The Girlfriend Experience

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I was only mid way through my first semester at college when I met Cassie. I had seen her once or twice before down at the front desk of my dorm hall but we had never met. It was a friend of mine who introduced us over drinks in his dorm.

I was over having a few drinks as normal when she knocked on the door. I got a little panicked at first, not knowing who was knocking on the door. Brad let her in and I was put at ease as she entered the cramped dorm room. She stood maybe only 5’1 and had a curvy frame. Her hips were wide and her ass was almost perfectly round and as my eyes moved up over her, her body narrowed and then formed back out to her C-cup chest. Her hair was a natural blonde but you could tell she had it lightened. Her eyes seemed a grayish shade of blue and her skin was tanned from the salon, complete with the heart on her hip that peaked out from between her pants and shirt. She was wearing heels and carried a designer bag. I’m sure her outfit was expensive. She seemed to take great pride in her appearance, highlighting her assets, and you could tell she liked any attention that was paid to her.

She came in and I stood for introductions. “This is Cassie” Brad said and I extended my hand. It was a pleasure meeting her already. I returned to my seat on the couch, Brad did the same on the other end and Cassie didn’t hesitate taking her place right between us. Brad reached over into the mini fridge that sat on the end of the couch and pulled out another round of beers. I wasn’t a huge beer fan but it’s college and free drinks are good drinks. Cassie was the first to crack her beer and take a drink. This girl continued to impress.

We sat drinking beer and watched TV as some Hottest Something bikini pageant came on. Cassie said she was excited to see this and that she loved pageants. As we watched, we picked out our favorites and what we liked about each of them. Cassie seemed to be equally an ass and tits kind of girl. She was critical of their ability to walk properly in heels. I demanded that since she was wearing heels, she needed to get up and strut her stuff better. She was quick to jump up and prove herself better than the bikini clad models and started to do her best runway walk.

The dorm was narrow and small but she worked the open area putting leg over leg walking up and down. I’m not sure if it was the heels, the walk, or if it was just her nicely formed ass that did it, but I was getting turned on by her.

“First of all, you’re doing it wrong.” I said after she had done 2 passes by the couch.

“How? I can walk so much better in heels than these girls.”

“Well, to be fair, they already have you beat since they’re almost naked and you’re not. So they walk better in heels.”

“Fine” Cassie said almost forcefully. She grabbed the bottom corners of her shirt and lifted it over her head. Her breasts looked firm and quite perky. After she tossed it to the side, she quickly undid the button on her pants and those too came quickly off her perfectly tanned body. Brad started laughing in disbelief and I couldn’t help but grin as she stood before us. Her bright red bra matched her red thong, both complete with little black bows on them as if they were a Escort Beylikdüzü present. I should send a thank you card.

“Ok, now you win” I said, doing my best to keep my cool over the situation. I had never met this girl before and now here she was, standing in heels wearing only her bra and thong. I was getting turned on. She did two more laps in front of the couch, driving home the point. As she strutted back and forth, leg over leg, her hips and ass swayed from side to side.

“I wish I had brought some dollar bills over” I said jokingly.

“I’ve always wanted to be a stripper. If I have to start stripping to pay for school, you guys should come see me work.” And with that, she grabbed the bed pole and started to show off her hottest stripper moves. Her hips and body curved and moved. Her ass rolled out towards us as she presented it to us, her thong coming down and barely coving her pussy as she moved.

“Fuck dude, if only we had money with us” Brad said as we watched the show.

“To bad” Cassie said as she turned back to us and went to put her pants back on. “You boys could have had a show.”

In the following weeks, I saw more and more of Cassie and we were becoming really close. We didn’t talk about her strip show but there was a definite sexual undertone to our conversations and we quickly became close friends. We talked about everything under the sun. Any guys she was into, girls I was into, stuff we were into, sexual things we liked, things we wanted to do but haven’t yet, sex we’ve tried but didn’t care for. She loved sex and loved to share everything with me and loved hearing a guy’s take. She told me all about her collection of toys and how often she uses them and what porn she watches when she does.

Despite her attractive figure and her outgoing personality, she admitted that she hasn’t been with anyone in a long time. I hadn’t been with anyone either and we shared our frustrations over it.

“It just stresses me out that I can’t seem to really get a guy. I mean, sure I can go out to a party or wherever and find a guy to fuck but I want someone to actually date who’s decent. I don’t know, I get all worked up over it and I’m all tense.”

We were sitting on the couch, watching TV, having a few drinks and I had her move to the floor in front of me.

“Let me rub your back and work some of this shit out”

She took her spot on the floor and I went to work on her neck and back. She had a lot of knots and I could tell she was grateful for my hands working them out. As I went to work on her stress, I told her about the girl I was pursuing and how it wasn’t going as well as I had hoped. We had gone on a few dates and had made out, but nothing was really happening and despite a few attempts, I wasn’t getting any real action.

“Oh, sweetie, you need someone who will actually take care of you. Here, switch spots and let me.”

I took her spot on the floor and she took mine behind me. She now started to rub my back as we talked.

“When was the last time you got your back rubbed?” Cassie asked as she ran into knot after knot. “You’re so tense. You need to relax and release some of this tension.”

“Yeah, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I need to release but this thing with Jamie isn’t getting anywhere and releasing myself isn’t exactly as satisfying.”

“I know what you mean. Toys feel good and all and I get off just fine but I haven’t gotten laid in months so I know how you feel.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes as Cassie continued to rub my back. She continued, but she was no longer trying to work out my knots. Her touch got lighter as her hands went up and down my back.

“Let me take care of you”

“What do you mean?” I asked, curious as to how she planned to accomplish the feat.

“We’re friends. What are friends for if they don’t take care of each other? You’re stressed, so let me take care of you.”

I looked at her, wondering what our next move would be. She had a good point and I needed a release. I stood up off the floor and she could see that her work on my back had gotten me a little turned on. She undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles. My dick was getting harder and she could see it starting to fill out my boxers. I kicked my pants to the side and she licked her lips before reaching in placing a hand on my member. Cassie started to massage my dick as I stood before her. Once she felt that she had gotten me fully hard, she worked my cock out the front of my boxers. A serious smile came across her face and she looked up at me.

“Sit down and relax”

I did away with my boxers all together and sat down. My hard cock was sitting straight up and Cassie stood in front of me. She pulled her shirt up over her head and revealed the same red bra I had seen before on the night we met. She unclasped the bright red bra and slid it off her, letting it drop to the floor next to her.

Her tits were exactly as I had imagined them the first night I saw them. They were a C cup and were as perky as can be. Her soft, pink nipples were hard and she gave them a squeeze, enjoying the feeling of being exposed. Her grip on my cock return and she lowered her mouth to greet my head. Her lips were soft and her tongue was warm and wet. She licked the tip of my cock and took the drop of pre-cum that was beginning to ooze out, onto her tongue.

She wasted little time teasing me and her lips wrapped around my shaft. Her tongue brushed up and down the vein of my cock as her head bobbed on my shaft. It had been a while since I had gotten head and it felt amazing.

Cassie was paying me the attention that I had longed for and it was just what I needed. Her mouth worked me cock up and down and her hands had moved to massage my balls as she worked. After a few minutes of sucking, she took me out of her mouth and her body moved in closer to mine. I felt her erect nipple brush my glistening cock. She wrapped her tits around my dick and started working them up and down. Her wet mouth had lubed my cock and I was sliding between her tits with ease. I could faintly feel her heart racing in her chest as she fucked my cock with her tits. I was starting to throb with every thrust into her warm tits. Cassie let go of herself and returned her hands’ attention to me. Grabbing the Beylikdüzü Escort base of my shaft, she returned my throbbing cock to her mouth. She knew I was at the edge and her massaging tongue sent me over.

“Oh! Oh I’m gonna cum. Fuck yeah, you’re gonna make me cum”

Cassie didn’t stop at the warning, she only sped up as my muscles began to tense. She brought her head down on me as I started to release. All the tension and frustration I had built up over the past few weeks and months was now shooting into Cassie’s waiting mouth. She started swallowing, trying to keep up with the stream of hot cum that was spurting out of my cock and filling her mouth. Despite her best efforts, some started dripping down her chin. That didn’t faze her as she kept going until she had sucked every last drop out of me.

She sat back and let my satisfied cock slide off her tongue. She brought a finger up to her chin and collected the dribble of cum that escaped her and licked it up.

“Feeling better sweetie? I told you I would take care of you”

“That was exactly what I needed. You need to let me return the favor.”

I got off the couch and moved her to where I had been sitting. She was wearing a skirt and I tugged it down her legs. She wasn’t wearing her matching red thong, and as I removed her skirt, I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was turned on at the thought of her bare pussy being hidden under her skirt the whole time.

It hit me right then. She had planned this. Maybe from the moment we met, she had planned for this. The sexy bra, the strip tease, all the sexually charged conversation, all of it was preparing me for this and I was ready for it. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and wet. She spread her legs, inviting me in. She knew I wanted what I saw and I took it. I leaned in and didn’t bother teasing her. My mouth opened and I wrapped my lips over her pussy. I stuck my tongue out and down between her wet lips, tasting her sweet juice.

I brought my tongue up to meet her waiting clit and she trust her hips into me as I flicked and toyed it. I raised a hand to her wet opening and her pussy gladly greeted me as I slid a finger into her. I pressed and licked her clit as I slid my finger in and out of her. Her moans started to get louder and what began as an almost inaudible gasp when my mouth first touched her, had now become a loud scream as her hips bucked into my mouth and finger.

“Oh fuck yeah sweetie. Oh Fuck!” she screamed

I picked up the pace and was now working her clit with my tongue. My finger pressed up in her pussy, rubbing her g-spot with every thrust. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my finger and her legs squeeze around my head. I had gotten her to the edge and shoved her over.

With one last thrust up into my mouth, her legs began shaking. My finger was drenched inside her and her juice was dripping out of her as she came. I prolonged the intense orgasm for as long as I could, pressing my tongue down on her clit and rubbing her g-spot with my finger. When it was over, her hips relaxed and she collapsed back onto the couch. Her legs unwrapped from around my head and her head came back down from the clouds as I slid my finger back out of her soaked pussy.

“That’s what friends are for. Holy shit I needed that.” She said as she took a minute to rest. “If you ever need me to help you out sweetie, let me know and I’ll be your girlfriend for the night. I’ll take care of you.”

I knew we would be doing this again. And that’s how our friendship was born.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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