The Greatest Sex Toy Ever Pt. 04

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Karen and I enjoyed the snacks and a bottle of a good white wine. We took a nice long shower together. She has such a tight firm body; I couldn’t keep my hands off her. Especially her ass! So round and ripe!

I was facing her and grabbing her ass, pulling her body close to mine and kissing her deeply

Kissing me back with a searching tongue, Karen grabbed my dick, squeezing it with a gentle twisting action that quickly brought him back to life.

“Need a bit more action Jack?” Karen licked her lips and smiled wickedly.

Pushing me back against the shower wall, Karen dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. Aah! She obviously had experience as a cock sucker. On impulse, I bent over slightly and rubbed her back and neck, which elicited a soft moan from her mouth. Which in turn vibrated against my cock.

“Mmmm Jack! That is nice! I love massages!”

We continued for about five more minutes, and although it felt wonderful I couldn’t cum. I was washed out from our earlier session and along with the wine, was beginning to feel sleepy.

I pulled her up slowly and kissed her deeply. “Thanks for the blow job, lets lay down on the bed and we can cuddle and talk.”

“Can I get a little bit more massage baby? That felt good!”

Still feeling sleepy, I said. “Sure doll.”

We dried each other with the plush towels, kissing and licking each other on our body’s delicate parts. I led Karen to the bed and lay her face down and gave her a short, firm, and relaxing back massage. Karen rolled over and looking at me said.

“Now the front baby! Rub my boobs and pinch my nipples- I looove that!”

And so, I did! I straddled her little stomach and got right to work. I don’t know where I got the energy, but I wasn’t about to turn down touching Karen’s hot body.

Starting at her tits, I caressed and licked my way all over her torso, paying lots of attention to her nipples which were as tight as large raisins in my mouth. Karen groaned at each suck I gave her luscious tips.

“Ooh! Now my legs Jack!”

Slowly lowering myself down to her legs, I began rubbing up and down her thighs. I let my thumbs gently pass over her shaved pussy lips. I could feel my dick begin to harden and bounce on her legs.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to taste her pussy, so I leaned down and placed my wet tongue on her pussy and lapped up on it.

“Mmmf! That’s good!”

Karen automatically began to spread her legs causing me to hop up and back down with my knees now between her legs

“Go for it Jack!” Karen lifted her pussy, now spread before my waiting mouth, and started gently humping my face. My tongue licking all the while.

I tasted Karen’s lubricating fluids and her nice clean pussy scent and sighed contentedly. This was almost perfect.

Still licking on her cunt, I edged myself around until my knees straddled Karen’s head, I was rewarded instantly when she grabbed and guided my cock into her warm. moist mouth. We sighed together in unison.

I had my nose buried into her entrance as my tongue glided over her g spot when I felt her begin to rub her pussy harder against my face and felt her hips began to tremble and speed up their motion on me. Her mouth was furiously sucking my cock and I knew she was soon getting a mouthful of cum as my own orgasm was building quickly.

Our Avcılar Escort bodies were still in sync as I quivered and ejaculated forcefully into Karen’s mouth. She took it all and swallowed as her own orgasm shook against my face. Beautiful!

My dick was still being gently sucked on as I lifted up off her pussy and said’

“I think we could use a couple of warm, wet wash cloths, what cha think Karen?”

A gentle snore greeted me as I looked around at her.

I eased my cock from her hand and mouth and stepped out on the floor. Walking to the bath I wet two small towels and returned to Karen’s side. She had a blissful look, laying there spread eagled and naked’ with cum running down her chin.

I patted her semi clean and asked her softly. “Still want the halo on for tonight? I’m going to use mine.”

{The halos were cutting edge technology my company had developed and sent me for field testing. Looking like hair nets they recorded a couple’s sexual union and played them back in their dreams. We had had wild sex a few hours earlier and were looking forward to experiencing the results in our sleep}

Karen smiled and mumbled something that sounded like ‘fuckin-a!”

Okay girl, you got it!

I finished cleaning both of us with the towels and by now was as tired as Karen looked. I retrieved both halo’s and placing one on Karen, I pulled the other over my head and lay down next to this little cute, naked fuck machine that was gently snoring and drifted off to dream land.

. We both slept deeply…for a while.

As dreams go, it started out like a surrealistic, compressed bedroom setting with greyish white surroundings, kinda of dreamish, ha!

I remember becoming aware of lying in a bed, naked, with a tingling feeling between my legs centered in my pussy? I was missing my dick and oddly, it seemed so natural. Confused, I reached down and lightly rubbed the two lips I discovered where my dick used to reside. There was now a wet slit surrounded with nicely shaven hair that was oozing warm and creamy wetness! I was so turned on all I could think was, how kinky as it felt like someone had spread an aphrodisiac on my pussy as my arousal began increasing in small increments that really had me turned on!

Wow! I arched my back at the unusual pleasure that spread thru my body, centering in my new pussy. I had never, ever felt that pleasure before! I had never had a pussy before, but that seemed natural.

I had the great urge to shove my fingers inside the wet, warm opening that my finger moved slowly over. My foggy mind was just accepting the fact that I was a woman needing satisfaction.

Wait a second, if I have a pussy, I must have boobs too. Reaching up with my free hand and sure enough, a pair of firm, round, wonderful tits pointed straight up. Both nipples were sensitive and begged to be pinched and pulled upon. I did just that and was rewarded again with an unusual rush of erotic flashes centered in my now overflowing wet pussy. The more I squeezed my nipples the more I realized I needed something more. Damn! I the more I pulled on my nipples the greater my lust built. Everyone should have a pair of these!

Squeezing my thighs together I felt my lips rubbing together, sending more pleasurable signals straight Beylikdüzü Escort to my brain. I inched my finger towards my entrance and moaned softly, all the while marveling at the different pleasures I was experiencing.

I felt a surge of passion wash over me as a shadow reached out a hand and lifted my fingers from my cunt saying softly, “Let me do that for you.” I thrilled at the sight of a naked man appearing with a smile on his face and a large, erect penis pointing at me.

I felt his large thumb touch the wet and swollen button centered between my pussy lip, making me squirm. He gently massaged the growing button there in a slow, circular motion. Lust grew in me by the second. It felt heavenly.

I arched my hips, writhing at the shock of the strange lustful desires it generated. My legs slowly opened wider and I pulled my knees towards my boobs allowing the thumb to work its circular magic. I felt more lubricating liquid oozing from my pussy, I actually felt my vagina dilating more open. My emotions were in turmoil. Oddly I wanted his thumb to push into my new discovered vaginal opening… Badly.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned, wanting more of the wonderful new sensations that were racking me to the core. I raised my arms and pulled his head to mine and planted a wet kiss on his lips, swirling my tongue over his. I smelled his manly scent and reveled in his sexuality.

” Oh fuck! It feels sooo good.” I gasped into his ear.

“I know baby, but I can make it feel so much better.” The manly voice said swirling his thumb around my button. I shuddered in ecstasy.

“Please! Don’t make me wait!” I moaned.

I felt a firm softness begin to press into me below his thumb and felt it gently circling my entrance. The sensation was overwhelming. I knew it was his hard cock searching for it’s prize.

When the welcome intruder began tracing up and down my clit, I nearly screamed in ecstasy. His dick finally found what we both wanted and pushed gently against my wet and eager opening.

My body welcomed the intruder by opening my legs wider. Gently pressing several times against the soft, wet opening, the tip began to force its way into me. I felt the pop as he gained entry.

I held my breath as his long, thick cock slid partially into me. My vaginal lips caressed and clasped around his girth and demanded more. I was getting fucked!

I was entranced by the new experience of being fucked by a sexy man. As strange as it seemed, I realized that I wanted to be fucked and fucked for hours.

My hips lifted trying to gain further penetration. His cock paused, as if enjoying the pleasure. He pulled back slightly.

“Ah!” I cried out as he withdrew leaving his cock head barely within the center of my being.

To my great delight he gently pressed forward again, this time penetrating me halfway. He grunted several times before withdrawing slightly and then entering me fully. My hips began to undulate around the base of his cock and I reveled at the softness of his pubic hairs brushing over my own.

Grabbing his buttocks, I pulled him closer and frantically ground my pussy against him. He reached both hands to my boobs and cupping both, began to gently pull on the rock-hard nipples. I shuddered in delight, feeling each squeeze going Esenyurt Escort straight to my eager cunt. My legs pulled at his back, forcing his cock to bottom out in me. I ground against him with each penetration.

He increased his tempo to match mine and we held tight to one another as we desperately fucked. We kissed deeply in time with the passions that flowed in waves of the physical needs and desire we shared.

I moaned at pleasures I did not know were possible. My pussy was quivering in a strange erotic way that I had no control over.

I felt a tingle beginning in my pussy, it was like a tiny sun that expanded quickly as his dick pounded my pussy. His balls bounced off my perineum adding to the joy of our wild mating. I moaned as the tiny sun expanded into my ass hole, then my legs and toes and then quickly to the rest of my body. It rippled over and over in my cock filled pussy until I gasped for breath, still kissing his mouth, sucking on his tongue.

I grunted as I fell into a fire storm of bliss and joy as my orgasm overwhelmed me. I bucked and moaned and pulled his cock so deep within me that he cried out in joy and sexual want. My legs encircled his back as I pulled him as close as possible. Our lips and tongues working overtime while I consumed him. He began to grunt as he continued fucking my cunt.

The spasms in my pussy began to subside and relaxing slightly, I could feel his balls, that had been pounding my ass with each thrust begin to tighten and draw up to the base of his cock. I knew that feeling! He was going to bust a nut inside of me.

I could not fucking wait! I needed to feel his climax within me to complete our union. Grinding on his dick, I coaxed it to fill me with cum.

I felt his hips begin to shake and his strokes within me become long and slow. He groaned as his cock jumped within me, then again, and then several more forceful spams. I felt strong, wet spurts of his warm fluid as he ejaculated deep inside of me. I felt giddy! He was cumming inside my pussy and I loved it! I felt his spunk oozing out around his cock, I felt it leave my pussy, sliding down to my rectum where it tickled my sensitive ass hole. It was so stimulating knowing I made a man cum.

The stimulation was unlike anything I have ever felt before. My cunt responded by squeezing his cock and I whimpered at the explosive lust building, satiating me, and then slowly waning inside my now wet, sensitive pussy. The orgasm was stronger than before and I again rode his dick, feeling every spasm of my own caressing his dick.

We slowed our fucking in the afterglow until our movements slowly matched each other’s. I still ground my cunt on the base of his dick as it felt wonderful. Unbelievably, I felt his penis begin to spasm several more times, tickling my pussy. I felt the now familiar spurt of his cum splashing deep in my depths forcing one last orgasm to build and ejaculate into my body His dick spasmed again and again, filling me with waves of his warm cum.

I groaned at the passion and thrill of being fucked so completely by a hard cock! My arousal was off the charts,

Needing little encouragement as the friction of cock and pussy straining for one last orgasm washed over me, I gave in to the desire. I quickly came again as if in a dream, still being stimulated by the feeling of his cum mixing with my fluids as we slowly kissed, fucked and pleasured each other again. I rode his cock draining every last sensation of pleasure possible.

As we slowed our intimacy, I got the strangest desire to suck on his dick awhile, well maybe later.

The desire slowly faded, along with my dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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