The Car

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Feeling your arms about me..
your lips brushing my ear..
my cheeks becoming flushed….
I so crave your kisses..
I need them..
I need to hear the catch in your voice as my hands move down your chest…
seeing your eyes flash alarm and lust at the same time..
your tongue searching my mouth..
plunging deep as your cock twitches in your pants..
my fingers undoing your fly as I whisper..
please let me..
let me touch you..
my kağıthane escort kisses lure you..
beckon you..
and I take your hand and guide it to my breast..
you groan loudly as your mouth and teeth take me over..
devouring my lips my throat..
down to my exposed breast..
my fingers find such wetness around the head of your cock..
running my fingers along the outside..
working sarıyer escort the shaft through your briefs..
you pull from me telling me not to..
telling me you’ll make a mess..that we shouldnt be doing this..but I will not be refused..
my kisses tease you, coaxing you into letting me just slip my fingers into the waistband..
you shudder hard moaning telling me..
please please
but sefaköy escort I cant stop..
encircling your hard shaft..
finally grasping you..and milking your aching cock..
you ease back..softly
elling me how good it feels..the precum flows fast over my fingers..
and in one motion I lean in and wrap my mouth around the thick head..
drawing you in ..
You cry out in a harsh gasp..
as your hands push me down into you..
and your hips fuck and pump into my hot wet mouth..
filling it in a rush..
so much hot sticky cum for me..
lapping you clean, sitting up quickly..
not seeing anyone watching..
as you sit with your head thrown back..panting..
I smile softly as I sit back and fix my lipstick..
enjoying the taste
of your cum in my mouth…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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