The Sex Mentor

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I stood up from my desk, turned around, and looked out the window at my little corner of Sydney. I still could hardly believe I was working here. I took a one-year temporary assignment at my firm’s Sydney office. I had been offered international assignments before, but always turned them down. When this one came along, it has been a couple of years since my wife died, and my adult kids convinced me that it would be a little adventure that would do me good. So away I went.

I had been in Australia about two weeks when I began to discover just how perfect my kids’ advice would prove to be. On that day I was walking two blocks to the university campus nearby to give a talk to some business students.

After I was introduced to the class, I walked in front of the students and began to speak. The name of the class was “Politics and Business.” The students were lively and interested. There were lots of thoughtful questions. After class I lingered as students lined up to talk to me individually. The last one in line was a beautiful, young woman who was more smartly dressed than the rest. A nice pleated skirt and button down blouse. She started right in with thoughtful questions. She was clearly eager and smart.

“And what is your name?” I asked.


“Hi Laura. You can call me Steve.”

We stood and talked for a bit. Laura was clearly eager to succeed and had been at university for a while. Her next school year would be her last for her degree. She looked at her watch.

“I’ve got to go. But I’m really interested in this stuff as I’m also studying political science. Do you have office hours?”

“Office hours? Not like a professor. I’m not even an employee of the University.” I thought for a minute. “But my office is only two blocks off campus. I could make time for you if you want to come by sometime and continue the discussion.”

“I would love to,” she said.

We made plans for the next day and Laura showed up at the appointed time, again very smartly dressed. I couldn’t help but notice… she was kind of hot too. Short, but nice shape. Wavy blonde hair, fairly long. I found myself thinking about her sexually and became a little ashamed. She was 20 years old, so I was more than 40 years older. She sat across the desk from me, and we talked. It was fun. This meeting lead to another, and we made plans for another on a Friday afternoon. I sensed we were becoming close friends. I thought about whether this was appropriate, but I couldn’t come up with a reason why it wouldn’t be. I wasn’t her superior or professor. She wasn’t an employee at my firm. We were both adults, and both unattached at that. A close female friend would be nice. And I enjoyed mentoring young people. I liked Laura a lot and I sensed she liked me.

When Laura showed up for the third meeting, she was again smartly dressed, but with a shorter skirt this time. I could see her legs and it was a turn-on. She sat across the desk from me like usual, and we talked about career paths. Then she asked if I could be a sounding board for some ideas that she had for a school project.

“This will be fun,” I thought.

“Are you comfortable sitting next to me at my worktable?” I offered.

“Of course, I am. I just want to get a notebook in case I want to write down some notes.”

She stood up, turned and bent over to fish a notebook out of her bag. I became transfixed. Her skirt was so short I could see white lace panties. She took her time too. Could she be coming on to me? I stood there in disbelief with a hardening cock.

She sat next to me. We had never been so close together. I could see her legs right there next to me. Her hair almost brushing my shoulder. She was very serious, asking me a question about economic regulation. I started to give her my opinion but was having trouble concentrating. I had a huge erection. When I thought she wasn’t looking, I adjusted my pants to accommodate my bulging cock.

“Steve… is your cock hard?” she asked.

I was startled. Laura was a very straight-talking, forward-thinking person, but I didn’t expect anything this forward, even if she did get a glimpse of what I was doing. I think I turned bright red.

“Yeah… I’m really embarrassed,” I stammered.

She put her hand on my arm, looked at my face, and took an understanding and surprisingly serious tone. “Don’t be. It’s alright. I’m flattered actually.” She paused. “This might be a good time to talk about something personal if you would be alright with that.”

“I guess so,” I said, hesitantly.

“I have been stopping by your office to talk to you, at least partly, with sex in mind. I haven’t wanted to seduce you exactly. I’m an honest person. But you’re such a kind, caring teacher, I thought maybe you could teach me a little about life, or more precisely sex, along with business.”

I sat staring at her face in shock. Was this a joke? She went on to explain that she was just as fascinated with sexuality as with business or politics. But the two boyfriends in her life thus far left her wondering casino siteleri if there was something wrong with her. The first was with her when she was still young. Besides kissing, the only sex they had amounted to groping, and her giving him blowjobs, which she learned to like, even love, because of how much it pleased him. He didn’t want to deal with birth control though and she didn’t want to have sex without it. She lost her virginity to her second boyfriend, but he approached sex like he was playing a video game, pushing buttons. She had never had an orgasm with him. They tried various positions and she liked trying, except for rear-entry because she was self-conscious about her ass. But she could just never quite get there. She had only cum by her own hands or toys. She wanted to learn. She wanted to be ready when the right guy came along.

“So… so… you want me to have sex with you?” I asked in disbelief. I felt like I must be dreaming.

“Yes, but to teach me,” she said emphatically. “I’m serious. You’re so kind and such a good teacher. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it would be fun too. You’ve had two wives and some girlfriends. I’m sure you know how to please a woman and how to have fun yourself.”

“This seems pretty questionable,” I said. “Like I’m taking advantage of you.”

“This is a choice I’m making,” she said. “Think about it. You’re safe. You’re not my boss, my professor, or anything like that. You were monogamous for the last… what… three or four decades? You’re probably shooting blanks too.” She gave me a questioning look.

“Well… yeah,” I said.

“And there’s no pressure. It’s not like we’re looking for wedding bells. I envision it as friends with benefits, but with extra benefits for me because I would learn about sexuality in a safe, comfortable way with somebody I trust.”

She was very, very persuasive and made sense, as always. But even through there was logic to what she was saying, I felt strange. The more I thought however, the more I warmed up to the idea. Her cute, tight ass and perfect tits didn’t exactly hinder my decision. She was a woman who I would have considered out of my league when I was her age.

“OK Laura, I’m willing give it a try, what did you have in mind? I can’t imagine you want to just go to one of our places and have me bang your brains out until you learn to cum?”

“Of course not,” she smiled slightly. “It should be just like your other mentoring. We take our time. We talk. But, now I’m really excited. Could we start here and now? It’s late on a Friday. You’ve got a nice office. This building is almost empty.”

My heart skipped a beat. My cock, which lost some of its stiffness when I got lost in the conversation, got hard again. “OK. I guess.”

I got up, pulled the blinds, and closed the door. I sat back down next to Laura. “This might be awkward for both of us at first.” I could tell she was excited.

“Steve, I know it won’t ruin our friendship. I won’t let it.” There was a pause and we looked at each other for a minute.

“Now, what do you want me to do for my first lesson.”

“Stand up.” She obeyed and I looked up at her. “Can I lift up this little skirt.”

“Yes, that would be nice,” she said softly.

I lifted it up, ran my hands around her, slipped my hands under the lace panties, and began fondling her ass. “Mmmm” she said. “That feels nice.”

“Let’s get rid of the panties and skirt.”

“Oh yes, let’s.”

I slipped them down to the floor. Laura’s pussy was shaved bare except for a little spot of hair right in the middle of her pubic region. I stared for a minute.

“I want to eat that,” I said.

“What?” She looked a little surprised.

“You heard me. I love to eat a woman’s pussy. I’m good at it. It will drive you crazy.”

“I’ve only imagined that with either of my boyfriends. I bet you’re awesome.”

I pushed her up on the table in front of me. I stroked her lips, slit, and clit with the back of my hand, and finger fucked her first. “Oh!” she said with excitement.

I threw her legs over my shoulders and started giving her labia gentle kisses. Then I licked her up from the bottom of her slit to her clit, stopping briefly to suck it gently.

“Mmmmm wow, this feels so good!!!”

Licking up and sucking. Each time I licked a little deeper and sucked a little harder, making her squirm.

Laura started to moan a little. “Wow, You’re so good at this.”

I tongue fucked her pussy.

“Please don’t stop,” she begged.

She put her hand on my head, pulled me in to her, and smothered me with pussy. I could feel her hard clit and enlarged labia rubbing over my lips, nose, and chin. She kept moaning and I kept going.

She stopped me after a bit with a sigh. “I want you to fuck me. I think maybe I would cum.”

I stood up. She looked at me. She giggled. “I’m all over your face.”

I reached into a drawer, got a towel, and wiped off. “It’s actually kind of hot,” she said.

I pulled down my pants and undershorts güvenilir casino and my hard cock sprang free. She stared at it. “It’s so clean cut. It’s beautiful,” she said.

I took it in my hand and pushed my cock into her slit. She was incredibly wet. We both watched as I slid insider her. She was sitting on the edge of my table, and I was standing between her legs. I began pumping away. In and out. Then faster. She looked at my face.

“I… can feel… your balls… hitting… my ass…. It’s so hot.” I found these words a total turn-on!

“Oh!… Oh!… Oh!” she exclaimed rhythmically with my thrusts.

I bent towards her and pulled her towards me. Grinding her clit as best I could with each stroke. I had to slow down and edge a little so I wouldn’t cum. This went on for a while, and I realized she needed more instruction than I was giving her.

I stopped and pulled back. “Are you even getting close?” I asked.

“I think so. Maybe. I can tell you that I love your bare cock inside me.”

I looked at her face. I stood there thinking while she looked down at my cock. I looked around. I spotted a big overstuffed chair in my office. I took my shoes and pants off. “Come with me.”

We went over to the chair. Me naked except for my shirt. Her naked except for shirt, bra, and high-heeled shoes.

“Some women need some breast play too. Can you let your tits out?”

“Yes.” She smiled, unbuttoned her shirt, and undid the front clasp on her bra. Out they bounced. Gorgeous. Perky. Probably a C or D cup in size. I stared at them for a minute and then looked at her.

“You need to fuck me too,” I said.

“Really? I’m not sure what you mean. I think I like to be submissive when it comes to this.”

“That’s understandable,” I went on. “You are a very strong, confident woman in real life, and it makes sense you might want that sort of escape as part of sex. And that’s great, but you still need to make yourself, or at least help yourself cum. You can’t just blindly rely on your partner to make you cum. Your clit and other parts need movement and stimulation that is just right. You should grind and move with me until you feel it’s working. Only you can feel when it is.”

I wondered why she hadn’t picked this advice up from a Web site or from girlfriends. Maybe she really liked being submissive and couldn’t see how to make that work with the other advice she found.

In my mind, I had a flash of understanding. It was becoming clear why she approached me the way she did. It would be unlikely a guy her own age would have the patience and experience to deal with this issue so directly. She was one of the smartest young people I’d ever met. She even approached sex with determination, planning, and an eagerness to learn and succeed.

“OK, I’ll try.” She looked down and saw my cock had gone a little limp from the science talk. “One thing I know is how to make that hard again,” she said.

She knelt in front of me and took it in her hand. She looked up at my face as I looked down. “Don’t cum in my mouth though. I’m not sure I’m into that.”

I smiled. “It’s alright. I want to cum in your pussy.”

Laura took my cock as far into her mouth she could. This was almost all the way. I got completely hard again immediately. I felt the head push into her throat; she swallowed but didn’t gag. She had a hand on me as she bobbed her head up and down while she rubbed herself with her other hand. She stopped and looked up at me.

“Remember, I have some experience with this,” she said with a little smile. “The rougher the better.”

I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her. Gently at first. Then both hands as I held the back of her head and face fucked her with determination. She looked up into my eyes.

“Um mmm,” she said, muffled by my cock in her mouth, and nodding slightly.

She kept looking up at my face. Her eyes watering slightly as I fucked her mouth harder. But she kept on affirming what I was doing.

“Oh… oh,” I grunted. I was on the verge of coming in her mouth. I stopped and pulled out.

She let out a big breath. “Oh, that was so hot. I’m so hot!” she said.

I sat in the chair and leaned back a bit, my cock throbbing. “Get up here and sit on my cock.” I said.

She climbed on and carefully slid down onto my rod. “Oh! That’s so deep. It’s so hard and warm. It never felt this good before,” she said

“The cowgirl position is great for penetration and stimulation,” I explained. “It should be easy for you to cum this way. Bend towards me so your boobs are in my face.”

She obeyed. I begin fondling, rubbing, and kissing them. I gradually worked my way to sucking.

She began to get into it. Moving up and down slightly on my cock. “Please bite my nipples.”

I obliged. As I was working on her tits, I had a fond flashback to sex with my late wife when we were younger. She, like Laura, was endowed with big, beautiful boobs.

“Ahhhh, this feels so good,” she said.

She slid up and down on me some canlı casino more. She adjusted her position. I could tell it was starting to feel right to her. I grabbed her ass tightly and pushed her up and down while I thrust upwards to meet her each time she slid down. It wasn’t going to take long once she got the hang of it.

She let out a sort of muffled scream with her lips pursed tightly together. Her whole body stiffened, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” I thrust up into her a couple more times. As she was coming to the end of her orgasm, I had mine. “Oh, yes!” I exclaimed uncontrollably. Our mounds locked together as we both quivered, and I felt my cock pulsing hot cum deep inside her. Then we relaxed.

We sat for a minute. She stared into my face with a sort of bewildered look.

“Are you alright? I asked.

She sat still, looking at me, shaking slightly. Then suddenly, a smile came across Laura’s face. “Alright? Holy shit! I’m fucking wonderful! Now I know what people are talking about.” She bent down and hugged me.

She slid off me and noticed cum on my cock and around her pussy. “Wow,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve just never seen so much cum before. There was always a condom.”

“Well,” I said, “I guess that’s your first cream pie!”

We both laughed. I looked at the clock and said we needed to go because the cleaning crew would be here soon. We got dressed. While the sex was fantastic, I was still uncertain about this aspect of our relationship, and she could tell.

“Steve, are you alright?”

“Yes. I guess. I still feel like this is a little strange.”

“Steve, it’s great. What could be wrong? We are both consenting adults. She thought for a minute. “Maybe we shouldn’t have jumped so quickly from a pure academic mentor relationship to sex. Maybe we should hang out a little as friends the next time we meet. It might make you more comfortable.”

“I’d like that,” I said.

We compared schedules and there wasn’t much time available. We eventually settled on meeting for lunch at a pub on Sunday. Despite my mixed feelings, I couldn’t help but be excited as I walked back to my apartment. Such a beautiful, sexy woman, wanting to have sex with me, no strings attached. It was difficult to believe. It was like I won the jackpot in some sort of sex lottery.

As I walked to the pub on Sunday, I grew worried that Laura wouldn’t be there. That she’d gotten what she wanted and was through with me. It was then that I realized I really did want this friendship to continue. She was helping me as much as I was helping her. I walked in and she was waiting. She seemed especially relaxed and very happy. She was dressed more casually today. Jeans and a pullover shirt. The jeans hugged her hips and showed off her figure, but also made her seem at ease and comfortable. I was wearing jeans as well, but a little more baggy than hers, of course. I suppose I wanted to hide the few extra older-man pounds around my middle. We sat down and ordered a couple of pints with our meals.

We talked about all manner of things. She told me about her upbringing in the Australian school system. I told her about my marriages, the cold war, and what life was like before 9/11. We were both fascinated. We laughed. We joked. We didn’t mention sex until late in the conversation when she told me that she wanted to try different things with me. She maintained there was so much she hadn’t explored. At one point in that part of the conversation she said, “I want to learn how to let a guy cum in my mouth.”

That got me a little hot, but right then I noticed we’d gotten a little loud, “Shhhh!” I said, leaning into her.

She giggled, “Nobody’s paying attention.” I looked around and it appeared she was right. I looked at my watch and we’d laughed and talked for three solid hours.

And so, it went.

We didn’t become integral parts of each other’s lives. There were too many people in each of our circles who would not understand the relationship. We had a meal or took in a movie every now and then. She showed me around the parts of Sydney she knew. I gave her lots of advice on schoolwork. I critiqued her papers and helped her study for tests.

And the sex lessons continued when time allowed. Different positions. Missionary. Standing. Laying down. Sitting forwards. Sitting backwards. She still struggled with the idea of being taken from behind while on her hands and knees or bent over a piece of furniture. But she figured out how to make every other position work for her. We explored her submissive side. My late wife had a submissive side as well, so I was full of ideas. We acquired rope and handcuffs and played out fantasies. We reversed these roles on occasion. A couple of times I acquired a new toy and kept it for a surprise as part of some future sex lesson.

We didn’t always fuck. Sometimes we just masturbated together. Laura had become fascinated with male ejaculation, and she liked to watch me spew hot cum on her. On her tits. On her stomach. On her crotch, hand, leg, you name the part. Sometimes she would play with herself at the same time and sometimes even make herself cum. Once I even spurted cum onto her face, careful to miss her mouth. I did this while she was rubbing herself and it excited her so much, she had an orgasm in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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