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The After Party 🏳️‍🌈 Casey”s Pride Parade, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter 7 — Casey Rides the Anal Express 🏳️‍🌈

After my two anonymous breeders left, Dan stuck around for a little longer. I cleaned up the pillows and blankets on the floor while he drank his first cup of coffee, then I dutifully took his empty mug to the kitchen while he stretched out on the sectional. I poured him a second cup and made him a bacon and egg sandwich, then I joined him on the sectional while he ate. I couldn”t keep my hands off of him, and quickly found myself laying with my head in his lap while he ate.

I was longing to take his dick out and suck it, and even moaned as I thought about climbing back on for another ride. He reached down and rubbed my bare back while I lovingly nuzzled my cheek against his leg and rubbed the inside of his thigh. We shared a romantic smile and I felt my boy pussy tremble with desire in the seat of my undies.

I was about to act on my urges when mom came out of her room. She walked across the hall to the bathroom, barely looking into the living room where I was snuggling with Dan on the couch before she closed the door. When I heard the toilet flush, I took it as my cue to get up and pour her a cup of joe.

While I was pouring her coffee, she sat on the sectional with Dan. I watched jealously from the kitchen as he put his arm around her, then they shared a kiss and she said, “You didn”t come to my room last night.”

“Sorry babe, I passed out on the couch,” he explained. “We were all really fucked up last night, weren”t we?”

With that, they snuggled for a little bit while I contemplated going to my room and waking Reggie up so I could ride his cock out of spite. My boy pussy quivered and got moist at the thought of taking his monster cock for another spin just to get back at mom and Dan. I snapped out of my jealous spell when Dan announced, “I have to get going, hun. Text me later if you want to do something.”

With that, mom walked him to the door and they kissed again. Feeling possessive over Dan, I made a quick beeline to the door and threw my arms around his waist. I looked up at him with hopeful eyes and asked, “Are you coming over later?”

“Maybe, kiddo,” he said, hugging me back. “If I don”t come over today, I”ll make sure I come back tomorrow.”

“Okay,” I smiled, then I looked at mom, who was watching me with a curious look on her face. I gazed up at Dan and said, “I was kinda hoping we could talk about the thing we were talking about earlier.”

“Of course, kiddo,” he said, then he tousled my messy hair before we released our hug. I went back to the kitchen while mom and Dan walked out to the front porch arm in arm.

When he was gone, she joined me in the kitchen. Right away, she made mention of my scantily clad attire.

“Well I see you found your underwear at least,” she quipped, then she gave my bubble butt a light swat and kissed me on the back of the neck. Giving me a quick sniff, she said, “I want you to take a shower this morning, okay?”

“I promise, mom,” I said, then I handed her a mug of hot coffee. When she accepted the mug, she set her eyes on the outline of my small erection, which was raging in the precum soaked pouch of my tighty whities. She gave me a warm smile and ran her fingers through my hair, then she said, “My little boy”s growing up.”

With that, she went back to the living room to watch TV and I put some bread in the toaster so I could make her a bacon and egg sandwich. I pushed the handle down to start the toaster, but instead of toasting the bread, it shorted out and a small plume of smoke rose up. I pushed the handle back down but nothing happened.

“Damn it!” I spat when I realized what happened. With a frustrated sigh, I called out, “Mom, the toaster just took a shit!”

I pulled the handle up and took the bread out, then I meandered into the living room, where she was relaxing on the sectional with the remote in her hand.

“What happened, Casey?” she asked as I curled up at her side with a frustrated pout.

“It”s a piece of crap,” I griped while she wrapped her arm around my bare torso. “I pushed the handle down and it zapped out.”

“We”ll go to the mall and get another one this afternoon,” she said quietly, rubbing my back, and I immediately thought about having my ear pierced.

“Mom?” I asked in a small voice as I nuzzled my cheek against her shoulder.

“Yeah hun?”

“Since we”re going to the mall, can I get my ear pierced today?” I asked, snuggling deeper into denizli escort her side.

“Sure hun, just one ear?” she asked curiously. I nodded slowly, so she said, “Then we”ll get your ear pierced, okay?”

“Thanks mama,” I said shyly as she used her fingers to gently rub my left ear lobe. Working up some courage, I announced, “I want to get my right ear pierced.”

Without skipping a beat, she said, “How come, babe?”

I shrugged and hid my face in her neck, then I said, “I just do.”

“Are you sure that”s the ear you want to get pierced?” she asked, and I nodded. “Do you know what it usually means when a guy has his right ear pierced and not his left?”

I nodded again.

I felt her hand roam down my back to my high traffic rump and give it a squeeze, then she said, “Okay, hun.”

“Can I pick out an earring, too?” I asked timidly.

“Is there a special earring you want, Casey?” she asked gently.

“Kinda, but they might not have it,” I said forlornly.

She kissed me on the head and told me, “If we can”t find the one you want, we”ll order it for you, okay?”

“I love you, mom,” I sighed.

“I love you too, honey,” she assured me. “You”ve been putting up with a lot from mama lately, haven”t you?”

“It”s okay,” I told her, watching as her guilty eyes scanned the tidied up living room. “As long as you”re happy, I”m happy too.”

“You”re a sweet boy, Casey,” she gushed. “Mommy”s gonna try to do better, okay?”

“You already do good, mom,” I assured her. “I cleaned up for you this morning.”

“I see that, honey,” she said with a warm smile. “Was everyone but Dan cleared out when you woke up?”

I shook my head no and told her, “There were a few other guys here this morning. Plus Reggie”s still here.”

“He is?” she asked, and I nodded.

“He was sleeping on the floor, so I told him to lay down in my bed,” I remarked, neglecting to mention that he”d spent the night with me.

I felt her rest her chin on top of my head, then she said, “That”s really sweet of you, honey. I”m sorry you had to deal with mommy”s guests this morning.”

“I didn”t mind,” I told her. “I kinda like it when you have guys over.”

With that, I blushed and felt her tighten her arm around my back.

“You like having guys around to spend time with, don”t you?” she noted, and I nodded.

“I like Dan and Reggie the most,” I told her.

“They”re really sweet, aren”t they?” she said. “Did you have a talk with Dan this morning?”

“Yeah,” I said quietly. “We talked about something private.”

“You don”t have to tell me what it”s about, babe,” she assured me. “But if you want to, you can.”

With that, she caressed my right ear while I gulped.

“I was talking to him about how to tell you something,” I revealed. “But I”m not ready yet.”

“Is it something bad?” she asked me cautiously.

“I don”t think so,” I said. “It”s just something about the way I am now.”

“I see,” she said thoughtfully. “Has something changed? Or did you learn something about yourself?”

“Something changed,” I said in a soft tone. “I used to be one way, but I turned and now I”m different. I want you to know but I”m not sure how to say it.”

“You can tell me anything, sweetie,” she reminded me, then I felt her pat my rear end. “But if it”s easier to talk to Dan about it, that”s fine too.”

“It is,” I whispered. “I like Dan a lot. I like Reggie, too.”

“They”re nice to have around,” she said with a warm inflection.

I nodded in agreement with her and added, “Reggie”s got huge muscles.”

“You noticed that, huh?” she said in a casual tone. I nodded, thinking about how his morning stiffy lit my body on fire and feeling my ass burn with need. She interrupted my thoughts by saying, “I reckon he”ll need to get up in a little bit. He has a shift today.”

“Do you want me to wake him up?” I asked. “I don”t mind if he sleeps in my room until he”s ready to wake up.”

“Well as long as you don”t mind,” she said while I shivered with desire, thinking about having him inside me.

In my lust filled daze, I inadvertently blurted out, “I loved sleeping with him last night.”

Just as it dawned on me what I said, mom picked her chin up from my head and gave me a look I couldn”t read. Without a word, she cupped my head and kissed my brow, then she said, “I”m going to take a shower, babe. I want you to take a shower before we head to the mall, okay?”

“What time are we going?” I asked, wondering to myself if I had time to squeeze in a grindr quickie at the park before we left.

“Mommy”s gonna have another cup of coffee, then I”m getting in the shower,” she said. “Do you want to shower right now?”

Shaking my head no, I asked, “Do I smell like ass?”

She cut her eyes at me and nodded with a sarcastic grin. “You smell like ass and then some. We”re not going anywhere until you”ve had a shower, son.”

“Okay,” I sighed, sitting back on my legs so I we were making eye contact. “Mom?”

“Yeah babe?”

“Do you think it”s wrong for me to get my right ear pierced?” I asked timidly.

“Does it feel wrong to you?” she asked, and I shook my head no. “If it feels right, then that”s what you should do.”

“Thanks,” I smiled, dikimevi escort then I took her empty mug and went to the kitchen so I could pour her a second cup of coffee. I served her coffee and a plate of eggs and bacon, then I loaded the dishwasher while she ate.

Before she got in the shower, she said, “How about checking on Reggie to see if he wants a cup of coffee before he takes off?”

“Okay!” I said eagerly, then I blushed with embarrassment when I realized she”d picked up on my excitement.

Still, I hurried toward my room to check on my stud. I waited until she closed the bathroom door, then I slipped into my room and made a beeline for the bed. Reggie was sprawled out, sleeping with the blankets and sheets covering the bottom half of his body and his torso exposed. My body was shaking as I leaned in and kissed my lover on the lips. As soon as our lips met, he opened his eyes and blinked. Then he sat up and looked around in a panic.

“What time is it, buddy?” he asked.

“It”s only 9:00,” I told him. “Mom”s getting in the shower so I was thinking that maybe we could…”

With that, he fell back onto the pillow and smiled up at me while I pulled the covers back and unveiled his mighty erection. As I soaked it in, I knew his second round of morning wood was a gift from the god”s of gay sex. Without waiting for mom to get in the shower, I eagerly dropped my undies and climbed on by straddling his midsection. I stood on my knees and lined the tip of his pole up to my moist entrance while the sounds of mom walking out of the bathroom and across the hall to her room carried into my ears. Too filled with desire to care, I dared myself to push down with my hips. A powerful sizzle gripped me when I felt his pleasure stick slide up my ass, and I softly moaned with contentment.

I rolled my hips around in a clockwise circle, feeling his cock stir inside me as a luscious sensation filled me with pleasure. I listened as mom walked right by my room and shut the bathroom door, then I slowly rolled my pelvis forward and up. Right away, the unmistakable friction of anal intercourse start to spread through my 14 year old body. My little dick was rock hard and leaking precum as I indulged in a continuous up and down ride along his length that felt so sensual.

His bulbous glans were tearing along the lining of my boy pussy, tugging at the moist tissue and catching my boy clit over and over. I fought to contain the volume of my moans as his dick worked my rear end over with ease. Each stroke of cock that I took added more and more pressure to my pleasure receptors, causing my anus to clamp down and my little dick to dance around by itself.

“Oh my god,” I gasped through a sharp hiss, then I heard the shower start and let go with a loud moan I”d been struggling to suppress. In the midst of my pleasure filled cries, I called out, “It”s so big!”

And that was when I lost the battle.

My ass was in hyperdrive and bands of orgasmic heat were washing over me with relentless force. I leaned back and rested my hands on his thighs as I rode him with shameless gyrations. Feeling his cock rage between the walls of my hungry chute pulled a long, guttural moan from deep inside my body. At the same time, the pent up sexual desire that I”d been holding onto since my last breeding erupted in a flourish that I couldn”t have contained if I tried. My sizzling nutsack pulled in tight, then my 3 inch erection started to throb over and over again. I shut my eyes tight and felt my boy pussy erupt with the flames of gay ecstasy as I anally orgasmed over and over. Not just once, not just twice. Not just three or four times.

It just kept happening.

Every orgasm that washed over me carried me through an intense cycle, from start to finish. Every time it happened, my fingertips dug into his thighs and my anal glands expressed themselves. Every torrent of ass juice that ran down Reggie”s shaft was the result of yet another climax that wracked my young body. And with every wave of orgasmic pleasure that crashed into my clutching rectum, my hips seemed to gyrate with more passion and more force.

Finally, I felt his hands come to rest on my waist and he hissed, “Oh shit” as his dick throbbed mightily inside me. Realizing that my stud was getting off, I ground my ass around a little more forcefully while I indulged in full strokes. Finally, I let my ass swallow his length to the base and watched with a dreamy smile as he caught his breath on the pillow.

The shower was still running, and when I looked at the time on my alarm clock, I realized that 6 minutes had passed. His cock felt like a beating heart in my ass, throbbing in time with my racing pulse and my squeezing rectal muscles while we both recovered.

“That was fucking incredible,” he sighed breathlessly, and I nodded in agreement.

“Yeah,” I panted, then I watched his gaze move down to my crotch. He looked down at my little dick and blinked, so I looked down to see that it had retreated into its skin and felt my heart flutter.

He used his fingers to wipe along his sweaty torso and grinned when he didn”t find any cum there, then he said, “I guess this means you”re all set for now.”

I nodded with a grateful dikmen escort smile, then he swatted my butt and encouraged me to climb off so he could get dressed and leave before mom got out of the shower. I quickly sucked him clean, then I shared a final kiss with him before he put his clothes on and left.

After having my boy pussy serviced by Reggie, I was in a much more sensual mood than normal. He saw himself out while I donned my undies, then I laid in my bed and basked in the afterglow of a five star lay while my soft wiener sizzled. My asshole was still throbbing, totally gaped and deliciously creampied as I curled up in a ball and used my left hand to rub its warm, cum sopped lips. There was a rich, decadent stink pouring out of the seat of my undies that practically screamed “I just had anal sex.” I could feel luscious waves of frisson rolling up and down my 5″1″, 90 pound frame.

When mom got out of the shower, I waited for her to cross the hall to her room, then I got up and practically floated to the bathroom so I could take my shower. My body felt electric as I washed it, every inch of it alive with sexual energy that was seeping from my pores. I managed to finish showering without playing in my ass, which was no small feat because I felt an immense desire to anally masturbate.

Instead, I suppressed my urges and turned the water off, then I dried off and looked in the mirror. Taking in my reflection, I realized that the best word to describe my mood at the moment was gay. My sexuality felt like it was overflowing, and there was nothing I could do to contain it. And since my sexuality is strictly gay, that”s how I felt.

With a satisfied sigh, I hung my towel and walked out of the bathroom totally naked. As soon as I opened the door, I saw mom standing there waiting for me to finish so she could go back in. She blinked when she saw I wasn”t wearing a towel around my waist, then she looked down at my flaccid little nub. It was still hiding in its skin, and she gushed when she saw how small it was.

“Well, it looks like you took care of that little problem you were having earlier,” she said with a knowing tone. I realized she thought I”d stroked off in the shower and turned three shades of red. With a furious blush, I looked away, then proceeded to my room to get dressed so we could go to the mall. ota

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