The Huntress

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Author’s note: It takes a while to get to the incest.



“I can do this. I can win. This is my chance!” Sandrah said, at the gym, pushing herself farther than ever before on the smith machine. It was ass and leg day. Seconds earlier, she surpassed her record for number of squats she could do.

“Come on!” she thought. “Two more!”

She struggled with those last two, squeezing her muscular ass, pushing the weight up.

“Yes! Ah! Yes!” She screamed in her head, gritting her teeth. She did it. Sandrah put the barbell back on its slot on the machine and nearly collapsed.

Sitting on a nearby bench, out-of-breath, Sandrah thought about her upcoming week. She was flying to Los Angeles, then from there, Hawaii. She was competing on a reality TV show, where women aged 30-50 hunted younger men aged 18-22. The show was called “The Huntress.”

They didn’t actually hunt and kill the men. Ten women were given a net, a tiny camera attached to their shoulder, and sent off in the wilderness in remote locations. The rules were simple: the first three women to “catch” the three younger men won.

First place prizes were awarded to the huntress first to catch a man. It was a decent amount of money, and an all-expenses paid, week-long, trip with the man she captured.

Second place was for the woman who was second to catch her man. It too, was a decent cash prize, along with a lovely weekend trip somewhere exotic.

Third place was the woman who caught the third and final male contestant. They were give a smaller cash prize, and given a night out. In the first season of the show, it was usually an upscale restaurant, dancing, theater, a movie premiere – things like that.

Sandrah read articles about one winner marrying the man she caught, another two became couples for a long time. There were a few that didn’t match up or connect romantically, but remained friends.

Tired of dating, tired of failed relationships, tired of never having won a thing in her life, Sandrah enjoyed the show and applied on a whim.

“Why the hell not?” she said, sending in her application a few months ago. All the guys cast were hunks, she had nothing to lose.

It was a short bio; a head shot photo, and a small entry fee.

Sandrah doubted she’d ever hear back from them, but a couple weeks later, she did. A representative called her, explaining they wanted to film episodes for the second season and they’d like her to continue on in the application process.

The next step was Sandrah filming a very short video of herself, explaining why she wanted to be on the show.

After watching the first season, she knew they were looking for “characters.” They needed a shy type, a mean one, a slutty one, a free spirit, a competitive cougar – she didn’t feel she connected to any of those. Sandrah decided to be herself, but mix in a competitive vibe.

“I’ve never won a thing in my life,” Sandrah said, staring at her phone she leaned against her bedroom mirror to film herself. “I’m sick of failed relationships. I’m sick of being bored. I’m sick of a crappy love life.”

Sandrah’s eye brows narrowed as she glared at her phone. She clinched her fist, “I need to get out there and MAKE things happen for myself. I WILL get on that island and find a man. I WILL make him mine. I WILL find true love.”

She laughed at herself when she tapped the stop button on her phone. It was half-truths; she was sick of those things, but she exaggerated her competitive nature, making fun of what she’s seen on past episodes. Some of those women seemed to be out for blood.

Sandrah emailed the video to a representative, making the deadline they gave her.

A week later, she got another call from the studio.

They flew a bewildered and surprised Sandrah out for an in-person meeting. Her silly caricature of the super-competitive archetype paid off.

Sandrah did the best she could to maintain that facade. She wore athletic, workout tights, shook their hand firmly, rarely smiled. She gave off a dominant impression. The producers and casting directors ate it up – much to her continued surprise.

Their meet and greet was fairly simple. They wanted to see her in person. She dove into her background; divorced, no real or true love since then, loves fitness and working out. She added she was ready to get out there and hunt a man down.

The third and final step was a background check; making sure she didn’t have a criminal record.

After the background check phase, it was another couple weeks before Sandrah heard from them. When she did, it was to let her know they were bringing her onto the show. She was standing in her bedroom, a large towel wrapped around her after finishing a shower. When the phone call ended, Sandrah tossed her cell phone on the bed and removed her towel, balling it up like a basketball and slamming it on the floor.

“Bam!” she exclaimed. She paced back and forth a few minutes, naked, excited, before putting on workout clothes for the gym.


After escort ataşehir a long flight to LA, followed by a delayed flight to Hawaii, Sandrah arrived at the hotel. She saw a few other contestants including one that caught her eye.

She was a busty redhead. Had a nice tan, not unlike Sandrah’s olive skin tone. Sandrah sat on the bus on the way to the location, glancing at the woman. Her hair was fiery red, mostly likely dyed, long and curly. Sandrah shook herself from staring at the woman’s chest.

“Damn, she’s got some big ones,” Sandrah thought. They were much larger than her fairly small breasts.

They arrived at the resort that served as a base for the women; the men were miles away in their own resort base.

Sandrah checked into her room, sitting her bag down. She looked through it, only packing certain items in the event she won. A nice, black dress in case she got third place. In addition to the dress, she included a brand new, tiny, yellow bikini. In case she got second or third place; she packed no pajamas, no underwear, and only shorts and tops to travel in. She felt naughty but didn’t care.

All the woman silently glanced at one another, sizing up the competition. A few were mid to late 30s, including Sandrah and the busty redhead. The other eight had to be over 40, maybe even pushing 50.

While they waited for the producers to arrive, Sandrah tied her shoulder length, dark hair in a small pony tail. She calmed herself down, not wanting to get too confident. She couldn’t help but think she had a slight advantage over the older women. She didn’t recall last season’s episodes having as many women in the 40-50 range.

After nearly an hour, a couple producers and assistants entered the conference room the women were waiting in.

“Hi everyone,” one of them said, standing at the head of the table. He went over the rules.

The three male contestants are on the other side of the island; female contestants won’t see them unless they capture them in the wild.

There would be a helicopter flying above the trees, filming and getting footage used for coming back from commercial breaks and so on, but also to keep an eye in the sky on things in the event of emergencies.

Each contestant will have a small camera clipped to the shoulder strap. It’ll record for the show, but will also be watched by producers in case of emergencies.

The producer handed each woman a tank top with the show’s logo on the front and a number on the back. The tank top was neon pink in color. This was for the helicopter to see them better from the sky and also served to give the male contestants a slight advantage.

The producer explained that while the men want to be caught by the women, they were instructed to last as long as possible. The guy who is caught last gets a reward for himself. They men are given various camouflage items, one resembling a ghillie suit, except more of a blanket. They are also given flares to fire off in case of emergencies, along with radios and their own shoulder mounted cameras.

The producer assisted with helping the ladies clip the small, cell phone sized cameras to their shoulders. He explained how they worked, pointing out the small antennae that transmitted video footage. The batteries were fully charged.

Next he demonstrated the nets. They were large, folded up so they are easy to carry, and also had the show’s logo on it. The producer threw it over his assistant, showing the ladies how to do it and that it wouldn’t hurt. The men were instructed to freeze, not resist, when a net was thrown on them. There was no point in dragging it out; the net on them signified they were captured. They wouldn’t run or try to break free from it.

The ladies were given hiking shoes, a small back pack with water, flares, and a radio too. It would be easy to run through the wilderness with it.

Next the producer took them on a tour of the area. He showed them a path leading into the lush, tropical forest. He told them the men would be hiding along the trail, but not in the unkempt bush. Snakes or other creatures could be there.

After filming commenced, the footage obtained from the helicopters, and shoulder mounted cameras would be edited. At that point all the contestants would return and do commentary on what happened. Sandrah recalled watching that in earlier episodes. A contestant would be in front of the camera talking about almost catching a man, or some drama another contestant caused and so on. All of it occurred after the hunt was filmed.

Sandrah felt she and the other contestants were in good hands and looked forward to getting started.

They had a brunch at around 10:30 am; a nice buffet.

At 11:30 Sandrah took a moment to herself in the restroom. She adjusted her tank top, her cargo shorts and belt, her bikini underneath. She looked at herself in the mirror, “I can do this,” she said in her head. “Just have fun. Who knows, if I win, he might become a really great friend.”

As kadıköy escort bayan she was leaving, the redhead entered, nearly colliding with her. “Oh! I’m sorry!” the redhead smiled.

“It’s fine,” Sandrah nodded at her, observing her huge smile, trying not to glance at the woman’s cleavage.

Sandrah headed back to the lobby with the others. “If she catches a guy, he’ll probably love those boobs of hers,” she thought, rolling her eyes.

Each of the ten women were taking turns recording a small introduction of themselves in another small room to the left of the lobby. They were told to make it similar to the video they sent in during the audition process.

Sandrah was last in line, the redhead in front of her.

When the redhead entered the room, Sandrah could hear her talking, albeit slightly muffled, through the door.

“I sit here?” she asked. “Ok great.”

Sandrah heard a muffled voice giving her directions, then the redhead herself.

“Hi, I’m Bea. I’m a free spirit and loves to fun! I’m here to have a great time and not only catch a great guy, but catch something magical! I can’t wait to teach my younger guy so many wonderful things!”

Sandrah rolled her eyes, hearing Bea giggle.

There was a brief pause. “Ok great, thanks. Huh?” Sandrah heard Bea ask. “Oh yeah, totally.”

Sandrah couldn’t make out what the muffled voice was saying. “Yep, I got them a long time ago,” Bea said followed by more giggling.

“Thank you! I love them too!” Bea said.

Sandrah rolled her eyes.

“Oh yeah? You’d do that for me? Well sure!” she heard Bea say.

Sandrah heard the muffled voice loud and clear next. “Wow! Those are nice!” he said before lowering his voice back to the muffled level.

“Oh yeah? Hmm, thanks for the tip sweetie. I’ll be sure to look there,” Bea said. Sandrah’s mouth dropped. She quickly straightened up when the door opened, Bea exiting, adjusting her tank top.

Bea smiled and nodded at Sandrah.

When Sandrah entered the room, the guy working the camera greeted her, telling her to sit. He said he’d count down from five and Sandrah would give her introductory greeting. They could do a few takes if need be.

“I’m Sandrah. I’m here to win – plain and simple. I’m will hunt down these boys and make them men. I will sweat, bleed, and fight to be the first, to be the best!”

Sandrah nearly erupted in laughter after that little performance.

“Whoa! Awesome job!” the camera guy said.

“Thanks,” Sandrah, slightly embarrassed, looked to the carpet.

“Alright, I believe you’re the last contestant. Good luck!” he said, standing to breakdown the camera equipment and lighting.

Sandrah paused before opening the door to leave. “You, uh, you think I have a chance?”

“Hmm?” The camera guy said. Sandrah slowly turned around in a circle. She figured she’d take a page from Bea’s playbook.

“Oh yeah, for sure. I can see you are in great shape,” he said.

“Can you?” Sandrah quietly asked. She turned around, facing away from the cameraman. She slowly bent forward; arching her back, sticking her ass out

The cameraman was very quiet.


He chuckled. Sandrah could tell he was watching her. She unbuttoned, and then unzipped her cargo pants. “Might as well play the like Bea did,” she thought.

She slowly pulled her shorts down, along with her bikini bottoms, exposing her bare ass to him.

“You know, I love a great pair of tits, but I’m really more of an ass man myself,” the cameraman approached Sandrah. “Do you mind?”

Before Sandrah could ask what he meant, the cameraman licked his hand and slapped her ass hard.

“Mmm, love it,” He grinned. “Sandrah, I’ll tell you what,” he said, while Sandrah pulled her shorts up and turned to face him.

“Head south. Toward the beach if you can. There’s plenty of waterfalls where the guys can hide out and around in. So if you enter the pathway, sprint for a while, then veer off it toward your left. We tell the guys not to go too far from the path, we don’t want them getting hurt or something, but they always do. They’ve already scoped out the island, planning their strategy. If you head south and find water, there’s a ton of volcanic rocky areas with small caves. They love hiding there.”

“Oh, wow, thanks,” Sandrah said.

“Hey no problem. May I?”


He didn’t answer. Instead, he reached around with both hands and grabbed and squeezed Sandrah’s ass.

“Mmm, nice. I’d fuck the shit out of you,” He said, gripping her ass hard. “That Bea chick has some nice fake tits, but this, this is incredible.”

He released his grip of her ass and went about his work. Sandrah stood there in shock, temporarily forgetting the tip he gave her.

“Um, thanks, I think. Yeah,” She blinked a few times, turned around and exited the room.


The short van ride to the start of the event was cramped. Sandrah had to sit on someone’s lap. Bea smiled, patting her thighs, volunteering escort bostancı her lap. Sandrah smiled awkwardly, sitting on the woman’s lap for the five-minute van ride.

Bea’s hand rested on Sandrah’s lower back as she got off Bea’s lap. She could’ve sworn Bea’s hand grazed her butt cheek as it slid off her back.

“Weird,” Sandrah thought standing at the starting line waiting for instructions.

“Ladies; Three men await you,” the host of the show started, cameras rolling. “They will all be hunted; they will all be found. Which of you will find them? Only three can win.”

Sandrah glared into the camera that glided by her, attempting to uphold her character. She watched Bea smile and give a peace sign, arching her back, showing off her tits.

The camera did its final run through of the lineup of contestants. The host began counting down from five.

“Sprint, veer off path to left, keep going until I see water. Search there,” Sandrah told herself.

“Five, four, three, two, we’ll be right back after the break!” The host said.

Some of the women groaned, some laughed including Bea. Sandrah’s heart pounded in anticipation. She watched a few cameras get into position, the host’s shirt and makeup adjusted, and then they were back.

“Five, four, three, two, one! Go!”

She sprinted toward the pathway leading into the Hawaiian forest. She was there first. Sandrah didn’t bother looking over her shoulder; she simply kept running, kept sprinting. She heard footfall behind her, but ignored it. Flying small bushes and trees, hopping over limbs and root systems, slinking around large tree trunk, she kept going.

Finally, out of breath, not hearing anyone behind her, she veered off the path, to her left, heading south, hoping the men would hide near the water.

Sandrah made her way down a hill, nearly tripping and stumbling as she quickly descended. She crashed into smaller trees, eventually using them for support and leverage to aid her descent down the large hill.

Vines were constricting her path, limbs slapping her arms and face as she moved past them.

“No, no, no!” Sandrah screamed, seeing a large blue expanse of ocean up ahead. She was approaching a cliff.

She dug in her heels, using them as brakes, attempting to stop her increasingly out-of-control descent. “Too fast! Too fast!”

She tripped and fell, rolling, tumbling over smaller growth, rocks. She struggled to grab at something, anything; a root, a limb, a tree, a stone. She couldn’t slow her rolling and tumbling. Feeling she’d fly off the cliff face, into the ocean, possibly to her death, she closed her eyes.

A few seconds later, they shot open in agony. She was still, no longer rolling or tumbling. The wind was knocked out of her. She lay against a small tree, her back contorted as it slammed against it, her legs nearly dangling over the cliff.

“Ow,” she winced, her lower back in pain, feeling like a baseball bat hit it.

“Ahh, shit, shit,” Sandrah struggled to move. She was able to roll over, her tummy against the tree now. She looked over the cliff; if the tree hadn’t stopped she would’ve tumbled right over.

“Stupid, stupid,” She cursed herself. She could move her legs, arms, everything – no broken spine for her.

Catching her breath, pulling herself to her feet, leaning against the tree, Sandrah looked at the breathtaking view.

“Too soon or too late,” she thought, looking around. “I veered off the path too soon or too late.”

She looked further along the cliff; she saw a rocky outcrop, covered in lush vegetation. It blended into the cliff.

“There. That’s where I should’ve headed. I bet there’s a beautiful lagoon on the other side of that thing. Maybe my prey is waiting for me,” Sandrah thought, rubbing her lower back, hoping the bruise wouldn’t be too bad.

“I have to climb up the hill, get back on the path and hope what’s-her-face hadn’t beat me there,” Sandrah turned around, calming herself down, looking at the ocean. She looked to her shoulder. The camera was gone, having come undone in her massive tumble. She figured it was long lost, maybe in several pieces.

“Great,” she rolled her eyes.

She looked over her tank top. It was dirty and slashed up a bit from her rolling and banging against foliage and rocks. Her legs were scratched up too. Sandrah closed her eyes, not looking forward to the climb up hill, through the thick growth.

She thought she heard something, someone, approaching quickly from behind. “What – “

She was too slow. Just as Sandrah turned around, someone crashed into her; someone with wild, fiery, dyed red hair and big tits.

“Watch out!” Bea said. She was on her feet, not having tripped up, but was moving fast through the thickness.

“Ugh!” they grunted on impact. Their pain and annoyance turned to pure terror.

“No!” Sandrah screamed. As a result of the crash, she and Bea fell off the cliff.


“Hey, you may want to see this,” a staff member approached the executive producer.


He was shown a tablet device, a weather app open, with the forecast on display. Are large low pressure system was moving right for the island.

He looked to the overcast sky. “So it’s a little rain. They’ll be fine.”

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