The Rake Ch. 02

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Author’s note: First I would like to thank all the people who took the time to read my first story. I am not a professional writer. I write stories for my friends and for fun. I decided to post “The Rake” because of the response that I got from all of my friends. I am not by any means perfect nor would I think that I am a great writer. I consider this a process where through time I hope to become a better writer. Like all writers on Lit erotica I enjoy getting comments about my stories. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


When Debra leaves the hotel she quickly makes a mental list of things to do and where she has to be. First she heads home for a quick shower. She has that smell of sex on her body and wants to be clean before she goes to the mall. She grabs a quick lunch and jumps in the car and is off to the mall. As she drives she makes a list of what she needs 1. A sexy skirt, 2. A blouse to go with the skirt, 3. Sexy heels, and 4. A pair of sexy stockings. Her thoughts are on how adventurous she has been and is looking foreword to doing more. She makes it to the mall and walks in looking for what she will need.

Debra goes through a couple of different stores before she finds a mid-thigh black skirt in her size that she thinks will look sexy. Debra looks around some more and finds a silky white blouse that will go with the skirt. She looks around and spots a clerk and asks, “can I try this on?”

“Sure, the changing rooms are right over there.”

“Thanks.” And walks towards the changing room.

She walks in the small room and closes the door. There’s a wall-sized mirror on one side and a chair in the corner. She steps out of her shoes and unbuttons her jeans. They slide down her thighs and she catches a glance of herself in the mirror. She’s wearing the red thong from the other night. She smiles and poses checking out her sexy ass as she turns around. She slides the new skirt up here thighs. It comes to mid-thigh and is shorter than anything she has ever worn. She turns to see how good her ass looks. The dress is tight enough so that it makes her look hot. She smiles and takes off her shirt and tries on the blouse. That too looks hot and they both give her a new look. She nods and removes both items. Debra stops and looks over her body in the mirror. She’s only dressed in her panties and bra. Her mind wanders for a moment as she recalls the time spent with Jake in the hotel. Her hands begin to caress her body. Slowly touching her skin on her belly. Her hands begin to roam finding her breasts. She massages each of her breasts, still in the bra. Her nipples become hard as she remembers how Jake touched them. She begins to feel a little weak and sits in the chair. Her hands roam lower on her body, softly touching her belly, working slowly down to her panties. She caresses her pussy over her panties, rubbing lightly, feeling her lips through the fabric. She spreads her legs wide as her fingers work under the panties. Debra works a finger into her wet pussy and begins to moan; she closes her eyes as she embraces the moment. Then the door to the changing booth opens.

“Hi, I thought you might like to…. Oh! So that’s why you’re still in here!”

Debra’s eye’s open wide in fright and she pulls her hand out from under her panties and starts to scramble for her clothes.

“Hey! It’s OK! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. You, ah, look like you were in the moment. Was it a good daydream?”

“I’m sooo sorry! I’ll just get dressed and check out now.”

The clerk walks behind Debra and places her hands on Debra’s shoulders.

“Relax. Were you thinking about a guy? I could tell you were turned on.”

The clerk starts to rub Debra’s shoulders giving her a massage. Debra doesn’t move for a moment. Then she physically relaxes.

“Yea, that’s it. Relax. Go back to your daydream. It’s ok. Is this guy hot? Did he really turn you on.”

“Yesss, he’s sooo hot!” Debra answers.

“Close your eyes. Use your hands and imagine him touching you.”

Debra’s hands slowly slide down her belly to her panties. Her fingers work themselves under the elastic and begin to rub her pussy lips. She spreads her legs so that her pussy is easier to rub. The clerk keeps massaging her shoulders as she’s doing this.

“That feels good doesn’t it? Is your pussy getting wet?”

“Yessss.” Debra says, as she rubs a little harder.

“Why don’t you just take those panties off? They’re just in the way now aren’t they?”

Debra closes her legs and pulls the sexy panties down her thighs and kicks them to the side. Her fingers return to her pussy as she again spreads her legs wide. Her pussy is wet and she works in a finger. The clerk watches her every move and works her hands down to her breasts. Debra’s nipples are instantly hard as the clerk’s fingers slowly rub them. Debra inhales a deep breath as she feels the clerk massaging her tits. She works in a second finger into her wet pussy. She can feel the clerk’s mouth by her ear Şerifali Escort now. The clerk whispers into her ear.

“That’s it. Finger that wet little pussy. You’re so wet now. I can hear your fingers sloshing around in your pussy. Keep fucking yourself. I want to see you cum. Yea, keep going, finger that cunt!”

Debra’s fingers are moving in and out rapidly. She’s breathing hard and she’s close. The clerk has her fingers on Debra’s nipples and she pinches them. Debra’s eyes open wide as her orgasm hits. The clerk moves her hand over Debra’s mouth as she screams.

“I’mmm Cumming!”

Debra’s body becomes tense and then relaxes as the clerk removes her hand from her mouth.

“Sorry about that but I can’t have you screaming in the store. It would draw a lot of attention that would probably get you arrested. The next time you’re shopping and you want to get off come find me first and I’ll take care of you. Oh make sure you go to my register so I get the commission.”

Then the clerk leaves. Debra’s sitting there naked looking at herself in the mirror wondering what just happened. She smiles and almost laughs as she gets dressed. She’s starting to enjoy these naughty little adventures. She collects her new clothes and checks out and leaves. She finishes her shopping getting the remaining items on her list and heads home.

The rest of the day goes by quickly and it’s soon nighttime. Debra stands in front of her bedroom mirror taking a look at her new outfit. It’s a different look for her and she’s enjoying it. The short skirt and new heels shows off her legs. The outfit makes her look somewhat younger and that makes her smile. She hasn’t felt this alive in quite awhile. She collects her purse and keys and heads out to meet Jake at the hotel. Wondering what he has planned for her tonight.

She gets to the hotel a little early and finds a seat in the lobby to wait for Jake. A short time latter Jake appears with two other people. Debra stands up and Jake sees her and waves. She walks over to Jake and is greeted with a kiss.

“Debra, this is my friend Mike and his friend Nikki. Guy’s this is Debra.”

Mike is a tall good-looking blonde guy. He’s handsome and has a devilish smile. Nikki could be Jessica Simpson’s twin with long blonde hair and large breasts. She oozes sex in the short skirt that barely covers her ass. Jake moves everyone out of the lobby to his car and they head to the club. It’s in another part of the city but it doesn’t take long to get there. It’s in a part of town that Debra hasn’t ever been to. It’s an industrial section that is being rebuilt. The club is in an old factory that had been refurbished. Jake finds a parking place and they head in.

Once in the club there is a large bar on the front wall. There’s carpet everywhere except on the large dance floor. As you look up you can see an upstairs that has another bar and a balcony where you can watch everything below. Mike finds an empty booth where everyone sits. Jake walks to the bar and brings back a pitcher of beer with some glasses. Everyone grabs a glass as the pitcher is passed around. The music is loud and they all begin to drink. Debra has never been a big drinker so the alcohol hits her fast. After just a few beers she’s laughing and having fun.

Nikki hears a song she likes and grabs Debra by the hand and takes her out on the dance floor. They both dance and it seem like everyone is watching them. Nikki has always been wild and starts to pull Debra close. She moves her lips to her ear and says “everyone is watching us, let’s give them a show!” Debra smiles back and nods her head yes. Then they begin to grind their bodies together to the music. Nikki has her leg between Debra’s thighs as she pulls her in close. They’re looking into each other’s eyes as Nikki leans in and kisses her on the lips. It’s a soft sensual kiss and Debra almost pulls back but Nikki has her hand on the back of her neck pulling her in close. The club bursts in applause as the song ends and the two women separate. Debra’s face is bight red as Nikki and her walk off the dance floor. They go back to the booth to rest a bit. Jake pours everyone another beer and everyone drinks.

Then a slow dance starts up and Jake takes Debra by the hand and leads her back to the dance floor. The song is “Lady in Red” and Jake holds her tight as they glide across the floor. Jake is a great dancer and Debra feel like she’s under a spell. Debra has her head on Jake’s chest since he’s taller than she is. She feels his hand slide down to her ass and he gives it a light squeeze. Then his hand roams under her dress and she almost jumps at his touch.

“Shhhhh. Relax and act normal. It’s dark enough so that no one can see what’s going on. Just go with it.”

Debra’s a bit scared but Jake’s words makes her relax enough so that their dancing looks normal. Jake slides his hand around the front and rubs her pussy through her skimpy panties. She spreads her legs a little on impulse İstanbul Escort and Jake takes that, as she wants more. So he works his finger under the elastic and fingers her pussy as they dance close. Debra moans at his touch and almost cries out when he works his finger insider her. She’s getting wet from all Jake’s fingering. Her arms are around Jake’s neck as they keep dancing. Her legs are getting weak and Jake senses that she’s had enough and removes his hand. She looks him in the eye and kisses him as the dance ends.

Nikki and Mike keep dancing as a new song starts up. Jake takes Debra by the hand and leads her to the stairs that go to the balcony. He let’s her go first so he can watch her sexy ass sway as she goes up the stairs. He takes her to a quite corner and presses her against the wall. They kiss deeply with their tongues playing in each other’s mouths. Jake’s hands roam Debra’s body at will. He reaches under her skirt and pulls her close. Debra can feel Jake’s hard cock through his jeans pressing against her belly. She moans at his touch as her hand wraps around his neck kissing him deeply. Jake breaks the kiss and walks her over to the window so that they can look out over the dancers. Debra steps up on the edge to get a better view as Jake presses up behind her. She can feel his hard cock pressing into her sexy ass and grinds herself against him. Jake places his head in her shoulder and kisses her neck. He slides his hot tongue into her ear and she melts into his body. Jake steps back for a second unzips his pants and works his hard cock out though the boxer hole in the front and slides back up against Debra. She almost jumps off the edge as Jake Lifts her dress up so his cock is between her legs.

Jake whispers in her ear “Debra, pull your panties aside and put my hard cock inside you.”

She turns to him and says “Are you crazy? We could get caught!”

“What’s life without a little risk. There’s no one up here but us. Just reach down and pull your sexy little panties aside and put my cock in your wet pussy. If you wait too much longer we will get caught.”

With that Jake resumes kissing her neck. Debra’s hands come off the railing and she slides them under her short skirt. She’s shaking as her finger feel his hard cock between her legs. She slowly pulls the thong to one side and bends a little so that she can place Jake’s head at the entrance of her pussy. Jake feels the heat from her pussy and slowly pushes into her pussy. Debra breathes in deep as he fills her wet pussy. He holds his cock there for a moment, letting her get used to his size before he slowly pulls out. Debra’s eyes are closed and she’s under his thrall. As he slides it back in as another couple walks onto the balcony. Debra’s eyes bolt open as she turns her head to look. Jake just pulls her close and doesn’t say a word. The other couple sees that there’s someone else here and after taking a quick look over the dance floor they quietly leave. Debra almost collapses and Jake chuckles.

“See I told you that we…”

Then Jake pulls her head back and kisses her before she can say another word. His hard cock is still deep within her pussy. She begins to relax again and Jake pulls out slowly. Jake takes her head in his hand and slowly makes her go to her knees. His cock is right even with her mouth.

“Suck me clean. Suck me clean and we can go back down stairs.”

Debra opens her mouth and sucks his cock. She can taste both of their juices as she works his cock in and out of her mouth. She reaches down between her legs and puts a finger in her pussy as she licks his shaft. She feels Jake’s hand on her head as he works her mouth back and forth on his cock. He’s getting close and when he’s about to cum he pushes his cock in deep right down Debra’s throat. Debra feels Jake’s cock suddenly grow large and she opens her throat. She swallows it all and is amazed that she didn’t choke to death. Jake places his now soft cock back in his jeans and helps Debra to her feet.

They walk back to the table and sit down. Nikki and Mike have just finished dancing and they too come back to the table. Nikki reaches over and gives Debra a quick kiss. She can taste the salty cum on her lips and gives Debra a knowing look. Debra almost turns red when another slow song starts. Jake quickly grabs Debra’s hand before she can say anything and takes her to the dance floor. This time it’s just a normal slow dance as Jake holds her tight. It’s getting late and Jake tells her that it’s time to go. They all pile into Jake’s car and they’re off.

They end up at this cheap motel. Debra is more than a little drunk as Jake pays for the room.

“I don’t think you should be driving just yet. I think you should stay with us for a while until you sober up.”

Debra just nods yes and walks into the room. Mike and Nikki take Jake’s car out for snacks. Jake takes Debra by the hand and leads her to the bed. They sit down for a moment before they begin to Ümraniye Escort talk.

“Debra, how did you like the club? Did you have fun tonight?”

“Jake, that was crazy! We could have been caught!”

“Relax, we didn’t get caught now did we. And I can tell that you liked how exciting it was. You liked the rush of doing it in a public place didn’t you? Looking down at all those people as my hard cock was deep in your pussy. Just admit it, you like the thrill didn’t you.”

Debra sits there for a moment and thinks about it. It was thrilling and it did excite her. She suddenly feels her body react. Her pussy is getting wet at the thought of what she just did. She still doesn’t say anything as Jake put his arm around her neck and pulls her in for a kiss. His other hand slowly caresses her breast though the silky shirt. Jake pushes her back and reaches under her dress and removes her panties. His tongue licks up her thigh right to her wet pussy. He doesn’t tease this time. He dives right in and tongue fucks her. Debra spreads her thighs wide as Jake eats her out. His hot wet tongue works it’s way up to her clit and he attacks it feeling her hips move at his touch. She’s been on edge for awhile and finally the orgasm comes. Her legs wrap around Jake’s head as he keeps sucking her clit. She sits up and pushes him away. Jake leans in and kisses her.

She moans into his mouth as she turns towards him and climbs onto his lap Jake unbuttons the blouse and pulls it off her shoulders. She reaches down and pulls off his shirt. Soon they’re both naked. Debra find that Jake’s cock is once again hard as she slowly climbs back onto his lap. She grabs his cock and places it at the entrance of her pussy and lowers herself onto it. She sucks in the breath as she takes him deep. She begins to ride him and he helps her by lifting her hips as she goes up and down. They keep fucking like this for awhile when Jake hears his car pull up front. He grabs Debra and puts her on her knees on the bed facing away from the door. Debra is on a sexual high and places her head on the bed and grabs the comforter as Jake fucks her doggie style. She doesn’t hear the door open as Nikki and Mike creep in. Nikki sets the pizza they bought on a table and sits in a chair to watch. Mike goes to the other side of the bed and begins to undress. Jake keeps pounding Debra as she lies there moaning. Mike is now undressed and is sporting a hard on. He climbs on to the bed by Debra’s head and slowly lifts her head up. At first Debra is confused. She opens her eyes to she another hard cock right in her face.

“Suck my cock Debra.” Says Mike.

Mike moves in closer and places the head right on her lips. With Jake pounding her from behind she involuntarily opens her mouth and Mike slides his hard cock in. Now she’s getting fucked from both ends. In her drunken stupor she begins to suck on Mike’s hard cock. The harder Jake fucks her the harder she sucks Mike. She can’t believe this is happening. It’s like a dream. Suddenly Jake says, “Mike let’s switch.” Then they both pull out and trade positions. It happens so fast that Debra doesn’t have time to say anything. She glances out of the corner of her eye to see Nikki with her dress pulled up to her waist and her panties pulled off fingering herself. Her emotions go into over load and suddenly another orgasm hits. This one is like nothing she’s ever felt before. Her whole body shakes as the two cocks keep fucking her. It’s like waves on a beach; the orgasm keeps coming. Her hands grab Jake’s hips as she tries to stop him fucking her mouth. Jake looks down and see that she’s cumming and slows down. He signals Mike and he stops too. They both step off the bed and begin to jerk off their cocks until they shoot there hot cum on Debra’s tits and face. Then Nikki screams as she puts two fingers in her wet pussy and cums hard after watching the guys shoot their loads. Both Jake and Mike walk over and grab a slice of pizza and a drink and sit at the table with Nikki. No one bothers to get dressed and Debra has passed out on the bed covered with cum.

The bright light of day shines through the window of the motel and a sleepy eyed Debra slowly wakes. She’s covered in cum as she looks around the room trying to figure out where the hell she is. Jake is sitting at the table fully dressed eating a donut and drinking a large coffee.

“Well. Good morning sleepy head! You had quite the night.”

Debra looks at Jake and it all comes rushing back. She grabs the covers and pulls them over herself. Jake walks over to her and gently helps her to the bathroom where he starts a hot shower. Debra slowly steps into the hot water of the shower and suddenly is wide-awake. She finds the soap and begins to scrub her body. Her head is pounding from the hangover and finally she feels somewhat clean. She finds a towel and dries off and finds her clothes that are still on the floor. She collects them and goes back into the bathroom to change. Her panties are hard from her own cum but she pulls them on anyway. The rest of her clothes are just wrinkled and when she finally gets dressed she looks in the mirror to see what a mess she is. She shakes her head slowly and walks out of the bathroom with her hair still wet.

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