The Joys Of Middle-Management Ch. 02


Synopsis: This is the same story, the same incident, told from the perspective of Susan, instead of Mr. Johnson. With apologies to Kurosawa, it is like “Rashomon” in that it is the same event told by a different witness.


My name is Susan. I recently got a new job with a manufacturing company, in the Accounting Department. The previous Administrative Assistant retired, and I interviewed for the position.

There was a long line of applicants in the waiting room, but I was finally called in. I thought my interview went well, since I have just completed a two-year course in Accounting at the Community College.

The Department Head of Accounting took part in the interview, and he seemed nice. He was probably about twenty years older than me, about forty. He asked some good questions, but he seemed favorable to me from the start.

The decision on who to hire was up to the Personnel Manager, a woman. I did not think she would be favorable to me, since I was younger, and if I can say this, much more attractive than her. She is rather dumpy.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Personnel Manager informed me that she had chosen me for the job. She called me in for a meeting, offered me the position, and we discussed salary and benefits. I accepted without any negotiation. Jobs are scarce these days.

On my first day, the new boss showed me to my desk, and gave me a password for the PC that I would be using. The rest of that day was spent on my orientation. I tried to seem very bright, and eager to please. I could not help but notice that Mr. Johnson, my boss, paid a lot of attention to my legs. I made a note to stop wearing skirts, because I did not want to start trouble.

I actually found him to be quite attractive. He has a slender, athletic build, and a very pleasant smile. I told myself to put those thoughts out of my mind. I do not need to create a sexual harassment situation to put me out of a job.

Days passed into weeks, and I quickly picked up the mundane requirements of my job. If anything, I wanted to be better at it than the old lady, and much easier on the eyes. The company has a pretty liberal dress policy, and I quit wearing skirts in favor of casual slacks.

The slacks covered up my legs, but showed off my tight, young ass. I had to force myself to be careful about bending over, or any other position that would show it off. I wanted to keep his eyes away from my butt, and the very visible crack between my buns.

Late one afternoon Mr. Johnson was called into a staff meeting, which would drag on until after 5:00PM. As he left our office, he said “See you tomorrow.” It was already about 4:45, and I had finished everything I had to do that day.

I decided to log onto the Internet, and look for something interesting. I have to confess, I have found some porn sites that offer free trailers of their videos. I would never buy anything from these places, and certainly never give them my credit card, but the trailers are sometimes hot.

I have never had anal sex, and I was not even aware of it until I saw it portrayed in these videos. The first time I saw it done, I was strangely aroused. I imagined how it would feel to have a stiff, hard cock shoved up my asshole. I fantasized about it every time I masturbated, and it made me come like an explosion.

Now at my desk, I was watching a very good one, with anal sex, and it was turning me on. I reached down between my legs, and started to rub my clit. The video was amazing. The guy must have had a ten-inch cock, and he shoved it all the way up some skinny woman’s asshole.

I bursa escort was close to having an orgasm, when I heard a noise behind me. It sounded like someone clearing his or her throat, and when I looked around, I gasped! It was Mr. Johnson, and he was right behind me!

“Oh My God!” I said. “I didn’t know you were still here!”

“I didn’t know you were still here, either,” he answered. “And I am surprised that you are using a company computer to look at that!”

I was red-faced and very embarrassed, and we were both quiet for a minute. Then I said, “Please don’t fire me. I really need this job. Please!”

He told me to come into his private office so we could talk about it. I had no idea of what we could talk about. He had just caught me masturbating to a very obscene video.

“Susan” He said, “Does your boyfriend do that to you?”

I was even more embarrassed now, which he seemed to be enjoying. I said, “No, no. Nothing like that!”

I felt very defensive, and he said, “Have you ever asked him to?”

“God, no! I would be too ashamed!”

“But it is obviously something that turns you on. I could not help but notice that your eyes were glued to the screen. And if I am not mistaken, your hand was between your legs and you were touching yourself.”

“Were you fantasizing that you were the woman in the video? Were you imagining what it would be like to take that huge cock up your ass?”

Wave after wave of shame and embarrassment came over me. I thought, please, stop dragging this out. If you are going to fire me, just do it!

He said, “Susan, you should actually experience the things that arouse you. You are old enough. Close my office door, and take your slacks off.”

I said, “Mr. Johnson! I have never done that with anyone. And you are my Boss!”

“Exactly”, He answered. “And that is why you need to do as I tell you!”

I went through a process of thought as I considered my situation, and then I closed the door and reluctantly started to undress. I stepped out of my slacks, and pulled my panties down and tossed them aside.

To his obvious delight, I was standing in front of him, naked from the waist down. My silky, trimmed pubic hair was in plain view, and I hoped my ass looked like a lingerie models.

He quickly removed his pants and briefs, and his stiff cock sprang out. My eyes were fixed on it, as he moved closer to me. He put his arms around me, and guided my hand to his hard cock.

His cock was very long. It had a thick, heavy feel, and it was getting harder by the moment. “What do you think of it?” he asked me. I was still staring at it, and I only said one word.

“Big!” What an idiot I am! Is that all I could think of? It was exciting to hold his cock in my hand, and stroke it. The teenage boys whose cocks I have seen did not impress me like this one did. I fondled it, and then I touched the smooth head. I wondered if my anus would stretch enough to take it in.

As an experienced, grown man, his mature cock was exciting. Especially when I thought about what he intended to do with it. When I imagined what it would feel like when he pushed it up my asshole, I got weak in the knees.

“Well” he said, “It’s not like the guy in the video, but it is bigger than average. Do you think you can take it all up your ass?”

I felt ashamed again, but I also felt aroused. I said, “I don’t know. It might hurt!” I acted like I was afraid, but actually I was quivering with anticipation. I wanted it up my ass so bad!

He answered, “I have done this before, and I never killed anyone. bursa escort bayan Just relax, and let me show you.”

He led me over to the leather couch in the office. It is not a full-size couch, more like a love seat. I was confused, because there was not enough room for me to lie down. He did not want that anyway, and he got me to understand that he wanted me to lie over the armrest, face down.

Try to imagine how I felt. Here I was, naked from the waist down, lying over the armrest of a couch, with my smooth, firm butt up in the air. My feet barely reached the floor, and I was on my toes with my legs spread slightly apart.

The humiliation and the submission added to my erotic feelings. He got me to reach back with both hands, and spread my butt for him. My tiny asshole was closed shut, but my vagina was wide open and wet. He put his finger in my vagina, and got it all wet and slippery, and pushed it up my asshole.

I have been fingering my asshole when I masturbate, but his finger was much bigger than mine. It stretched me, but it felt good. I felt his cock touch my vaginal lips. I was disappointed, because I thought he was going to fuck me in the ass.

He pushed his cock up into my dripping wet pussy. I was an anal virgin, but not this way. He slid it in and out a few times, and then pulled it out. I imagine it was wet and glistening with my vaginal secretions.

He put the tip up against my asshole, and I inhaled sharply and tensed up. He said, “Just relax and let it slide in. Like I said, I have never killed anyone.” He pushed a little, and my asshole resisted.

He pushed hard, and the head went into me. I yelped, and my legs both kicked up in a reflex, and my heels touched his bare butt. It was not intentional, it was like when the Doctor taps your knee with his little rubber hammer, and your leg kicks up.

He waited until I calmed down, and started to push again. My feet came back down, and my toes were just touching the floor. I was spreading my butt apart as hard as I could, but my asshole didn’t open up. It was so tight it felt like it was gripping and squeezing his cock.

He slowly and carefully pushed deeper into me, and I was making whimpering sounds like a scared kitten. I was grateful when he stopped pushing and just held still for a minute. I think he was afraid he would cum too fast. I reached back between my legs, and fondled and played with his balls.

Then I touched and felt his cock, all the way from his balls to where it disappeared into my asshole. I think he knew what I was thinking, because he asked me “Do you want the rest of it in you?”

I was silent for a while, and then I whispered “Yes, please.”

His cock was harder than Chinese algebra, and he eased it in deeper and deeper. I was taking deep breaths, but I was not struggling. In fact, I adjusted my position slightly to help him get it in further.

The tip was pressing against something inside me, and it was uncomfortable. I moved back a little further on the armrest, so my feet were firmly on the floor. I arched my back to raise my butt up, and the angle was better. Now when he pushed, it slid in easily.

At last, it was all the way in. He pressed up against my silky smooth, firm butt cheeks. He began to fuck me, but my asshole was so tight he couldn’t give me long, hard strokes. He just pulled out an inch or so and slid it back in.

The only sound in the room was our heavy breathing and the occasional slap as he came in contact with my butt. I could feel the urge to cum building up in him again, and görükle escort this time he couldn’t stop it.

I knew what is like when a man comes. When I was eighteen, right after High School Graduation, my date and I would park and make out. There was an incident that taught me. I was playing with my boyfriends cock, when all of a sudden he had an orgasm.

I didn’t know what was happening, I was startled! The first spurt of cum hit the roof of the car, and hung down in creamy gobs. The rest of it went all over me, even in my hair. There was the smell of Comet Cleanser, and he made me taste some of it.

Now I was imagining what it was going to be like when Mr. Johnson shot his load into me. I squeezed his cock with the ring of muscle at the entrance to my ass. It was like I was milking it, trying to suck the cum out of him.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, so he pushed his cock all the way into me, and started to cum. He made some zoo animal sounds as he pumped a huge load up into my insides. I felt spurt after spurt of cum squirt up into my stomach.

Either I was his first conquest in some time, or I really turned him on. Either way, I was amazed at the amount of semen he produced.

My hand was still between my legs, but now I was rubbing and flicking my clit. Soon I had a convulsive orgasm, and we both huffed and puffed trying to catch our breath.

He carefully pulled his cock out of me, as slowly as he had pushed it in. I made a clumsy attempt to get up, and he reached down to help me. We just stood face to face for a moment, trying to absorb what we had just done.

I sat down on the arm of the couch, and I thought, that will leave a big wet spot. My pussy was practically gushing, and I imagine his cum was oozing out of my asshole. Who cares, I thought. He can clean it up later.

My eyes were still fixed on his cock, which remained very hard. He asked me if I realized that I had just had the whole thing up my ass. I said “Yes, I sure do realize it. It was so far up in my stomach! And there was so much cum!”

Words can’t describe the way I felt. I have never felt so thoroughly, completely fucked. I think his cock touched my belly button, but from the inside!

I gave him an affectionate kiss, and we both got up and got dressed.

“Do I still have a job?” I asked.

“Yes, you do” he answered, “But I think you need some counseling. We need to have a regular meeting like this. Let’s get together in my office at 5:00PM every Friday.” I knew the other offices would be empty then.

“So let’s begin with this coming Friday. Please come prepared.” he said. “Stop at a drugstore and buy some liquid KY if you want to. It will not be so necessary next time, because I stretched you out permanently. But if you want it, it’s OK with me.”

I said “But it’s Wednesday. Do we need to meet again so soon?”

“Yes, I think we need to get a good start. Then, we can make it every Friday, unless you want a refresher for extra credit.” I smiled, and I didn’t see this as a punishment.

“I’ll get the KY if you want me to, but I actually liked the way it felt when you had to push real hard. It hurt a little right at first, but then it felt good.” I blushed again, realizing what I was saying.

He had a few more instructions. “I know you have some boyfriends. You can let them fuck you if you want to, but make them use a condom. And do not let them fuck you in the ass. Save that for me!”

I smiled again, and said “Yes, Mr. Johnson.” He didn’t have to worry about that. I couldn’t wait to have his cock up my ass again. I know that I will need remedial sessions, for extra credit as he said. I think I will ask for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.

I left the building, and he stayed behind to relax for a while. Chuckling to myself, I thought, if anyone ever says “TGIF!” to me I will say “If only you knew!”

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