The Morning After

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I lay here in bed beside you in our dimly lit bedroom, the suns rays filtering in through the curtains shinning in my eyes. Lying on my back I look up and see the ceiling fan spinning in a vain attempt to cool the room.

Rolling onto my side I watch you sleep, staring hungrily at your slightly parted lips, your breast rising and falling with every breath you take.

Propping up on one elbow I stare lustfully at your nipples still hard with excitement from our hours of love making last night.

Watching your breast rise and fall, your nipples hard, your areolas still flushed a dark red in the dim light of the bedroom excites me. I can feel my cock hardening and my mouth salivating at the thought of sucking your nipples like I did just hours ago.

You moan shifting your body so the thin cotton sheet barely covering your naked body slips down a little farther, my cock now fully erect at the thoughts of the passion we shared mire hours ago come flooding back in. As my gaze follows the curves of your body downward I see the treasure that the shifting of your body has uncovered.

Your dampened pubic hair surrounding the still passion engorged lips of your pussy causes my hard on to throb.

I lick my lips and can still taste the sweetness of your juices from the night before. My cock throbs even more as I move down to the foot of the bed.

Moving slowly I ease between your feet. Gently taking one foot in each hand easing them apart as I slowly spread your legs open to my lust filled gaze.

Leaning down I press my lips to the inside of your left calf kissing and licking my way to your knee, then back again, then back and forth with your right leg. I freeze momentarily as you moan softly and spread your legs father apart.

Seeing you’re still asleep or at least I think you’re still asleep I start licking and kissing the inside of your left knee. Kissing and caressing the inside of your thighs I work my way upward, nibbling and licking left then right, back and forth. I kiss then I lick, I nibble then I kiss, sliding my hands up and down your legs as the head of my cock pulses even more intensely with excitement and a desire to slide into your invitingly delicious pussy.

Leaning forward I lie between your legs. Resting my head on your leg I feel the soft smoothness of your inner thigh pressing against my cheek.

Taking a deep breath I savor the intoxicating aroma of your pussy, the sweet musky smell of your essence inhaling deeply. Your sweet musky sent driving me even wilder with a lustful desire for you that mere words alone can never express.

Pressing my mouth to the outer lips of your pussy I tenderly kiss my way up and down your slit. With the tip of my tongue I gently tease the gossamer like hair surrounding the outer lips of your pussy.

I lovingly trace the outer lips of your deliciously sweet pussy with my tongue. Inhaling your sent I tremble with excitement as I run my finger tips through the silky strands of your neatly trimmed pubic hair, my touch causing you to spread your legs even farther and moan deeply as you shift in your sleep.

Pressing with the balls of my thumbs I slowly spread the outer lips of your pussy open licking the inner most folds. Moaning deep in my throat with pleasure I savor the ambrosia like droplets of your juices as I start to tease your pussy. Licking upward and then downward to your perineum then back up I delight in your taste, your smell, the very texture of your pussy.

With the tip of my nose I nuzzle your clitoral hood my tongue probing beyond the inner folds of your pussy penetrating you as deeply as I can.

I moan my tongue tickling the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri inner walls of your pussy as your juices flow across my lips in a vain attempt to quench my lustful thirst. Each delicious droplet succeeding only in firing the flames of my desire higher as I continue to slurp and suck up every drop.

Teasingly I lick the tip of your clitoris, grazing your little love button as it rises from the delicate pink folds of your clitoral hood.

My tongue stroking and caressing the pearl like tip of your clitoris as it pushes up from between the passion inflamed lips that surround it like the dew covered petals of a delicate pink flower.

Lifting my head slightly I grind my chine into your perineum, my three days growth of beard stubble tickling you. Sliding my tongue under your clitoris I give it a long slow lick, savoring your juices beaded like the droplets of morning dew. I move my head up and down slowly, your sweet wetness coating my lips as I trace the softness of your inner lips with the tip of my tongue. Then pressing my lips to the lips of your pussy I slip my tongue inside French kissing you. My tongue swirling around as I pull back ever so slightly, curling my tongue I wrap it around your passion inflamed clitoris enfolding it in a meaty sheath.

Slide my hands up your body I take one of your heaving breasts in each hand and kneed them as I start to bob my head up and down.

I savor the taste and feel of your clitoris as it slides up and down between the folds of my tongue. My mouth moving up and down on your clitoris, my lips puckered so that your hardened clitoris slides between them like a miniature penis in the folds of a hot and willing pussy. Feeling you grind your pussy against my face only excites me more. Knowing your now fully awake makes my cock throb to the point where it feels like the head will explode.

Feeling your hands on the back of my head, your fingers laced in my hair as you grind my face into your pussy.

Flicking the tip of your clitoris with my tongue I take it between my teeth and start to hum so that the vibrations from my lips and teeth cause you to jerk and your breath to catch. Squeezing your breasts and taking your cherry sized nipples between my thumbs and forefingers I roll them around hearing you moan even louder. Looking up I see your head thrashing back and forth. I kiss my way up your lower tummy kissing and licking my way up your body savoring the taste of your skin. Pausing only to kiss your belly button I swirl my tongue around it slowly in ever shrinking circles until I slip my tongue inside. I can feel you thrusting your hips upward at me, grinding your throbbing pussy against me, the heat from it like a roaring inferno of passion.

Your nails raking my back as your thighs grip me to pull me inside you.

Inching my way up your body I bury my face between your lust swollen breasts, I turn my face first left then right, licking first one nipple then the other. I work my tongue up, down and around each of your succulent breast licking from the underside to the sensitive outer side along your arm causing you to shutter.

Feeling you tremble beneath me excites me even more, but I keep my excitement in check so that I can devote all of my attention to making love to you. I know from your reactions and mine that this is merely the beginning of something beyond extraordinary if extraordinary can even begin to describe the act of making love to you.

Licking and kissing my way up the cleavage of your magnificent breast I feel your hands clutching my ass, your nails digging in as you pull me up closer to you. With my throbbing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cock inching its way closer and closer toward the engulfing rapture of your pulsating pussy I kiss your neck and nibble my way along your collar bone to lightly bite your shoulder.

With an explosion of desire you begin to thrust your hips upward harder grinding yourself on me trying to engulf my cock with your lust inflamed pussy.

I bury my face in your neck biting and sucking as I reach underneath you, sliding your hips up closer to me so you can wrap your thighs around me. Slowly I press my hips forward, the tip of my hardened cock barely grazing the outer lips of your pussy. With your hands clutching my ass tightly, your thighs pulling, pressing me deeper and deeper between your legs you raise your ass off the tangled sheets to take me inside of you.

An almost animalistic cry of lust and desire escape your lips as the head of my cock slides between the velvety folds of your pussy. I moan into your neck as your wonderfully hot pussy engulfs my cocks head. With a lust and desire I can no longer contain I lung forward impaling you with my cock.

Our eyes meeting, our lips locking in a kiss so hot they feel as though they will ignite in an unbridled passion, our tongues swirling around and around, our hands roaming each others bodies, our love, lust and desire rising higher and higher in an all consuming inferno of our lust.

I moan even louder as you tighten your pussy around my thrusting cock.

My balls make a wet slapping noise on your perineum as I thrust into you over and over, again and again the burning heat of your fully erect clitoris searing a path of desire along the length of my shaft.

Our excitement rising with every thrust of my cock, the sensations heightened with every movement of our bodies. I drive my hardness into your wetness and you thrusting your pelvis upward to meet my every downward stroke.

Our senses bombarded by passion, lust, desire, and love, the smell of sex filling our nostrils with its sweet aromatic sent of pure animalistic pleasure. The smell of flesh and hair dampened with our exertions to pleasure each other. The rumpled sheets tangled beneath us clinging to our dampened skin, the nearly overwhelming heat of our love making turning our bedroom into a sauna with its intensity. Our withering bodies barely feeling a kiss of air stirred by the over head fan in its vain attempt to cool the steam bath our bedroom has become.

We fall into an orgasm inducing rhythm that only two practiced lovers can achieve, lost in an orgy of sensual delights we tremble with lust and desire.

The urgency of our love making intensifies as we feel the building of our impending orgasm, an orgasm building and building with every thrust.

Thrusting into you harder and deeper I can feel the tightening of my balls and the throbbing head of my cock swell to the point I feel as if I will explode, the velvety prison of your pussy clinching and unclenching around my cock on every upward and downward stroke.

My rhythm momentarily interrupted as I feel your hand cupping my balls.

A moan of animalistic ecstasy escapes my lips as you pull me all the way inside you. Your lips locking on mine as I bury my cock deep between the folds of your tightly clinched pussy, so tightly clinched I can feel your clitoris pulsing against my shaft as we both explode in orgasm.

Your legs locking me deep inside you as were wracked with wave after wave of pleasure. We climax in the burning intensity of love making our combined lust, the shared passion and desire exploding in a ferocity güvenilir bahis şirketleri all its own.

Cum erupting form my balls coursing the length of my shaft, spewing for the tip like a molten stream of lava from a volcano, each jet spurting deep into you, your throbbing pussy clutching me in its grip, milking my cock for every last drop.

Our mouths still locked together in a kiss so fiercely passionate that our lips seem almost fused together. My body collapsing on to of yours as your trembling thighs release me from their hold. Lying on top of you I feel the hardness of your nipples against my chest, our lips reluctantly parting so we can catch our breath.

The dampness of our skin gluing us together in a bond almost as strong as our passion and desire for this not to end, our hearts beating together in a tempo and rhythm only a love making like ours can achieve.

With my face buried in your neck I kiss and lick my way along your collar bone to your shoulder and back again. I feel you bite my neck as I start to slowly move down ward, my semi-hard cock slipping from your still throbbing pussy like a liquorish whip from between the lips of an eighteen year old girl.

Feeling your hands on my back and the tantalizing sensation of you lightly grazing my skin with your nails excites me, the head of my cock sliding down the cleft of your ass cheeks as I work my way down your body.

I take your swollen breast in my hands pressing them together as I lower my lips to first one and then the other of your diamond hardened nipples.

Sucking each nipple I swirl my tongue around the aureole teasing it with kisses and licks. Kneading and fondling each breast as I take its nipple between my teeth and lightly bite it, before humming so the vibrations send little shock waves all the way down to your still twitching love button.

Feeling you start to grind yourself against me I slowly lick my way down the moist valley of your cleavage kissing and caressing the sensitive undersides of each breast as I go. Scooting down farther I nuzzle your tummy with the tip of my nose until I reach your belly button.

As you grind your pussy on my chest I start to lick circles all around your tummy, moving in closer and closer to your belly button with each shrinking circle of my tongue, until I’m kissing your belly button and sticking my stiffened tongue in side and swirl it all around.

Feeling your hands on my shoulders I move down kissing your lower tummy licking my way toward the top of your pubic mound. My tongue tickling and teasing the matted hair of your pussy as I move lower over the swell of your still orgasm engorged outer lips.

The feeling of you flinching from the slightest touch of my tongue on your sensitive clitoris makes me salivate.

My mouth waters as I press my lips to your pussy, slipping my tongue inside you I can taste the musky delight of our mingled juices. The taste driving me into a feeding frenzy I begin to eat you out, hungrily lapping and sucking up all the sweetness produced by our love making.

Hearing you moan softly I look up and see your playing with your nipples and start to lick my way up your body, until I’m laying between your legs once more. Gazing down into your eyes I smile as you smooth my hair. We both smile and speak for the first time, your hand caressing my cheek as you say in a husky voice “Good morning darling”.

I moan in reply “Good morning my love” before kissing you deeply, sharing with you the sweet musky taste of our love making.

Rolling onto my back I put my arm around your shoulders as you snuggle up close laying your head on my chest. With the rays of sunlight filtering in through the drapes making patterns on our naked bodies we gaze upward with out uttering a single word. We lay there watch the ceiling fan as we drift off knowing that once we awaken it will start all over again as we spend the whole day together in bed like this the morning after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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