The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 08

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This was going to be our first time together in public. I had a worry that my size was going to look puny compared to the penises that the other participants possessed.

“How would I compare to the other guys?” I asked with some nervousness.

“What do you mean? You mean your size? I wouldn’t worry about it.” she smirked.

“Does it feel better with a bigger guy in you?”

“Not necessarily. You need to know how to use your size to your advantage.”

I was in awe that she was talking with authority on the subject, even if her answer was an obvious one. Mom had never been the type to talk about sex. She had clearly come a long way.

An uneventful month had passed before the filming date had arrived. Much of the delay was due to the analysis of STD/STI tests, which I was required to submit because I was slotted to participate. I anticipated this event so much that I vowed not to ejaculate beforehand in order to build up my supply. I knew it was going to be an epic sensation.

At the studio, escort reklamları all of us as participants were given a paper bracelet to put on, before being put into some sort of predetermined queue. There were a lot of us – probably no less than 30 people. Our attention was mostly on the screen above us, where we could see mom performing live, except the people ahead of me who were being prepped by fluffers.

She performed as expected, sucking and fucking indiscriminately using no condoms, for the most part. Of the couple of times that condoms were used, she would squeeze the cum out to eat it! Up until it was my turn to go, cum had either been in her pussy or in her stomach. Never was there a drop wasted.

My heart raced at the sight of the crude hole ahead of me. I peeked to see my nude mom waiting obliviously. I put my dick in and as soon as I did, mom devoured me!

We were all told to abstain from ejaculating for at least two minutes, but finish no later gaziantep escort reklamları than five. The timings were understandably very strict. The hardest part for me was not to mess up.

She had demonstrated her array of techniques in a consistent manner. Now it was being displayed to me. The sounds she made were loud and exaggerated. I was trying not to pop until she turned around to take me raw from behind without saying a word! The warm slippery cream that had accumulated in her was not gross to me, at least not then and there. I was so lubricated that I think I gave her the best pounding I could do. The way she moaned seemed to be real. Then, in one moment, I entered the point of no return. I rapidly knocked on the wall as I groaned. Every single pulse from my balls were like cannon shots. It was total euphoria.

Before I could regain any sort of composure, I was promptly escorted out, only for me to partially hear the conversation that she had gaziantep escort bayan reklamları with Jimmy.

“You sure milked him out! You ready for the next one?”


I re-joined the people in the main room after cleaning up, where I caught mom banging away in ecstasy. Her expressions were not significant to report. Then a change of the shot showed that she was taking it in the ass! I couldn’t imagine how many others would get to do it.

I was admittedly jealous. I wasn’t going to deny that. Yet I was concerned for her sake that she was being manipulated.

The role of a porn studio, like any business, is to generate as much revenue as it can. There weren’t going to be any guarantees that Jimmy nor his business was going to care about how healthy my mom was. Doing anal so frequently probably wasn’t going to be good for her. Another concern was that she was constantly having unprotected sex. Even with regular STD/STI checks, there have been stories of porn-stars being unknowingly infected. Thirdly, it was no secret that porn stars often have a hard life, regardless of the money that they might make. The nature of their jobs tend to mask or exasperate their pre-existing personal problems. Since Mom was a natural people-pleaser, I had good reason to believe she would be vulnerable to people like Jimmy. I had to find a way to get her out, somehow.

To Be Continued…

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