The Prick Pt. 03

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Now I admit that I’m not perfect. I mean, I married Fellah the slut after training her for only three months. But she had answered my key question with a response I never expected.

“How do you want me to fuck you tonight?”

“Mmmm, should you choose, Master, I would prefer that you refer to me as your whore, or just whore. But since you ask your whore what she wants… I’d like you to slide your fingers between my legs and tease my clit with your fingertips. I would like you to make my cunt so wet it drools down my thighs to the sheets and soaks them. And I’d appreciate it if you’d whisper in my ear that I drive you crazy. You could tell me that I’m beautiful, but that’s not necessary. All I really want is to have you nudge my lips open with the head of your magnificent cock.”

So, like a damn fool, I flew the nineteen year-old to Vegas and married her in one of the many chapels that dot the Strip.

I will admit that her Libyan gash was damn near perfect. And she learned how to suck cock quickly and better than almost any cunt I’ve ever known. That and her willingness to go along with anything I suggested, kept us together for five years.

Anyway, we were in the Mirage, wandering past the many swanky shops when Fellah saw this “Fuck Me” type dress in a window and gushed over it, I took her hand and pulled her into the store, and insisted that she try it on.

The saleswoman, figured us as a lovey-dovey couple, and let me have a peek or two into the dressing room while Fellah tried the dress on. Fellah had no idea I had already glommed her ass and tits as she wriggled into the tight, black dress. She was wearing the wrong type bra for the dress and had taken it off, and like most young girls, she was also wearing a thong. I caught the saleswoman sneaking a peek at her pear-shaped mammaries, and said, “You like girls?”

Apparently she did, because she got flustered and didn’t do anything when I cupped her ass and told her she was free to watch with me. In fact, other than going rigid, she did nothing, and I left my hand where I’d put it.

Fellah came out, and with some encouragement on our part, modeled the dress for us. We told her it was stunning, and she beamed happily and returned to the booth to take it off and put her own clothing back on.

“I’ll take it,” I told the saleswoman, whose face was flushed as she said, “Very good, sir,” and turned to leave. I caught her hand and in a low voice whispered, “You want some of that?”

That made her nervous, and she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about. I like people like that. They won’t admit something you ask them. So I got right to the point.

“You liked her tits and ass, right?” She didn’t respond, so I said, “Let me be blunt, you want her, I can see that. I can fix you up with her. How’s that sound?” The hook was out, now I had to wait for her to take the bait.

“You can do that?” she said, almost stammering out the words.

“And your name is?” I shot back.

“Cleo… but I ….”

“Tomorrow night, seven sharp. Gimmie a sec… I’ll write the address down for you.”

I had to laugh; this broad was almost too easy. I handed her the address just as Fellah, walked out of the dressing room holding the dress as if it were the crown jewels.

“How much is the dress?” I inquired as Cleo put my note in her purse.

“Two hundred, but I… um, I can give you the employee discount.”

“What!” Fellah gasped. “You’re not buying that for me… are you?”

Ignoring her for the moment, I said, “I’m not an employee.”

“No, I am,” Cleo replied, and wrote 20% off the price.

I paid in cash, and she gave me a thin smile, while Fellah’s jaw hung open, still naive enough to believe that anyone would spend that kind of money on her.

One worm, two fish; and for only two hundred bucks, not bad, I thought, as Cleo carefully placed the dress in a box, and stole a look at Fellah every time the girl wasn’t looking.

Outside the store, Fellah regained her voice and said, “I adore you, Jack, but you must know you can’t spend that kind of money…”

“Shut the fuck up! I can, and I will, spend my money, and yours if you have any, where and when I goddamn well please! Now where’s Victoria’s?”

“Huh?” she said, not grasping what I was doing just yet.

“Do you know where Victoria’s Secret is?”

“Yes, but… why?”

“For one, you need a bra to wear with the dress, or do you prefer going braless?”

“I… I don’t….”

“You got the dress, now you need some other… things to wear with it, or am I crazy?”

“Why are you suddenly buying me these things?”

“Don’t you like the dress?”

“I love…” she couldn’t think of anything to say, and clamped her mouth shut. I liked that about her.

“I love it too. You’re a beautiful woman, not to mention my almost blushing bride. I want you to knock people’s eyes out when you walk into some snazzy place wearing the dress. You know, that saleslady, Cleo, couldn’t take her eyes off you.”

“You’re gaziantep rus escort kidding!”

“No, I’m not kidding, I had to keep her from going into the dressing room after you.”

“Why, I wasn’t…” Then my words hit home. “You mean….”

“She wanted you.”

“Oh, Jack…I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t ever tell me you don’t believe me, Fellah,” I said, and followed with, “Oh, here’s Victoria’s, let’s go,” and taking her arm, steered her inside.

“Can I help you?” A pert salesgirl, about twenty, asked with a smile.

“Yes, the lady needs a bra. One that will go with…” and handed the box with the dress in it to her, “This dress.”

“Oh… yes, well, would you mind trying the dress on for me?” she asked Fellah, who could only give me a kind of exasperated look; a look she didn’t mean and we both knew it.

Taking a deep breath, she accepted the red dress from the salesgirl and went into change.

This dressing room was more private that the first one, and provided neither me nor the salesgirl any vantage point from which to see Fellah’s shapely body. And so, along with the salesgirl, I waited for Fellah to come out.

She was even more stunning this time, for she had had the opportunity to see herself in ‘her’ dress for the first time, and obviously liked what she saw.

“Wow, that’s some dress,” the salesgirl offered. Fellah seized on her words and gave me a real smile.

We bought two bras, and some lacy under things; and when I inquired about a black collar to wear with the black dress Fellah was so embarrassed she tried to leave the store, but I prevented her. The salesgirl flushed at this, but then asked if a garter belt was needed to go with the outfit.

“No!” Fellah whimpered. I gave the salesgirl a stern look and told Fellah to be quiet. After that, the salesgirl rang up my purchases without a word, giving me plenty of room as she placed the items in a large bag.

“Husband and Master?” This was the form I had instructed her to take when addressing me. Actually she had the option of using either, or both.

“Yes, Fellah?”

“Why are you buying me these things?” Fellah asked. I had previously ordered her to go naked at all times when we were indoors.

“I want you to look stunning when I show you off tonight.”

“Show me off?”

“Yes, I’ve been wondering what a little bee like you will attract, a male or a female. That’s why I want you to look especially good.”

“Master, are you about to give me away?”

“No, but I am about to lend you to someone.”

“Oh, Husband!” she sounded pathetic, and I told her so while ushering her off to one of those hallways that led one to the restrooms and side entrances to the shops running adjacent to the corridor.

After checking that no one was following, I grabbed her by the hair at the nape of her neck and growled, “Listen, cunt, you’re mine, and I’ll do with you as I damn well please.”

I heard someone coming and released her. An old woman passed us on her way to the restroom.

When she’d entered the restroom, I addressed Fellah, saying, “What are you?”

“I… I’m your cunt… your whore, Master.”

“What’s the only reason you’re worth pissing on?”

“So others will know I’m yours. You… um, piss on me to mark your territory.”

I held her face in my hands, and she looked into my eyes with adoration. “You’re learning, Fellah, you’re learning.”

She proved me right by hooking one leg around my waist, and the other around my leg.

“Does my whore want to fuck?”

“Yes, Husband, I want to fuck… here and now if you want.”

A moment later Fellah’s face was buried in the crook of my neck.

“I want you to blow me right here.”

Without saying a word, Fellah dropped to her knees and began to unzip my fly. The old woman came out of the restroom just as she brought my hardon to her mouth.

“Have a nice day,’ I called out as she was abreast of us. She hadn’t been looking at us, but my words forced her to look our way and her mouth dropped open as she saw Fellah’s tongue paying homage to the crown of my cock.

“Fuck you… both of you!” she spat out, and kept walking while my laughter chased her down the long corridor.

“Two more sucks, that’s all you get, cunt,” I snarled into her hair then yanked her head away and tucked my dick back into my pants. The old woman would undoubtedly be going to the mall police, and we didn’t want to disrupt our lovely honeymoon, so I pulled Fellah to her feet and returned to our suite at the Mirage where I let her finish the blowjob while I looked out the window at the fantastic lights along the Strip.

I took Cleo’s phone call at eleven. She asked if it would be all right to drop by a little after midnight. I told her that was fine with me.

“What… what about Fellah?” she asked nervously.

“What about her?”

“Is she….”

“Ready, willing and able, Cleo. Are you?”

“Um, I don’t….”

“I gaziantep rus escort bayan get to fuck you after you two finish.”

“Oh… I didn’t think….”

“That’s the deal, take it or leave it.”

“So, midnight then,” she said quietly.

I hung up on her.

I didn’t mention Cleo to Fellah, but at five to twelve I told her to take a shower. Fellah gave me a strange look, but waltzed into the bathroom without saying a word.

Cleo was sitting on the sofa pretending to watch television when Fellah came out of the shower wearing a large Turkish towel around her head, nothing else. For the record, Cleo was wearing a tight pullover and pants that were probably tighter.

My cock stirred at the thought of watching them together and then banging the both of them at my leisure the remainder of the night.

Fellah never uttered a word, but she showed her surprise nevertheless by turning her palms up in a ‘What’s this?’ gesture.

“Cleo wants to play with you, Fellah.”

Fellah’s eyes filled with Fellahrs, but she showed no other emotion.

Cleo stood up and went to Fellah who stood still as the other hugged her then gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth.

“My hair…” Fellah murmured. Cleo understood immediately and led Fellah to the sofa, had her sit and taking the towel from Fellah’s hand, dried her hair in an almost maternal manner.

Cleo tossed the towel aside and whispered, “Now undress me.”

Fellah stood up and squeezed her hands underneath Cleo’s tight pullover and pulled it over her head. Cleo, who I estimated at about thirty-five, wore a bra which pushed her ample breasts up forming a deep valley between those firm globes.

“Use your mouth, Fellah,” I called out, for she was standing there holding the pullover and staring at Cleo’s tits.

Her eyes met mine, there was a slight nod and she unfastened the bra releasing Cleo’s bountiful mounds. Fellah dropped the bra to the floor and reached out to cradle Cleo’s tits, then kissed each in turn.

Cleo moaned and struggled to remain standing. I told Fellah to take her guest into the bedroom, which she did. By the time I reached the bedroom, she was removing Cleo’s shoes.

“Suck her toes,” I said and found my throat had gone dry.

Fellah started with Cleo’s big toe and gave it the same treatment she’d given my cock a few hours earlier. Cleo’s hand pressed down on Fellah’s head holding her in place. It wasn’t necessary of course, but I’ve noticed people do that when getting great head.

I had no doubt but that Cleo was close to coming and so I interrupted them and had Fellah remove the remainder of Cleo’s clothing.

Fellah did surprise me by kissing Cleo’s cunt as her hands slowly pushed Cleo’s panties down to her ankles. Then she got up and pressed her body against that of the other woman in a tight embrace.

It was time for Cleo to take charge and I told her so.

“Lie back,” she told Fellah. Until then I hadn’t been sure that Cleo knew Fellah was a sub. Of course, Fellah complied, and spread herself for Cleo to do with her as she pleased.

“Very compliant girl you have,” Cleo said with a smile as she parted Fellah’s thighs and bent over her pussy.

Turning around to me, she said, “Would you like to fuck my ass while I eat this delicious pussy?”

I nodded and dropped my slacks. I wasn’t wearing anything under them. My prick sprang out and got an approving look from Cleo. I found some KY jelly in the medicine cabinet and used a liberal amount on my dick and her anus.

Cleo was already going to town on Fellah when I spread her cheeks and stuck a glob of jelly into her ass. She didn’t make a sound when I entered her, but I felt her shudder as her sphincter caved in and my cock surged into her.

The only one not enjoying themselves appeared to be Fellah. I could see that Cleo knew her stuff, but saw no favorable reaction on Fellah’s part.

“Get with it, Fellah,” I said sternly.

“Yes, husband,” she replied, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

“Cleo, let’s try something a little different,” I said. She turned her head to see what I was up to and smiled when I pulled my dick out of her ass and moved from behind her to Fellah’s face.

“Suck it, bitch!”

Fellah took my shit-speckled cock into her mouth and covered it with her saliva without a murmur of protest. Cleo resumed eating her out. Perhaps a minute passed before I saw a change in Fellah’s demeanor. She was fondling my balls and taking me deep when out of the blue her hips started rocking. Cleo was getting to her.

Within a minute Fellah was coming big time. I counted four separate and distinct orgasms Cleo rang out of her. At that point I told Fellah to return the favor and she went down on Cleo.

But I wasn’t finished with the older woman. While Fellah mashed her face against Cleo’s cunt, I sent my dick back into Cleo’s ass.

It took almost ten minutes, but when Cleo erupted she couldn’t escort rus gaziantep stop. I came in her ass, leaving a generous deposit of sperm. Fellah was into it now and kept lapping away at the other woman.

“Clean her ass, Fellah,” I said just to see what would happen between them.

She left off her cunt-lapping and switched to ass-licking without missing a beat. The sounds of Fellah’s sucking my load from Cleo’s ass filled the room.

Cleo had another gigantic orgasm from the ass job Fellah bestowed on her.

I left them to take a shower. They were still entangled when I returned. Cleo’s ass was sticking up in the air, just as it had been when I’d fucked her. The hole was still red, looking slightly bruised from the penetration. There was a small amount of my cum trickling out of it. I supposed that it had leaked out after Fellah tongued her there. Fellah was a very through girl, after all, and one’s muscles had a tendency to relax when enjoying a nice orgasm, so I let it pass.

Watching the two of them munching away was a very erotic sight and I soon had another hardon and let it bob in front of the two of them.

Cleo knew what to do. She grabbed it and brought it to Fellah’s mouth. After several generous sucks, Fellah tendered it to Cleo. And so it went. Eventually they started kissing each other with my cock rubbing against one or the others face as they did.

I positioned myself so that I could finger each of them, putting a finger or two in Fellah’s snatch and managing to get a finger each in Cleo’s cunt and asshole which was still red, looking slightly bruised from my earlier penetration.

“Fellah, tell me which of you shall I fuck next?”

“Cleo deserves it, husband. I wish that you would honor her with your phallus.”

I had insisted she refer to my cock as a phallus the night before, and was pleased to see that she remembered. She also garnered points for denying herself and granting Cleo a pleasure I knew she would miss.

“Master, I want to see it. I want to watch you fuck her. I want to see what a woman looks like when you fill her with that thick cock of yours. I want to watch her scream.”

“All right,” I said and reached down to flip Cleo over then I took her by the throat and choked her. Not hard enough to cause her to panic, but hard enough for her to know I was in charge.

“Fuck me! Do it!” Cleo croaked, and my hand tightened around her throat as if of its own volition.

“Please don’t hurt her, Master!” Fellah called out, warning me that I might be choking her too hard. I loosened my grip on her neck, heard her gasp for breath and made a note to thank Fellah later.

Able to breathe freely once more, Cleo renewed her request: “Ahhh, God, do it. Do it now!”

Fellah was sprawled on the bed next to us running a finger over her clit. Cleo snaked her arms around my back. “Fuck me, fuck me now! God damn it… I need it!”

I slammed into her wet cunt. She let out a low, deep moan, as her tight pussy stretched around me, and I groaned in response.

“Yes… so good!

I withdrew completely and drove into her again, slow, long strokes to get her used to me. She threw her head back and screamed, as I pumped her a third time, then a fourth. Slowly I picked up speed, and she began to thrust back toward me, meeting me.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Fellah intent on our fucking, fingers a blur on her clit. Her dark hair was thrown back on a pillow, and her large, brown eyes, were fixed on us. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever experienced.

Our fucking took on a savage quality. Rough, hard, and deep. The only sounds in the room were the slap of our bodies, and moans from the three of us.

My hands squeezed Cleo’s ass hard, and I pulled her against me, my cock driving into her in long, fast strokes.

Cleo bit her lip, her eyes glassy and filled with lust, staring behind me. I glanced in the mirror, Fellah was like a woman possessed; her hips thrust upward as if being fucked by an invisible force, her fingers were slick and shiny with her juices; and all the while her eyes never left Cleo and me.

Cleo moaned loudly, and started to tremble and shake against me. I knew she was close, and I picked up the pace, pounding myself into her for all I was worth.

“Oh fuck,” she said, “oh fuck . . . I’m gonna cum . . . I’m going to . . .”

I growled in response, and raked my teeth along her exposed throat.

Her entire body shook violently, and she wrapped her legs tightly around me. Her arms slid up my back, one of her hand grasping the back of my head. “Fuck! I’m cumming . . . I’m cumming!”

Still I drove into her, my cock like a piston, always moving, always demanding more.

I heard Fellah moan behind me, and I knew she was about to explode. Then she did, a loud rough scream coming from deep in her throat. I looked to the mirror and saw her shake, her mouth open in an O of pleasure.

Seconds later I joined her, screaming loudly as I felt the first sensations in my cock. I could feel my balls pull up tightly to the base. Cleo clutched me to her now, fucking me back hard.

I exploded. Cleo gasped, and came again as my balls emptied themselves of their burden.

Eventually, I slowed to a stop, gasping, trying to catch my breath. Then Fellah moved in on us and squeezed my ass causing my cock to jerk one last time inside Cleo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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