The Masked Man

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I’m standing over the ledge of the balcony staring at the gowns and suits of the people below me. It’s the masked renaissance-themed ball, so no one seems familiar to me. All the masked faces make everyone so mysterious and elegant. I find myself lost in the sway of people dancing. I like watching the elegance of the women’s gowns moving and the masculinity of the gentlemen twirling them around. It’s almost as if people are making love in plan sight, and clothed. There is something sensual and erotic about the movements. After watching for what seems like an eternity, I decide it’s time to move and mingle a bit.

I’m climbing down the center staircase now, eyeing my targeted area and beginning to search for familiarity amongst the faceless entities. I reach my targeted spot; the heat from the faceless bodies is intoxicating. I can smell the desire coming from the people walking around. A bunch of lusting fools needing their satisfaction. Annoyed now, I continue walking, in a near panic to find a familiar person. All of these faceless creatures make me nervous. Finally, I see a woman waving me at me. Describing my dress to my friends before-hand has paid-off. It is an Italian princess-cut dress in a dark, hunter-green bodice with black lace for the arms and back. It has a modern edge with renaissance elegance.

I reach to embrace my girlfriend and explain how happy I am to see her, when she takes my hand. She leads me to a corner of the ball where several other familiar bodies are. I feel myself relaxing a bit and smiling. They’re welcoming me into their chatter, and the mingling begins. Now I feel that my guard is completely down and I’m having a good time!

After some time, I find I have the sensation that someone is staring at me. I begin to let my eyes wander around. I see someone in the crowd is staring at me! I find it odd, but quickly look away and come back to the attention of the conversation around me. I glance again and he’s gone. I relax again, but only for a second. I feel someone standing right behind me.

Before I feel the need to turn and look, he whispers into my ear “I’ve been watching you all night, and I must say you’re beautiful.” I feel myself flush and begin to open my mouth to say something back to him, but he interrupts me, and firmly says, “No. Stay quiet. There’s no need to draw any attention.”

Slightly annoyed, I begin to turn around when, abruptly, I feel his hands on my waist, stopping me. My hands instinctively fly to his to remove them from me. He holds me firmly and whispers sternly again, “Don’t. I do not want you to turn around yet. I want you to just listen and keep your eyes on your company.”

I wanted to protest, but something in me said it would be better if I didn’t. I noticed my hands were still on his. His hands were large and strong, but soft to the touch. How big he must be with such hands. I let my hands drop and turn back to the conversation at hand, acting as if nothing has happened. Oddly enough, my friends haven’t even noticed.

I can feel him breathing down my neck, his hands moving more towards my back but still in the curvature of my hips. I am in high anticipation in what he might say next. He starts to speak again; his voice is so deep and sultry. It alone could porno hikayeleri turn me on if I let it.

“I’ve been watching you. Watching the way your hips sway. Watching you twiddle your hair nervously and bite your full lips, much like you are doing now. I can’t help but stare at your breasts, so big and beautiful. I feel your hips right now. I love that I’m holding them.”

He pulls me closer to him, and I just stand there, quiet. My mind is racing with thoughts. I’m wondering who this bold and brazen man is. Who does he think he is? Yet, I’m under his spell of silence, yearning to hear more. He lets out a low, growling moan that sounds so primal it nearly brings me tumbling to my knees. He speaks again.

“I want you tonight, and I will have you.”

I flinch as he says this.

Quickly, he adds, “I know you want me. I can tell. You’re breathing harder. I can smell the sweetness on your skin yearning for me. Come, excuse yourself from your company and sit with me.”

I start to protest again, and he interrupts, “Just do as I say, my darling.” I kindly excuse myself from my party of friends, and turn towards the man behind me. He grabs me firmly by the hand and leads me away. I do not recognize him at all. He is 6’2″, with broad shoulders and dark hair. He leads me past the dance floor to some benches on a corner. It is secluded from the ball, but in an easily detectable spot. He motions me to sit down, and I obey. He sits very closely next to me and puts an arm around my waist. I want to ask a dozen questions, but I turn toward him. I’m stunned by the intensity in his eyes. They’re brown with golden flecks in them, and something seems so hungry in him. Judging by the way he’s looking at me, I think he’s going to devour me. Then he pulls me tighter and kisses me firmly, his tongue searching for mine and caressing it.

I return his kiss. His lips are strong, and yet so soft. For a moment, I think he’s going to swallow my mouth, but he doesn’t.

He pulls away from my lips and begins kissing down my neck. I can feel his desires for me; he is becoming rougher and more serious. I think he’s going to tear my dress off right here and now, and for everyone to see!

Without warning, he bites into my neck. I gasp at the sharpness from the bite, and let out a little moan as he licked caressed the spot with his tongue. Suddenly, he stops and repositions himself to face the crowd. I feel his hands tugging through my dress, searching for me.

I smile and say, “There is a lot of dress to get through.” “Don’t you worry, I can more than manage. Look over there,” he says as he points to Emily and her boyfriend, who are making their way toward us. “It seems we have company coming this way.”

Just as he says that, I feel his hands on my skin. I wonder if people can see his hand up my dress, but honestly there was so much of my dress that I doubt anyone will notice anything from our position.

Emily and her boyfriend approach us. They’re chatty and I just wish they would leave.

I feel his hand on my thigh and it begins to move slowly. I keep my composure, but am nervous as to what he is about to do.

He doesn’t really say anything to my friends; I don’t introduce him, either. I can’t! I don’t even know sex hikaye this man.

His hand slowly inches to my panties. I know he can feel them dampened from the excitement of him kissing me. He slides under them through the side and begins to slide his finger up and down my slit, getting my wetness on his fingers. He inches in further, playing with my hole so slowly. I want to moan in pleasure so badly. I start to laugh at a mild joke that I have just overheard, and he makes a hard, mad dash inside me. He starts rubbing my g-spot inside, knowing it is driving me mad. I start breathing heavier. I can’t stop myself now.

Emily asks if I’m ok and I cough, pretending I have a tickle in my throat. I squeeze his fingers so tight he that removes them from inside me. Now he’s heading for my clit. This, I know I cannot take. He starts twirling his finger around it; I can feel the heat building up inside me. I have to make him stop.

Abruptly, I stand up with my back to him, facing my friends. I express the need to dismiss myself for a moment, and bid them farewell. He puts his hands on my hips and stands up, nodding and saying good bye. This time I lead, with quickened strides, outside into the courtyard balcony.

I reach for the railing and grasp, it staring into the darkness and trying to catch my breath. My mind is in a flurry of frustration, annoyance, and desire. Desire being the strongest of the three. He comes up from behind me again and takes me hard into him. I can feel his erection hitting me. I want to grab it and start rubbing, but he has me so firmly against him. He bends down and nips at my neck. Again, his voice seems to have a beastly growl to it as he speaks.

“That was not nice of you,” he said. I can’t help but giggle.

“Well, what did you expect? I couldn’t have contained myself much more sitting there. They would have noticed.”

“That is half the fun.”

He bit at my neck again, sending shivers down my spine.

“I’m going to have to get you for that one,” he said.

“Are you so sure about that?” I sarcastically retorted.

I push my hand behind me to feel him, but he catches me. He wraps my arm around my waist and holds it with his hand, still holding me. He kisses around my neck again, trailing up to my earlobe, and nips at my ear. I feel his hand slide up to my breasts. He caresses them, playing with my nipples through my dress. I feel him grind hard into me, and he bites my neck again…hard.

Suddenly, he stops and moves to the front of me, wedging himself between my body and the railing. He grabs me and kisses me passionately and with vigor. He’s become more aggressive, and I more passive.

I’ve never felt so submitted to someone else’s will. He quickly stoops down and starts lifting my dress, and slides under it. He tugs at my panties, kissing my thighs; they are drenched and sweet with my juices. I feel his tongue dart over my slit sending shivers down my spine. He slides his tongue deeper, hitting my clit. He’s being soft and gentle now.

I place a hand on his head and being to moan with delight. I feel him moving faster, putting my more pressure on it. I steady myself using the railing for support. I feel him slide his fingers inside me, slowly moving in and out. His seks hikaye fingers in rhythm with his tongue. He pushes hard into me, massaging my g-spot within, lapping circles around my clit faster and putting more pressure on it. I feel my knees begin to buckle; I don’t know how much more I can stand this. He reaches up and steadies me with his free hand. I begin to shudder as he licks me faster and fingers me harder. I grip the railing hard and moan loudly as I orgasm into his mouth. He slides his finger out and dives his tongue inside of me, licking up every last drop of me.

He releases his hold on me and slides from under my dress. I feel so weak in my knees that I could not stand without support. Maddened, he stands and grabs me hard, kissing me, driving his tongue into my mouth letting me taste my own juices. He is kissing me so hard it almost hurts. His hands are searching all over my body, grabbing at my breasts and groaning with desire. I slide my hands down; finally I get to feel him. He is so hard, and I’m a bit shocked at his size. It’s on the large side. In fact, I am unsure about whether I can handle him. I’m going to try, though.

I begin to tug on his pants. I want to pleasure him as he had pleasured me. I begin to kneel and again, he stops me. I look up, surprised and annoyed. This is becoming a habit of his. He pulls me back up by my wrists.

“You should not have to kneel in this dress.” He says. I smile at him.

“But I want to.” I take my hand to his hardened shaft and grab firmly. He shakes his head.

“That is not where I want you,” he says, and leads me to a bench a few feet by.

He stands behind me and starts to lift up my dress. Realizing what he wants, I bend over and brace my hands on the bench and widen my step. He moves closer to me and starts to toy with my pussy with his hardened cock. Slowly, he slides inside me. I gasp at how large he is. It doesn’t quite hurt, but it would take some getting used to. He thrusts inside me; I can hear him groan with pleasure as I do the same. I can’t help but moan so loudly. It feels so good. He’s so hard.

He starts pumping faster and harder. It won’t be long until I cum all over him. I can feel every inch of him pumping inside of me. I can barely stand. Suddenly, I orgasm again . This one harder than the first. He pulls me by my hips, staying inside of me as my orgasm makes me clinch around him. I can hear him breathing heavily. I knew he has to be close. I’m bouncing off of him as he thrusts harder. He grabs me by my hair, and I can feel him claw down my back, fucking me even harder. I begin to clinch and spasm again. At last, I feel him jerk inside of me. He slows his thrusts and moans in pleasure. He pulses inside me one last time and slides from behind me, pulling my dress back down.

I nearly collapse to the ground, but he helps me to onto the bench and sits next to me. I’m dazed in the after affect of orgasm, and trying to catch my breath. I’m surprised we didn’t have an audience out here. He takes me by the hand and I quickly turned my head towards him. He smiles at me and leans in for a kiss. This time, it’s sweet and sincere. He pulls away and looks at me smiling. Seeing me looking in such disarray, he helps me become a lady again. We stand up and he leans in for another kiss. He pulls from me again and smiles.

“You are beautiful, and I will be watching.” He says. And with that he walks away into the ballroom, and disappears from my sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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