The Meeting

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I don’t know what I was doing there at that moment, much less why I had asked to meet you. I had just dropped my three year-old child off at my mother’s house. I had made arrangements to meet with a girlfriend for the night and we would cleanse our souls of the hardships of being wives and mothers. At a place where we could giggle, cry, and curse our lot as we drowned our sorrows with a smattering of alcohol.

Why you chose that very moment to catch my eye I will never know. It couldn’t be something so trite as fate; no it had to be something much stronger. Perhaps it was the call of animal instinct or maybe just raw lust; for these are indeed the most basic of all instincts.

But I did see you and for that very moment, in all of your glory, I knew that my life would never be the same if I walked away from you. You greeted me with a warm smile, and asked me if I’d like to have a cup of coffee. But my heart was pounding in my chest so hard that it consumed all of my strength to answer you in a dignified manner.

As we sat down and sipped our coffee, you tried to make small talk. But I was entirely too distracted to be caught up in it. My only thoughts were of fleeing. Fleeing away before someone saw me, flee away to somewhere safe. But I didn’t flee. Instead I chose the path of the hapless and willing victim as your steady gaze and enchanting, melodic words flowed like music from your lips. I was hypnotized.

When we had finished our coffee, trance-like I followed you to the park and down a seldom trodden path. My reason had fled from me. Silent was the voice of reason, which told me to run from you. No. Instead my body reacted to your subtle subliminal messages. My breath quickened as you touched my hand to make a point. Then the dark pools of your eyes drank in my soul and I was lost as a sailor who had been cast out onto the raging ocean.

You took my hand and we walked along the path. Silently we blazed a trail to a hideaway in the wooded grove. As you kissed me, my entire being was set ablaze with a fire that burned deep inside of my loins only after it had seared my mind with it’s white hot glory. Such a fire that has not been lit since the day I first consummated my commitment to the man I had married.

‘My husband!’ My mind cried aloud. But the voices of reason were blown away by the firestorm that raged inside of my body. The mind had reasoned, but the body was indeed weak and helpless as you gently laid me back onto the lush green grass.

Again you kissed me and I returned your kiss. A moan, then a hunger as I urgently reached for you. To touch you. To become one with you through that kiss.

When your hand touched my face and moved down, ever so lightly to my neck, a shiver ten thousand degrees hot froze me with a heat so intense that I was shivering from the radiance of you.

With my eyes closed and my mouth open, gasping for every breath of air, you ever so gently unbuttoned my dress and cupped my breasts through the material of my brassiere as I lay panting wantonly on the ground beside you.

Again and again you kissed me. The fire from your lips burnt holes in my flesh as they were planted, but when they ceased, I felt empty and consumed without them.

“This must stop!” I gasped as your hand touched my most intimate spot and my hips trust foreword to meet the gentle probe of your finger as it slightly parted my lips and brushes against my most intimate spot. But I am betrayed by a moan as it escapes my lips and you are further encouraged to more boldness as you strip me of my panties and lift my dress. I am on display for erotik hikaye your gaze and you smile at me, displaying your delight at what you see.

“You are so beautiful.” You say. Then you kiss my belly lightly and again my body reacts to the tender caress of your lips as they nibble just above my pubic thatch.

Again I moan as the fire rises with each touch as your finger begins it’s probing of my moist depths. Soon I am writhing in ecstasy and jerking in time to the stroke of your finger as it descends deeper and deeper into my fertile womb. I am beyond reason, yet reason itself cries out for me to run and hide. Yet I know that at this very moment I am beyond help, beyond redemption. I am your captive.

“Please.” I gasp. Yet you continue your searching out of the secrets of my soul. Now the surging of the current that courses through my loins blinds me. Something begins to stir deep within me. It the familiar beckoning of a small climax that begins its familiar descent from the pit of my stomach through the digits that are so firmly planted inside of me and it finds its terminus deep in my loins.

I cry out as the small infinitesimal orgasm rages into a huge mind jarring, gut wrenching rush. My cries are silenced by your lips as they meet and my mouth sucks at the tongue that is offered to me as an offering of peace. With my two hands I grasp yours and push it into me, trying to swallow it up deeper into me as my muscles cling and grip the digit that had caused me to abandon all forms of modesty. My legs, on their own accord, spread wider and I thrust against your hand. My rationale has left me. It is replaced only by this burning and consuming desire deep within.

Finally the intensity has subsided and I am satisfied to bask in the warmth of the sun. My lover has undone the clasp of my brassiere and now with his hands cups both on my breasts. I can feel my own wetness from his hand, now freed from my between my legs, as you touch my breasts. Now, just as a babe, he suckles on one breast then to the other.

With hands borne of skill, I unbutton his shirt. I rub his chest as he hovers above me. Strength and virility ooze from these strong muscles.

I hear a zipping, and look down as you pull your pants down and expose yourself to me. Mentally I am ready for this entry into me. I welcome it! With small breaths I anticipate that moment when you will enter into me. And as I am about to plead with you to hurry, the silken stiffness of your entry begins. The hardness of your satin covered steel worms it’s way into me. Deeper and deeper into me as I try to accommodate it comfortably.

I gasp at the fullness, which fills me utterly and completely as you settle yourself on top of me and cradle my head in your two hands. Another lasting kiss as you thrust ever so slightly against me. I wince at the sensation. My own body’s lubrication is only now beginning to flow again. I see you sense my slight discomfort and cease all movement against me to allow me to adjust to this gentle invasion of my body.

Ever so slightly you again begin to move, again ensuring that I am comfortable under you. I signal my pleasure with a moan and then my hands go to the small of your back as I knead your taunt back muscles.

Now encouraged by my reaction to this, you begin anew your gentle thrusting. I am only now recovering from my previous orgasm and yet there is a new stirring deep within me. Again I moan and as my hot breath breezes past your face. You behold my nakedness with your incredibly deep blue eyes and I glory in your gaze.

“You are so incredibility lovely.” The whisper adult sikiş hikaye is into my ear. I am encouraged by this compliment and push against you with a renewed strength.

“Aahhhh!” The sounds have escaped from me. They are the sounds of my desire, meant only for these ears, your ears.

Again I feel the stirrings deep in my belly. It is yet another sweet release approaching and I am moving more earnestly in time to your well placed jabs as they stab deep inside of me. I plant my feet firmly onto the ground as I lift my pelvis to meet your every movement. My head turns from side to side, as the stirring becomes a rumble. Then I sink back onto the grass, as the rumble becomes a roaring in my ears.

As your own thrusts become more and more urgent, my hand goes to your abdomen and I tease the skin. These muscles grow taunt. I know that release is only a matter of seconds away. As you shut your eyes tightly and rear over me, a bellow emits out your mouth. It is the scream of sweet release as you pour your seed into me.

“Aahhhh!” It is the call of the male guarding his mate.

Warmth begins to seep into my depths. My reason returns to me and I am satisfied yet again.

Still firmly planted inside of me, you hunker down and cradle my head in your strong and gentle hands. Your kisses are less passionate, yet the passion is still resonate in each one and they are no less sensuous. Your lips feast on my ears, then neck as your seed begins to leak out from me. I use my pelvic muscles and hug this member as it begins to grow flaccid.

“You are so…my god that was incredible.” Your whispers pleasure me and I bask in your praise.

I hold your head in my hands and kiss your chin. We have become one flesh by this union and my own joy is complete.

We get up from the grass and straighten each other’s clothing. My panties are soaking wet from the juices of our lovemaking. Your seed still seeps from me as we walk down the path back to our own lives for I have nothing to wipe away the token of your love.

“Let me walk you to the car.”

I take your arm as you lead me across the street, away from the park. We are both silent as we walk to the spot where my car is parked.

As I open my car door, one final kiss is offered to me and I accept it. When it has run its course, I touch your face.

“See you tomorrow?” I query.

You nod and touch my face with your hand.

“Yes. Have a good time tonight.” You say and then turn to leave.


I was still stinging from your harsh words when you phoned me and asked me to meet you for lunch. Being the man I knew that I had to take the initative and try to resolve this. When you agreed to listen to me, I knew that whatever problems we had could be worked out. After all, marriage was meant to be forever.

I saw you when you arrived at the cafe wearing your ‘catch me, fuck me’ dress, the blue one with the spaghetti straps. I must admit that it did every curve of your lithe body justice. I even had to do a double take to make sure that it was indeed you. Several men turned their heads as you glided past them to where I was waiting. Your long blonde hair wafting behind you as you flowed across the street.

I was greeted with a chaste kiss as we held each other’s hands in greeting.

“I’m sorry.”

“I am too.” You replied and looked up into my eyes. For several seconds I was lost in the windows of your innocent soul.

“Join me for a cup of coffee. We need to talk.” I said and you took my arm as I led you to a table.

Oh I am very aware of how I looked. In my work clothes and erotik hikaye dirty, but you know that I enjoy working with my hands. I am good at it and it has provided well for you, Lilli and me.

I ordered us some coffee. Mine with cream and yours a double tall mocha, iced. Just as you always like it in the afternoon. Yes, the day was clear and warm, but I like my coffee the way I like it.

As you sipped your drink, I tried to explain my logic to you. You heard me out in silence. But it was those eyes of yours that told me you had already won this argument and our family was about to change. Yes your maternal instincts were just too strong for me to refuse this request.

At long last, after we had finished our coffees and my words had ceased, you took my hand.

“I want to walk in the park.” You said quietly to me. And we did.

But the emanations that your body sent off to me were too strong for me to not detect. By the time I saw that obscured pathway I was already mad with the desire to possess you. You knew it. I know you felt it when I steered you onto the path for you held my hand even tighter. When you did, I knew that you had won the argument.

When we had found the clearing, it was a small grassy area ringed by trees to ensure our privacy, you turned to me. In all of your simple glory I knew that I was up to the responsibility that you had asked me to undertake.

With renewed confidence I laid you back onto the grass and we kissed. But the more we kissed, the more I needed to possess you. Yes, I heard you as you tried to warn me to stop before it was too late. Perhaps you had second thoughts. But I also knew the consequences of making love at this moment. I also knew that you are the most important person in my life and without you and Lilli, I would be nothing.

As I unbuttoned the three small buttons on your dress and slid the straps off of your shoulders to get to those perfectly shaped orbs, it was your hands that guided mine as they awkwardly did their assigned duty. But I needed to see your nakedness for reassurance. To know that you needed me as much as I needed you at this moment.

When I had hiked up the skirt of your dress and pulled down your panties, again you tried to warn me that there would be consequences to our actions. But I chose to ignore the plea. I needed you more at that very moment then my next breath of air. Oh how you have become so very precious to me. I would gladly die rather then being separated from you for another moment.

As I touched you, in that very intimate spot, I knew then that is was you who would change, not I.

But it was only after my seed had entered deep inside of you that I finally realized that we had committed to it and now it was too late to go back.

Your arms held me tightly as the earth came up to meet us in the afterglow of what we had just accomplished. Contented, we remained in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity.

“You’ll be late. Lunch is almost over.” Your voice was a soft and gentle warning that broke the silence.

Quickly we dressed then I walked you back to the car. We kissed one final time.

“Thank you.” You said.

“Honey…motherhood will become you. There is room for one more at the table.” I said before I turned to go back to work.

“Honey?” You called out to me. I turned around to look at you one last time.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Hurry home. Lilli is over at mom’s house. I’ll call Joan and tell her I’m not going out tonight. I’d rather be with you tonight. I want to make sure that this is what you really want.” You were determined, I saw it in your eyes, and I welcomed the thought of having you all to myself tonight without interruptions.

I nodded and walked up to you. Holding your face in my hands, I kissed your nose.

“Yes. I look forward to it.”

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