in her tanktop and pants. She couldn’t wait to get out of her soaking wet panties.

Kevin climbed onto the bed, but Kara barely noticed, her eyes still glued to James. He stood at the foot of the bed, and she watched him in anticipation as he slipped out of his shirt and pushed his pants down to the ground with his underwear. Beside the size of his manhood itself, every inch of James’s form seemed to ooze manliness; watching his muscular body move up toward her on the bed made her butt tingle. With each motion, his cock swung freely, always returning to its upright pose, pointing to the warm hole between her thighs.

All three of them were counting down the moments before he would put it in.

“Here” she said, reaching down and unbuttoning her belt. He slid his hands around her hips and gripped the top of her jeans and panties on each side, slipping them both down past her ass as she lifted it slightly. With a few firm tugs, he pulled them free from her legs and feet.

James tossed the pants aside, unconcerned with where they ended up, and she did the same with her tanktop as soon as she had lifted it up over her head. With her clothes gone, James’s gaze was finally free to roam every inch of her firm and supple body. Her smooth olive skin seemed to glow in the light, and he found his eyes inevitably fall between her thighs. The cherry lips of her pussy were evenly proportioned, both left and right, big and small, and all glistened with the liquid proof that she wanted him.

He wanted her just as badly, and she could see that.

Kara’s eyes had flitted around his body long enough, and fixed back upon his shaft, which still hung expectantly between her thighs. Eagerly, she watched his hand slip down and past it, his fingers pressing in against her sopping folds. Her lips gave way to them, slippery to the touch and keen to confirm just how ready she was for something larger.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, enjoying the feeling of his flesh parting her own. It had been so long since a new man had touched her there.

“Do you want me to lick you?” he asked, but she was already shaking her head fervently.

“I want your cock.”

They were the words James was longing to hear. Excitedly, he grabbed hold of his cock and forced it down until the head trailed down between Kara’s wet folds.


Despite his place sitting on the other side of the bed, Kevin couldn’t help but finally speak up. The two of them paused, staring at him awkwardly.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he prodded.

James and Kara looked at each other, then back at Kevin.

“A condom.”

“You didn’t use a condom with Allison” Kara protested.

Kevin wasn’t sure what to say. That was different, largely because Allison was actually on the pill. Kara wasn’t, despite what she had told James, and it was a terrible idea to forgo birth control altogether.

“I don’t have any condoms” James said. “But it’s fine. I’m totally clean.”

“You shouldn’t anyway” Kevin said, looking at Kara.

Part of her mind thought that it was too risky to be worth it, but another, larger part of her wanted it too badly to stop now. She was more turned on than she could ever remember being. She wanted to play out those fantasies that Kevin had encouraged her to cultivate. Then again, maybe she–

“Ooooohh!” she moaned, as James forced the head of his cock through her escort ankara opening.

He pulled it back out with a pop, then slid it back in and slid a few inches deeper.


Kevin couldn’t believe that they were just doing it without any more discussion, right in front of him. The sight of it made his heart pound with frustration and arousal. As more and more of James’s cock disappeared inside her, Kevin could only bathe in the wrongness of it and stroke himself to the spectacle.

“Nnnnnggg” Kara moaned, gripping frantically at James’s muscular arms. He had each one clutching a hip, giving him leverage to force himself into her. Taking his cock was proving to be just as painful for her as it was for Sarah, but the sharp jolts of pain were quickly being supplanted by waves of pleasure and a rich sensations of fullness that emanated from her whole passage.

“You’re so tight” he said, thrusting rhythmically. “You’re gonna make me cum so hard.”

Kara’s spine tingled at the words.

“Mmmmmnnnn!” she moaned, trying to encourage him. Her curiosity found her hand wandering down to her pussy, then past it, sliding along his shaft, then slipping under his balls. Her fingers explored the flesh there, and her palm cupped it, gauging its size and weight as a source of perverse pleasure.

“They’re so big” she said in a lusty voice. Confirming it made her heart pound. She was going to let him cum in her.

James leaned forward and placed his arms on each side of her, resting on his elbows. Missionary, his cock began to force its way even deeper. She reached around his back and held him, released his heavy sack so she could revel in the sensation of it slapping against her ass.

“Cum for me” he whispered in her ear, loud enough that Kevin could hear him.

Her boyfriend moved down the bed for a better view, and was surprised when her hands didn’t move. Sarah came on James’s cock, but Kara always touched herself to cum. There was no way that Kara would be able to have an orgasm without more stimulation.

James continued to thrust firmly, each slow and rhythmic stroke the full length of her passage, as he tried to hold back from cumming. He didn’t want to cum until he had given her an orgasm.

“Go faster” she ordered desperately. Her hands clung to the tensing muscles on James’s back, her own body throbbing and tensing as a beating pleasure began to build uncontrollably in her core. He obeyed her, driving into her pussy in shorter and faster motions.

“Don’t stop” she whispered. Without thinking, her legs wrapped around him more tightly. Kevin was stunned by what was happening, and how much it turned him on.

“Don’t stop!” she moaned, tensing more. Her hips bucked against James’s pelvis, desperate for his cock to give her the last few strokes she needed. All she could feel was the immense pleasure in her pussy, glossing everything else over.

“Don’t stop!” she moaned one last time, clenching everything and squeezing James as tightly as she could.

“Nnnnggg!” she moaned, her orgasm crashing over her. Everything tingled. Pure pleasure filled her body. The only reason her mind clung to her body was her desperate need to feel James’s seed spill out inside of her.

“Uuugggghhh!” James moaned.

Without any attempt to pull out, James began to cum. Kevin watched the large brown sack hanging between Kara’s ass cheeks suddenly contract, pulling taut. James’s cock suddenly tensed, his balls lifting up slightly as he came. Kevin was close enough to actually see the tube in its underside suddenly swell for a moment, inflated by the spurt of cum that shot down its length and spilled into Kara.

Again. Again.

“Mmmmnn” she moaned, caressing James’s back. She had come down from the height of her orgasm just in time to feel him start to cum, which suited her perfectly. Her body was still tingling with pleasure, her pussy still squeezing him rhythmically, and she was always so sensitive after she came. The feeling of him twitching inside her like this was almost as good as her own orgasm.

Kevin, watching the cum ooze out from around James’s cock, couldn’t hold off anymore either. The dirtiness of it was too much, and he felt an immense pleasure explode in his pelvis. Even though his orgasm was just from his own hand, its intensity sent his mind spinning.

“Mmmm” Kevin moaned, finally cumming, spurting his seed all over the sheets beside where Kara and James lay.

When James was done, he gave Kara a kiss and rolled to the side.

“That was incredible” he remarked, breathing heavily.

Kara’s heart was pounding as she laid there, semen dripping from her stretched pussy. She and Kevin had been discussing sexual exploration for a long time, and she had actually ended up having sex with James just now. It might have been that experience, finally crossing the line and letting James cum inside of her, that sparked the decision she had made a few moments ago.

She was going to have James’s baby.

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