The Search is Over Ch. 02

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Kevin awoke to the sunlight shooting between his mini blinds. Saturday was his day to forget the stresses of work. No sooner had he opened his eyes then the previous night ran through his mind. Ashley, the confessions, the sex. Had he violated his sister at her most vulnerable?

The indentation on the pillow was all that remained. Worry grew in his mind when he noticed her dress and bra were gone. Had he just ruined the special relationship built over a lifetime? His heart sank as he pulled on his boxers and a t-shirt.

Opening his bedroom door, he ventured through the now empty apartment. She really had left, he really had messed up. Now his mind raced with how could he fix what was broken. On the coffee table, he found his answer, a note from Ashley.

“Kevin, sorry for rushing out this morning. Had a meeting at the sorority house. I will call you later, we need to have a talk. Love ya, Ashley”

As coffee brewed, Kevin read the note over and over. The line about needing to talk jumped out at him. As coffee brewed, Kevin logged onto his computer and typed in Ashley’s my space page. Looking at the various pictures with her sorority sisters made him smile. Her pure beauty was so hard to find. She had that look of innocence, an innocence he had violated last night.

Making his way to the coffee pot, Kevin could still smell and feel his sister. She had a place in his heart that no other woman had been.


Ashley sat in the living room of the sorority house. Her sisters fighting over decorations for the upcoming mixer. She couldn’t keep her attention on the topics at hand. The insides of her thighs ached and she still felt the effects of the previous nights intimacy.

The girls had given her the look of judgement when she got in just before the meeting. Still wearing the dress from the night before. She knew there would be a private meeting of the senior sisters. They made it a rule not to spend the night away from the house. No sooner had the weekly pissing match ended then the seniors went to a separate room.

Finding peace and quiet in her room, Ashley had more time to think about things, Kevin in particular. Had she taken advantage of him at the wrong time? Had she been too forward when all they were doing were talking about bad dates? Would he still see her the same after a night of spontaneous passion?

Her thoughts were broken when Tiffany entered. Her room mate was a junior majoring in pre med. Ashley knew Tiffany’s kind heart and intelligence would make her an amazing doctor, and being sexy would be an added bonus. Tiffany looked at her for a long moment, almost as if trying to say something.

“Look Ashley, you had me worried last night. You know the rules of the house. But I am just glad you are safe.”

“Thanks Tiffany, I didn’t mean to not come home. It was just late and I was tired. Plus I didn’t want to walk across campus in the dark alone.”

Tiffany smiled in understanding as she sat down at the desk. The secret meeting of the senior girls, worrying about Kevin and Tiffany’s worry for her was too much emotion. Ashley couldn’t fight the sobs that ensued.

“Ash, what is wrong?” Tiffany moved to embrace her now crying friend. But more than that, she couldn’t help but feel gaziantep escort bayan love for the beautiful room mate that she had developed a crush on.

“It’s just so hard to make everyone happy.” Ashley managed to say as she laid her head on Tiffany’s chest. The feel of Tiffany’s breasts against one cheek, the long blond hair tickling the other made her feel something new.

“Sweetie, you can only make yourself happy. You know I am here for you whenever you need to talk. College is hard.” Tiffany knew what Ashley was feeling, she had cried hundreds of times her freshman year.

Tiffany’s perfume was now filling Ashley’s senses. The crying had stopped, she was just in heaven in Tiffany’s arms. She had to keep this going.

“I want to just drop out and go back to mom and dad’s” Ashley repeated what she had to Kevin the night before.

“Honey, don’t do that, don’t give up” Tiffany advised, in her mind she wanted so much to throw Ashley down on the bed and take her. The desire and the emotion made her start to cry.

When Ashley heard the soft sobs, she sat upright, why was Tiffany crying? What had she said to upset her. Reaching out, Ashley took up a tear from Tiffany’s face. This new desire was about to overtake her. Glancing down, she caught sight of the cleavage showing from the edge of Tiffany’s low cut top.

Looking back into Tiffany’s eyes, it happened, she had to follow her instincts. Gripping Tiffany’s shoulders, she pulled her room mate to her and kissed her. She expected resistance but instead felt welcomed. She had occasionally thought about this, now it was here. Tiffany’s kiss was intimate yet powerful. She felt Tiffany’s hands move to her back and the zipper to her dress come down.

“Tiffany, should we do this?” Ashley whispered as she felt Tiffany’s lips on her now bare chest. Tiffany looked into her eyes and both girls nodded excitedly.

It was pure animal magnetism, Ashley needed her friend. Reaching out, she pulled Tiffany’s top off and tossed it across the room. Reaching down, she undid Tiffany’s jeans. Now standing, the girls kissed as the last stitches of clothing were removed and tossed aside wildly. Tiffany couldnt wait anymore, forcing Ashley to the bed, Tiffany parted her sexy room mates legs.

“God Tiffany, you’re so fucking sexy” Ashley tried to not let passing sisters hear.

“Ashley, I am going to eat this pussy like its never been eaten before.” Tiffany growled as she neared the spot of her desires. Ashley’s perfect pussy.

The way Tiffany overtook her drove Ashley wild. Laying back, she knew orgasm wouldn’t take long. She was already feeling the pressure build inside her. When Tiffany’s lips met her folds, Ashley quivered, it was even better than she imagined.

“Oh fuck Tiffany, yes, give me your pussy. Turn around” Ashley hissed. She knew they didn’t have long. She also knew it wouldn’t take long.

Now looking at tiffany’s pussy just inches from her face, Ashley dove in with a hunger. Sucking wildly and caressing her friends folds with her dainty fingers. Tiffany was an expert at eating her. They had become one, and now each girl bucked their hips to the others mouth. Ashley had reached the point she never thought a woman could bring escort gaziantep bayan her to.

“Oh God Tiffany, I’m there!” Ashley managed to announce before the powerful orgasm overtook her and she let loose with juices that filled Tiffany’s mouth. Tiffany couldn’t say anything, only a long high pitched squeal alerted Ashley.

It was perfect timing as the girls were startled by a knock on the door and Ashley was summoned to the living room. All the girls would be there. Tiffany kissed her and gave her a suportive, loving look as the dressed. Decision time had arrived, but at this moment, Ashley didn’t really care.


Kevin sat at his computer, looking over the presentation he had to give on Monday. He kept a separate browser open with Ashley’s my space picture on it. He occasionally looked to the phone, wondering if she was going to call. Just then a knock on his door broke his thoughts.

Opening the door, he saw his beautiful sister before him. A look that told him she was upset and bothered. Opening the door wider, she entered and tossed her purse on the recliner. There was a distinct tension in the air. Kevin took a seat on the couch and waited. Watching as Ashley approached and sat down.

“They are just mean!” Ashley announced, falling into her brother’s arms.

“What are you talking about?” His fears put aside for a moment.

“Because I didn’t go back to the house last night, I am on a curfew and probation.”

“Weren’t you going to drop out?”

“Tiffany talked me out of it.” She thought back to the sex, wanting to tell Kevin, but avoiding possibly upsetting him.

“Well, I am glad to hear that. But isn’t curfew a bit overbearing?” Kevin held his sister tighter. Her breasts now against his chest. He could feel her hard nipples poking through the fabric, meaning no bra.

“It’s house rules. I know you have been worried since I ran off. But you were sleeping so peacefully.” Ashley could read his thoughts.

“Yeah, a little, but your note explained it.”

“Did I take advantage of your vulnerability last night?” Ashley asked

“I was wondering the same thing.” Kevin loved the way that him and his sister thought the same.

“Kevin, what happened last night was beautiful. I loved it, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect night.”

“I feel the same” Kevin replied, now looking at how her tight jeans hugged her petite hips, how her hair felt in his fingers.

“It’s been a bad day, and I don’t have much time. Only one thing can make the bad stuff go away.

Ashley unzipped Kevins pants, reaching into his boxers and freeing his now raging hard manhood. She loved how it felt in her hands.

“Hello my friend.” She whispered to Kevin’s cock. Kevin had never heard any woman say something like that. He smiled to keep from laughing.

Ashley moved her mouth closer, she had been thinking about sucking her big brother since the end of the meeting. Taking it into her mouth, Ashley loved the taste. Loved how it felt as her tongue traced the veins and around the crown. She could taste Kevin’s pre cum and the taste drove her wild.

Kevin laid his head back and closed his eyes. His little sisters adventurous gaziantep bayan escort mouth was making him feel things he had never felt. The rooms temperature rose and he felt lightheaded. Oh Lord, she was amazing.

Ashley was now making slurping sounds and moaning happily as she feasted on the source of her deepest desires. Faster she worked her mouth. Knowing it wouldn’t take long to get him off. His moans were verification of that.

“Oh Ashley, your mouth is amazing, suck my cock baby.”

Ashley was hungry, wanting his cum more than anything. But not in her mouth, not tonight. Sitting up, she looked into her brothers loving eyes.

“Kevin, fuck me, we don’t have much time.” She demanded, pulling her shirt off, revealing her firm breasts to her brother. Before he could react, Ashley pulled his polo shirt over his head.

Kevin stood, taking his sisters soft hand, leading her down the hall to his bedroom, no, their bedroom. He didn’t want his night to end, but didn’t want Ashley in trouble. No sooner had they got into the bedroom, then Ashley pushed him against the wall.

Kissing passionately, Ashley reached down and finished undressing her brother. Kevin hurriedly returned the favor. Her naked body pressed to his felt so right even though what they were doing was wrong. She had become his forbidden addiction. His cock stood at attention. Ashley couldn’t wait for the bed. She had to have him now.

Hopping slightly, Kevin caught her, his hands firmly holding her small ass. Ashley reached down and guided his cock to her now dripping pussy. No longer a virgin, they were going to fuck like never before. Sliding onto him, she gasped at the sensation of him entering her tight pussy.

“Turn me around, fuck me against the wall” Ashley begged. She was soon against the wall, Kevin now pounding deeper into her.

Ashley wrapped her arms around her brother, digging her nails into his back. His moans and growls told her he approved. She could feel her orgasm building faster than the night before. This mad, passionate fucking was all she needed.

“Kevin, fuck your little sister, oh, fill my pussy, oh, I’m gonna cum baby” Ashley panted and cried out.

Kevin could feel his orgasm building, her pussy was so tight and wet. Her moans in his ear pushing him closer. Her nibbles on his ear making him thrust harder. He heard Ashley cry out as she came, he could feel her pussy tighten repeatedly as she dropped her head to his shoulder.

Ashley needed his seed, putting her hands on either side of his head, she looked her brother in the eyes

“Now Kevin, cum now” She demanded. The look in her eyes was all it took, with a grunt and a final thrust, he felt weak as he pumped his load into his sister. Collapsing to the floor, he was thankful he didn’t have hard wood floors.

Laying on his back, still inside Ashley, She leaned into him and kissed him. Sliding off only after he started to soften. Looking at the clock, Ashley knew she was almost out of time.

“Kevin, that was amazing, I love how you fuck me.” Ashley stood and found her jeans. Pulling them on, she lifted her panties from the floor and tossed them onto his chest

“Keep these baby.”

Kevin was so drained he couldn’t speak, his smile was all Ashley needed. She finished dressing, then knelt to her sexy older brother. Kissing him one last time.

“Rest up big boy” Looking down at his glistening cock, Ashley sucked some of their juices off. “Next time my new friend” She said to his cock.

Kevin didn’t want to get up. Even after he heard the door close. The only strength left was to lift Ashley’s panties to his nose and breathe deep.

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