The New Boss Ch. 02


It had been three days since my after hours meeting with Ronen, and I was still trying to make sense of it all. After he had found out about my ‘second job’, I had thought for sure I’d be fired, but Ronen had surprised me. Instead of a pink slip, he’d given me something quite different.

My backside had stung for hours afterwards. As for the other parts he had dealt with, well, that was another matter. I replayed the scene over and over in my mind later that night. The feel of his cock inside me as he had thrust himself into me again and again, the feel of his breath in my ear as he murmured words, dirty words, promises of things to come, had brought a heat to me that I hadn’t felt in years.

When I arrived at work the next day, I went about my usual business, although my mind was elsewhere. Ronen showed up shortly before 9, and after a curt “Good morning” to us had gone into his office and closed the door. We didn’t see him until lunch. The office was strangely quiet, strange because before Ronen it had been a rather chaotic place. But it was a friendly chaos. Although we weren’t the most efficient unit in the company, we worked well together and managed to get things done. Our old boss, Mr. Harding, had allowed us a lot of freedom, and even though we took advantage of that freedom, we always got our work done in the end.

Ronen, on the other hand, had his own ideas of how the office should be run. The first day, he had called us all into his office and read us the riot act. Things were going to change, he had said. The office was going to be professional and efficient, as were we. I remembered how he had looked directly at me as he went on to say that no personal business was to be conducted on office time. He had found out about my little hobby.

I had been writing stories on my office computer, erotic stories, and had been bringing in a nice extra income from these. Although Harding had known I was moonlighting on office time, I hadn’t been aware that he knew exactly what I had been writing, and had evidently enjoyed reading them. Ronen had found them on Harding’s computer, and traced them to my own office computer. When he confronted me with them, I was certain I’d be fired, but it turned out Ronen had something else in mind.

After everyone else had left for the day, Ronen had called me into the office and I had ended up bare-assed and over his knee, then bent over his desk. My initial fear and outrage had quickly turned into something else as he pounded me from behind. Although he never came right out and said it, I knew that my job depended on Ronen’s good will. And after he was through with me, he had promised more to come. I had been waiting to learn what he had in mind, it turned out I wouldn’t wait for long.

After lunch I sat at my desk, finishing up a project, when Ronen emerged from his office. He walked over to me, and dropped some paperwork next to me. I looked up.

“I escort bursa need you to finish these up this afternoon, Miss Ryan. I need the reports completed for a morning meeting tomorrow.” I nodded, and began to shuffle through the papers.

“Yes sir, no problem. I’ll get right on it.” Ronen stood over me, and I could feel him looking at me, and my heart began to beat a bit faster when he didn’t move. I tried to ignore him and focus on the work before me, but nervousness made my hands begin to shake. Then he leaned closer to me, his hand on the back of my chair, and spoke softly.

“I’ll need you to stay awhile tonight. So make whatever arrangements you need to. We’ll need about an hour.” Without looking up, I nodded. He turned and left, returning to his office.

Once he was gone, my hands began to shake uncontrollably. I knew what he had in mind had nothing to do with work, and could only imagine just what it was. I was afraid, but under my fear there was a tingling excitement as I thought about what would happen once that office door closed behind me.

Ronen was a very handsome man. But there was something cold and calculating about him, something dangerous that both frightened and excited me. That first evening, when he bent me over his lap and spanked me, I knew he enjoyed the pain I felt as his hand fell, again and again, on my wiggling bottom. And it was no playful spanking I received, the man meant business, and the sting of his ministrations lasted for awhile afterwards. When he was done with my bottom, he had fucked me from behind with an intensity that left my pussy sore and tingling. And incredibly aroused. The feel of his big hard cock deep inside me as his fingers worked me in front had given me the most intense orgasm I’d had in years, and had left me weak kneed and gasping.

With my mind on these matters, I did my best to finish the work I had to do. The rest of the day went by quickly, and it was soon near 5 o’clock, and everyone began to gather coats and purses as they left for the day. I stayed at my desk, my eyes on the closed office door where Ronen waited.

After the last person left, I stood, smoothed my skirt, and walked slowly towards the door. Before I could knock, I heard his voice from within. “Come in, Miss Ryan.”

I did. Ronen was at his desk, his cold blue eyes moved over me slowly from top to bottom and back again. “Did you finish the report I asked you to?”

“Yes sir,” I said, placing the papers on his desk. He looked them over briefly, nodded, and put them aside.

“Very good.” He rose, then walked around the desk and over to where I stood. He stepped behind me, then I felt his hand lightly brush the back of my skirt. He was silent for a moment, then he said softly, “You have a nice ass.” He pressed his hand against me, more firmly this time, and said again, “Yes, very nice. I think I’m going to enjoy it.”

I said nothing, bursa escort not trusting my own voice. Ronen’s hand continued to stroke me, then his fingers slipped under my skirt and into the top of my panties. He rubbed the cleft of my ass, pressing more firmly with his fingers against my tightening hole. My breath caught as he pushed a single finger against my asshole.

He didn’t try to enter me, just continued to press and stroke. Then he withdrew his hand, and guided me over to his desk. “Undress.” he said.

With shaky hands, I obeyed. As I started to roll down my stockings, he stopped me. “No. Leave those on.” I stood there, in only my stockings, as he looked me over. He returned his fingers to my ass, my little hole squeezed tightly shut as he stroked. “You’re very tight back there. I like that.”

“Sir, I haven’t…” My voice trailed off as he continued to caress me. “I mean, I’m not used to, uh..” It was hard to get the words out.

“You haven’t what? ” he said.

“I haven’t done it that way.” I answered. It was true. Despite writing about anal sex, the only experience I’d had was some light finger play during fucking. I had never had anything bigger than my husband’s finger up there, and had used my imagination to write my stories.

“Really?” he said. “Then this is probably going to hurt.” The tone of his voice told me that he didn’t care. He took his hand away and went over to his desk, where he took a tube out of a drawer. I saw what it was, KY jelly. He placed the tube on the desk and looked at me.

“You write so well about it. I’d have thought you had plenty of experience.” He smirked. “Well, Miss Ryan, tonight you are going to get your experience. Open it.” He handed me the tube.

With trembling fingers, I did as he commanded. As I squeezed the tube, the clear gel ran over my fingers. I looked up at Ronen, he had opened his belt and zipper, and had his cock in his hand. “Bend over the desk and open your legs.” I obeyed. “Now, get that stuff in there.”

I slicked myself up with the KY as he watched me from behind. “Get it in there, use your fingers.” I worked the gel into my ass as he breathed, “Yeah, that’s it, get it good and wet. Maybe it won’t hurt so much.” He laughed.

I felt him move close to me, then gasped as he began to rub the head of his cock against me. I held my breath as he pressed in, then gasped as he started to enter me. He put his hands on either side of me as he pushed past resistance and thrust himself slowly and deeply inside me. I cried out in pain as his cock went in to the hilt.

“That hurt?” he asked, then laughed again. “Good, I want it to hurt.” Then he withdrew, almost out of me, and thrust again. The lube helped, but the pain was still bad. He began to fuck me from behind, slow and deep, as he breathed hot and heavy in my ear. “Oh yeah, good and tight.” As he pulled out, he’d slap my ass, bursa merkez escort bayan hard, as I squirmed under him. When he was deep inside me, I felt his balls slap against me, and I tried not to cry out, but he was merciless. He drove into me again and again as he gasped into my ear, “Oh yeah, that’s good, c’mon, move that ass, bitch.”

I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned as he plowed into me. I felt a hot, liquid sensation deep in my belly as he tore into me again and again. He grunted as he thrust, faster and harder. He moved his hand around the front to my pussy and started to stroke my clit with his fingers, and despite the pain, I began to move back against him as his fingers worked. My ass started to relax around his cock, and gradually the pain eased as he worked up a rhythm. He must have felt that, because he grunted into my ear, “That’s it, that’s it…fuck yeah!” He reached up, grabbed my tits and squeezed them, pinching my hardened nipples between his fingers. I could feel myself begin to respond, and as the pain eased his cock slid in and out without difficulty. His fingers worked my clit, and he pushed one, then two into my now thoroughly wet pussy.

“You like this, don’t you?” he grunted. “You like me fucking your ass, you want it.” I was gasping along with him, and he was right. I did, like it, no, I loved it. I was meeting each thrust with one of my own, and felt my own orgasm start to build.

I abandoned myself to the intense sensations, and heard myself moan, “Oh God, yeah, fuck me, fuck me!” as I began to come. I threw my head back and moaned as it overtook me, felt him deep in my belly as his own orgasm began. His cock and fingers felt so good, I didn’t want it to end.

But, it did. With a long gasp, he emptied his balls into my ass, thrust one last time and he pressed me against the desk as he breathed against my neck. We stayed that way for a few minutes, him against my back, his arms on either side of me. He moved his lips against my neck, my ear, as he murmured “Oh yeah, so good…so fucking good.”

I felt his softening cock slip from my ass as he stood. I heard him adjust his clothing, heard the swish of his zipper. I could barely move from where I was. He finally spoke.

“Get dressed, Miss Ryan.” I eased myself off the desk, and retrieved my clothing. Knees shaking, I quickly put my clothes back on. Now that I had come, I realized how sore my ass was, and knew I’d be feeling it later.

I stood there, waiting to see what he would do next. To my surprise, he drew me to him and kissed me deeply, his tongue sliding past my lips. He put both hands on my buttocks and squeezed my ass. “You’ll be sore later.” he said.

“Yeah,” I sighed. He released me, took a final look at me, and then walked back around his desk and sat.

He picked up the report I had completed and said, “Thank you for getting this done. I appreciate efficiency in my employees.” He smiled. “You can go now.” As I turned to leave, he spoke again.

“Miss Ryan?”

“Yes sir?”

“I think we’re going to enjoy working together. See you tomorrow.”

I smiled back, “Yes sir.” He was right, I was definitely going to enjoy having Ronen as my new boss.

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