The Test Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Jenny felt the straps fall off and she got up unsteadily from the sticky seat, the effects of the orgasm still pulsing through her legs. As she got to her feet, she took a few steps toward Fran, letting herself slip into his waiting arms, reaching for his lips.

They hungrily kissed each other, her breasts against his chest, and she felt the hard knobs of his nipples on her skin as their tongues explored each other. They pushed against each other with increasing strength, their strong legs standing ground, slightly apart. She felt his hard cock squeeze between their torsos, feeling the beautifully soft skin that was enclosing the hard flesh, felt the outline and automatically tried to push up her pelvis against it, to give her aching clit relief. Even as her tongue flicked inside Fran’s hot mouth, feeling his tongue, even as her nipples screamed with pleasure as they rubbed against his chest, she could visualize his cock, thick and hard, veins popping.

She gave an extra shove to reach it with her pussy.

Startled, Fran lost his footing, stumbled backward and stopped against a table that was pushed up alongside the wall. Immediately, Jenny got the position she wanted, rubbing mutlukent escort her clit against his thick cock. She gasped with pleasure, enjoying the kissing as well, and the closeness of his body against hers. Her clit throbbed as it was squeezed against the underside of the cock, rubbing against it hard in a circular motion. She felt his hands on her back, scratching her back, loving the feeling.

Suddenly, she felt another of hands, this time on her butt. With a shock she remembered Hector, and she stiffened up against Fran.

“Hey..” Fran protested, “Don’t stop…”

He was totally enjoying her, she realized, a slow smile coming over her face as she got used to Hector — and now enjoyed the power she was having over Fran. She had never had more than one man at the same time, but the sensation that came from two pairs of hands was getting her even more excited. She felt him part her butt cheeks apart roughly; then, with another thrill of shock running through her, she felt his tongue against her hole, rimming her, gently probing into her, enjoying her.

That pushed her over the edge.

With a sudden jerk, she started to cum, the memories tuzla escort of her last orgasm still echoing through her legs. She looked at Fran, his lust filled eyes immediately understanding what was going on, and he reached down to crush her clit.

She threw her head back, arching her back, she started to moan, louder as the waves of pleasure lit into her. Her moaning turned to yelps as the orgasm hit her, not ending for minutes after the initial pleasure had radiated from her clit.

All the while, Fran kept murmuring encouragement into her ear, biting her ear lobe as he stroked her pussy, and Hector kept digging deeper into her ass. She thought it would never end, the waves carrying her into an oblivion, and her yelps turned in cries.

And then the orgasm started to die down, and she grew quieter – but she wanted more, she realized. And Fran knew it.

Fran’s beautiful and strong fingers entered her pussy as she pushed her pelvis against him, and then she felt him probing, looking for something. Suddenly, she knew what it was, and kissed him hard, opening herself to him. She felt his fingers in him, touching her vagina inside, on the navel anadolu yakası escort side.

And then she felt Hector’s fingers touch her pussy and draw her juices to her ass. He was still slicking her.

Fran found the spot perfectly, and she gasped at the sensation of two determined fingers in her massaging her inside, right where she wanted it.

Behind her, she felt another sensation…

Hector’s cock head, she remembered, was huge, and all of its hugeness was pressing against her ass, squeezing in slowly, pushing out and back in. She visualized him guiding the curved penis into her, enjoying her.

The sensation from her pussy and her ass was too much for her, and she started to explode into pleasure again.

With a quick movement, Fran pulled out his fingers and guided his cock into her. With a new shock she felt his hardness in her, envisioning the organ in her.

“We have to get back to the g-spot later,” she whispered throatily.

“Sure…” Fran responded, lust choking him as well.

“But this is better right now,” she said, “Ram me hard, Fran, fill me.”

Her legs were now wide apart, and she was urging him in deeper with thrusts from her pelvis.And then she felt him enter her fully, as deep as he could go. And a brief second later, she felt Hector enter her.

With a laugh, she let herself go – again, cumming hard as she felt the men ramming her from both ends. Who would have thought she would enjoy getting screwed by men today?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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