The Offer

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Big Tits

Blackhat: What do you think?

Redteddy: I’m … considering…

And she was. Lisa was grateful that she had declined the video and audio chat that Rick had wanted to have. Sometimes he could read her reactions too well, and this was one of those times she was afraid her reactions would have given her away.

Redteddy: They are pretty shoes…

And they were. Black patterned with a spiked heel that she knew would make her legs look longer than they are and draw attention to her curved ass. With her black micro skirt and no panties, she would have every man looking at her whether or not she was in the club. She wiggled around a little more in the bed, the sheets feeling particularly good against her naked skin. She was horny and Rick had only upped the feeling with his teasing and his offer.

Blackhat: Very sexy, yes?

Redteddy: Yes, very sexy, no doubt.

He knew her too well. He had been on IM for some time before he noticed her or maybe he had been distracted, she was not sure, and she had been chatting with a number of other people before he had sent her the link to the shoes and asked her if she wanted to play. When she had said yes, he had sent her the offer. The shoes for sex.

At first she wanted to say no, not only no, but hell no and yell at him, but the more she thought about it the more fun she was having with it. The offer had a number of parts, and she expected that even Rick had not really thought all of it through. Or maybe he had. She was sometimes surprised by how devious he could be.

The shoes were not inexpensive. In fact, they were more than she would have paid for an entire outfit. He had sent her a specific list of sex acts that the pair of them would perform, or she would perform on him. In exchange she would get the shoes. His list included four blowjobs, four fuck sessions, with at least one in the şişli escort missionary position and one doggy-style, one anal on her and she would let him bring her to orgasm orally three times. Something his wife would not let him do Lisa knew as he had mentioned it several times.

The thought of sucking his thick cock made her wet. Despite some of the other things about the offer, she knew she wanted to suck his cock, feel the weight of his balls in her hands as she traced the veins of his erection with her tongue, watching the precome bead up and drip off the end of the ball that held his Prince Albert piercing in place. The tang of the metal and his fluid as she sucked him into her mouth, the slight chill of the ball as it first hit her tongue and his reactions when she moved the bar in unison with her hands stroking his girth. She had become wetter just thinking about it and it had been months since she had last sucked him, felt his soft, hot skin in her mouth.

She reached over to her nightstand and picked up her njoy, the weight of the steel in her hands and the chill of the metal made her tremble slightly. She slipped her hands down between her legs and spread her lips open, sighing with desire as she slipped her fingers over the hard nub of her clit. Without anymore warm-up, she turned the big bulbous head of the dildo so it faced her opening and in a single smooth motion thrust it into her; the shock of the cold metal against her hot, wet cunt drew a gasp of pleasure from deep inside her as her and a ripple of pleasure coursed through her as she pulled it back and thrust it into her depths again, letting it sit there as she turned her attention back to the screen, her feminine oils dripping along the metal length and pooling between the cheeks of her ass.

Blackhat: So?

Such a small word, she thought, to show mköy escort so much desire, so much lust.

Redteddy: So? I told you I am considering.

Blackhat: What’s to consider?

She tried to think how best to phrase her response. She knew that he was setting her up. The four blowjobs and the four fuck sessions would occur over at least four separate meetings. He would work in the oral pleasuring during those, so he would actually get four chances at her pussy, which Lisa knew he liked but which did little for her. He could not seem to bring her to orgasm that way. It made her feel good, but just not as good as when she sucked him or when he was thrusting deep inside, that ball hitting all her sensitive spots, especially when she was riding him or he was taking her from behind, but mostly when he was fucking her ass. No one had ever made her come harder than he did when he fucked her in the ass, and that was a session itself. She had to be worked up in order to get his cock in her ass and that meant at least sucking him, preferably while she was tied down. That thought made her moan again and she stroked the dildo in and out of her cunt again slowly, her fingers rolling her clit slowly, achingly back and forth, her nipples hard buttons on her chest.

Redteddy: Well, it is not as easy as it used to be for us to get together you know. I have a boyfriend and he is here more than he isn’t.

Blackhat: So we do it during the day.

Redteddy: I don’t have much vacation time at the moment.

Lisa was not going to make it easy for him. She was more than happy to let him use her this way. Her boyfriend was good in bed, but she liked the variety. Thinking about Rick pounding her pussy from behind while she was wearing the black stilettos made her moan, the njoy rolling over her G-spot at the same time. She quivered as another shock güngören escort coursed through her body.

Blackhat: How about in the morning? He goes to work early right?

Lisa thought about this some more as she increased the speed of the dildo in her pussy.

Redteddy: You would have to quit smoking. And shower beforehand.

Lisa knew that was not likely to happen but she could always try. Her boyfriend had allergies to smoke. Bad ones. He could sniff out a smoker three days after he had been in the room. And Rick was a heavy smoker. She rolled her fingers faster across her clit, the shocks coming more regularly as her breathing became more ragged.

Blackhat: He would know?

Redteddy: I wasn’t planning on telling him, but yes, he would know someone had been in the apartment.

Blackhat: Maintenance man?

Redteddy: That might work once. Unless you are planning to let me spread out the payments?

She smiled as she thought of herself, bound to the bed, ass raised up and open like the last time he took her. His big hands spreading the cold lube over her ass as his fingers probed the hole, making sure she was slick. Then teasing her by only letting her lick the head of his hard cock before he took position and lubed up his cock by plunging it into her flooded pussy making her moan and strain against the bindings, trying to bring her sensitive parts into position and not being able to before he pulled out and shoved himself into her ass, reaming her open with a scream of pleasure and desire as he sunk into her bowels all the way to the root, the cold steel tracing a path of fire through her for the first couple of strokes before he got into a rhythm that she was now matching with her dildo, her orgasm, like that day long ago, catching her by surprise as she gasped and moaned and squeezed the unyielding steel, remembering how he had swelled even larger inside her before releasing his hot seed, burning into her.

Blackhat: So what do you think?

Redteddy: Be here tomorrow morning. I will give you the first installment.

She fell back onto the bed, her body limp, the smile filling her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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