The Seven Day Orgasm – Day 05

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This is part five of an ongoing series. At this point it’s worth reading the previous stories before reading this one. It’s still erotic as hell to read by itself, but you’ll miss some great interplay between the stories. Happy reading!


It had been so long since she had anything in her ass that, as she sat at the kitchen table eating her lunch, she still felt the butt plug that filled her the night before. The sensation was an ethereal reminder of how wanton she had become in her quest for orgasm.

She decided that trying to work on Monday and Tuesday would be pointless, so she texted her boss and took them as mental health days. Then she cleaned up her dishes and stared at her husband out the window as he worked in the yard. A dozen ideas, all of them carnal, flashed through her head.

Did it count as stimulating her if she let him fuck her in the ass? Deep down she knew that it did – the plug from last night assured her that a good ass fucking would do more for her than she previously thought possible.

She knew that she had to do something. Something to surprise him. Something that inspired her sexually, even if it didn’t get her off. She left the kitchen and went into the bathroom.


She sat in the bathtub, naked, a mirror propped against the side of the tub so she could observe the reflection of her pussy. In her hand she held an electric beard trimmer. At her side was a jar of shaving cream and her razor.

Once, when they were newly dating, she shaved her pussy for him. It wasn’t something she enjoyed at the time, but she knew it got him off. Now, sitting in the tub, she wanted nothing more than to try it on for size, if for no better reason then to further bask in her sexuality.

She flicked on the trimmer and lowered it to her mound. The first thought that raced through her mind as the trimmer touched her skin was of the vibrations. Though still several inches from her clit, the vibrations were enough to make her bite her lip and groan.

For a moment she considered stopping. This was clearly outside the rules. But she had gone too far to stop now.

She ran the trimmer downward, the hair sloughing from her body in it’s wake. When the trimmer reached alongside her clit, the vibrations shook her to the core. Lubrication oozed from her delicate folds. Arousal fought against her concentration.

For the next minute she cleared away her thatch of pubic hair. With each pass of the trimmer, her arousal grew. Waves of pleasure washed over her. Her guilt was intense, but she pushed on in spite of it, apologizing to him with every arc of lightning that shot across her clit.

Withdrawing the trimmer from her skin was a challenge, but she reminded herself that it’s job was done. After a moment sans vibration, her heart ceased racing with excitement. Her frustration was overpowering, her desire unquenchable, her lust all-consuming, but she pushed such thoughts from her mind. She spread the shaving cream around her pubic region and dragging the razor over her skin until her pussy was bald.

Without the hair there to conceal it, her lips were full and floral, delicate folds of flesh descending from the pearl of her clit. It aroused her to see herself so vulnerable, so naked, so uninhibited.

Seeing that her pussy was still laced with streaks of shaving cream, she pivoted in the bathtub and aligned her waist with the the bath faucet. Unlike the unexpected joys of the trimmer, she knew full well the feel of running water’s luscious caress on her most sensitive parts.

She turned on the water as if drawing a bath, and the flow fell squarely onto her stomach. Leaning back until her head was on the tub floor, she planted one foot on the wall to either side of the faucet and shimmed her hips until her pussy was aligned perfectly with the water flow.

Water cascaded from the faucet onto her with relentless persistence. The constant pressure assaulting her clit was electric. All thoughts of simply washing away excess shaving cream were forgotten. A low moan escaped her lips. An orgasm approached with haste.

She reacted with terror – she was şişli escort out of line enough as-is. If she came, it would be a much larger betrayal. So she forced her brain to think through the sensation that screamed within her and opened her eyes so that she could reach up to turn off the water.

But before she could move a muscle, she saw him.

He had come in from the yard, his sweaty t-shirt in hand, and he stood in the doorway to the bathroom. A poker face concealed his thoughts as he observed her undulating in the tub, but he reached over and shut off the water.

A dark yet playful look emerged on his face. Guilt washed over her, mixing with the spikes of desire that coursed through her body. In that moment she was his, willing to do anything.

“Explain yourself,” he chided.

“I..I…” she stammered. “I just…wanted to look good for you.”

She held up the razor and the beard trimmer, a sheepish grin on her face.

“This changes things,” he warned. “You’ll find out more tonight.”

Then he turned and left her in the bathroom to decode just what he meant.


That night she sat on the edge of their bed, naked, her eyes downcast and mind racing. When he came to her, she stood.

“How do you want me?” she asked, her eyes never leaving the floor.

He drank in her demure demeanor, clearly not in any hurry to break the tension.

“Lie on your back,” he ordered.

She crawled onto the bed, making sure he got a good view of her shaved mound, and flipped onto her back. He came over with two pillows in his hands and lay one to the outside of each of her knees.

“Spread your legs so the bottoms of your feet are together and your knees are resting on the pillows.”

She complied, bringing the soles of her feet together and letting her legs fall onto their respective pillows. The position left her pussy open for his use.

He set the timer on his phone to thirty minutes and pulled two dildos from his night table. Her eyes widened.

The first toy was a traditional but substantial realistic dildo – pink and veined with a bulbous head and a pair of faux-balls at the base.

The other was a smaller black dildo with three graduated bulbs along it’s length. The first bulb, near the tip of the toy, was relatively small. The second was the width of the butt plug from the previous night. The third looked almost as large as the head on the other toy.

The clock on his timer began to tick backward, and he picked up the realistic dildo.

He placed one hand on her stomach, and with the other brought the dildo to within an inch of her delicate folds.

She inhaled and held it in anticipation, waiting for contact. It occurred to her that despite all of their play this week, she hadn’t had anything in her vagina for an incredibly long time.

He pressed the dildo to her folds, and she exhaled with a sigh. Her pussy lips parted, molding to the silicone of the toy’s head. As he held it there, pressing lightly against her entrance, she subconsciously rocked her hips Her folds slid along the tip of the dildo and coated the head with cream. She groaned at the sensation.

“Please,” she begged.

He looked her squarely in the eyes.

“After your performance earlier,” he began. “We need to change the rules a little.”

As her curiosity heightened her arousal, he pushed the base of the dildo, and the skin at her entrance wrapped tight around it’s head as it passed inside of her. She gasped as the bulbous knob of the toy filled the first inches of her canal, leaving her pussy lips stretched taut around the top of the dildo’s shaft in an airtight embrace.

“Tonight we are going to work on your control,” he continued. As he spoke he fed the dildo further inside of her. Her mouth formed an “O” and she groaned in pleasure as she took inch after inch.

“When you’re about to cum,” he said, now pulling the dildo back out until just the head remained inside. “It’s going to be up to you to hold it in.”

He reversed direction and pushed the dildo back into her, this time to the hilt. escort aksaray The toy’s balls rested against her shaved flesh, her pussy fully impaled.

“Wh…what,” she managed to gasp from beneath the haze of her erotic trance.

“Tonight there is no begging me to stop when you’re close,” he instructed, pulling the length of the dildo back out until only the head remained inside. “You’re going to learn to control your orgasm.”

Then he guided the dildo back inside and began to fuck her slowly with long, deep strokes. She tried to voice some objection, but the sensation was too intense.

Her submission to his process only added to the pleasure she felt as the dildo slowly pumped in and out of her hungry hole. It was unlike anything she had ever felt. Penetration used to never be enough to get her off, but now she was helpless to stop the delicious friction of the dildo as it developed quickly into an oncoming orgasm.

She moaned and looked him in the eye. He stared her down, his look daring her to say it, and quickened the pace of his thrusts.

“Please,” she whimpered as the dildo pumped her. Thick white cream coated it’s length. She panted in time with the invader’s thrusts.

“Please ohmygod,” She grabbed a handful of their comforter with her fists. “Please, please, i can’t hold it, ohmygod, ohmygod, OHMYGOD”

As she screamed her last appeal to the heavens he abruptly stopped thrusting, leaving her impaled on the dildo’s full length.

“Hold it,” he ordered.

She could feel her pussy trembling, flesh tightly gripping every inch of the dildo’s impressive girth. The orgasm was so close she could taste it.

And then he slowly began to withdraw the dildo. She gasped as the renewed sensation sent her falling toward the edge of oblivion. One lingering inch at a time he slowly pulled the shaft from her. Her flesh clung to it, so perfectly formed to every vein and ridge. The head added to the pressure as it followed the shaft back up her canal, stretching her to the limit.

She growled like an animal, hyperventilating, fighting off the orgasm. Finally, mercifully, she surrendered the head with a pop and juices oozed from her well-fucked hole. She moaned and bucked her hips.

The timer read 17:39.

“Pull your legs back and hold them apart,” he instructed when she calmed down.

She pulled her legs back to her chest and held them as far apart as she comfortably could, one hand tucked under each knee.

While she positioned herself, he lubed up the black dildo with the three bulbs.

With her legs pulled back, both her pussy and ass were on display. He pressed the tapered end of the black dildo against her anus and the muscle yielded.

When the tip was about an inch inside of her, she felt the first bulb knock at her entrance and pass inside of her with little more than a ripple of her sphincter.

Another inch of shaft and the second bulb arrived at the gates, this one as wide as the widest part of the butt plug from last night. The tapering helped her anus stretch to accommodate the girth of bulb, as well as adjust back to the dildo’s narrower shaft.

She felt the shaft begin to widen again as the final bulb arrived. Her muscle stretched completely taut around it’s girth and she grunted as it passed inside, allowing her muscle to constrict around the base of the toy’s shaft.

After giving her a moment to get used to the fullness, he pulled on the base of the dildo. Her anus tried to hold tight to the thinner shaft but gave way to the pressure and the largest bulb emerged from her.

Without missing a beat he continued to pull and the middle bulb came out, much easier now that her body adapted to taking it. Finally the smallest bulb emerged, but halfway through it’s arrival he reversed course and drove it back inside, followed quickly by the middle bulb and, with a moment’s resistance, the largest.

She gasped as the last bulb went in, and her gasp turned into a moan as he once again began pulling it out, quicker than the first time. When the smallest bulb emerged, he guided it back inside again, and this time kağıthane escort her anus surrendered to the bulbs with a measured tolerance.

He began to fluidly transition from in-stroke to out-stroke, and her reaction was electric. Her rosebud rippled as the bulbs passed in and out of her. With her muscles relaxed, the neutral sensation of fullness in her ass gave way to growing arousal, and the rippling of the bulbs across her sphincter began to feel like the Hitachi’s vibrations on the butt plug from the previous night.

A submissive ecstasy possessed her. The dildo controlled her ass with sensation, and she could not help but metabolize it into sexual pleasure.

Her breathing became labored. Sparks began to cloud the corners of her vision. The air was thick with her musk. She struggled to continue holding the backs of her knees. Guttural whimpers and moans issued from her mouth as the dildo reamed her. An orgasm materialized in her consciousness, beckoning her toward it.

She managed to open her eyes and look at him, but his gaze was firmly on her ass. He seemed as amazed of her performance as she was of her ability to embrace the sensations.

“Ungh,” she groaned, heat rising from her ignored pussy. Lubrication drizzled down onto the dildo. He pivoted his attention to her face and smiled as he knew he was once again testing her control.

Her vision clouded, and her eyes plead for mercy as they met his. Her skin was flushed, nipples and vulva bright pink. She sipped breaths of air between rhythmic grunts and gasps.

She was about to scream in surrender to an orgasm she could no longer prevent when he stopped. As with her last edge, he left the dildo firmly planted inside of her. All three bulbs filled her ass, and pleasure still shimmered in echo despite the stillness.

The timer ticked past 7:14. She couldn’t imagine what he had in store for the remaining minutes. When he picked up the first dildo without removing the one from her ass, however, her eyes went wide in realization.

He lowered the dildo to her well-fucked pussy and her folds molded around the tip. Cream beaded at her entrance, and with the slightest pressure the head of the cock slipped inside. The feeling was more intense than she imagined possible.

She could feel the head of the dildo rubbing against the largest bulb of the anal dildo through the thin layer of flesh that separated her holes. He slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy, while simultaneously withdrawing the other from her ass. When the pussy dildo was bottomed out and the anal dildo was barely inside, he reversed the flow, beginning a cadence of alternately filling and emptying each of her most intimate spaces.

Her mind was blown. She never imagined herself in this position, taking two dildos at once and not just enjoying it, but NEEDING it. Her muscles had surrendered completely, and the toys were sliding effortlessly in and out of her, friction slowly building into the genesis of an orgasm. Despite not having her clit touched once, she found herself on the verge of an orgasm for the third time.

She drew her legs further back and spread them wider. Breaths hissed from her mouth between clenched teeth. She shut her eyes to try and regain some semblance of control, but it was pointless. The dildos owned her.

The pleasure was a tsunami that kept coming. Juice coated the dildos. Her cries filled the room. As reality began to splinter and the explosion of orgasm triggered, he stopped the thrusting with the first dildo buried in her pussy and the anal dildo withdrawn.

She managed to catch the orgasm in her consciousness before it took her, though she struggled to keep it in her grasp as the sensation of the walls of her pussy gripping the dildo threatened to send her over the edge.

He slowly pulled the toy out, as he did after her first edge, and she sighed in sheer joy as it went. When the head flopped out she moaned in frustration at the emptiness.

It took her a minute to open her eyes and remember to lower her legs, which ached from being held aloft. But the ache in her legs was nothing compared to the ache between them. The toys had completely worked her over. Dominated her.

Reamed her out.

The timer read 0:00.

“So,” he mused. “Do you think you can keep yourself under control?”

“Yes,” she meekly replied. “I promise.”

It was a promise she would break.

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