The Chosen Pt. 03

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Software Upgrade:

As Matt drove home, he noticed how bright the Moon was that night. The temperature outside was hovering around a balmy -20 degrees Fahrenheit. But Matt didn’t even feel it because the nanites in his body had formed a protective layer at the surface of his skin. To Matt, the inside of his truck seemed warm even though the heater had never worked very well.


Matt was a level 1 host according to the hierarchy of the Deities that made up the top levels of the race of machines known as “The Chosen.” They were, in fact, the last of a race that at one time ruled a distant quadrant of a Galaxy H456-2. It was unknown to humans with their limited technology, and that was perhaps a good thing for them, for many dangerous beings inhabited the stars. Death was just a jump away with their technology.

The Chosen had existed for millennia. They had seeded many planets with varying types of level 1 host, which had been implanted with nanites of limited abilities. The nanites had conditioned the host to survive on the worlds that they had been seeded upon. It had been the only option when the Shaka had begun to devour the homeworlds of the machines.

The Shaka had been an unknown race of beings who existed only to destroy all life other than their own. All indigenous life was eradicated as well as any technology that was found. Shaka cleansed worlds all through the cosmos and made them their own. They had passed over Earth before and were referred to in legends as “The Destroyers of Worlds.” They had failed to wipe out the Earth the first time entirely but were coming back to finish the job.

Only the Master AI of the machines knew the complete plans for The Chosen survival. It would be a long struggle, and the chances that they would fall to the Shaka were high. The machines not being as mobile and agile as biological beings needed hands and minds that could be directed into a beneficial symbiosis. The knowledge shared with the host species was on a need to know the basis for security.

The Chosen knew that Earth possessed beings that could be easily molded into the vessels of last resort. Their bodies could support the nanites, and if enough humans could be found and or multiplied into the numbers needed, hide the Machines from the Shaka. If given enough time, the Machines would emerge once again to reclaim their realm with the help of humans. Otherwise, they would both perish together.

The current problem the machines faced was the limited numbers of humans with the proper DNA that could sustain the modifications needed for them to survive the final destination. The Shaka had been accelerating their destruction of technology-based worlds and would be at Earth sooner than anticipated. This troubled the Master AI. Logic dictated that the machines must speed up their schedule and save what they could before the Shaka arrived on Earth.

On the dark side of the moon, a silver spacecraft appeared out of nowhere. There was no magical wormhole forming in space full of color and energy. That was something human science fiction writers typed out in stories. The craft containing the Master AI just appeared and quickly glided inside a vast cavern below the moon’s surface. The energy field that was hiding the entrance wavered as the craft past through it and disappeared, leaving the surface of the Moon looking as it had before.

In mere minutes the Master AI issued instructions in machine language, and several smaller craft departed to carry them out. They soon emerged and then vanished and were inserted inside Earth’s orbit at the various pockets of the host that had been found. The founders of those pockets would receive new instructions and the knowledge to carry them out.


Matt cussed the stoplight and slid to a stop on a snow-packed street a few miles from his apartment. As he waited, an invisible ship in orbit above him targeted him with a beam. The beam was fired, and it made no sound or produced any visible light to humans.

In the time it took for the stop-light to change, Matt’s nanites received a huge data package. The billions of nanites in his body began to follow out their new instructions as he pulled into his driveway and carried a case of beer with him to the door. Unaware of the change until he dropped the beer and fell into a snowdrift by his porch.

For almost a minute, his body felt on fire, he groaned and rolled in the snow clutching his stomach tightly as his body shook. It didn’t matter what he grabbed because his whole body felt like his blood had been set on fire. All Matt could feel was the burning, but soon the pain began to go away as quickly as it had come.

Then as quickly as it hit him, it was gone. He stood up, brushed off the snow with a laugh, and picked up the beer. He went inside and slammed his door shut.

Things were about to speed up according to the Master AI’s timeline.


A short while later, Emma knocked on Matt’s door.

The door swung open, and Matt grabbed Emma’s hand and yanked her inside before she even knew what happened.

“What escort bayan the fuck?” she screeched as she was yanked inside.

“Hi,” Matt told her, standing there in front of her completely naked.

Matt sniffed the air, “You’re horny.”

“I’m always horny,” Emma replied, looking at him, “Are you going to stand there all night or fuck me?”

Matt grabbed her hand after she dropped her bag and led her to his bed.

“I know you fucked mom,” Emma told him as he removed her shirt and bra.

“Does that bother you?” Matt asked as he undid her jeans and started to pull them down her legs.

“No,” Emma smiled, “She’s been long overdue.”

Matt pulled Emma’s panties down her legs while on his knees in front of her. Emma stepped out of them, feeling the cold air that had blasted in the room on her hot pussy. Matt looked at Emma’s sweet little hairless twat and pushed his face into her crotch and started to lick her little pussy with hands on her butt cheeks, pulling her towards him. His tongue was sliding up her wet slit to her clit.

Emma put her hands on the top of his head as his tongue began to tickle her clit, “I want you to fuck me all night long!” Emma moaned softly and started grinding her crotch against his mouth and loving his warm tongue in her slit.

Matt didn’t say anything and enjoyed the musky scent and taste of her.

“Uncle Matt,” Emma groaned, “You keep doing that, and I’m going to fuck your brains out!”

Matt replied by sticking the wet tip of his finger up her little anus.

“JESUS!” Emma screeched and then started laughing.


Back at home, Julie brought a big bowl of popcorn out to the coffee table and two smaller dishes for her and her dad. She’d taken a shower earlier and just wore her robe.

Stephen took a bowl and sat his pint of Jack Daniels aside as he scooped up the popcorn. The TV was on a hockey game channel as he tried not to look at his daughter. Mainly because every time he did, it reminded him of what he’d done to her all those years ago.

To Stephen, the game was meaningless. He sat there eating popcorn and remembering about that night. He watched the TV but didn’t even see it. It was all he could do to fight the attraction to his daughter. Whenever he was close to her, he filled with desire for her.

Julie kept glancing at her dad and wondered why he seemed so distant. For years after the divorce, he’d only come around for Christmas and prominent events like when Emma and Jenny were born. Then he’d go back to his cabin again. The only thing she could think of was how mom had hurt him with her cheating to the point he gave up on the entire family.

Stephen took a swig of whiskey and then chased it with a gulp of Diet Pepsi as he again filled his bowl with popcorn. He was getting a good buzz at last and sat back and pretended to watch the hockey match. The only time his eyes moved was when Julie refilled her bowl of popcorn.

The top of her robe would open up enough for him to get a glimpse of the curve of her breasts but not quite the nipples. It stirred him down below, and he hated that as well.

Soon Julie made a trip to the kitchen and chugged a massive goblet of wine and wondered if she should ask him about all the years of him being gone.

“One more and I’ll do it!” Julie decided and filled her goblet to the brim. The nanites in her body were starting to destroy the alcohol in her bloodstream, which produced a tingling that also increased her libido.

Stephen stared at the TV with open eyes while Julie was in the kitchen. He didn’t see the game, but re-lived that night Julie had graduated from High School.

Stephen thought his wife had been cheating on him, but he had no proof up to that point. But that night, while Julie was gone, she had gotten dressed to go out. Stephen was drunk and had asked her where she was going.

“I’m going out to fuck somebody!” Meagan had told him, “You will get some papers served pretty soon, so don’t try to stop me!”

“Why are you doing this?” He’d asked her.

“Figure it out for yourself, Einstein!” Then Meagan slammed the door on the way out.

Stephen never figured it out then or even to this day. Instead, he drank more than he should, but it killed the pain and the never-ending guilt. The only time he found any peace was with his dogs. They didn’t judge him except by how he treated and fed them.

Julie showed back up and plopped down on the other end of the couch. She had a glass of wine and looked at the TV. She had nice bare legs sticking out of the robe. Beautiful lips were sipping at her wine. Lips Stephen wanted to kiss, her body so perfect to him that he wanted her now as much as he did all those years ago.

Julie had enough of his silence.

“Dad, why did you run off and leave us all?”

Stephen looked at her, “What do you mean?”

“I mean ever since the divorce, and you just disappeared out of our lives for the most part.”

Stephen was just drunk enough to spill his guts.

“You remember that night escort bayanlar after you graduated high school?”

“Not much of it, why?”

“That night you came home drunk as hell after a party?”

Julie thought for a minute, “Yeah I do, I had a hangover for two days!” She laughed.

“You remember anything else?”

“Mmmm…No,” She replied, “Why?”

Stephen knew he shouldn’t say it, but he felt that it was time to get it off his chest.

“You came home shit-faced drunk. Staggering all over the living room and said, you were headed to bed.”

“I don’t even remember seeing you up. Where was mom at?”

“She left to go stay with some guy.”

“Yeah, I thought she was cheating on you, but I didn’t have any proof.”

“Me either until she told me.”

“That witch!” Julie said.

“Anyway, I was drinking a lot after that, and when you got home, I was toast for the most part.”

“You left us all for that?”

“Not exactly.”

“Then what?”

Stephen took a deep breath, “I went to check on you before I went to bed.”


“I found you in your room on the bed naked. You left a trail of clothes from the door to your bed,” Stephen replied, “It looked like you made it to the bed and then passed out.”

Julie immediately thought she had the answer, “Did you fuck me while I was passed out?”

Stephen looked shocked, “No, but I have to admit I wanted to.”

“Then what happened?”

“Uh, I sort of fondled you, but I never did anything else, but…”

“But what?”

“I Jacked-off while I rubbed your pussy,” Stephen said, looking down at the floor.

Julie looked at her dad as he held back his tears, “I’m sorry it was wrong of me…I don’t have an excuse for it.”

“Hey Dad, I remember those days,” Julie told him, “The fights you and mom had, and I wanted to be gone as well.”

“Doesn’t excuse what I did.”

Julie laughed, “I had worse things happen to me at parties besides being groped.”

“Yeah, but I was your dad and not supposed to do shit like that.”

“But you didn’t fuck me when you could have. I would have never known the difference.”

Stephen looked at her, “That’s the problem,” He said, “I wanted to.”

Julie looked at him, thinking about his confession.

“So for all these years, you’ve been feeling guilty and staying away from me?

“Yes,” Stephen told her, “I hope you can forgive me someday.”

To Julie’s surprise, her dad got up and looked at her, “I’m sorry, baby.”

Julie could see a tear leaking from the corner of his eye. “

And he walked away…leaving her once again.

Julie went back for the last of the wine. Thinking about the past and how her mom had ruined the perfect life, they all had. Julie finished the wine and thought about her dad. What he had done was wrong, but it didn’t matter anymore. That seemed to be a lifetime ago to her.

“We are the Chosen.” Whispered a voice through the back of Julie’s mind. Like a ghost whispering in her ear from behind her.

Julie put the empty wine glass down and went to find her daddy. She would bring him into the fold, for he was chosen just like her.


Matt looked down at Emma between his spread legs. She had his cock in her hand and was sucking his dick like a master instead of an 18-year-old girl.

“Fuck, that is good!” He thought as she bobbed on the head of his penis. Her tits were bouncing slightly with the motions of her head.

Emma looked up at him and pulled her mouth off, still stroking his cock, and asked, “Do I have to do this all night, or are you going to fuck me?”

“Get on the bed doggy style,” Matt told her and stood up.


Matt went to his dresser and got the bottle of anal lube that he had bought the day before.

Emma waited patiently as Matt poured the lube on his cock and rubbed it in.

“What’s that for?” She asked as he got behind her, “I’m wet!”

Emma found out as he squirted the cold lube on her anus and began to rub it in.

Matt didn’t say anything and ran a lubed finger up her bum.

“OH, JESUS!” Emma groaned but didn’t try to stop him.

Guys had tried to fuck her up the ass before, and she’d never let them. But she felt helpless as the big dull tip of Matts cock pushed against her little butt hole. She knew he could do anything to her he wanted so she let him.

Emma yelped as it pushed into her. Then that thick hard shaft kept going and going even deeper inside her body.

“OH MY GOD!” She yelled, just before Matt’s cock was deep inside. She could feel every inch of it. Then the thick hard shaft began to slide in and out of her little butt hole.


Julie found her dad snoring as she entered his darkroom. She walked up to the bed and dropped her robe before sliding in under the covers next to him. He felt warm, and she wanted him so bad it hurt. She snuggled up to him, putting her left breast on his hairy chest as he woke up.

“Hey, what’s this?” Stephen asked, waking bayan escort up.

“I’m tired of sleeping alone,” Julie told him.”I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Julie grinned in the dark and grabbed his penis, “You groped me now it’s payback time.”

“Oh shit!” Stephen hissed, and he was hers to do whatever she wanted.

Julie stroked his dick, and it was getting hard and long.



“I’m going to prove I forgive you.”

“What do you mean?” He groaned.

Julie went under the sheet and took him into her mouth.

“OH, Fuuuuck!” Stephen groaned, as his daughter began to suck his cock.


Matt loved how the tight ring of Emma’s anus squeezed around his dick as he fucked her. Even better was how much she screamed and bucked back against him.

Emma took his entire hard cock up her rear on each stroke. Matt stood above her, ramming her tight ass almost straight down, while he clutched the sides of her hips.

After 10 minutes of hard fucking, Matt shot his load up Emma’s butt. A massive amount by usual standards, and she felt every bit of it. With a fresh injection of nanites, Emma began to writhe around on the bed when the phage hit her.

Matt held her tight as she bucked and yelled and had another delayed orgasm as his nanites spread through her body.

While still spooning her, she came down at last with Matts cock still in her rear.

When the nanites made their way to her brain, she had a ghosting image of Matt fucking her sister.

“You fucked Jenny.” She whispered.

“She is Chosen,” Matt replied.

“Yeah…” Emma replied, “We are chosen.”

“You know what you have to do?” Matt asked.

“I do,” Emma replied and stretched out with a smile on her face.



Stephen knew it was wrong and that he should stop his daughter, but it felt so good that he couldn’t. His cock tingled wherever she licked it. He’d had trouble the last few years getting hard but not tonight. Stephen had dreamed about his daughter for over twenty years, and now it was happening!

Julie rolled off of him onto her back beside him.

“What’s wrong?” Stephen asked.

“I want you to eat me,” Julie replied and spread her legs wide apart and rubbed her pussy, waiting for her daddy to put his face in her crotch and lick her pussy.

Stephen crawled between her legs and stuck his tongue in her vagina first. It was wet, and she jumped and then began to moan as he ate her out. Stephen licked her slit from top to bottom and even teased her puckered anus. Julie moaned with pleasure and grabbed his head with both hands, and humped his face while she had her first orgasm.

Julie gushed with pleasure while Stephen licked and swallowed her juices. It tingled and almost burned; it felt so hot with the nanites going crazy in his mouth and throat over the new Chosen DNA.

Stephen looked up from Julie’s crotch. She smiled at him and pulled him on top of her with both palms on the side of his face. When he was on top of her, she could feel his hard cock and wanted it inside of her badly.

He kissed her on the lips and slid the underside of his shaft up and down her wet slit.

“Fuck me, daddy.” She told him when he slid his dick into her hot wet cunt.

“Oh GOD,” Julie groaned and raised her hips, letting her dad’s cock slide inside, “You feel so good inside me!”

Stephen began to pump his daughter’s hot wet cunt as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Oh fuck me,” Julie moaned, “Fuck me, daddy…give it to me! Make me cum again.”

Stephen didn’t need any encouragement. His entire dick was bathed in slippery juice that made his cock tingle like nothing he’d ever felt before. Julie’s vagina gripped his shaft tightly on each incredible stroke in and out as he worked himself up to an orgasm.

It had been months since Stephen had sex. He was so turned on that he was about to cum and stopped moving buried to the hilt in Julies’ warm wet pussy.

“Why’d you stop daddy!” Julie whispered in his ear.

“If I keep going, I’m going to cum.” Stephen rasped in her ear.

“I want you to cum,” Julie told him, “I want to feel your hot cum inside me!”

“Oh, Fuck!” Stephen groaned and began to pump her again only faster.

“Don’t stop!” Julie urged him and met his thrusting with her own, “Give it to me, cum for me!”

“Ahhh, Ahhhhh, UUnnhhh!” Stephen grunted with each spurt he sent into her.

“Yeah, Oh Yessss, that feels so GOOD!” Julie moaned.

Stephen collapsed on top of Julie; his sweat began to cool on his back as his cock began to twitch and jerk fewer and fewer times after his orgasm.

Stephen pumped her slowly, letting the last of his cum seep out the end of his dick into the pool of semen inside her juicy vagina.

Then something strange happened.

His daughter began to shake slow at first, but it kept getting stronger. Her vagina clamped tightly around his wilting cock like a vice, and her eyes went almost blank as the phage hit her. Her legs around his waist held him firm as her arms locked around his back tightly.

“OOOH GOD!” Julie groaned as the heat when his DNA sent her nanites insane with tiny pulses of electrical shocks that made them give off heat. Her nervous system went ballistic, and she screamed and yelled and dug her nails deep into the flesh of his back.

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