The Handyman Again Ch. 6

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“Hold the edge of the sink and lower your ass down here to me, Tamara. Yes. Slow and easy so I can see your pussy opening up for my tongue to enter.” I was holding her ass cheeks and sort of guiding her but her cunt found my mouth pretty much on it’s own. As soon as my lips reached in for her clit she started to come. With my elbows on the floor and my hands under her ass I supported most of her weight as she spasmed in orgasm. Her moans and “Oh, God’s” were almost endless. My tender licking surely helped her down to earth again. Finally she collapsed on her back, which was on my front, and discovered a very hard cock waiting there. She turned her head and kissed the head of my dick. Then, while holding its length up against her cheek, she asked if I was comfortable.

“Not any more. This floor is hard, but I didn’t seem to notice it until just a moment ago.”

“John. That’s three. And I know there is at least one more. Fuck me now. Let’s go up to my bed and you fuck my pussy with this sweet cock. After I suck on it a while, that is.” She didn’t have to ask me twice.

She got up off of me. I got up off of the floor (with some strange popping and cracking sounds), and I followed her upstairs. Once in her bedroom I told her what I wanted.

“Remember, Tamara, I’m only doing all of this for me. My pleasure. I’m just using and abusing you. Ravishment is my goal, and eventually I’ll get there.” I was already undressing as I talked. She was watching me from the side of her bed.

“Oh, you beast!” she said. A new one. And I was just getting used to ‘You’re mean!.

“I want you to get on the bed on all fours, with your ass pointing at me, and slowly crawl around the bed once. Then lay down in the middle if it, spread your legs and jack off your pussy so I can watch you.” With out a word she began to comply. God, what a sweet ass the woman has. Movement to make the spheres rotate in their orbits. How had I gotten so lucky?

Finishing her circumnavigation of the king sized bed, she lay down demurely and slowly bent her knees and opened her legs. At first, all you can see is bush from top to bottom. But then her cunt lips begin to open as her legs spread to their maximum. She wets the entire middle finger of her left hand and the tip of her right index Escort Bayan Esenyurt finger. While staring at my cock, which is now in my hand as I stroke it, she pushes her middle finger into her cunt and starts to stroke under her clit with her index finger. I watch.

“Can you see all right, John?” she asks me. I walk closer to the bed and lean my knees against it.

“I can see just fine for right now. Your hot cunt has my total attention. But soon I want to feel your mouth surrounding my stiff dick. Someday I’d like to come in your mouth but not today. Today I come seven and-a-half inches up inside your cunt. Gobs of come that will drip out of you until day after tomorrow. So that when you rub your clit to orgasm tomorrow, I’ll be part of your cream.” I looked up to her face, tearing my eyes away from the sight of her masturbating with both hands now, and found that she was concentrating on my every word and sort of nodding as I spoke. Damn, what a woman!

I kneeled on the bed between her legs and looked closely at where her index finger was rubbing. Then I leaned down further and put my tongue at that same spot.

“Ohhh, that’s nice.”, she said. “Soooo, nice.” I lay down to be more comfortable and renewed my attack, both of her hands on my face and head. “Yesssss. Yes, right there. Now suck my clit. Ohhhhhh.” I paused for a second to wet my thumb in my mouth and then went right back to her clit. When she felt my thumb start to enter her cunt, she raised her head and looked down at me. Then she said, “Do it. Do it! Do it to meeeeee!” My thumb was now fully up in her and she was fucking herself on it.

Putting my lips around her clit I pushed my tongue against that same spot where the hood of her clit gapes a tiny bit. The volume of her cries went up and her hips thrashed with my thumb firmly embedded in her hole. This time she came for so long that I was surprised at the intensity, considering this was number four in about as many hours. As soon as she calmed down a bit she moved around, turned me over and began to devour my cock. She stroked it with both of her little hands and sucked as much of it as she could into her mouth and made little humming sounds to herself. She was driven. She kissed and licked my Escort Bayan Avcılar balls, went back to my cock, and then just held on to it as she moved around so that her right nipple was hanging just at my mouth, and her mouth latched on to my right nipple. She sucked me and I sucked her. In her position now, I could run both hands all over her entire body from toes to head. I like that and I told her so. After a while she went back to sucking me off, but this time it was obvious she was just getting me real wet.

Moving so that she was straddled my waist, she grabbed my cock in her right hand, pointed it straight up at her pussy, and lowered herself onto me. We watched each others faces as she slowly sank down until she was totally impaled on my cock. What a feeling! I was desperate for her and I felt sure she was going to do whatever it took to satisfy the guy who had been turning her mind and body every way but loose for hours. She raised herself and lowered herself. She twisted her hips as much as she could during each movement. She lay back with her hands on my shins and lifted her snatch until only the head of my cock was still in her, and then her cunt sucked me back into her as she slowly sat back up again. She lay down on my chest with her legs still up beside me and moved only her ass, up and down and back and forth. Jesus! With my hands on her ass I got the double thrill of what she was doing to my cock inside her and how neat it felt when her ass wiggled and jiggled while she was torturing me. Then, just when I was fast approaching a gargantuan orgasm she raised herself up off of me and got on her hands and knees beside me, ass high, shoulders low and said, “It’s time for you to come in my cunt, big dick! Do it. Now!”

I got behind her on the bed, licked her one more time from ass hole to clit, and straightened up to stick my dick in her. She was laying with her head turned to her right, watching me, and her left hand went back between her legs to stroke my balls as I moved into her. Going very slowly I pulled almost all of the way out of Tamara, then moved slowly all of the way back in. Over and over. I knew that if I moved too fast I’d come in an instant. But I loved super-slow anyway. You can feel every wrinkle Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü and cranny in a woman’s cunt when you slow down. And they like it, too. It’s excruciatingly good. But so is fast, sometimes. The way she was concentrating on watching me I knew she was only doing this for me with no intention of being able to come again. But I wanted to try to make her come a fifth time, just because. But whenever I couldn’t hold back any longer, whether she was ready again or not, it would be my turn.

I wet my left thumb and started rimming her ass hole lightly, between my strokes. Yes. She liked that. Then I lay down over her ass and back so that I could reach her clit. It was not real comfortable for me, and probably I was heavy on her, but she began moaning more and watching me less. After straightening up again I rimmed her some more, using little touches, fluttery. She was definitely climbing toward orgasm again.

With increased moaning on her part she began rocking her hips by moving her tummy up and down and I couldn’t stand any more. With both of my hands on her hips, yanking her onto me hard I told her, “Now is when I ravish your fucking ass!” I picked up the speed of my pumping and gasped, “Your cunt is mine!” I could feel her shaking and hear her saying over and over ‘yes’ as my come boiled up through my cock. “And Now I’m Going TO FILL YOUR CUNT!!” I yelled as I gushed in her. The pleasure this woman gave me was almost painful. And I was so super-sensitive when I finished coming that I had to hold still in her. She seemed to sense this and also held very still, watching my face. After a short while she pulled herself off of me and spun around. Starting at the base of my balls, she licked and cleaned up all of her girl juice and my come. When she finished she pulled both of us down onto the bed and we hugged each other. wow. I was too tired for a WOW! Or a Wow! All I had left in me was a lowly wow.

By the time I got home I knew I’d been royally trounced by one hell of a woman. I had told her as I was leaving that if I didn’t see her again it would be my supreme loss. I think I knew for most of the day that I was sort of a Coming Out Test now that she was putting her life back in order. I hope she does well and that’s the truth. And, I’m glad it was me. That’s the truth, too. Of course I billed her and she promptly paid by check. Oh, well . . .

Please watch for other stories from me, “The Handyman”, “My Precious Neighbor”, “Eva”, “At Risk With Lena” (3 installments so far) and in August 99, “Lois Wins”. I invite your comments & I will respect your e-mail privacy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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