The Sleeping Poke’mon. Continue. Part 2.

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Brock didn’t keep it there, he moved it after a couple of minutes to a tighter spot, he awaiting ass. He got an immediate response as she shot up with pain, apparently she was a virgin there like Misty was. Excellent, two ass virgins in three days.

“AAAAAhhhhhhh! Put it back!” she cried but Brock found her ass a much needed haven for a second Orgasm. Once again beginning his ascension to orgasm by her pounded her ass, again, Literally.

Flowing into the Room Ash removed the covers and make sure it was Misty. Slowing down his movements he took care in not to wake her, just like before. Removing her pants meaning he wanted to cut right to the chase. He pulled them down and saw her gleaming ass in the moonlight of the window. Its innocent nature actually hid the most beautiful and lust after thing of the night, Mistys asshole. He go ready, laying her on her back a little more for a quick insert into the Vagina for lube then the real treat, Ass.

Slowly lowering himself, his rod realized what was about to happen and guided itself to Mistys sleeping self. He went in and felt her warm welcome which she couldn’t control. Moving his cock out, he went into her ass for the second time.

Penetrating with some resistance, he went for the gold. Not caring whether misty would wake up or not he pounded he ass yet again. Ripples came from the impact of going to far into her and ateşli gaziantep escort so fast. He found her stirrings announcing.

Misty felt something in her, she kinda liked it, a rhythm of sorts brang her pleasure each time it went in and out. She thought she was maybe having a dream about some hot stud nailing her again and reached down with her hand to her pussy and felt it moist. But the Rhythm was still going and there was someone on top of her. She looked behind her as the masked man fucked her ass. From the small light from the halls she identified the man as none other then Ash.

“oooh, Ash! What the fuck” she said, “At least wake me Next time.”

That was all Ash needed, The confirmation of Misty as a fuckbuddy.

“Fuck, your so tight there, I hope I don’t rip you to shreds!” Ash said

“Please do Ash”

He speed up and Misty rose more for better aim and penetration. His cock gild across her clit sending her body into an inferno. Fire raced past her into her brain sending signals only a nice ass fuck could send, Misty felt them and held them all dear as the signals quickened.

Ash felt his cock in heaven and the feeling raced to his mind, he looked down at Mistys face and saw her scrunched up look as she took him hard, again and again, with no objections. Her ears pricking up and hair bakımlı gaziantep escort moving as each blow was delivered into her ass.

Ash’s face soon became scrunched as he felt the feeling of cumming coming.

His penis speed up into her causing increased pleasure and an organism. “Wait” she thought, she just got an Organism from Anal sex? She had never thought that possible. It was just as good, no a little more exciting and dirty then fucking-her-pussy-organisms.

“yeaaaaaaaaaah assshhhhhhh” She moaned as the feeling became quite large with her eyes closed.

Ash tightened and took his last blows on her wonderful ass, then a few more for it load to be fully shot and get the full pleasure from this wonderful sex.

“Teaaaake it Misty, you know you want it!”

Said Ash as he took his final Blow pushing Mistys head against the bed he was fucking her on. Saying in that position he loved every moment of it until her collapsed with his member draining fast. Misty collapsed with him and the two began soft spooning.

Brock felt himself build up again but it would be much slower as he just came into Drunk Nurse joys hot Pussy. Bent over she was being ass fucked like she had been before. (ah the collage years…) with no signs up discomfort or blood like Mistys ass Fuck was. More for him then.

Going bayan escort in and out he found a wonderful reaction each time he went deeper from Nurse Joy. Her pussy tightened and made his penis welcome each time he did. Also The Drunken Nurse couldn’t stop playing with her Pussy. Her face drooped and smiled each time his member fired into her and out, never reloading. Her legs spreading even wider as she felt her pussy on fire in her Drunken haze. Brock heard her muttering random slang’s as he felt his cock beat her Clit to shreds, making it a runway for his Penis.

Reaching around The Nurse and into her shirt, he took up some boob in his hands and felt there wonderful shape, savoring how much better they feel then in his dreams. His fingers came across her nipples and as he pushed his member further into her he played with her nipples. The nurse wouldn’t even think of stopping this, even though she has no idea who is doing her.

Breathing hard he felt a very familiar urge, stick it in hard and keep it there as he emptied his already empty balls. Feeling the hot spunk once again she felt herself on the verge of cumming but in her Drunken Haze lost her reality and passed out in Brocks arms.

Brock, still having his Dick in her ass felt her start to slip off the counter her head was resting on. He caught her with his arms and even though his dick still draining, pumped her ass a few more times for good measure. He looked at the clock and saw it was 1 am, he would want to fuck in another hour so he took his Worked penis out and lifting her half naked body up over his shoulder, he pulled his pants up and walked to a random room to sleep with the excellent Nurse Joy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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