The Gibson Sisters

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Billy rolled over in bed once more. The covers had been kicked onto the floor and he lay in only his boxers. He had returned home from his first year at University; only to find there was no work in his home town, so sleeping in until midday was becoming a habit. Today however sleeping in was impossible. In mid-June they were in the midst of a full on heat-wave and his room had become insufferably stuffy. Billy’s eyes bolted open when he realized just what this meant. His neighbors the Gibsons lived next door. Mr and Mrs Gibson were well known in the community, taking part in various social functions. But this was not the reason why Billy was the envy of all his male peers.

The Gibson daughters were well known by every boy (and man) in town for their exceptional beauty. The youngest was Amy at 18, then Charlotte at 19, Rose at 21 and Mary at 22. Amy and Charlotte were both very cute blondes, Rose was a stunning brunette and Mary was a striking red-head. They often joked that Mary was adopted, but you could see in the eyes that she was certainly from the same gene-pool. Rose was the one that all the boys drooled over; she had an over-powering sexuality to her that some girls just have. Billy however, had always had the biggest crush on Mary. She was the quietest of the four and always the most intriguing to him. She had huge expressive eyes that made it difficult for her to ever hide what she was thinking.

This summer all the girls were living at home together before heading back to school in the autumn. With the jobs shortage and the heat-wave the girls took to spending a lot of time in the garden in very little clothing. Rose and Charlotte would always wear bikinis, whereas Mary and Amy were more conservative, wearing strappy tops and shorts. Billy’s University days had been very ‘active,’ but once back home he found that his sex life was waning. There just wasn’t the same amount of girls looking for sex. This left Billy with a worrying amount of sexual tension and after his year at University, masturbation was not doing the trick. One afternoon in early June, Billy was watching the girls from his window and decided to risk it and jerked off. He was in awe at the bare flesh on show before him, splattering his cum all over the wall beneath his window. His masturbation adventures had quickly got more adventurous, until he was in the garden, watching through a hole in a fence.

On this particular morning Billy was feeling the full effects of his enforced celibacy. He jumped in the shower hoping this would quell his desires but they continued to rage in his loins. Slipping into his swim shorts, flip flops and some sun glasses, Billy wandered into his parent’s garden with only one thing in mind. Billy’s parents were both at work and no-one else was in as he took up his position next to his neighbor’s fence. As he peered through he could only see Rose on her own walking round the garden, talking on her phone. Billy stared at her long legs carrying her in circles across the lawn then slowly he slipped a hand down his swimming shorts. His cock was already at half-mast and his skin felt soft after his shower. It wasn’t going to take long until he was cumming and just at that moment, Rose dropped her phone. With her back to Billy she bent down to retrieve her phone, displaying her ass to Billy in all its glory, the wet material from her bikini bottoms clinging to every nook and crevice. Without realizing Billy let out an audible moan. Rose suddenly span round looking directly at the gap in the fence where Billy sat. Billy froze in fear, had she caught him? He didn’t know. Billy’s heart was racing but he seemed to have got away with it as Rose returned to talking on her phone then headed indoors. The whole incident had got Billy right to the edge, so he returned to jacking off in his shorts. Billy closed his eyes and jacked away when he heard the adjoining gate to his garden open.

“I knew it” screamed Rose. She had hung up her phone and stared at Billy, sitting in the corner of the garden with his hand down his shorts. She walked with pace towards him then grabbed him by the arm. He removed his hand leaving his cock to tent his swim shorts.

“You’re coming with me, how long have you been watching us?”

Billy didn’t answer as Rose dragged him into the Gibson’s house. Despite the horror of being caught Billy couldn’t help but enjoy then feel of Rose’s soft hands wrapped around his arm. Rose led him to a small room in the house where the other three girls were lying on the floor in their bikinis, with several fans on full blast.

“Look what I found, I knew we were being watched” yelled Rose.

She pushed Billy into the room, his shorts still tented by his straining cock. In his aroused state he couldn’t help but stare at the three sweaty girls lying on the floor in their bikinis. Legs splayed around the room, breasts snuggled into the corner of tops and mounds of pussy flesh straining against wet bikini bottoms. It was truly a beautiful sight.

There was an awkward silence, no-one knew what to do, certainly not Billy. The three sisters who lay on ataşehir escort the floor, previously half asleep, were suddenly wide eyed and fully engaged. Charlotte was the first to speak.

“Oh my God, is that his…” she trailed off; pointing at Billy’s still very erect cock.

“Yeah he was jacking off over me when I was in the garden. He must like me, I heard him gasp when I went to pick up my phone” Rose explained.

“That’s disgusting” Amy chipped in.

Billy’s head suddenly snapped out of his aroused state, he was mortified.

“Look I’m really sorry, I won’t ever do it again, please don’t tell anyone. Just let me go and I promise I’ll leave you alone.”

Rose, Charlotte and Amy giggled at his desperate pleas. They had barely heard a peep out of Mary as she sat in the corner staring intensely at Billy’s tented shorts. Rose noticed this and saw an opportunity.

“I think as you’ve seen all of us in, how should I put this, such an intimate way? I think it’s only fair that we get a look at what’s hiding under there” Rose exclaimed whilst pointing at his shorts.

Mary finally spoke, “Rose what are you doing?”

Rose ignored her sister’s pleas and continued. “Go on; show us what you’ve got.”

Realizing he couldn’t win, whilst feeling hornier by the second, Billy slowly slipped his fingers into the waistband of his swimming shorts. He looked up; all four girls stared down at his crotch. Billy closed his eyes then took off his shorts. His cock sprang free, bouncing in front of them. Billy had always been quite proud of his 7 inch cock, so he was not embarrassed about that and the girls were clearly impressed. There was an audible sigh as his member came into view.

“Oh my” gasped Amy as she slowly began to rub the material over her pussy.

Rose looked at Mary, her face was flush and her mouth hung open. Her legs were spread but she didn’t touch herself.

“Finish what you started” Rose demanded, “cum for us.”

Mary couldn’t object this time, her arousal left her paralyzed. Billy didn’t need asking twice, his right hand darted to his swollen member and he began furiously masturbating in front of these four beautiful girls. Charlotte had joined Amy and was masturbating along to the show.

Billy’s eyes darted from girl to girl; he had never been this close to them. He took in all the exposed flesh on show, legs, shoulders, cleavage; he could only imagine the delights that lay under their skimpy outfits. He looked over at Rose; she had a dirty smile on her face.

“I know what you want,” she said as she unclipped her bikini bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were incredible. They hung on her chest perfectly with large pink areolas that Billy later learnt her sisters teased her about mercifully. Billy started to tense up, his hips thrust forward then he heard a gasp from Mary. He looked over at her and noticed her hand had slid down into her denim shorts, but he also noticed a tear roll down her face.

“Take off your shorts Mary, it’ll give you better access. I promise it will feel better” advised Charlotte. Mary nodded but she couldn’t remove her hand from her pussy. Charlotte leaned over and tugged them down over Mary’s long legs, revealing a pair of sexy red panties with a rainbow pattern over her crotch, tented by her busy hand.

Realizing she no longer had his attention Rose grabbed Billy’s free hand and pressed it up against her cunt. The warmth from her sex was too much for him. He let out a pained cry then blasted his semen across the room. Amy lay in the firing line, she squealed as his cum splattered up her legs. Realizing this and surprised by the force of Billy’s orgasm, Rose got to her knees and took the rest of his load into her mouth and on her face. This made Billy groan again, making his orgasm even better than it would have been.

Billy leaned against the wall behind him, despite the industrial fans in the room sweat poured down his face. He wiped it with his arm but that made no difference. Rose got up and left the room to wipe the sperm from her face. This left the room in silence, with only the heavy breathing of the three remaining sisters and the occasional gasp filling the air.

“Are you okay Mary?” Amy asked.

Mary nodded back. Billy didn’t know this at the time but Mary was more frigid than he’d thought. She was devoutly catholic meaning not only had she never had sex, but she had also never touched herself. Her sisters had noticed how frustrated this made her and had been trying to convince her to masturbate for a long time. It took this afternoon’s show to finally break her down.

Rose strode back into the room; her bikini bottoms were gone, revealing a gloriously pink, shaved pussy.

“We’re not finished with you; can you get it up again?”

Billy nodded, he knew his orgasm probably wasn’t the end of it, but his heart still skipped a beat when she said this. Rose lay on the floor next to Amy and began masturbating along with her sisters. Taking her lead Amy and Charlotte removed their bikinis, showing themselves to Billy. kadıköy escort Amy was shaved just like Rose, but Charlotte had a trimmed patch of hair above her slit.

Billy could feel himself recovering already; his mind reeled away at what might be in store.

“Come here” said Amy.

Billy approached her. With her spare hand she grasped his cock in her hand.

“He’s already hard” she told Rose.

Amy slowly rubbed Billy’s cock back and forth then sat forwards and quickly took him into her mouth. Billy gasped; he couldn’t believe how good she was. He always thought the Gibson girls were innocent, but they certainly had a different side to them, a side he was starting to love.

Once he was at full mast Amy ordered him to lie down where she had been lying, between Rose and Charlotte. Billy did as he was told and Amy climbed on him, guiding his cock into her pussy. It all happened so fast that it took him by surprise as he slipped into her tight cunt. Despite her unexpectedly promiscuous ways Amy was still the youngest so she was still pretty tight. His cock stopped part way in leaving her to work the rest of his erection into her body. When he finally hit her cervix Amy paused for a moment before exclaiming “mmm, that feels nice.”

Amy began to grind her hips working the cock inside her. She was wild, Billy did not expect it. Her skin went a pinkish colour as she became more aroused. Billy loved the feeling of her hot pussy, she was superbly wet and with no condom he could feel every nook and crevice. Despite this Billy knew that if he was on top, he could control himself better. There was a chance he might be able to test out the other sisters and he didn’t want to miss out. Grabbing Amy by the hips he swung her round and placed her legs over his shoulders. Billy was the one doing the thrusting now and the one in control. Charlotte reached over with her spare hand and began playing with Amy’s right breast. Billy could not believe his eyes, especially as no-one else found this odd. To his astonishment Rose reached over and worked on her left breast, kneading her nipple between her fingers.

After a few minutes of this Amy grabbed Rose’s hand and pushed it down to her pussy.

“Please, my clit, my clit” she gasped.

Rose began rubbing Amy’s clit and that sent her over the edge, Billy could feel it coming as her pussy flexed and clamped round his cock. After a few yelps Amy went silent and arched her back. She had several silent spasms then began groaning again as Billy continued to fuck her. When she calmed down Billy slowed down and slipped out of her pussy. She curled up on the floor rubbing herself a little.

“My turn” yelled Charlotte. She looked at Billy’s cock, dripping Amy’s juices. “Fuck Amy, you’re wet today!”

Pushing Billy against the wall she kissed him passionately then rubbed his dick for a bit.

“Don’t do that or I’ll cum” Billy asked breathlessly.

Charlotte stepped back with a sly smile then spread her legs whilst standing up. Realizing what she meant Billy walked towards her then aimed his cock at her groin. Charlotte took hold of his dick then guided it into her as he held onto her gorgeous ass. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around him as he spun her round then began screwing her up against the wall.

Charlotte was looser than Amy but this helped considering the way Billy was fucking her. She was also louder and dirtier.

“You like my pussy? You like how it feels wrapped around your big dick? Make me cum big boy, make me fucking cum.”

Billy couldn’t help but feel himself start to lose it; she had to cum quickly, or at least lose the ability to speak. Billy sped up, smacking into her cunt with wild abandon. He then slowed down, making several long slow strokes before speeding up again. This did the trick and she was cumming. She screamed out, Billy knew the whole street would have heard that one. Her finger nails dug into his shoulders as she bucked and screamed through her orgasm. When her body finally went limp, Billy lowered her to the ground and slipped out, he had made it through another.

His reward was that of the girl that every man in town wanted to fuck, Rose Gibson. Billy was sure he wouldn’t get through this one, he was going to cum. Rose sat up and smiled at him as he walked over.

“If you cum, don’t do it inside me. We’re not allowed birth control, you have to pull out” Rose demanded. Billy nodded, suddenly realizing why the subject of condoms had never come up.

Billy admired her perfect body. Buying time Billy asked if he could eat her out for a bit. Giggling, Rose spread herself, welcoming his touch. Billy knew a few tricks, he tried to tease her but she was already too horny and she thrust her pussy into his face. His tongue darted out as he spread her lips and began fucking her with his tongue. She tasted glorious, like no girl he had ever been with. Rose was gasping and letting out sexy little moans. She pushed him off and asked him to lick her clit. Billy did as he was told and sucked it into his mouth. This caused a long moan bostancı escort bayan to escape Rose’s beautiful plump lips. After a couple of minutes of him playing with her clit Rose pushed Billy off again.

“I need you now; I need that cock inside me!”

Billy climbed up her body then eased himself into her aching pussy. They let out long moans, kissed and then fucked. Billy was right, her pussy was incredible, it matched her outside beauty. Hot, wet, smooth yet also rigid.

Billy’s attention was drawn to Mary. She stared at the scene in front of her, red in the face and still rubbing her pussy underneath her red, rainbow patterned knickers. She still hadn’t cum and Charlotte and Amy had realized this. Mary was paralyzed with lust, enabling them to slip off her remaining clothing. Her denim shorts were removed from around her ankles then her blue tank top was slipped off with just a little co-operation. Amy then smiled up at Charlotte and Rose as she grabbed Mary’s panties and slid them down her legs. Mary displayed a full, red bush to the room. The sisters giggled but Billy was in awe, he needed to fuck her.

Billy began searching out Rose’s androgynous zones. He began by kissing her on the lips then moved to her ear-lobe. This did nothing so he moved to her neck, this hit the spot. As he kissed and nibbled her long, sexy neck, he could feel her pussy pulse around his dick. To her amazement, he quickly had her cumming. Her eyes bolted wide open as she gasped for air then began screaming out. Billy was having a hard time holding back as her pussy walls were doing their best to draw his seed from within his balls. Not to mention the effect her beauty was having on his loins. He wasn’t going to make it, it felt too good, and she looked too sexy. In a last ditch attempt he bailed on her cunt like he was about to cum then stepped back letting her writhe around on the floor.

“Oh, you asshole, why… did you pull out?”

Billy lied, “I thought I was cumming, but I didn’t.”

Realizing what he was doing Amy and Charlotte smiled at each other, things were about to get really interesting. As Rose stopped cumming the attention was all on Mary, quietly masturbating in the corner. She shook her head when she realized what was about to happen.

“Come on sis it feels really good, his penis is fantastic” enthused Amy, “there will never be a better first cock; give it a go!”

Billy couldn’t believe his ears. First cock? Mary was a virgin? He knew she was the most religious but he didn’t know to what extent. Despite how turned on he was, Billy started to feel guilty, he needed to know that she wanted his cock before he did anything. It was obvious that she did, she stared in front of her at the angry purple head, screaming for release.

The girls reminded Billy that he couldn’t cum inside her and that he had to pull out. Billy lowered himself towards Mary’s quivering body.

“Are you sure you want this?” Billy asked.

Mary whimpered and nodded her head then Billy began kissing her. Mary was at least skilled in kissing and Billy noticed this as he guided himself towards her opening. Mary nodded again as Billy pressed against her slit then gasped as he pushed on through. Billy only got the head in and was taken back by the tightness, he could feel EVERYTHING!

Over the next few minutes Billy gradually worked himself into the gorgeous woman in front of him. Her sisters lavished her breasts and legs with their attention. The girls hugged Mary when he tore through her hymen, wiping away the tears. When Billy eventually couldn’t go in anymore he stopped. He paused and there was a silence.

“Please fuck me” Mary whimpered.

With that Billy slowly began working in and out of her. Mary was exceptionally wet so he was able to work up a rhythm quite quickly. Although unable to match the speed with which he could fuck Rose, Billy got a good speed together and soon Mary was on her way.

“Oh shit he’s making her cum” Amy excitedly shouted.

But so was Billy, and at speed at that. He tried to hold back but realized that only made things worse. Billy glanced over at Rose; she nodded then began furiously working Mary’s clit, trying to make her cum faster. Mary was climbing her orgasm, her walls working Billy’s cock over.

Billy eventually realized he had to give up as he reached the point of no return. The base of his cock flexed and he went to pull out. At that moment Mary came, wrapping her legs around him, pushing him back into her tight, virgin pussy. Billy’s impending orgasm had left him weak and unable to break through the strong determined legs clamped around his flexing ass.

In blind panic Billy screamed “No fuck… I’m cumming!” Then nature took over.

Billy’s hips bucked forwards, knocking over Charlotte who had tried to pull him free. His semen rattled up his cock then burst forth into Mary’s unprotected cunt. Despite his earlier release his ejaculation was powerful. Billy was lost in the moment, only concerned with the feelings rushing through his loins. Three, four, five huge blasts coated Mary’s cervix before Billy had the state of mind and strength to climb free of her grasp. As his cock slipped out of her pussy another pulse shot up Mary’s stomach for all the girls to see. Billy fell backwards, jerking out what remained of his load onto his hand.

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