The Pool Guy

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It was a beautiful day in West Palm Beach as Thomas and Nicole headed outdoors to spend sometime around the pool. Nicole was a sun goddess with a beautiful dark tan body that was to die for and every inch of her glorious sexy body would make any man feel warm and excited on the inside. Thomas, on the other hand, did not have the great tan but what he did have, a huge, thick bulging cock, he knew just how to pleasure his wife. Nicole loved having Thomas fuck her around the pool. She loved being naked as much as possible. They would play in the water and fuck one another quit often.

But this day around the pool was going to be different from other days. They had forgotten that they had set up an appointment for their pool to be cleaned on this day. They had contacted the Mike Cox Pool Cleaning Company and Mike himself had told them he would be over at 9:00 am in the morning.

So here is Thomas and Nicole just beginning to play with each other when the door bell rings. Immediately Nicole remembers the appointment. She turns to Thomas with a big smile on her face and says “do you want to have some extra fun here today. Our Pool Guy is here to clean the pool. I remember last time he was here he was staring at me a lot when I had a bikini on. Thomas, I do think he might want to fuck me if that’s ok with you. And who knows he might want you to fuck him in his asshole as well. Let’s just tease him a bit while he cleans the pool, and then why don’t you leave for just a bit and let me see if I can seduce him to play with me. And if he does when he is fucking me nice and hard you come back and surprise him and then ask what the hell he thinks he’s doing. And then we will just see where things go from there.”

“That sounds fun, dear” says Thomas. “I’ll go and let him in and show him the net that he can use to dip the pool. And then I will play with you for a few minutes and you need to moan loudly so you really get his attention.” Thomas gets up and goes and lets MIKE in the front door and brings him to the pool area.

Nicole is sunbathing right next to the pool and she is on her stomach. She is as naked at a jay bird and wow what a gorgeous body. Thomas is trying to talk to Mike but he is already taking long peeks at this beautiful woman. Thomas, of course, is standing in such a way that Mike must look at Nicole’s beautiful ass tanning there in the sun. Thomas tries to explain to Mike what needs to be done, and tells him, ” I’m expecting a phone call soon and may need to leave for a little bit but you go ahead and do what you need to do with pendik escort our pool.”

Then Thomas looks right at MIKE and says, “will you be okay here with my wife sunbathing if I need to leave?” And Mike, with a big smile on his face, assures Thomas that his wife is perfectly fine to stay right where she was. “She will not bother me at all,” says Mike with a grin on his face.

So Mike begins to clean the pool as Thomas and Nicole play with each other. Mike can hardly keep his eyes on his work as he hears Nicole moaning with pleasure as Thomas fucks her with his huge cock right in front of the Pool cleaning man. And Mike tries to pretend it doesn’t affect him but he keeps taking longer and longer looks at the two of them fucking one another.

And then it happens the phone rings, and Thomas says, “FUCK, I can’t believe that phone call is happening right now. Honey, I have to go inside and use the computer, I’ll be back in a little bit.” Mike pretends to not notice what is happening but on the inside he is smiling because now he can steal even more peeks and not have to worry about the husband seeing him.

As soon as Thomas leaves, Nicole looks over at the pool guy and says, “Hey Pool Guy, do you want to clean something else besides the pool.” And Mike has that look on his face like what is she talking about. And Nicole points to her beautiful wet pussy and says, “Mike, that is your name, right. Mike I need someone to lick my pussy and my asshole and clean me up a bit. Would you be interested in doing that for me? My husband is gone for a little bit so you have a little time to kill two birds with one pole.” Mike can’t believe she is asking him to lick her pussy and asshole right there at that moment.

Mike says to Nicole, “won’t your husband get upset if he sees us.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry about him. He’s gone for a little bit. I’ll tell you what, if you do a good job cleaning my pussy I’ll let you fuck me, how about that for a job well done,” says Nicole.

And Mike says, “It all sounds too good to be true. But if you need someone to lick your pussy Im your guy. Im not a pool cleaner for nothing.”

Nicole doesn’t waste a second, and she gets up and comes over and begins to unzip Mike’s pants and unbutton his shirt. She says, “to give you some incentive Im going to give you a quick blow job to get you nice and hard and then I want you to eat me out, Mr. POOL GUY. And Nicole pushes Mike down on a chair and she begins to wake up his cock. Sucking and pulling his suadiye escort cock up and out to form a perfect pole that would ram her pussy soon. With each lick and suck she would look into Mike eager eyes that were beginning to roll in his head because he had never had such a good blow job. It felt so good how his cock would go down Nicole’s throat so deeply. She was an expert at cock sucking and she was giving him the best blow job of his life.

Nicole’s then said, “Ok Mike you are ready. But before you can fuck me you must clean me up. Come over here and I want you to lie down right here face up and Im going to help you a bit by slowly lowering my pussy down on your face. And then I need you to play with my clit. Stick your tongue deep into my pussy. I want to feel your tongue MR. POOL GUY. Please lick up my pussy juices as you pull gently on my clit. Roll your tongue in circles around my clit and make me moan in pleasure. And then I need you to clean my asshole too. I want you to lick it like you own that hole, MIKE. Can you do this for me before my husband comes back. Ill play with your cock while you do what you do best.”

And with that Nicole lowers yourself down onto Mike’s face. And he does go to work sucking and licking and pulling Nicole’s clit and playing with your pussy lips. Nicole wiggles her ass with pleasure as Mike continues. And slowly Nicole moves and positions herself so Mike can begin to lick Nicole’s amazing asshole that is throbbing and pulsating as MIKE takes his tongue and pushes it deep inside Nicole’s asshole. Loud moans go up as Mike continue to enjoy this moment with Nicole.

How is this possible? Such perfect timing too. With the husband gone Mike felt free to talk and to pleasure this woman who was to die for. Nicole lifted herself up and says, “WOW you are good baby. I have never had such a great cleaning job in my life. I feel so good all over. Okay you have earned this so I will let you fuck me if you want. Do you want to fuck my pussy MIKE?

And Mike says, “Does a cat have whiskers?” And Nicole says, “MEOW!” And so Nicole gets down on the ground with a cushion under her knees and sticks your ass up in the air for Mike to see just how well of a cleaning job he had done. Nicole looked so awesome with her pussy sitting high up in the air.

Mike gets right behind her and spreads his legs so the he can now lower himself down so he can thrust his bulging hard cock into Nicoles extremely wet and beautiful pussy. And Mike shakes his cock a couple tuzla escort of times to get blood to every part of his penis. And then Mike begin to wildly fuck Nicole. Mike reach up and grabs a hand full of hair and pulls back on Nicole’s head as he pushes even harder his manhood deep into Nicoles pussy. Mike is so enjoying this moment. If only all his cleaning jobs would be like this, Mike thought.

As Mike is going in and out and faster and faster, just then Thomas comes back on the pool deck and sees Mike fucking his wife’s pussy pretty hard. And he says, “Hey Mr. POOL GUY what are you doing with my wife? I thought you had a pool to clean. What are you doing with your cock in my wife’s pussy? Mike can only look at Nicole hoping she will confess that she is the one who made the first move. And she does come to his aid but not without some give and take.

Nicole, says to Thomas, “Oh baby, please forgive him he made me feel so good. I know why we have him as our pool cleaner. He is so good at it, Thomas. He has cleaned up every drop of my pussy juices baby. And OMG he cleaned my asshole perfectly too. I bet if I ask him nicely he would allow you to have some pleasure too. I know how you love to fuck me, honey but it’s not everyday you get to fuck a guys asshole. Maybe Mike here will at least give you a chance to fuck him in his asshole.”

Nicole knew all along that Thomas had been experimenting with fucking some guys at the swinger’s club and so it was her plan all along to get Mike soften up for this moment so that Thomas would have some pleasure too. “So Mike”, say Nicole, “what do you think. You can lie down right here on your back, I’ll straddle your face again so you can play with my clit, and I will stroke your cock. Then if you will lift your legs up high so you can get your asshole up just a bit, then my husband, is going to ram his huge cock into your asshole. And as he fucks you, I will stoke your cock, and you can suck on my clit. How’s that for a cleaning job?”

And Mike says,” well I have never been fucked in the ass before but it sounds fun as long as I can keep eating your pussy and if you will stroke my cock until I cum.”

And so it happens, the three of them pleasuring each other. OMG Mike can’t believe how good it feels to have a huge cock in his ass. And for this husband and wife to let him not only clean their pool but to do other cleaning as well. And as Nicole is moaning and stoking Mike’s cock, Mike moans and screams as he shoots his load all over himself and as Thomas shoots his load all over Mikes asshole. What a hot and messy day it was at the pool that day. And after the three get out of the pool and Mike heads home, Thomas and Nicole say to MIKE, ” don’t forget that our pool needs cleaning next month too. We hope you will be back to do the job that we are cummin to expect from you. You are the best POOL GUY we know.” THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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