The Motorcycle Adventure Ch. 03

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When they got back to her apartment Kevin said, “Tracey, you have 30minutes starting now.”

Tracey smiled and said, “Kevin you have to be joking? I have people to notify and I have to pack!”

Kevin gave her a wicked grin and said, “You agreed and you are wasting time!”

She turned and ran up the stairs with a smile on her face. She grabbed the phone as she entered her apartment. She called her boss and told her she had an emergency and would be out of town for a few days. Then while she packed she called her boys to tell them she was taking a short vacation. She turned out the lights and locked her apartment and was standing beside Kevin and his bike in less than 30 minutes.

He smiled and said,”I like a lady who does as she is told.”

She climbed on behind him and off they went.

At the highway, he pulled over, flipped a coin and turned to her and asked, “heads or tails?”

She looked puzzled then said, “heads.”

He lifted his hand and it was heads. He smiled at her and then headed south. They took the highway until they were out of town. He then got off the highway and took the back roads which he preferred. He loved to travel the back roads especially with her arms around him. They rode through small towns and the houses got farther and farther apart.

Eventually they stopped to stretch and refuel. After refueling the bike, they got coffee and went for a walk. They strolled hand in hand. They paused on a bridge and she reached up to kiss his cheek. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. After the vibration from the bike she responded quickly and eagerly to his kisses. He cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her tightly against his growing cock. She moaned into his mouth as she put her arms around his neck.

When he finally broke the kiss, they were both breathing hard. He held her in his arms until their breathing returned to normal. Then he kissed her forehead and asked if she was ready to go. All she could do was nod her head. He knew she wanted more but he had a destination in mind.

By sunset they were riding parallel to the ocean. By midnight the moon was riding high in the sky above them. He could sense she was getting tired so he looked for a place to stop. He found an all night truck stop and pulled in. They held hands as they walked inside. The ordered breakfast and more coffee.

As they got back on the road she started to ask where they were going but remembered their deal.

Before sunrise they stopped to walk along the beach. They walked out to the end of a long pier. As the sun was starting to rise they sat on the pier to enjoy it. Just as the sun pierced the sky with bright colors. He lifted her up and sat her on his lap while he kissed her, gently forcing his tongue into her mouth. He positioned her so that she was straddling his lap while he kissed her. He held her as he kissed down her neck to her cleavage. He unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked the front clasp of her bra setting her breasts free. He kissed and licked each one. Then slowly he gently began to lick circles around her nipples and then he began to gently suck on them. Her breathing became rapid and shallow. He was giving her so much pleasure that she forgot where they were. She leaned back and almost fell off the pier. He held her and kept her from falling. As she leaned back, she undid his jeans and set his cock free. He was so hard she could feel it when he kissed her. She caressed it. Gently stroking it. When he could take no more, he slid her jeans down just enough to expose her pussy. He lifted her up and then sat her on his throbbing cock. He didn’t enter her gently this time because they both were trying to hurry. It only took a few quick strokes and a few more kisses and they were both cumming. They weren’t complaining. They quickly got their güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri clothes straightened back up and walked back to the bike.

They found a hotel and rented a room. They showered and played in the shower. Then they got some sleep something they hadn’t had much of in the last 24 hours. When she awoke, she was alone. She stretched and smiled that cat that ate the canary smile of a sexually satisfied woman. Just as she was wondering where Kevin was he appeared with coffee, donuts and the paper.

“Good morning, my lady, did you sleep well?’, he asked.

“Yes,” she replied shyly as she took her coffee and donut.

“Is there anything you would like to do today?”, he asked. She blushed and smiled at him.

“I’m all yours, remember?”

He sat down beside her on the bed leaned in and kissed her. He asked her what kind of clothing she brought for her adventure. She smiled and said, “you didn’t give me much time so all I have with me is jeans and T-shirts and my under things.”

He smiled and said, “Good we are going shopping!” “Shopping!”, she shouted.”I can shop at home.”

He laughed and said, “Come on you are going to have fun.”

She got dressed and they left. They headed into a lingerie shop first. Where he bought her some fish net stockings, a lace push up bra, and a very tiny thong. She did as she was told and didn’t question him just said if the size was right or not and tried things on that he asked her too. She was wondering what he had in mind buying her these things but she was careful not to say too much. Their next stop was a shoe store where he bought her some high heeled stilettos. They walked along the street going from store to store. He knew what he was looking for but wasn’t telling her anything. The last shop on that street had what he was looking for. He found a sheer black tank top with a matching vest and the shortest mini skirt she had ever worn. She protested loudly about the outfit, but all he would do was smile. When their shopping was done, he took her out to walk along the beach.

They returned to the hotel room and she modeled her new outfit for him. He let out a few wolf whistles and asked, “do you like it?”

She shyly smiled and said, “yes, but I could never wear this in public! But I will gladly wear it for you.”

He laughed and told her, “Tracey, that is your outfit for this evening, and yes you will wear it in public.”

He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her. Then he swatted her bottom and told she had 30 minutes to shower and get her make up on. He walked out the door leaving her standing there dumbfounded.

She finally figured she had to hurry. She jumped in the shower thankful the hotel had a hair dryer since she left hers at home. She showered, did her hair, and her makeup and was ready before the 30 minutes were up. As she knew he would he walked in at the 30 minute mark. He let out another whistle and told her again how he liked a woman that did as she was told.

They walked outside he already had the place in mind to take her. They walked down the street with her heels clicking with each step. Finally they came to a restaurant that boasted “the finest seafood in town and our show will knock your sock’s off.”

She was stunned to see it was a strip club. They were seated near the stage. He ordered steaks and drinks for them. She was seated beside him closest to the stage. As the show started, he turned to face her and the stage. He then put his hand on her thigh and moved his thumb in small circles moving her skirt up as high as he could. When he reached her thong he nudged it aside so he could tease her. When the stripper saw what, he was doing she concentrated her act in front of them. The waitress didn’t disturb them when she brought their drinks. Tracey güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wasn’t sure how to react to the show or to his teasing. The stripper left the stage and as she did she told the next girl to watch their table. The next girl came on stage fully clothed but the clothes only lasted a minute or two. Kevin signaled to the manager to come to their table. They whispered to each other and Tracey watched the show unable to turn away. There was a brief intermission and their food came. After dinner the entertainment began again. This time Tracey openly enjoyed the show. This time there was more than one girl on stage. Dancing and stripping and fondling each other. Tracey was enjoying it when she felt Kevin put his hand back on her thigh and start his journey upwards. The next thing Tracey knows the girl is right in front of her and Kevin is leaning over and putting money in her garter and talking to her.

She turns to Kevin and asked, “what did you say to her?”

He smiled that wicked smile of his and said,” that you were here looking for a lap dance.”

She turned to him and stared not believing what she was hearing.

He smiled and said,” it is amateur night if you would rather do that instead?”

Her mouth dropped open with shock. Then the girl came out on stage and got in front of Tracey. She said, “Honey your man just bought you a lap dance. So smile and enjoy—I will.”The girl removed her thong and was totally nude in front of them. She began to move to the music. Someone handed her a chair and she bent over it exposing her pussy to Tracy and Kevin. As she danced, she played with her breasts, she had very large nipples and watching her you could tell she was enjoying herself. She then sat in the chair spread her legs far apart. She tilted her head back and swayed with the music. Just as Tracey was getting more comfortable and thinking it wasn’t going to be too bad the girls hand started to circle her pussy. Just at that time she felt Kevin push her thong aside and do the same. Then the girl licked her finger and slid it into her pussy and Kevin did the same thing to Tracey. Tracey knew she wasn’t going to be able to stand much of this. She tried to close her legs but Kevin wouldn’t let her.

He leaned close to her ear and said, “Just enjoy it I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you!”

Tracey barely heard a thing she was totally into what was happening on the stage. The girl started to move around one hand stayed on her breasts. With the other hand she had two fingers buried in her pussy and was using her other two fingers to hold her pussy open and her thumb was on her clit. Tracey lifted her pussy up to Kevin’s hand and waited for him to do the same to her. He kissed her cheek as he asked.”Are you, having a good adventure my lady?”

The show ended and Tracey wanted to have Kevin take her right then and there but he made her wait. Their next stop was a local biker bar for a night cap. As they walked in, Tracey felt very exposed and wasn’t sure about staying there. She bit her lip and let him take the lead again. They ordered drinks and then he led them over to a pool table. She looked at him and stared in disbelief surely. He couldn’t expect her to play pool dressed like this. He gave her his wickedest smile and said,” Do you want to break?” She protested that she couldn’t shoot pool dressed like that and he said, “You win and we leave. I win and I get your thong here and now?”

She looked at him and smiled,” Deal!”

She decided to enjoy this as much as possible. The bar was full so she figured no one was watching them. She broke and made two balls in. The next shot was an easy one and nothing too far to reach for and she made it in. On the next shot she had to lean across the table which exposed a lot more güvenilir bahis şirketleri than she wanted to show but she made that shot. That was when she heard the whistles and shouts. She scratched that shot and it was his turn.

He purposefully missed leaving the cue ball far from any of her balls. She leaned over the table and had to hike her leg to reach her next shot. Just as she was getting ready to shoot, she heard a gruff voice behind her say,” Baby I’ve got some balls you can play with and a cock that will fill that pussy up nicely.” She took her shot and missed.

Kevin took his shot and made it. Then the next and the next. On the next shot he made it but he scratched.

She reached down and got the cue ball. She was lining up her shot and trying to keep her skirt down at the same time. The gruff voice was back making more comments. She made the next two shots and on her last one scratched.

Kevin made all his shots and on the eight ball Tracey was getting nervous. She sighed heavily when he missed.

She started to line up her shot and was hoping to make it and the next two and worry about the eight ball when she got to it. Just as she was getting lined up, she had to stretch which made her skirt ride up even further. She missed but the crowd loved it. She noticed the crowd was gathered around their table now.

Kevin made the eight ball clean as a whistle. He then turned to her and put his hand out.

She stammered, “Surely. You don’t mean now?”

He laughed and said, “of course I do!” He lifted her up and sat her on the pool table. He leaned down and kissed her. As he was kissing her, he ran his hand up her thighs and felt for her thong. She eagerly responded to his kisses oblivious to the hoots and hollers around her. He found her thong and gave it a hard yank. He pulled it down and swung it above his head as a trophy. The bar erupted with laughter. He whispered to her, “want a rematch?”

She slowly shook her head no.

He said, “Don’t you want to know what the bet is this time?” He leaned down and kissed her again. She loved his kisses and got lost in them. She looked into his eyes and she nodded. “Okay, if you win we leave, but if I win I get the bra too!” Then he kissed her again gently sliding his tongue into her hot wet mouth.

She found herself agreeing.

She lost but the game was once again very close. This time he removed the vest then unhooked her bra from the front closure and slipped it out from under her top. They played one more game but this time she didn’t care about the bet she was nearly naked and beyond caring. She was turned on and enjoying the game he was playing. With each shot she made sure she showed him all her assets and didn’t hide the fact that she was enjoying teasing him. Her breasts were highly visible through the sheer tank top and when she leaned over she could sense the men watching her cunt. Once again she lost. This time she wasn’t sure what to expect him to ask for.

He smiled the wicked smile of his and said, “I want a blow job!”

She stared at him and said, “HERE!”

He laughed and said, “No, the ladies room. I’ll meet you there.”

She left to go to the ladies room and to await him there. He quickly entered grabbing her and giving her a passionate kiss. He led her into a stall. She sat down and undid his pants. He was rock hard. She smiled and asked, “did you enjoy your game?” Then she licked his shaft from top to bottom. When she got to the head, she tenderly tongued it. She eagerly sucked his cock and was rewarded with a huge load of cum which she greedily swallowed.

He stood her up and turned her around and lifted her skirt. He reached between her legs and found her dripping pussy. He said, “someone else was enjoying it too!” Then he shoved his cock into her pussy and reached around her to grab her breasts and to tease her clit. She was so hot she had her orgasm right away. They cleaned up and left the ladies room and walked back to their hotel room hand in hand.

He said, “So my lady are you enjoying your adventure?”

Watch for the next Chapter in this adventure series.

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