The Teacher Next Door

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The Teacher Next Door

My wife and I were surprised when a nice young schoolteacher bought the house next to ours. It had been empty for a couple of years since the old guy that lived there died.

We went over to welcome her to our neighborhood and to offer her anything that we could help out with. Denise said that she was twenty-six years old and had her Master’s Degree in Education. She was going to teach eighth grade mathematics in the fall at our local junior high school.

My wife invited Denise over around dark for a dip in our Jacuzzi along with a little wine and cheese party in her honor. She accepted my wife’s offer.

Just before it got dark my wife and I went out and got into the nice hot water and relaxed the worries of the day away. We had three wineglasses and six different bottles of wine to taste. In addition we had some assorted cheeses and crackers too. As was our usual habit we wore out a short thin robe then dropped it and got in the water with nothing on. Nudity in the Jacuzzi was our policy. However we didn’t tell Denise that. Oops!

Denise came over after awhile dressed in a very sweet little bikini. She looked down at us and saw my wife’s tits floating on the surface of the water. Then my wife stood up and her fur-covered pussy graced the surface of the water too. I decided to stand up and let my cock float on the surface like my wife’s tits had. Denise looked us over, shrugged her shoulders, and removed her bikini before getting in the water with us.

Little did she know that I had set up my DVD camcorder in the bushes and it was aimed right at us. My wife didn’t know that it was there either but she did know that I had used it before on many occasions. I had even painted over that stupid red light that tells people when the damn thing is recording.

I knew how to stay out of the way so the camera could catch Denise most of the time. She enjoyed the wine as much as my wife did. I enjoyed the cheese and crackers more with a nice cold beer. As Denise got hot from the water she would sit up on the edge of the Jacuzzi to cool off. Occasionally she would spread her legs slightly so that I could see her neatly trimmed bush and the wet slit below it. She had fantastic breasts. They were so firm and round. It was hard to believe that they were real. Denise even let my wife and I feel of them. Her nipples were great to look at too so nice and hard and almost twice as long as my wife’s nipples were.

After about two hours in the hot water the girls had finally tasted bayan escort gaziantep the sixth bottle of wine. Neither one of them was feeling any pain. Denise got out of the Jacuzzi for the third time to pee. As my wife had been doing Denise just went about two feet away from the tub, squatted down, and peed in the grass. I had a fantastic view of her warm yellow piss flowing out of her pussy and splashing into the grass and I was sure that my camera had captured it too. Finally Denise picked up her bikini and said good night. She staggered home carrying it. I told my wife to go inside and that I would pick up. After I picked up I got my camera from its hiding place.

The next day we helped Denise around her house and invited her back to our Jacuzzi after it got dark. This time I zoomed the camcorder in tighter to just get Denise in her usual place. I wanted some good close-ups this time. I was sure that I got them too because it was almost a repeat performance of last nights wine drinking, sitting on the edge, and peeing in the grass.

The following day my wife helped Denise and I got to view my two DVDs as I fast forward through them. I took a dozen of the better scenes and compiled a fifteen-minute video of my beautiful new neighbor.

For the rest of the month of July that became our daily routine. Every evening we would sit in the nice hot water, drink plenty of wine, and talk about anything and everything. Denise talked about her past sex life and that she didn’t have a sex life at the moment. My wife laughed and said that she could borrow me anytime that she wanted too. Denise politely declined her offer. However Denise did start brushing up against my cock under the cover of the bubbles floating up to the surface. It was certainly no accident either. The more Denise drank the bolder she got. Near the end of that evening when Denise got out to pee I placed an empty wine bottle under her. She tried to pee in it like I had several times before but mostly she peed all over the outside of the bottle. Then to my amazement Denise squatted down on it slipping the long neck up into her pussy. I reached out to hold the bottle still while she fucked herself on it. My wife shocked me when she reached out and rubbed Denise’s clit giving her a great orgasm. When Denise got up I placed that bottle off to the side for my collection. I only hoped that my wife hadn’t blocked the view from my camera. Denise got back in the hot water a very relaxed young lady. Her knee cim cif gaziantep escort touched mine so I slipped my hand up it toward her pussy. I hit my wife’s hand that was already there.

My wife said, “I gave her the last one! You can give her the next one!”

So I got to finger fuck Denise with my wife’s permission. I rubbed her clit and shoved my fingers into her sweet pussy. She even let me slip my middle finger into her asshole and my thumb into her pussy. That’s something we guys call six-pack. That’s how you pick up a six-pack of beer that has those plastic rings around them. I love six-packing my wife as often as I can. Anyway I gave Denise at least three orgasms in a row then gave her pussy back to my wife.

My wife slipped her hand up against Denise’s well used pussy. Once in a while I would reach up to see what she was doing under all those bubbles. I felt her fingers in Denise’s pussy, on her clit, and I swear that she finger fucked her asshole too. So I asked Denise to keep telling me what my wife was doing to her. She was pinching both of her nipples, massaging her breasts, fingering her clit, and finger fucking both her pussy and her asshole. I knew it!

Eventually my wife had her fill of Denise and gave her back to me. I played with every part of her body, sucked her nipples, and sat her on my cock facing the camera while my wife watched us.

I said, “You’re the one that said she could borrow me anytime that she wanted too.”

My wife said, “Of course she can! I’m willing to share you with her as long as you are willing to share her with me!”

Then my wife surprised me once again by sucking Denise’s nipples and fingering her clit while she bounced up and down on my cock. It was our first threesome. We had talked about it a long time ago but my wife never felt comfortable doing it with any of our friends and certainly not with a complete stranger either. I couldn’t win either way.

However at this very moment I was fucking my little dream girl and my wife was even helping me do it. I had finally won. Her pussy felt a little tighter than my wife’s pussy and she squirmed differently too. However when she had that final orgasm it was just like what my wife has. It starts somewhere deep like in her toes and builds up and up until her head comes off. I thought only my wife had those mind blowing orgasms that can rock her world. It was indeed a pleasure to service this young schoolteacher.

When Denise recovered cinsel bilgiler she wanted to return the favor so she sucked my wife’s pussy until she came too. Again I knew that the camera was capturing it all. God love technology!

For the entire month of August we had a new routine every evening after dark. We ate cheese, drank wine, and I got to fuck my women’s brains out. I would fuck my wife first so that I could fuck Denise for a longer period of time later. My wife knew exactly what I was doing and so did Denise but neither one of them seemed to care.

The week before school started I asked Denise if I could set up my camcorder and film us in the Jacuzzi together. She said that it was okay with her as long as I didn’t show it to anyone. I told her that I would not do that. So I sat it up right near the Jacuzzi on a tripod and turned it on.

Denise looked directly at the camera and said, “Hi I’m Denise Johnson from next door!” Then she sat up on the edge of the Jacuzzi and said, “These are my tits but I let him and his lovely wife suck and touch them all that they want to. I even let them pinch my nipples during my orgasms and do I ever get some fucking fantastic orgasms!” Then Denise spread her legs wide, opened her pussy with her fingers, and said, “This is my pussy! This is my clit! They both get to play around in my hole and tweak my clitoris but only he has the cock that fits inside! Seven other guys have tried but his fits perfectly!” Denise rolled back on the grass, put her ankles behind her neck, and spread her ass cheeks wide. Then she poked a finger deep into her own butt hole saying, “This is my asshole! They both get to finger it but only he gets to fuck it! His was the first cock to ever enter it and now I love anal sex!” She sat back up and said, “Oh yeah and this is my mouth! With this I do all sorts of things! With him I kiss him, suck on his great cock, swallow his delicious cum, and even lick his asshole! That really excites him! With his wife I kiss her mouth, suck her wonderful nipples, eat her tasty pussy, nibble on her clit, and ream her asshole good!” She dropped into the water and looked down at her floating breasts and said, “If you don’t believe me stick around! I intend to do it all this evening you!” Then Denise blew a kiss at the camera.

She did do everything that she had promised to do too.

Next week when school starts back up Denise promised to try and bring some other fine looking teachers home for a little Jacuzzi, wine, and sex. She even mentioned the possibility of some sixteen-year-old girls too.

It is kind of funny that in this state you can legally fuck a sixteen-year-old girl with her permission but the law says that she has to be eighteen to pose nude or vote, and twenty-one to purchase cigarettes or alcohol.

The End
The Teacher Next Door

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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