The One That Got Away

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“There’s Kate, right over there.”

I spun around to look, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

I had a thing for Kate. 40-something years ago. Back in the Midwest. Fly-over country. In college, after months of stewing, I’d finally asked her out. Toward the end of the date, we were back at her place. Her parents were out of town. She made some popcorn, and we’d sat close on the sofa in front of the TV. And that was it. I was a late bloomer, didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t do a damn thing.

Before my next opportunity, she went out with another guy. I was devastated. I figured if she was interested in me, she wouldn’t have dated someone else. But I guess she figured that I wasn’t interested in her since I never asked her out again. What an idiot I was. Life went on, and we went our separate ways. I left town, and we both married other people. But I never completely stopped thinking about her.

Several months ago, I was back in my hometown and got together with some old friends, at a new, trendy watering hole. My friend Rochelle and I were chatting when she said, “There’s Kate, right over there,” pointing over my shoulder. I spun around, as I said earlier, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, because I really didn’t want people to know I was still into her after all these years. Looking back, I now wonder if Kate being there wasn’t sort of plan.

Kate was sitting with a female friend, but I couldn’t not go speak to her. So I walked over to the table and asked, “How are those tater tots? Can I bring you another drink?” She said, “No thanks,” and then her jaw dropped. She jumped up to give me a hug, and introduced me to her colleague from work, and said she’d be over to our group to visit in a little bit, which she did.

After catching up, she got into a conversation with Rochelle, and I was talking to a buddy on my other side, but soon became aware of Kate’s hand on my back, slowly rubbing it up and down, the way a woman implies ownership. Eventually, Kate and I relocked into conversation. She told me that she’d be out in my city in a few months for a wedding, and we agreed that she and her husband, and my wife and I, should all get together. She gave me a peck on the cheek and bounded out the door.

The next day, I had coffee with yet another friend, Cindy, who is a very good friend of Kate’s. “So, you bumped into Kate last night.”

“How did you know that?”

“She called me on her drive home.”

So, again, I wonder if something wasn’t all planned.

Which brings us up to the present. Kate’s in my city for that wedding. Except that her husband had to cancel at the last minute, several fires to put out at work. Ironically, my wife was also out of town. “So, I guess it’s just us,” I tell her.

“I guess it is,” she replies. We set plans for me to meet up at her hotel, as it has a wonderful restaurant.

Over dinner, I tell her she’s still beautiful, even after all the years. The same sparkling eyes, button nose, dimples that had me smitten so many years ago. She blushes. I continued, “You know, I never really stopped thinking about you. I didn’t know what I was doing back then, and I kick myself in the pants for not moving things forward.”

“I really wish you had.”

“I always think of you as the one that got away.”

“I think that about you too, and I often fantasize about you.”

That was the encouragement I needed. I reach across the table to stroke the back of her hand, saying, “You know, it’s not too late.”

She jerks her hand back. “We can’t! We’re both married!”

“Kate, I love my wife, and I don’t ever intend to stop loving her. And I really hope you feel the same for your husband. But I also believe that we can have feelings for others, to varying degrees. And how Bostancı Escort we act on those feelings is a matter of individual choice.” She looks both shocked and intrigued. “We have friends, some closer than others. None of those friendships impinge on others. And we find various people sexually attractive.”

“Yes, but we don’t act on those attractions.”

“Don’t we? You said, yourself, that you fantasize about me. Don’t you ever live out a fantasy?”

“And we’re both 60 years old!”

“I’m sorry, I’m 62. And we haven’t got a lot of time left to pursue long lost fantasies.”

Hesitantly, she slides her hand back to mine and caresses it. Time to back off. Change the subject. Let her dwell on it. So I now pull my hand back. We continue to catch up on kids and pets, jobs and vacations, houses and broken furnaces, pretty much everything but spouses.

Between dinner and finishing off the wine, she excuses herself to freshen up. When she comes back, she slides in on my side of the booth and scrunches up against my left shoulder. She takes a big sip of her wine, and says, “About that fantasy, that’s all it is, right? Just a fantasy?” But she’s not looking at me. She’s staring off into space.

“What do you mean?”

“No commitments. No promises going forward.”

I turn to her, take her hand in my right hand, and bring it to my lips. She doesn’t resist. “It’s as much or as little as we want. An individual choice. A consensus. We both must agree on where it goes. And if one doesn’t, the other honors that decision.” I’m still nuzzling her hand with my lips.

After some silence, Kate says finally looks into my eyes, “How convenient I should have a room right upstairs.” I smile and pinch her chin between my thumb and index finger, and slowly lean in, stopping with our lips inches apart. She quickly closes the gap and seals the deal.

We walk to the elevator in silence. The doors open, we step inside, and once the doors close, she’s sliding her hands up my chest to my shoulders. I instinctively place my hands on her waist and pull her in, and we are kissing passionately, barely noticing that the elevator doors have opened. Down the hallway, arm in arm, we pause at her room. She procures her card key and hands it to me. I open the door and motion her in. I close the door behind me but remain leaning against the door. She seems fragile, so I don’t want to rush this. She walks slowly further into the room and pauses to stare at the bed. Then she turns to me and smiles.

I walk over to her, cup her face in my hands, and we kiss again. Her hands reach inside my open jacket to explore my chest. Mine slide to the back of her neck and tug gently on her hair. Then she pushes back and turns away from me. Has she changed her mind? But after a moment, she turns and points to the zipper on the back of her dress and asks, “Can you help me?”

“It’d be my pleasure.” I remove my jacket and drop it on the chair. Then I slowly pull the zipper down to her waist where it ends. I hook my thumbs into the parted zipper and slide them back up to the neckline. As I slowly pull the dress off her shoulders, I’m planting little kisses on the newly exposed skin. The dress soon falls on its own, and my hands explore her soft shoulders and upper arms. She pushes the dress past her hips and steps out of it, laying it on top of my jacket on the chair. She returns for more passionate kisses while unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it from the waist of my pants. It’s added to the pile on the chair.

Back to the embrace, my hands on her backside, slide up to fine the claps of her bra, which I deftly unhook. She steps back, and I pull the straps off her shoulders while she clutches the cups to her breasts. “I wanted to show you this many years ago.”

“They Kadıköy Escort were pretty magnificent back then.”

“What? How would you know?”

“Remember that time we were all swimming at the lake, and several of the guys tossed off the dock into the water?”

“I’d forgotten about that.”

“The top of your strapless one-piece had fallen down, and you stretched out into a back float, not knowing how exposed you were. We all got a view and, yes, they were magnificent.” I took her wrists and pulled them toward me, and she let the bra drop to the floor. “And they still are.”

I continued pulling her wrists as I backed up to the edge of the bed. Sitting down, I’m now eye level with those magnificent breasts. Generous in size, large areolas, and plump nipples begging for my attention. I cup one breast in each hand and kiss each one, then roll one of her nipples between my lips. She places both hands behind my head and pulls me closer. Her breasts are large enough that my face is buried in that wonderful cleavage. She crawls up onto the bed, following me as I slide further up. Soon she was straddling me as I lie on my back. She places her hands aside my head, lowering her breasts to my mouth again. I swirl my tongue around the other nipple for a bit, then suck it, and most of her now puffy areola into my mouth. At the same time, my hands reach around her thighs to explore her labia through her panties.

She lowers herself back down to kiss me some more, and I roll us both over so she’s on her back. This allows me to move my lips down her torso to her panties. Her labia is protruding through the fabric, leaving a valley between where I could nuzzle my nose, inhaling her womanly aroma. Soon I’m pulling at the hem, and she cooperates by lifting her butt so I can slide them off and lay them aside. I push her thighs apart, spreading her glistening vulva before me. But I want to tease. I start kissing the inside of one thigh, working my way closer and closer, until almost there, I move to the other thigh. Again kissing closer and closer, I switch back to the first thigh. She can only take this so long until she reaches down to push my head into her snatch.

I run my tongue through the folds of her labia, swirling over the top of her clit’s little hood. Soon it’s peeking out to see who this new guy is. Then I roll her clit between my lips as I did with her nipples earlier. At the same time, I enter her vagina with one finger. She was so wet that it slides in effortlessly, so I immediately add a second finger. I soon find the spongy G-spot and start a slow, circular massage while I do the same with my tongue on her clit. It doesn’t take long for her to cum, but I don’t relent, maintaining the onslaught until she’s tugging at the sheets and rolling back and forth.

I finally slow down, withdrawing my fingers, and planting little gracious, little kisses all over her vulva. As her breathing slows, I moved up to lie beside her, and she rolls onto her side and kisses me deeply. She slowly slides her hand down my stomach and unfastens my belt. Sliding her hand down into my briefs, she says, “You’re pretty magnificent yourself, mister. I’ve got to have a look at this.”

Up on her knees, she removes my pants and briefs, and my dick stands proudly at full mast. She admires it, licking her lips. She crawls back up to where she can lie her head on my stomach and starts exploring my dick with her hand. Some pre-cum is already oozing out, and she spreads that around the groove at the base of my glans. Forming a circle with her thumb and index finger, she twists that circle to and fro through the groove. Then she grips a little harder and slides that circle down my shaft, pulling the skin taught. Hold thing that grip, she looks up to Göztepe Escort my face and starts mouthing little ‘booms” in time with my pulse she’s feeling in my dick.

She moves down between my legs and starts planting little kisses on my turgid glans. Turning her head sideways, she puckers her lips and sucks on the underside of my shaft, just below the glans. Her lips part slightly and her tongue flicking back and forth on my frenulum. That my most sensitive spot. Then she moves her mouth above glans and pauses, looking up into my eyes, wanting me to beg.

“Please, Kate, I want to be inside your mouth.”

“I don’t know if it’ll fit. I told you you’re pretty magnificent.

Finally, she puckers her lips, and planting them on the tip, sucks hard, pulling my glans into her mouth. Stopping at the groove again, she rotates her head back and forth, now using her taut lips to stimulate that groove below the glans. She eventually withdraws, takes a deep breath, and slides her mouth down, past the groove. About half-way down, she pauses before pulling back up. “That’s all the more of it I can take in.”

“Well, I’m sure we can find another place that might have a little more room.”

“Did you come prepared?” she asks.

“Did you?” I reply.

She jumps off the bed and goes to her purse while I go to my jacket. And we both procure a condom at the same time.

“Well, I guess we’re going multiple rounds,” she says.

Back on the bed, me on my back, she removes the condom from the packet and unrolls it onto my dick. Then she crawls up to straddle me and rubs the tip in her slit, all while maintaining eye contact. Finally, she slowly lowers herself onto me. I can feel her tight opening sliding over the glans, closing over the groove at its base. Then she raises herself to slowly come down again, still never breaking eye contact. She pushes further down, now about half-way down my shaft. Raising back up again, she once more comes down slowly on my dick, this time all the way down.

“God,” she said, “even better than I expected.”

“You expected?”

“I told you that I’d fantasized about you.”

She then starts to grind forward and backward, forcing my dick to rub her G-Spot and her clit to rub against my pubic hair. I can’t take my eyes off her breasts that are now swinging up and down in front of me. Soon she’s breathing hard and moaning again, heading for another orgasm. When she hits the plateau, she freezes, so I take over, driving into her from below, while she rides it out. Finally, she collapses onto my chest and is kissing my cheeks and neck.

But I’m not finished. I roll her over onto her back, my dick still inside of her, and start sliding slowly in and out. “Did you imagine me like this, too?”

“All the time.”

I start thrusting more forcefully. Her breasts are still pretty firm, standing proud, and now jiggling every time I drive my dick home. She slides her hand between us and starts rubbing her clit.

“You’re insatiable,” I tell her.

“Been waiting 40 years for this. I’ve got a lot of orgasms to catch up on.”

I continue thrusting, loving the feeling of approaching, and pausing to let it subside, then starting again. It’s so much better when you finally cum after a series of near-misses. Soon she’s nearing her third, and I time my approaches to match her progress. Then we both fall over the edge at the same time. I go rock hard inside her, and I can feel her squeezing down on me at the same time. Then the first convulsion begins, and I can feel it travel the length of my dick and erupt inside of her. Then another. Again and again, I must have shot 15 times before they began to subside. Kate keeps cumming the whole time as well.

“Now THAT was magnificent.” She winks, saying that all three of hers were magnificent.

We continue to lie there, little kisses, gentle caresses, whispered conversation, until she reminds me that we still have another condom. “And from the looks of your little friend there, he’s ready to go again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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